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Barack Obama appears happy to help a leader in a spot of bother

13 May 2013

5:38 PM

13 May 2013

5:38 PM

Barack Obama just threw a protective arm around David Cameron at their joint press conference, stressing that ‘you have to see if you can fix what’s broken in an important relationship before you break it off ‘.

The instant retweeting of this line by the Tory leadership’s communications channels  shows just how grateful they are for Obama’s verbal support for Cameron’s EU strategy. It is also worth noting, as they have gleefully tweeted, that Obama’s words also appear to be an endorsement of renegotiation as an approach.


But does this actually matter? I suspect not. On this issue, Tory MPs are more worried about what their associations are saying and the concerns of their former voters than those of the President of the United States.

What this does tell us, though, is that Obama is prepared to expend a bit of political capital to help Cameron out when he’s in trouble. It suggests that Obama will be helpful to Cameron as 2015 nears.

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  • Jupiter

    When is Barry’s real birth certificate going to turn up? I predict it will be ‘found’ on January 21st 2017, which would be extremely convenient for him.

  • Roy

    Obama is a smug Chicago crime syndicate learner with extreme anti American leanings, trying to reform the US and its Constitution to a radical leftist tyranny. How can any Western leader lower themselves to even take note of any advise coming from such a source?

  • Big Harry

    Did they discuss The Malvinas [As Obama and his administration call them] – I doubt it, Obama keeps his snide anti British remarks for Americas new allies, the Obama groupies – that they wouldnlt be gullible enough to send troops in support of a President that hates their country speaks volumes. Did Obama the great democrat re-iterate his feeling that democracy was not served by the overwhelming vote of the Falkland Islanders to remain British. No wonder Obama supports the EU – he has the same outlook and opinion of “democracy” – if the public vote no, make them do it again until they vote yes. Bribery usually helps, as well as ballot stuffing, and in Obamas case third world style multiple voting and, as was reported in his first election, chaps with baseball bats outside polling stations in Philadelphia

  • Tom Tom

    Would be nice if Obama actually respected the US Constitution. Maybe the First Amendment would be a good start, maybe Eric Holder could explain why journalists at AP had their phones tapped and conversations recorded ? The Us Constitution seems to be having real problems with Obama’s Attorney-General

  • Daniel Maris

    Patronisingy calling him David, like his was student who had got behind on his grades, won’t help him. He looked weak and this idea of a US-EU free trade area has not in any way been properly announced.

  • Shoe On Head

    oh the ladies must swoon…

  • abystander

    Can a Eurosceptic tell me which would be more important to Obama?
    A free trade agreement with the UK or
    A free trade agreement with the EU?

    • Their lips are moving so….

      Why can’t there be both?

      • Hookeslaw

        There could provided we would do all the Americans want. Alternatively we could just agree to everything the EU had agreed to.

        • Wessex Man

          We don’t have to be in the pocket of either, be brave and think of the UK for once.

  • Dominic Adler

    “What this does tell us, though, is that Obama is prepared to expend a
    bit of political capital to help Cameron out when he’s in trouble.”

    Really? Maybe I’m not an expert on Kremlinology like you lot, but I fail to see where this comment constitutes political capital. What else could he say? The President would have been ripped to shreds if he was seen to be muscling in on the issue. You see some sort of helping hand to Cameron, I see a perfectly reasoned piece of diplomacy.

    • Wessex Man

      So do I, I don’t like their cynical of “the special relationship” but at a press conference, he’s not going to say anything that harms his current poodle Call me Dave.

  • Jebediah

    “Try to fix what’s broken with your relationship with the EU before you break off that relationship.”

    Wow thanks for the insight, we hadn’t thought of that in the 40 years we’ve been in the EU.

    Mr. President butt out. Our business, not yours.

    • Their lips are moving so….

      Don’t be stupid. He was asked a question by a UK journalist and he answered it.

  • Smithersjones2013

    It suggests that Obama will be helpful to Cameron as 2015 nears

    Which tells you all you need to know about Cameron as a politician just as Ken Clarke remaining in Cabinet tells you all you need to know about Cameron’s approach to the EU (if Cameron was taking a truly Eurosceptic position Clarke would resign)…

    In reality Obama is doing to the USA what Brussels is doing to Europe.

  • Steven Efstathiou

    Meanwhile, back in the real world, Hezbollah gains ground in Syria.

    Thank God we’ve got these two klutzes in control…

    • Tom Tom

      Apparently the Assad troops together with Hisbollah and Iranian troops are driving these rebel militias into the sea which is why Erdogan is trying false flag attacks. Qatar might reconsider now that its flag is being burned in Benghazi

    • Wessex Man

      So what are we supposed to do about it? get our army invovled and then get attacked from both sides as usual, lets just say no this time!

      • Steven Efstathiou

        In essence, I agree with you Mr Wessex. There’s nothing I’d enjoy more than seeing Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah go toe to toe. Unfortunately, we have a NATO member bordering the warfare and I suspect this will be enough to see us sucked into the maelstrom.

  • Russell

    Mr Cameron, you have said you want the UK to remain in the EU….
    Just so that the British people get a ‘fair’ choice, as you put it, in an EU referendum, can you clarify the following:-
    Exactly what do you intend to re-negotiate which will make the UK better off?
    Our annual £10billion net contribution?
    Control of our borders being returned to the UK?
    Control of our own business regulations?
    Control over any taxes to be imposed on our bank transactions?
    Control over the £3.8billion taken by the EU from VAT revenue?
    An answer on any of the above and anything else would be reasonable.

    Answers came there None

  • Tom Tom

    Obama the Man God blessed Dave and the Conservative Party glowed with pride and pleasure.

  • Curnonsky

    Body language says it all.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      Yeah, Dave looks like a trained seal, leaning forward, clapping his flippers and barking for a fish. Obama looks like the seal’s trainer, reaching out and tempting him with fish scraps.

  • Adrian Drummond

    His intervention is more about American interests than our interests.

    • MirthaTidville

      and he probably thinks Dave is a grade one plonker, like the rest of us

  • FrankS

    “… verbal support for Cameron’s EU strategy”
    But just what is CMD’s EU strategy? The unanswered question of just how he will persuade other EU nations to come to the negotiating table leaves a gaping hole in any strategy.

  • Radford_NG

    They have something in common through their wives.Mrs Obama’s family were slaves and Mrs Cameron’s were slave owners.

  • GIN1138

    Obama is no “friend” of Cameron’s and he is no “friend” of the UK.

    He is acting purely in the interests of the US – Which is fine. Thats what a leader should do – But we need to start acting in our own interests for once.

  • the viceroy’s gin

    What political capital does it cost Obama to mouth Cameroonism? Americans wouldn’t know Dave from breakfast. Likely fewer than 5% of Americans even know who David Cameron is. There’s no Obama political capital spent here, unless it’s penny stock, and I doubt Call Me Dave’s stock is worth even that much right now.

    • Tom M

      “..Likely fewer than 5% of Americans even know who David Cameron is…”
      I agree, but add that this is because they couldn’t point to Britain on a map.

  • cg

    Don’t tell the ridiculous Nile Gardner at the Telegraph about this. As far as he’s concerned,Obama spends the whole time thinking up ways to insult Britain.

    • Span Ows

      Nile is nearer the truth than you would like to admit, Obama has done it again today

    • Colonel Mustard

      Hyperbole. Only a fool or an entrenched lefty self-hater would scoff at the evidence of the Obama administration’s animosity towards the UK.

  • Wilhelm

    ‘Barack Obama appears happy to help a leader in a spot of bother.’

    Actually it’s the reverse, Obama is in a spot of bother over Benghazi.

    • cg

      I think you’ll find that the wet dreams you and your pals have been having over this non-event (in terms of conspiracy) are not grounded in reality. Who’d have thought that of a major thinker like you, eh?

      • Wilhelm

        What’s upsetting you, do you not like the truth ?

      • Tom Tom

        I think you will find you are very, very wrong

      • Span Ows

        You don’t read much do you cg, if you did you’d know the chickens that the msm buried to save Obama at the last election are now digging themselves out and coming home to roost.

        • Hookeslaw

          I suspect he reads enough and whilst a Republican supporter I can’t help but think they can only be storing up something that will come back and bite them when they themselves get back into power.
          Evidence of cover up seems pretty thin, but we should not be surprised at seeing the sick likes of Wilhelm stalking it. Obama is black after all.

          • Span Ows

            well proof that Clinton, Carney and Rice all knowingly lied is clear, whether Obama knew he was lying is another matter.

  • AnotherDaveB

    I find the fanboi worship british politicians display for Mr Obama really weird.

    • Austin Barry

      Because in the strutting, self-regarding, ineffably smug, sociopathic King Obama, our politicos see a reflection of themselves: successful onanistic strivers.

      • telemachus

        My my
        A man coming from major disadvantage to lead the free world
        He can afford to be smug
        He has more value in his great toe than current superhero Farage

        • Wilhelm

          Obama should be told in no uncertain terms to get lost. This is him doing his ‘night club act’ telling jokes about rapper Jay C, highly inappropriate for a president and well, embarrassing.

          • telemachus

            “I am absolutely saying that the White House and the president on down had nothing to do with anybody’s personal, anybody’s travel to Cuba,” he said. “That is something the Treasury handles.”

          • Tom Tom

            I bet he has better jokes about DLC and Larry Bland and Donald Young

          • Hookeslaw

            You are hilarious – you do realise you have linked to the Correspondents Dinner? Priceless.
            And 2 dummies actually liked you comment.
            It tells us everything about the Coffeehouse. The Spectator truly has no shame.

            • Wilhelm

              ” you do realise you have linked to the Correspondents Dinner?”


        • Colonel Mustard

          telemachus admits his trolling here is officially funded by the Labour party and Unite.

          • Hookeslaw

            telemachus is an idiot, but when you provide for him all the pleasure a little boy gets from pulling the wings of flies then you only have yourselves to blame.