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Boris Johnson vs Pippa Middleton. It’s on

3 April 2013

5:52 PM

3 April 2013

5:52 PM

Game on: Boris has accepted Pippa Middleton’s ‘Whiff-Whaff’ challenge. The Mayor of London has declared:

‘I’m game if she is. Happy for Pippa to join me on a visit and see the benefits of our £22m Sports Legacy Fund in action.’

While Pippa would no doubt enjoy that, the Spectator is happy to set up a ping pong table in our garden. Pol Roger will be served.

UPDATE: Mr Steerpike has confirmation Pippa is still up for the contest. I hear she ‘sensed some nerves’ in Boris’s reply.

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  • Biggestaspidistra

    Well, indeed, there goes the neighbourhood.

  • boisgolf

    Dear Spectator, Dear Steerpike, Dear Editor, WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT PIPPA. Stop bigging up a nonentity. It belittles your magazine.

    • Tom Tom

      The PR Agency contract requires Speccie to promote

  • Anastasia

    Go Pippa go !

  • stephen cook

    Surely no one in Blighty is interested in this pair of exhibitionists?

    • Fergus Pickering

      Yes, feller, lots of people are. Not intellectuals like you (though God only knows what you are interested in) but lots of people are interested in Pippa Middleton and Boris Johnson. Nobody much is interested in you however.

      • Tom Tom

        Fergus salivates

  • jazz606

    I expect Sky will bid for the TV rights, it’s guaranteed a big audience.

  • kyalami

    Pol Roger? OK, I’ll come and applaud.

    • johnfaganwilliams

      I’ve won races on you

  • the viceroy’s gin

    Well, that’s 2 of the 4 apocalypse horsemen riding through Speccieland, then.

    • John McClane

      Might have been fewer if the earlier CH post on Pippa Middleton’s diary had been open to comments. Telemachus will surely arrive soon.

      • Tom Tom

        Was open but they deleted all comments

        • Austin Barry

          There is an irony, a sad one, in the Speccie censoring all comments on Pippa’s post while waving its banner in favour of a free press.

          Has the Speccie become the Diane Abbott of press hypocrisy?

          • Hookeslaw

            Well you hit the nail on the head.has anybody read the terms and conditions? Full of restrictions I guess.

            Freedom of the press is very one sided as far as the press is concerned.
            Have the Spectator suggested anything or done anything to demand a stiffening of the utterly useless Press Complaints Commission? Does the Spectator say or do anything at all active to deliver some real self discipline to the press


            We would all do ourselves a lot of good, and show ourselves to be above demeaning ourselves by ignoring this thread.
            As I have said before I am sure the sibling to our future Queen is a very nice young lady.
            Quite what the point behind this ridiculous publication by the Spectator is we can only guess. Maybe they were all drunk down the pub and thought it was a good idea.
            What we can be sure of is the Speccy do not like it up em, they do not like to be criticised. everyone else is clearly open season.

          • Fergus Pickering

            Not at all. The two things are perfectly compatible. If you hate Pippa Middleton then there are plenty of places you can say so

            • Tom Tom

              Hate is too strong a word Fergus for the ridiculous.

  • Chris lancashire

    It’s the unelectable versus the unemployable and it’s uninteresting.

    • David Lindsay


      Some showbiz buffoon with no job.

      And Pippa Middleton.

      • Hookeslaw

        The Mayoralship of London was created by Labour, so its another socialist non job.
        Glad you can admit the tendency.

        • David Lindsay

          I don’t see any plan to abolish it.

          London is of course run by central government quangos, the Borough Councils, and the Corporation of the City.

          It was only when Ken Livingstone put up that the idea arose that the Mayor ought to be a politician at all. Before that, the smart money had been on Barbara Windsor, and the universal expectation was of some showbusiness personality or other.

          Exactly such a person now has it. Livingstone remains the only politician ever to have been Mayor of London.

          • Hookeslaw

            At the risk of breaking by own suggestion – let me just say ha ha ha. So unfunny.

            But by your own admission the Mayor of London created by Labour is a non Job. Do not get upset. I agree with you.

            • Guest

              So why have your lot not attempted to abolish it?

              • Colonel Mustard

                Because they are quite happy as long as it is occupied by a lefty and quite happy to blame a Tory for everything when it isn’t. Their fundamental belief is that only they deserve to rule over us all. Understand that and you understand everything about them, even Mr Lindsay’s posts.

  • John McClane

    Who, exactly, is Pippa Middleton?

    • Tom Tom

      Friend of Petsy Wyatt no doubt….

    • Tom Tom

      Boris wants her to join his Club

      • David Lindsay

        Her sister has married into both his and David Cameron’s family.

    • Tom Tom

      She is named after a polar bear at London Zoo

  • Tom Tom

    Will this comment be deleted ? It has no content so it should not be deleted

    • John McClane

      Neither this item nor the earlier one had content. Whiff whaff sounds about right.

    • The_Missing_Think

      Maybe they’re frightened of the lawyers?

    • arnoldo87

      Full marks for consistency then, Tom Tom.