That’s more like it Geri

12 April 2013

11:23 AM

12 April 2013

11:23 AM

Well how about this for a turnaround? After Steerpike highlighted the somewhat dubious ‘girl power’ Geri Halliwell, who praised Thatcher and the subsequently deleted her tribute, the Spice Girl has seen the error of her ways:

‘I was 7 years old when my father told me about the greengrocer’s daughter who had become the first female Prime Minister in our history. I was enchanted by this… my father who was always hiding behind the broadsheets spoke about her my whole childhood. Fast forward to 1996… It was widely covered in the media, when I casually mentioned that I admired Margaret Thatcher in an interview for a political magazine.

Monday 8th April 2013 – Margaret Thatcher had died… I felt compelled to tweet my thoughts for a female leader, in a world governed by men. I was so confused and overwhelmed by some of the feedback I received that I took my tweet down and for that I was called spineless. I questioned myself? Did I really mean what I said?

Can I stand tall? Do I even know what I was talking about? I realised the best thing to do was to shut up and really get honest with myself. What I hated the most was that I took a tweet down. I had wavered and was full of self-doubt. I so I asked myself over the last 3 days – why did I do it? Why did I take that tweet down?

These are my conclusions… I. I was so afraid of upsetting people, and not being liked for saying something that was not to everyone’s taste. 2. Also, I suddenly thought given the adverse reaction, did I even really know enough about Margaret Thatcher?  Was I just trying to be relevant? She had obviously upset a lot of people. 3. But now I realise that I do admire a woman, whether she is right or wrong, regardless of her opinions. She had the courage to stand by her convictions. Not like me. I look at my behavior, which exposed how weak I was under fire, not like Margaret Thatcher. Rest in peace.’

Well said.

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  • global city

    The only way to deal with that type of attack is to reject it out of hand, but without further qualification or explanation. Instead of cowering and apologising on the night of her original tweet Geri should have done just that.

  • Monima O’Connor

    More power to you Geri. Really.

  • Daniel Maris

    Is monomania back in fashion than?

  • Jamie

    You Tories really do pull in the heavyweight celebs to your cause.

  • Mombasa69

    I defended Maggie and I tore my Achilles tendon very soon after, some leftie Maggie hating voodoo witch doctor put a hex on me!!!!

  • The PrangWizard

    Well said Geri. Let us all hope that your words get proper coverage, maybe they will give some backbone to the weaker people referred to by Colonel Mustard. I have noticed the same thing he describes. But expect further attacks for your words. The Left are a relentless cruel breed. They hate people, that is they hate anyone and everyone who thinks for themselves, and they are prepared to dehumanise themseves in activating their hatred, so prepare. You have more support than you may imagine.

    • Jamie

      I love this. Great parody. But sounds too comically insane to be realistic.

  • Toby_Jones

    unlike the Telegraph Geri Halliwell can not simply ‘close the comments’ when there is too much bile coming her way. And yet publications like this roundly condemned her for buckling under pressure.

  • Siân Smith

    It might be considered weak but I don’t blame Geri for back tracking. The internet can be a scary place and this week I have seen some incredibly angry anti-Thatcher comments knocking around. However this is why I so admire Margaret Thatcher. As Geri says, Mrs Thatcher had courage in her convictions. She was not afraid to push for what she believed was right, even if it was not the most popular view. I doubt Mrs Thatcher would ever have removed a comment from Twitter because some horrible trolls attacked her for voicing an opinion. It takes real strength of character for any person to stand up against fierce opposition and keep lobbying for what they think is right. Sometimes I think it is even harder to do this as a woman who wants to be taken seriously in modern society and not as some ‘air head’ who bleats about ‘Girl Power’ which is so often viewed as a bubblegum version of feminism..

    I have a lot of admiration for Geri Halliwell and what she has achieved during her life. I’m not a Feminist, I don’t shout about how hard it is to be a woman or complain about the injustice of trying to make it in a mans world, I just think it can be hard to stand up for yourself and speak your mind and not back down if you are berated for it. So don’t feel bad Geri, Mrs T was an extremely tough cookie.

  • inmydreams

    Good on you Geri. Have you noticed that the women who claim Thatch did nothing for feminism are the ones most likely to demand all-women short-lists? That’s not feminism, that’s mediocrity. Thatch did not need a shortlist to become the greatest female leader since the 16th century.
    what are you doing this Saturday?

  • He’s Spartacus

    Good girl! #Iminlovewithmargaretthatcher for number 1!

  • Austin Barry

    Warrants an invitation to the funeral service.

  • David Davis

    What are you doing on Twitter anyway, Geri? Twitter is for self-regarding, insecure socialist twats. You can’t possibly be one of those. Put your tweet (whatever one of those is) back up, let the brickbats and rotting cabbages come, let the vapid, nasty Nazis vent their ire, and then just leave the blasted network. Whatever did you need it for anyway?

    • Paul Johnson

      Steady on Dave I’m on twitter battling those lefty twats. Someones got to do it

      • Fergus Pickering

        Keep at it, Paul and may the force be with you.

    • Jamie

      I’m not sure Hitler was a Socialist. Or David Cameron

  • therealguyfaux

    Even if one thought Baroness Thatcher’s policies were abominable, and I most certainly do NOT, there’s such a thing as “giving the Devil her due,” in a manner of speaking. And OK, “Godwin,” but in a good cause– let me be clear that this due is NOT the kind of damnation-with-faint-praise of “Well, Hitler liked dogs and children, there’s that to be said in his defence as a human being, likely the only thing…” My God, even such a pitbull as Alastair Campbell, who could hardly be numbered a Maggie Supporter, has said to take a measured approach and tone in discussion of the Thatcher years, and of Herself. One can only be victimised by the haters with one’s own consent– as long as you still have a mind capable of nuance, Geri, make sure it’s in good nick; let’s have more of it from you and everyone, even Ali C. It’s a use-it-or-lose-it, and as you can see, there’s an awful lot of people out there who aren’t using it, and have lost it.

  • Aaron D Highside

    Geri – could you have a word with Gordon Brown?

  • splotchy

    Kudos to Geri – someone who has the maturity and humility to reflect and retract. Would that other commentators, twitterers and opinionaters do the same.

  • April Middlemuff Middlemuff

    Thanks Geri, we all make mistakes, some are big and strong enough to admit to them; Thanks for being one of those peope

  • First L

    Good for Geri. It’s not easy to admit you are wrong, it’s also not easy to realise just what Thatcher faced and how strong she actually was in the face of constant criticism. Geri got knocked down, she’s picked herself back up. Maggie would be proud of her. Next time, she won’t get knocked down. Also it shows how nasty the left really is in how fast they will turn on anyone who disagrees with them. It really is like being savaged by a wild animal. If that animal in question is the blind mole rat.

  • Colonel Mustard

    I got the impression that guest Michelle Mone on This Week was wrestling with the same issues. She wanted to articulate her admiration of Thatcher but was obviously worried about the Twitter mob/posse and leftist cyber bullies who might react to that. She therefore presaged every observation with an expectation of being attacked for it and repeated the qualification that she didn’t agree with all Thatcher’s policies.

    This fear of giving offence by the public statement of private views is undermining debate and the minority agenda lobbies are working it hard for their advantage.

    Whenever I hear that some comment has “provoked a storm of outrage” I think “from who?” And invariably it is some loony minority agenda lobby whose exposure and influence is totally disproportionate to their numbers. The silent majority in the UK is now not just silent but effectively intimidated too.

    • Simon Morgan

      Well, I certainly hope you are right about there still be a majority, silent or otherwise. If the legions of baying, frothing at the mouth leftards we have seen over the past week are anything to go by, Britain is in deep sh*t.

      • Fergus Pickering

        They are mostly children from what I have seen

  • MarinerAncien

    Twitter is full of gutless trolls. A large proportion are semi literate and work-shy anarchists.

    They won’t change Geri, so ignore them.

    • Jamie

      Semi-literate has a hyphen. But you were half-right punctuation-wise in your hyphenation of work-shy. A 50% strike-rate. Semi-literate as it were.

      • Jimmy Grant

        I am not sure “strike-rate” should be hyphenated.

  • Bill Cameron

    Well done and honestly stated. It is good to know that the cyber-bullies have met their match in you, even if I can understand that being a ‘celebrity’ makes you prey to this kind of thing and very understandably caused you momentary self-doubt, which you have now recognised and done something about – thanks again for your honesty.

  • George Hinton

    conviction….to stand by one thoughts and words

    • Jamie

      Like Hitler did.

  • Tony Quintus

    FlipFlop Power? This Lady seems very much for turning.

  • Howard David Smith


  • keeshond

    So much for girl power!

  • Mike Oddpiece

    Don’t beat yourself up, Geri, twitter can be a viscious place to be for a celebrity.