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10 April 2013

3:28 PM

10 April 2013

3:28 PM

A Maggie-tastic jam-packed Spectator tomorrow. Amongst the tributes, the words of Steve Hilton stuck out:

I saw her as thrillingly anti-establishment; as much of a punk, and as brilliantly British, as Vivienne Westwood, who once impersonated her on the cover of Tatler. Margaret Thatcher had the virtues most valued in today’s culture: innovation, energy, daring. She was Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and Lady Gaga all rolled into one — and a thousand times more consequential than any of them. In today’s techno-business jargon, she was the ultimate political disruptor: determined to shake things up, unleash competition, challenge and confront vested interests. To be transformative, being reasonable doesn’t get you very far. In government, it is unreasonableness that improves people’s lives.’

The brains behind the Tory modernisation project is currently on sabbatical in California. It remains to be seen whether or not Maggie will be able to inspire the disillusioned Hilton to return to No. 10.

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  • terregles2

    When all the jobs were lost during the Thatcher years the unemployed were encourgaged onto sickness benefit in order to massage the unemployment figures. The seeds of long term government handouts were sown then.

  • Aaron D Highside

    The Speccie ‘as little as £1 an issue’? As little as? Hah!

  • Daniel Maris

    I’ve been told the mescaline freely available in California can disrupt functioning of the cerebral cortex.

  • zanzamander

    If this great lady taught you anything, she taught you to be free. We’ve wasted her legacy, became fat on government handouts, lazy and self loathing. I hope Mrs T’s death will shake us out of our Socialist induced coma.