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Nick Clegg: No one has proposed to me that the UK should leave the European Court of Human Rights

28 April 2013

11:52 AM

28 April 2013

11:52 AM

In a detailed interview on the Sunday Politics, Nick Clegg claimed that neither the Home Secretary nor Downing Street have ever proposed to him that Britain should temporarily leave the European Court of Human Rights so that it can deport Abu Qatada. Clegg was adamant that ‘no one has put a proposal to me.’

Under questioning from Andrew Neil, Clegg defended his decision to block any communications data legislation in the Queen’s Speech. He maintained that the proposals were ‘neither workable nor proportionate.’

Clegg conceded that the UKIP offer was ‘very seductive’ to voters. But he then attacked them for their flat tax proposal. Highlighting this policy is, according to Liberal Democrat, research, the best way to deter people from shifting to UKIP. This explains why Nigel Farage is currently trying to dump it.

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  • Barbara Stevens

    Why should they ‘put it to him’ the man and his party who came third nationally. He’s the most unpopular MP we’ve got, and I hope the people of Sheffield do us all a favour and don’t elect him again. So, we can assume the cabinet haven’t discussed what the rest of the UK are talking about, coming out of the HR Act for a while. Many think we should it would leave us free to deport all the undesireables in one go, what a thought?
    What a good idea, and what a sinister let down Clegg is. He is thinking of party policy more than the well being of this country, he’s really showing his true colours, as if we didn’t suspect the real ones before?
    What a partner to have. If the Conservatives have any self respect left they would dismiss and abandon this man and his party at once. Labour are not far behnd them, adopting policies which they think will gain votes, none are really thinking what the electorate wants. Which goes to show they think and treat us all with contempt. We should do that come voting time, vote UKIP instead.

  • Andrew Paul Shakespeare

    For once, I believe him. Why does it sound all-too-believable that Cameron is talking crap that he thinks will sound pleasing to the voters, but that he hasn’t the slightest intention of acting upon.

    Such antics used to be the preserve of the LibDems, but it seems the Tories have learned a thing or two from them.

    If they’re so worried about UKIP, maybe they should concentrate less on getting ossified dinosaurs like Clarke to insult them, and instead concentrate on just telling the truth? A radical idea, I know, but I really think UKIP voters are less concerned with tax policy than they are fed up to the back teeth with politicians talking bullsh!t.

  • Abhay

    The Lib Dems may not have anything substantial to say on sturdy political choices to be made for tackling hard issues but it is not as if every Tory is straining at the leash to break away from the stifling EU.

    Also, till the country has got rid of Qatada it doesn’t have to afford him and his family of cranks luxurious living. It can be bare essentials that tick all the boxes. Has that been done?

    The bearded creature called Qatada is a symptom of the real problem. Too much openness, too much warm loving embrace of people whose ideas run counter to the bases of this country all packaged as welfare. How about intolerance for the intolerant? Yeah, try that medicine. It may work.

  • Jimmy R

    “Neither the Home Secretary nor Downing Street have ever proposed to him that Britain should temporarily leave the European Court of Human Rights.” Is that Sleazeball speak to avoid admitting, which I sincerely hope, that they want to dump it permanently down the nearest sewer where it rightly belongs. The ECHR was set up after WW2 in response to the massive State enforced outrages during the previous couple of decades. For a while the concept acted as it was meant to. More recently the court, set up to deal with such massive outrages, having none to adjudicate, in order to justify it’s position on the Gravy Train, has decided to invent abuses of Human Rights of such triviality that it can keep itself in business forever. They are basically, apart for filling their bank balances at our expense, on a self glorification power trip, in line with other Pan-European Organisations, intent on proving they have absolute control over Democratically Elected National Governments when it comes to matters referred to them.

  • ArchiePonsonby

    Well, propose it yourself then, Clegg you drip!

  • Jan Cosgrove

    The whole thing is bogus. The ECHR has a mechanism for denunciation, in A65. There’s no ‘temporary’, you’re either in or out.

    Additionally, A65.2 is clear – if an issue existed before the date of denunciation, the ECourtHR would still have jurisdiction. So, anything from 1950 onwards ….

    …. including this case.

    Do your homework Mrs May and Mr Farrago. It’s the Rule of Law – you can’t just opt in and out or pretend it will all just go away if the UK tells it to. That’s what we signed up to when we joined over 60 years ago.

    • MirthaTidville

      And back then it was instituted as a direct result of Nazism and a World War. It was a response to a specific and real problem. Since then it has morphed into what the lefties/loonies have wanted and has never been properly reviewed and amended to take account of a modern world and different problems. Its old out of date legislation and needs consigning to the bin.

      • Simon Hunter

        Poor dear… And you see no parallels?

        Too many Jews in Germany.
        Too many immigrants in Blighty.

        Sponging parasites taking jobs from real Germans/Blightyites

        VE MUST ACT


        • MirthaTidville

          And Abu Qatada??..presumeably you would be happy keeping him here or maybe even releasing him….poor dear indeed

  • Curnonsky

    His face is becoming as puffy as Putin’s – Botox?

  • Fergus Pickering

    Ah, nobody tells him anything. By far the best way.

    • telemachus

      A female former Liberal Democrat MP said she told Nick Clegg about allegations surrounding the party’s then chief executive Lord Rennard shortly after he became leader in 2007.

      Mr Clegg has said he heard only “indirect and non-specific concerns” about the Lib Dem peer until last week, when a Channel 4 News investigation alleged that he had behaved improperly towards women in the party on a number of occasions.

      Sandra Gidley, who was MP for Romsey for a decade before losing her seat in 2010, yesterday said she hoped her comments would jog the Deputy Prime Minister’s memory about their conversation.

      Asked by The Daily Telegraph whether she told Mr Clegg “face-to-face” about the allegations, she replied: “Yes, that is true, but at this point I don’t want to go any further. I am hoping his memory might be jogged. Shall we leave it at that?”

      • Colonel Mustard

        So is this.

        • telemachus

          No Nico
          The same since AWK precipitated me in Jan 2011

          • Colonel Mustard

            Yes Nico.

  • manonthebus

    It’s quite noticeable now that nobody either listens to Nick Clegg now or takes him seriously. It’s not that anyone particularly dislikes him; it’s just a total lack of interest in anything he has to say. Perhaps he should just go away.

    • telemachus

      He lies and obfuscates

      And obfuscates and exaggerates

      With Shirley Williams last March he wrote a pleading open letter
      to party members in March last year. It claimed that the proposed Andrew
      Lansley health bill “is now undoubtedly a better bill because of the Liberal
      Democrats”.They claimed that Lib Dem amendments would safeguard the NHS as a public service. However Downing Street spokespersons described the amendments as “not significant amendments—they are areas where reassurance is required”.

      He is a man in seach of a role

      He certainly won’t have one in June 2015

  • the viceroy’s gin

    The Cameroonian lickspittle appears to be censoring my comments.

    What a surprise! 😉

    • telemachus

      You should avoid posts like

      “I’d recommend they face a few realities though. 24 months from now, Dave’s head will be on a spike. It will then only be a matter of which other heads are to be spike-mounted. So the question is, is it better to face the inevitable, and get Dave’s head up on that spike today, to create room for conservative principle?”


      So the question is, is it better to face the inevitable, and get Nick’s head up on that spike today, to create room for conservative principle?”

      • Colonel Mustard

        This is a different telemachus.

        • telemachus

          No Nico
          I have been since the Charter in January 2011

          • Colonel Mustard

            Too funny. We know when the old Nico line comes up again that the little scribblers in your rebuttal unit are well and truly rattled. You might have been around since 2011 but you are not alone.

            You think that using such diminutives as Nico confers special power? You all do it. Even that arch-dork Lord McFatbloke of Dog Boiling.

            Super fail.

            • telemachus

              There is only one true telemachus
              Nicholas was not one of those trying to freeze out a gentle reasonable poster from the wall thus creating a truly reasonable resource
              telemachus suspects that the clones that emerge occasionally are designed to ridicule but in truth do not peddle the message

              • telemachus

                However the said Nicholas was guilty of saying soon after creation that he had the time, the inclination and the money…..

  • thanksdellingpole

    Christ, I can’t wait until this guy’s slaughtered, I’m fed up of his womeny whinging!

    • Austin Barry

      Clegg always seems on the verge of tears.

      Whether this is because he is made lachrymose by thoughts of his own neon lit compassion, or simply because he is a weedy, uxorious onanist (check the clue in the image above) is debatable.

      I suspect it is a bit of both conflated with the lack of a robust moral fibre.

      • thanksdellingpole

        This is the kind of men feminists like to marry. Pathetic isn’t it.

    • Colonel Mustard

      Fed up with. Bored with. Tired of. Sick of.

  • HookesLaw

    ‘Ukip in chaos over policy on eve of key poll, emails reveal’
    ‘Ukip leader Nigel Farage is warned that his party is facing a decade without
    credible policies, as crippling internal rows rage, and it is suggested that the party should consider buying off-the-shelf strategy from right-leaning thinktanks.’
    ‘Senior members must “get off their hobby-horses” if the party is to develop policies, Farage is told in the bombshell emails from Stuart Wheeler, the party’s treasurer, and
    Godfrey Bloom, a leading Ukip MEP.’
    ‘A despairing Bloom, writing last Thursday, warns: “My experience thus far is that as soon as more than two people get in a room progress completely stops’

    No point joining UKIP if it means you have to get off your hobby horse.
    And what a hobby horse
    (via the paywalled Telegraph)
    via the Mail –

    • Russell

      Farage made it quite clear yesterday that if people standing to be councillors or MP’s have personal views such as ‘they agree with Putin banning gay pride marches’ that’s fine, but UKIP policy is not homophobic and is to welcome all as equal.
      Many people like myself cannot stand gay/lesbian/bi-sexual/transexual marches with people wearing ridiculous clothes slobbering over each other, pretending that this is normal behaviour and demanding more and more special consideration. I don’t demand straight marches, or special treatment for straights like diversity managers.

      • HookesLaw


        • Russell

          Of course Farage had to demonstrate that UKIP did not object to individuals having different views, No requirement for homosexuals, transexuals, lesbians and bi-sexuals to march and demonstrate.
          The way the Tories/LibDems/Labour are at the moment if you are not pro homosexuality, pro EU and pro man made climate change there is something wrong with you and you should be condemned for having an opposing view. They are totally intolerant of anyone outside their view. Many people do not like any of the above views.

          • Fergus Pickering

            Surely everybody is pro-homosexuality. We agree that it exists, do we not? And we agree that it is not immoral? Or am I not carrying the feeling of the meeting with me?

            • Russell

              Of course everyone agree it exists, this does not mean that it is right or that everyone should be in favour of homosexuality, I certainly am not, and I am sure many others feel the same. Brainwashing by the politicians and the media does not work with everyone thank God.

              • Jan Cosgrove

                In FAVOUR? Er, like not being in favour of the wind (enough of that), or oak trees, or the sea, or the moons of Mars? It would be more valid to say, surely, that one is or is not in favour of the name ‘Russell’.

                • Russell

                  If you had taken the time to read the comment I was answering from Fergus, before butting in, you would have noticed that it was Fergus who used the term pro homosexuality (pro indicates for or in favour of). My initial comment stated the fact that I cannot stand homosexual marches etc,
                  To make it quite clear, I am not in favour of homosexual marches or special; treatment for homosexuals.

      • thanksdellingpole

        At least they cancel themselves out in just one generation.

      • Andy

        Usually they don’t wear any clothes, or nothing which would be classified as such.

        • Russell

          And strangely the people complaining about the costs for Mrs Thatchers funeral don’t mind paying police costs for these insane marches along with the West Indian ‘event’ in London every year with accompanying stabbings/robberies.

    • Hexhamgeezer

      Lucky then that dave an’ ed an’ nick nick aren’t in chaos eh? Get out and vote for their highly attractive coherent policies that are so energizing and enthusing the country.

      • HookesLaw
        • Wessex Man

          oh Hooky we will just have yo see on Friday after the Council counts, I personally don’t think your Tory Party smears will work this time, that political giant Ken Clarke now trying to smear them, isn’t he the bloke who said we would go bust if we didn’t join the Euro?

        • Hexhamgeezer

          Aye, photoshopped, Just like dave’s principles

        • Smithersjones2013

          Why are you posting pictures of yourself on here?

          • HookesLaw

            ho ho ho so droll but its you who exposes yourself as one-eyed.
            How easy it is for you to point to the mote in someone else’s eye but cannot see the plank in your own. Sadly you are happy to smear everyone else for your part but only too willing to ignore the harsh truth about UKIP.

            UKIP is a dustbin for dimwits, which actually is quite a polite word for the UKIP candidate who blames the Jews for starting WW2.

    • thanksdellingpole

      Desperate, desperate, desperate.

      UKIP is solid, they’re going to pull in the votes, nobody says “stop” at a wedding any more.

    • Smithersjones2013

      Oh god I realise the Toxic Tory Militant Tendency are obsessed about UKIP but for goodness sake this is a thread about Calamity Clegg torpedoeing yet another deranged Tory policy. it has nothing to do with UKIP.

      Is it now going to be our fate to suffer every thread for the next so many years (with all the wailing and moaning when the tories get trashed in 2015) being highjacked by the Toxic Tory Militant Tendency (just as they used to hijack it about their vacillation over the EU?) over whatever hysterical over-hyped non event they have lately invented in their sad metamorphosis from abused to abuser? They really are morphing into an inept and inadequate version of Campbell, McBride, Mandelson, Whelan and co..(a sort of Ed Balls without any brain cells at all)

      • HookesLaw

        Enjoy the rant? I guess it helps you ignore the facts. What a sad world you must live in.

      • Barbara Stevens

        The fact is all the loonies and fruitcakes came from the Tory camp in the beginning so what does that say about the Tories? Talk about words back firing?