Lady Thatcher on the ‘The Iron Lady’

9 April 2013

1:44 PM

9 April 2013

1:44 PM

Conor Burns, a close confident of the late Baroness Thatcher, has lifted the lid on the former Prime Minister’s reaction to the biographical Meryl Streep film I mentioned yesterday. The Tory backbencher recounts:

“I went from Leicester Square to watch the Iron Lady to Chester Square to have a gin and tonic with Lady T, and I told her ‘I’ve just been to see a film about you.’ She said ‘what do you mean a film about me?’.

“I said: ‘Well they’ve made a film about your life and career as Prime Minister, and it’s an hour and half long’ and straight away, she said: ‘I couldn’t imagine anything worse’.”

Tomorrow’s recall of Parliament for a ‘debate’ full of Members’ tributes should be packed with other similar anecdotes.

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  • therealguyfaux

    Well, she’d probably have been bored by it anyway, having lived through it herself: “I know all this stuff!” I’d hate to think that, by the end, she was so far gone that anything in the film could have come as a revelation to her (unless, of course, parts of it were fashioned out of whole cloth).

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