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Tories and Lib Dems strike deal on mansion tax vote

9 March 2013

4:58 PM

9 March 2013

4:58 PM

Further to Isabel’s post this morning, I understand from a senior coalition source that the two parties have now reached an agreement on how to handle Tuesday’s vote on Labour’s mansion tax motion. The Liberal Democrat leadership has assured their coalition partners that they’ll back a government amendment to it.

This amendment will concede that the coalition parties have different views on the issue. The only question now is whether the speaker John Bercow will call it.

I suspect that this agreement has been helped by a desire to limit coalition tensions post-Eastleigh and pre-Budget. There is also reluctance on the part of the Liberal Democrats to get dragged into playing Labour’s game. The sense is that they’ll only do that at a time of their own choosing.

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  • derekemery

    Our three Liberal Democrat Parties have nothing to offer for fixing the UK economy. They indulge themselves in ‘distraction display’ politics hoping that somehow the average member of the public will be taken in by this display. Neither mansion taxes or gay weddings or any other social agenda will save them at the next election. They will be judged to have failed on the economy and will pay the price.

  • Simon

    The liberals largely destroyed our national heritage of magnificent houses when they introduced death duties. The Americans were very grateful as they shipped huge quantities of classic art and even the buildings themselves back to the USA. So, we might as well get rid of Chatsworth and the rest of our grand houses as our nation continues its decline.

  • andagain

    A vote to tell the world that the Tories are the only party that does not want to tax millionaire homeowners to fund an income tax cut for low earners.

    I wonder why people all seem to think the the Tories only care about the rich.

  • Remittance Man

    Tories and Lib Dems strike deal on mansion tax vote

    Would that be the LibDem and Tory members in parliament, or their increasingly isolated leaders?

  • John Guest

    If this deal and (by extension) the future of the coalition depends upon The Speaker calling it, then they’re knackered. The venal Mr Bercow is hardly going to pass up the chance to spit in the eye of Cameron now is he!

  • Colonel Mustard

    Good luck with taxing that mansion.

    • David Simpson


  • Doppel1800

    What inferences are we meant to draw from this piece being accompanied by a photo of a presumably American house/”mansion” with the stars and stripes hanging from it?

  • HookesLaw

    Its would be absurd politics and policy for a party in govt to vote for an opposition motion. Especially when it is founded on a fraud as labour’s is.

    Lib dems can ‘want’ all they like – that is fine – we can all want lots of things. But as a tiny rump ignored by everybody the LDs will get the square root of buqqer all. As it is they are actually ‘in’ governemnt and getting ‘something’ as opposed to ‘nothing’

    You wonder if the LD activists have worked that out. Tory backbenchers do not seem to have

    • Reasonable Telemachus

      Of course the truth is that all of the leaders of the various parties want a mansion tax because the socialist principle of redistribution of wealth is central to all modern politics. The problem is just a matter of presenting it best to the electorate, who don’t always understand that nothing happens in politics without a reason.

    • Remittance Man

      And therein lies the huge problem with the British system. With government and legislature so incestuously bound together, the representatives of the governing party can never give the nod to something coming from the opposition benches.

      Everything is seen through the very limited perspective of “government” or “opposition”, forcing MPs to reject ideas that might just have some benefit for the people who actually elected them.

  • alabenn

    Can the Tories be seriously considering fixing a vote in the Commons to save Lib Dems from themselves, this is cowardice.

    That the Lib Dems manage to get themselves into these positions regularly proves they are hopeless at formulating policy, saying the first thing that enters your head then building a policy around it does not lead to good governance.

    There comes a time when regardless of the damage that an action will inflict upon your own shoulders, you should in the interests of government and the country do it.

    Give these selfish unprincipled mob of children the option, back your own government or leave the coalition.

    I am sure self interest will be the motivation whatever they do

    • Russell

      I think the time has come (actually overdue) for the Conservative ‘half’ of the coalition to bring forward a Bill to give the electorate an in/out EU referendum and watch both Labour and the LibDems squirm. If the Bill is opposed, and defeated, then Labour & LibDems will pay the consequences in an inevitable early general election.
      I think this is the only course left to Cameron to save the Conservative party.

      • Reasonable Telemachus

        Now just what is the benefit of saving the Consevative party?

        • alabenn

          So there will be someone to turn to when Labour destroys the economy again.

          Surely even you in between spouting moronic praise of Balls realises someone has to pick up after a destructive child.

          Remember it was the private sector pensions they destroyed last time, still there is trillions in the public sector to grab, miners and shipworkers ect spring to mind.

          Maybe they will get yours?

          • Reasonable Telemachus

            I think that you will soon realise that elections do not matter any more. Quietly and efficiently a one-programme, multi-headed socialist political class has taken control for our good. (You can call it social-democrat if it makes you feel better. Of course Marx and Lenin were social-democrats too). From now on your vote at a General Election will be irrelevant.

            • alabenn

              All well and good for me, the first people Lenin and Stalin put to death were followers like you, no need for useful idiots at your destination.
              Happy days ahead for some.

            • Colonel Mustard

              Thine own mouth condemneth thee, and not I: yea, thine own lips testify against thee.

              • David Simpson

                you twerp mustard, you just don’t cut it

    • 2trueblue

      The LibDums want it all their own way, look how democratic they are…….. the boundary issue. Cameron should not help them out, they already have too much latitude.