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The View from 22 — Sex and success, Conservative vs. Labour unity and the two-wheeled tyranny of cyclists

25 April 2013

9:20 AM

25 April 2013

9:20 AM

What do Margaret Thatcher, Sheryl Sandberg and Angela Merkel have in common? They are the ultimate alpha-female icons, according to Alison Wolf. In this week’s Spectator cover feature, Alison examines the ultra-competitive female elites who are pulling ahead and leaving the rest of the ‘sisterhood’ behind. On this week’s View from 22 podcast, the Spectator’s deputy editor Mary Wakefield discusses with Alison what makes an alpha female, why they are only interested in alpha males and how feminism is response for this new divide.

Melissa Kite and Gary Lingard also debate whether the world now revolves around cyclists. In this week’s magazine, Melissa argues that beautiful country paths should stop be turned into tarmac cycle routes. But Gary Lingard, the former South Eastern cycling champion, argues that such routes ensure safer cycling and ensure riders can practice before heading on the roads. Plus, Rafael Behr from the New Statesman discusses a new found unity within the Conservative party with James Forsyth. Can the same be said of the Labour party? Who will benefit the most  from  disunited opposition?


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The View from 22 — 25 April 2013. Length: 38:39

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Show comments
  • Timple

    Although unrelated the rise of UKIP has come immediately after the AV referendum. Perhaps Conservatives might rethink their general opposition of electoral reform now the vote on the right is split. Personally I think the system that gave Boris the mayoralty would be a good one for Westminster. Allows UKIP voters to vote UKIP first to register their protest then sensibly draw back into the fold with Conservative on their 2nd preference. We don’t need endless options in this country. Too complicated – two’s enough!

  • Nick Reid

    Dreadful “debate” between Gary Lingard & Melissa Kite.

    Gary was just a cliche of every piece of cyclist apologia (and I speak as someone who has ridden a bike most days for 35 years and don’t have a car). Couldn’t you have asked him to read Melissa’s (pretty good) article before this “debate” started.

    As it happens Melissa did her case no good by explaining her case so poorly at the outset. She was clearly complaining about “amatuer Tour de Francers'” doing time trials en masse on this “pathway” and not a dad taking his two young kids out for a quiet Sunday morning ride.

    Anyway, is a 7 km pathway in Warwickshire really a “thing” ? I can see why it’s annoying for Melissa but how many of these pathways are there nationally which interfere with walkers & horse riders ?

  • chris john

    this podcast hasn’t loaded onto iTunes?

    • Sebastian Payne

      This should be fixed – technical issue this week. Apologies!

  • Eddie

    Well, it doesn’t make much sense re Mrs Thatcher – born 1925, who like many grammar school boys and girls, went up to university and then onto a profession.
    The issue here is NOT gender but class: the grammars gave bright youngsters from ordinary backgrounds opportunity, and allowed them the privilege of going to university and joining a profession (when each of those things mattered and guaranteed a good salary for life – enough to buy a semi in London too).
    But let’s not forget that Thatcher was also a research chemist – and there she would have stayed had she not married a millionaire called Dennis (who had inherited a paint factory in Dartford). She married money, which enabled her to study law (and not work), which enabled her to become an MP, which enabled her to become PM.
    She married money.

  • ralphel

    This episode is still not accessible via iTunes.

    I agree with Vindice re the section about the cycle track. You seem to have decided that squabbling is good box-office – but you’ll need a vast improvement in quality before that becomes viable.

  • Vindice

    Melissa Kite and Gary Lingard, a nightmare apiece.

  • Colonel Mustard

    Cycle nazis – lycra, dark goggles, silly pointy hats and attitude. Urgh!

    • itdoesntaddup

      I hope they get done for exceeding their 20mph speed limit.

  • itdoesntaddup

    Who on earth is Sheryl Sandbag (sic)?