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The truth about Ukip supporters

5 March 2013

12:11 PM

5 March 2013

12:11 PM

Who are all these folk jumping on Nigel Farage’s bandwagon? Ukip — which received just 3 per cent of the vote in 2010 — is now averaging about 11 per cent in the polls. Its rise has fuelled all sorts of speculation about where its supporters are coming from and why they’re turning to the party. Today, YouGov have thrown a bit of data into that speculation. They’ve combined the results of all their February polls, which sampled 28,944 people including 2,788 who said they’d vote Ukip. The results are a mixture of the expected and the surprising.

First, the expected: most of them voted Tory in 2010 — 60 per cent of them, in fact. 15 per cent of them voted Liberal Democrat, 12 per cent Ukip and 7 per cent Labour.


It might seem surprising that so many have switched from the europhile Lib Dems to eurosceptic Ukip, but, as YouGov president Peter Kellner says, ‘they are the kind of Lib Dem voters whose choice was driven by a dislike for the two big parties rather than enthusiasm for Brussels.’

But Ukip voters are not as right-wing as you might expect (or at least they don’t see themselves that way). Just 46 per cent describe themselves as right-wing or right-of-centre, compared to 60 per cent of Tory voters. 23 per cent place themselves in the centre and 13 per cent on the left.

Most of the rest of the findings fit with the common view of Ukip voters. They are more likely to be male, old, working class, religious and to read the Daily Mail, the Express or the Sun than the electorate as a whole. They are less likely to have stayed in education beyond the age of 16, to have gone to university or to earn more than £40,000 a year.

So what conclusions can we draw from all this? Certainly, Ukip’s rise is a problem for the Conservatives — around one-in-seven of their 2010 voters now back Ukip. But tacking right is unlikely to help much, given that Ukip supporters seem to less right-wing than the remaining Tories. More pressing is the party’s need to better connect with working-class voters. But there’s a glimmer of hope for Cameron too: by almost three-to-one, Ukip voters would prefer a Tory government led by him to a Miliband-led Labour one. If the Conservatives can make the next election a clear-cut choice between the two, they should be able to persuade a lot of Ukip supporters back into their camp.

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  • KillingBritain

    Another abusive UKIP candidate and this one is a Dr as well

  • Mark Walker

    UKIP are racists Im on their facebook now having childish racist comments thrown at me

  • The_greyhound

    There is one party in Britain that really deserves Cameron’s notorious “fruitcakes, loonies, and closet racists” description. But it isn’t UKIP.

    It’s the SNP.

  • HWK_UK

    I never thought l would see the day when a conservative led government would lend its support to terrorists as they now do in Syria……. Another reason to vote UKIP

  • Raymond Jones

    it can only get worse for tories, because they have much more damage to inflict on the Native britons.

  • patrick neil fillero

    UKIP could easily reach 20% by 2015.

    • Newsbot9

      Where are the trends showing this?

      • terence patrick hewett

        All of the stats show that UKIP is the only party whose overall support is expanding.

  • Hallow Davidson

    UKIP are the only party looking after British people

    Sign this petition to restrict Bulgarian and Romanians from entering the UK:

    • Andrew Paul Shakespeare

      I’ll sign it, but I don’t believe it’ll make a jot of difference. A European premier’s primary job these days is to implement Brussels’ directives, and heaven help any one who fails to do so to his masters’ satisfaction. As prime ministers from Thatcher to Papandreou have discovered.

      That much said, I doubt Dopey Dave is even inclined to resist.

    • Newsbot9

      Ah yes, the sabotage spam machine spins on.

  • Boudicca_Icenii

    Cameron chose to (unsuccessfully) court the votes of a million or so metrosexuals and BBC luvvies – rather than appeal to the (small c) conservative British working classes.
    He has repead what he has sown.
    This group – the largest block of voters – are the people whose life chances have been most affected by mass, uncontrolled immigration. They see no benefit from the EU (there aren’t any benefits for the people anyway – just for the Elite). They have been ignored, insulted and ridiculed for being patriotic people who want the needs of their own families put before the “needs” of people who have never paid a penny into the UK economy but seem to be able to claim every benefit going.
    It’s too late to stop the UKIP train now. LibLabCON have nothing to say that we want to hear.

  • maurice12brady

    Comfort for Cameron, you say — He couldn’t win a majority against Brown — Miliband certainly lacks charisma, amongst other things — But he ain’t Brown!

  • David Davis

    A significant pointer to the fact that, if one had been to a British University since the 1970s – when the GramscoFabiaNazis began seriously to take over all the departments as a strategically-focussed main part of the FabiaNazi objectives – then one is more likely to adopt a relativist poisition in one’s political views.

    These days of course, unless one fully espouses leftoNazism (the only sort) at one’s “uni” – the “No Platform For [insert liberal classical minimal-statist titles here]” brigade – one is out on a limb.

    As you see, one ought to aim deliberately to break “Godwin’s Law” in all seriousness, all the time. (Didn’t actually know what it was, and had to be told by someone rather recently…)

    • Colonel Mustard

      Keep posting here please. A robust counter to the bevy of socialist, Labour supporting, very nasty and, as you would have it, “GramscoFabiaNazi” trolls is required.

      • adam_01

        No self-righteous conspiracy theorists here please, we’re British!!! We do feel that MPs etc are too money-grabbing e.g. Sir David Nicholson so perhaps whilst your point is true about Nazis being inevitably mentioned in long and boring debates online, there is a sort of authoritarian centralisation LibLabCon pursue, which needs to be cut back like an overgrown rose bush.

        • Newsbot9

          Yes, gotta cut away those millions of British people.

  • disqus_djtQ2JpHRp

    39, Surgeon from Milford Surrey. Voting UKIP. We simply need change now.

  • Dogsnob

    “Who are all these folk jumping on Nigel Farage’s bandwagon?”?
    Well they’re very likely the ones who are sick and tired of numpties on the Spectator and elsewhere, failing even to register their concerns about what is going on in the nation.
    Instead of asking yourself such inane questions and drawing up yet more pretty graphs, you would do well to get out into the real world to see how people are gearing up to shaft the Westminster stable of muppets next time they get a chance.

    • Newsbot9

      Yes, trying to break the country and the economy is SO smart.

      • Dogsnob

        Listen mate, you overlook the fact that successive Labour/Tory regimes have, for the last thirty years, contrived to do precisely that. Very smart indeed to put any of these arseholes back in power.

        • Newsbot9

          No, I don’t “overlook” your fantasies, I think they’re pathetic. The economy’s suffered thanks to Neoliberalism, and your answer is doubling down on it.

          • Dogsnob

            What fantasies? You denying they’ve cocked up successively?
            The economy IS broken btw, have you no eyes to see that? Nobody is spending a penny because the numbers don’t any longer stack up to make ‘and economy’.
            So what fantasies are you talking about? ‘Neoliberalism’? Are you kidding? The Tory/Labour/Libdem coterie is Neoliberalism writ large.

            • Newsbot9

              The UKIP are far more invested in Neoliberalism than even the Tories. People are not spending because the cash has been sucked up into shares, not wages, and the Tories are waging a war on growth. One which your UKIP wants to make far worse.

              You’re saying “it’s broken, let’s smash it”.

              • Dogsnob

                No I’m not. I’m saying it’s broken and to fix it will require something which the tired cartel cannot even envisage, ne’er mind instigate. Thank you btw for taking time to address my points with a little less vitriol.

                • Newsbot9

                  Well yes, and UKIP’s participation in the tired neoliberalism cartel…

                • Wessex Man

                  You are a tiresome person who seems to have wandered onto the wrong site. Go away.

                • Newsbot9

                  That’s right, keep on trying to silence any voice which does not uncritically agree with your Totalitarianism.

                • Wessex Man

                  So which freedom fighter are you? are you telling me you support the three “major” parties attempts to shut Whitehall to all public scrutiny and to impose closed courts, I rather think theshoe is on the other foot pal!

                • Newsbot9

                  I’m not trying to kick anyone. In fact, I’m not a radical at all. The radicals are your right.

                  And given I’m not sure what particular stateist policy you’re talking about… (which says a lot. Hi, I’m a Mutualist. This is a form of anarchism…)

                • Democritus

                  Freedom of information act (2000)? brought in by labour.

  • Tom Tom
  • pandionhaliaetus

    YouGov – would that be the opinion polling organisation whose President, Peter Kellner, is married to the vapid and clueless Baroness Ashton of Upholland?

    I prefer to take their conclusions with a pinch of salt myself.

  • foxoles

    Oh, dear – UKIP not as right-wing as Tories – Dave will have to lurch to the left again! But … but … will that bring him closer to UKIP?

    Trying to make sense of this will make his head explode ….

  • Daniel Maris

    I’ve voted UKIP more than once – but at Euro elections. Not sure I can yet trust them for a General Election. They need to abandon their nutty policies on the economy and become more centrist there. They need to do more to demonstrate they aren’t racist.

    But it is tempting to vote for them. With each election as the slow motion disaster of mass immigration continues, as we remain locked into the undemocratic EU, and as the judges tighten their throat hold on the constitution, it is tempting to to vote UKIP.

    UKIP really need to get a convincing team in place. They need first to show that they are Farage Plus.

    • DrCrackles

      Daniel it is absurd to ask anyone to prove they aren’t racist, since the meanings of race and racism are deliberately obscure.

      • Daniel Maris

        I didn’t say prove, I said demonstrate.

        There are probably few things more clear than race – essentially you can reduce it down to numbers reflecting DNA.

        To be racist (as a political party) is to develop policy on the basis of race (DNA-defined population groups).

        I don’t see why you think there is anything difficult about the concepts of “race” and “racist” in terms of politics.

        I don’t believe UKIP are racist – I would never have voted for them if I did think that. But I do believe they attract racists and I feel they need to do more to demonstrate they are not racist.

        Of course all parties including Labour have racist elements. I am simply saying that UKIP, if they wish to be treated as a serious, modern party of government, need to show that they are not here to create racial conflict in our country. Whether you like it or not, the UK is certainly now a multi-racial country, more like the USA or Brazil, rather than the UK of the 1950s. That can’t be changed without dishonouring our country. As a patriot, I would never sanction that.

        UKIP need to show that they are about creating a united country, based on a common language and acceptance of our basic values. That much is not negotiable.

        • retundario

          UK is not an immigrant country where immigrants have formed a new nation usurping the indigenous – therefore UKIP is the only party that is serious about reducing likelihood of racial conflict, and that is by sending the strongest message on immigration, i.e. managing the population in ethnic terms so as not to create a powder-keg situation.

          • Newsbot9

            I see, calling for a race war is reducing the risks, got it. And right, promising to purge and attack is the best way not to cause trouble, right. Don’t worry, the borders will trap you here too when they close in your plan.

            • retundario

              Nonsense – who said anything about “calling for a race war” or “promising to purge and attack”, apart from yourself in your own post? Brainless crap. My post said “sending the strongest message on immigration”.

              • Newsbot9

                That’s right, that no foreigners are ever welcome or can be allowed, no matter no “British” they are. Race war language. Heard it before.

                The nonsense is your attempt to cloak your fanaticism.

        • adam_01

          Of course they do, or they wouldn’t have so much BBC on-airtime. They only look at people coming in, not already here.

  • spark up

    if jordan joins ukip to promote state-subsidized solariums for every brit in need of a top-up, their vote could really bounce man.

    • spark up

      the sad thing is…some killjoy’s gonna come along and call that blue-sky policy racist.

  • AnotherDaveB

    Another interesting thing about this poll, it shows UKIP attracting more 2010 LD voters, and more 2010 Labour voters than the Conservatives.

  • Prince Rupert of the Rhine

    ‘right wing’ too vague a term JJ surely – and one many voters would back away from in theory while espousing more right-leaning policies in practice

  • Simon Semere

    The UKIP is about closing the doors to romania and bulgaria because God forbid their eagerness to work might put our complacent englishman to shame and boost the economy as a knock on effect.

    • Colonel Mustard

      Is it? I doubt that. The answer lies in Romania itself. I suggest you visit it some time.

      • Wessex Man

        yes please and lets he upsets someone and never comes home.

    • Austin Barry

      Unhappily, the only evidence I’ve seen of Romanians’ eagerness to work in London has been Roma beggers and, per Channel 4, pickpockets and ATM skimmers.

      Romania needs to do some urgent PR.

      • Daniel Maris

        Every time you see a Roma woman selling Big Issue, you need to know she is not doing it voluntarily. She has been instructed to do it by her male owner and would receive a beating if she did not do as instructed. For some reason the Big Issue people conspire in this oppressive system, it would seem – or else those women wouldn’t be there for hours on end.

    • spark up

      clearly ukip don’t want the romanians to get too much of a stake in this country.

    • Grrr8

      Lol, for all the blather about UKiP being a non-racist party, plenty of anti-Roma racism in the comments below. Can’t keep UKIPs filthy snouts fm the race trough for too long.

      • Noa

        A bigot will always find a ‘racist’ when he has no other argument.

    • UKSteve

      Your comment is as moronic as it is racist. Go away?

  • andagain

    More pressing is the party’s need to better connect with working-class voters.

    Don’t worry. Labour proposed a mansion tax to pay for an income tax cut for these people. Now that the Conservatives have so thoroughly denounced that idea, I am sure the working class voters will come flooding towards it.

  • Jonathan Munday

    This is old politics.
    The current political divide is nationalist versus internationalist.
    UKIP are nationalist and with varying degrees of enthusiasm LibLabCon are all internationalists, which is why the difference between them is so small.

    UKIP is a response to the crisis caused by the failure of globalisation.
    Defending the nation is an old right wing attitude
    Defending the white working class is an old left wing attitude.
    Squaring the circle by doing both is nationalism and UKIP (and me)

    • FF42 is a bit of a poo

      UKIP are more internationalist than those narrow minds who see the EU as the be-all and end-all.

      • Wessex Man

        Oh no now I’m starting to regret my last post, as I agree with this one entirely!

      • Newsbot9

        Ah right, that’s why they want trade barriers and to cut off free trade, on the principle that magic agreements will spring up (they won’t).

  • bugalugs2

    A bit unconvinced, since the YouGov data doesn’t appear to take into account those who didn’t vote at the last General Election, and one suspects UKIP are more likely to pick up the votes of those people than anyone else

    • AnotherDaveB

      The Labour figure is also slightly misleading. At the 2010 election Labour only got 29% of the vote, matching their post WW2 low, so you’d expect those 2010 Labour voters to be the hard core of Labour’s support. To have those voters switch at all is surprising.

      • Daniel Maris

        Very true – and worrying for Labour, although I think Eastleigh is not exactly representative of what will happen across the country.

      • Newsbot9

        Labour’s walked away from the left. What do you expect to happen?
        Most of the former core Labour vote hasn’t voted for them for some time. Some of the swing voters who were always right wing at heart…

  • gtrtg

    Seeing that UKIP has been infiltrated by Israel firsters and now also has a “friends of Israel” club I won’t be voting for them either.

    • Jonathan Munday

      Even as an anti-semite that’s a truly stupid remark. Labour and Conservative both have many more senior Jews than UKIP.
      You’re not just wrong, you’re wrong even by your own warped logic

    • UKSteve

      They also have a friends of Palestine group. I’m sure they’ll miss your vote terribly.

  • c777

    52 IT professional.
    Telegraph reader.
    Ex Conservative voter.
    After two years of the same I have no fear of “letting Labour in”, I could phrase it thus,
    “and the difference is”?
    Almost all of our economic and social problems stem from an over bearing over bloated state that has for far too long been cosying up to lobbyists, corporates, and banks, warping free markets and driving up prices which leads to less growth.
    Corporates love regulation as it freezes the smaller business out, the government provides that service to them.
    A good example of this is the utter mess that is the UK’s energy policy.

  • ScaryBiscuits

    The problem with Jones’s analysis is that it repeats the lame-stream mistake made by Cameron and Miliband: of assuming that the voters somehow ‘belong’ to the main parties and have merely been lent to UKIP. Wake up, guys! They’re not *your* votes; they belong to voters and classifying them by where they have come from is only useful as a history lesson, not as a plan for winning them back.

    • procapitalist

      Geraldine would agree

  • Simon Semere

    The logic I’m picking up is that by threatening a leadership by Miliband Cameron can win over the UKIP voters. The majority of the UKIP voters preferring Cameron to Miliband has nothing to do with the conservative voters sick of playing ball with a government not paying attention, and it’s because of this that you can forget the assumption that Cameron has any chance of winning them back – unless there’s a miraculous reform.


    They’re not right wing, they’re just anti foreigner.

    • UKSteve

      And you’re just anti-intelligence.

  • paul

    white,64, Grammar School,Socialist thinking,get news from TV internet,have never subscribed to Murdoch (Sun, Times,after he took over, or Sky) Love England Vote UKIP. ’nuff said.

  • Austin Barry

    46, Eton and Brasenose College, Oxford (MA). Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Doing all I can to support UKIP.

    • dalai guevara

      Male, well healed middle class, toned caucasian biceps femoris (can run fast), habitual user of recreational drugs, three languages, five passports, voting UKIP as they are the only party to favour an increase in defense spending.
      Yes, that’s right – when our boys return from Afghanistan, who on earth will then supply us with the prime grade sh_t? Some people really don’t think things through…

    • ArchiePonsonby

      And succeeding admirably, if I may say so!

  • Patonback

    64, self employed entertainer, own home, previous lib supporter, now voting UKIP. Oh, and not right wing, not a fruitcake, but determined to exercise my democratic right and vote for whom I please.

    • Grrr8

      There is no law against being stupid and self-deductive 😉

      • Patonback

        Or being a fruitcake ! Oh look, 51 other fruitcakes have approved of my comment. How annoying that must be for you.

      • FF42 is a bit of a poo

        Lucky for you.

      • Dogsnob

        Hi Grrr8, how did you get on with the links I provided. You been away?

      • UKSteve

        If there were a law against foolishness, you’d be doing ‘life’. 🙂

  • tavish

    27, male, Masters Degree. Voting UKIP

    I read pretty much whatever I come across, mostly New Scientist.

    Anything to decentralize. To reduce power concentration. It’s the closest we have to Ron Paul

  • CaptainDallas

    So the Tories’ best hope of winning the election is to rely on the fact Miliband is a dimwit? Brilliant.

    • Aled Lumley

      On the other hand, Labour’s strategy of relying on Milliband to win………

    • Tom Tom

      Grommit is hardly an asset

  • Smithersjones2013

    Interesting but we could do without the prejudicial ramping on the statistics:

    For example

    the gender balance is Male: 51% :Female 49%

    Hardly a major varinace between genders:

    Age Under 50:: 54% Over 50: 46%

    More supporters under 50 than over 50 etc etc

    So it seems Cameron’s smears about UKIP supporters are more a reflection of what he sees in the mirror than reality. Now there is a surprise

  • Youbian

    I am young, female, have a PHD and have been to four universities, speak five languages. And I will vote UKIP at least in the European elections.

    • Count Dooku

      What’s your number? 😀

      • spark up

        you’ll need a phd in twisted-logic to have any chance there mate

    • Simon Semere

      Ironic that you’ve learnt to speak so many languages but will vote for a party that would probably see that as a handicap, afterall English is the only language worth speaking.

      • Colonel Mustard

        Classic misrepresentation. You can enjoy spending time and interacting with all your relatives and friends without inviting them to come and live with you.

        • Simon Semere

          Funny how you automatically assume friends and relatives can speak other languages, party’s true colours showing perhaps?

          • Colonel Mustard

            I don’t assume any such thing, automatically or otherwise. I was merely making an analogy to demonstrate the invalidity of your conflation of an ability to speak other languages with a particular political viewpoint. You have responded with another misrepresentation as well as missing the point entirely. Too eager to see a racist hiding behind every UKIP poster I imagine.

            I am not a member of any political party and never have been.

            • Simon Semere

              No not at all! Just seems to be an analogy perfectly fitting to what so many secretly suspect. You claim I’m eager to suss out a ‘racist hiding’ but let me ask you, if a party solely focuses on blocking out eastern-europeans who can only boost the economy (like the poles have exemplified) and perhaps add a little diversity, what’s it all about.

              • Colonel Mustard

                I’m not sure the “can only boost the economy” has been or can be proven. If anything the published evidence points to that being over estimated. Do we need more diversity? What is the measurable benefit of diversity vs the probable issues of over population or increased urban density or conflict rights sectarianism given that our sustainable infrastructure is already creaking at the seams? What does diversity within a society prove, if anything? Is there a clamour for diversity in Japan, or Saudi Arabia, or Nigeria? Why is it held in such essential and apparently unquestioned regard by public bodies in the UK? A situation is imposed without consent and then authorities take steps to legitimise that and to coerce acceptance and to repress dissent in order to prevent discontent? That seems to be a perfect recipe for even more discontent and future sectarian divisiveness. Yet those who champion this accelerated cultural change are surprised and dismayed by that inevitable outcome?

                With such a disparity of income and a lax but generous benefits system here an influx of those seeking a better life (understandably) for purely economic reasons is not an unrealistic prospect. Will they all work and contribute? Who knows for sure. But past experience of mass economic migration is not encouraging.

                • Simon Semere

                  UK is probably the world’s greatest example of progression. The UKIP don’t hold values that make UK a world example. Capping immigration is an understandable policy (for balance), but supporting UKIP has many people digressing from the things that are really important.

                • Colonel Mustard

                  I think that is entirely dependent on how you value and measure “progression”. Here “progression” is largely valued and measured within a leftist definition, so that the erosion of an identifiably English society and culture (as with an identifiably Japanese society and culture for example) is seen as a positive. Why? The two underlying mechanisms for this process are always “multi-culturalism” and “diversity” but they have never been challenged or justified, only presumed and coerced.

                  You have not addressed my questions but only refer to UKIP as a minority party holding values that are not a “world example”, but who decides what is a “world example” and why? Is Japan, with a rich, identifiable culture, but certainly not multi-cultural or diverse, not a “world example”? Why has there not been a movement in Japan for mass immigration, the imposition of multi-culturalism and enforced diversity?

                  If minorities and diversity are to be promoted then why is UKIP not celebrated and embraced as a minority, as an example of plurality in politics and of diversity in opinion? It seems to me that there is much contradiction and double standards in the way these matters are being approached.

                • telemachus

                  From my drinking days down the High when Martin Webster held court in the Eastgate I have been in no doubt that there is a continuum from the National Front through the British National Party to the English Defence League and the United Kingdom Independence Party.
                  I detect no diversity

                • Colonel Mustard

                  It might surprise you to learn that that the BNP still exists as a separate party to UKIP. I detect no connection beyond the shallow attempts by bigots like you to impugn the one with reference to the other.

                • Newsbot9

                  Actually the study said basically neutral for immigration. And we’ve benefited from the trade elements of the EU.

                  And bowing to violent thugs who make threats is not a smart idea. There is nothing inevitable in your hatred and bigotry, it’s your choice to oppose British values.

                  The benefit system here is extremely harsh and conditional, and pays very little.

              • Tom Tom

                Isn’t there something odd about 3% Poland’s population being in England ?

              • berosos_bubos

                evidence please

              • FF42 is a bit of a poo

                Dude, you are too stupid for the internet, please log off now.

            • telemachus

              You imply there is no racial component to the UKIP message
              I have no doubt that most of the right wing Tory current adherents are there for that very reason

              • Colonel Mustard

                Your absence of doubt is merely evidence of your own prejudice and bigotry. I wouldn’t advertise it if I were you.

                • telemachus

                  So why else are right wing tories flocking to UKIP now they have got their way on Europe?

                • Colonel Mustard

                  According to your friend Kellner they are not all “right wing tories”. But I’m pleased to see that you acknowledge the existence of tories who are not right wing.

              • FF42 is a bit of a poo

                Your stupidity is not in doubt, but it’s relevance is.

      • Daniel Maris

        Ironic? Do you know the meaning of the word ironic?

        • MirthaTidville

          Dont bite, this one is just trolling for a reaction best ignored

      • Michael990

        You really still don’t understand the difference between Europe, and all its wonderful and varied countries, and the EU, do you?

        • Newsbot9

          The same people who you want to block out forever, right. So no, there is no difference in your hate. You’re simply trying to hide your views from the light.

      • UKSteve

        Good grief, so you really ARE that spectacularly stupid?!

    • spark up

      just shows the parlous state of british education…

      …quite a string of unis – you weren’t by any chance kicked out of any of them, dear? don’t tell me…they were european ones…presumably you can say “i don’t like this foreign muck” in restaurants all along the med…?

      • Daniel Maris

        Roll up another one…then you might stop posting your humourless contributions.

    • JabbaTheCat

      “I am young, female, have a PHD and have been to four universities, speak
      five languages. And I will vote UKIP at least in the European

      Perhaps you should seek a refund on your tuition fees?

    • Newsbot9

      Ah, so denying other people the chances you’ve had.

  • Anthony Makara

    UKIP supporters do not seem to understand that this party will open up the UK market to economies based on sweatshop wages and currency manipulation. This will cost millions of British jobs, the Conservative Party should do more to highlight this, international trade we all support, but only when it benefits Britain and works both ways. UKIP want to encourage unfair competition, but no-one seems to understand this.

    • Smithersjones2013

      And they say that UKIP is full of fruitcakes and swivel-eyed nutters. I think you have dropped your tin-foil hat somewhere……

      • Anthony Makara

        Stop listening to the Jam and study the impact of wage and currency differentials on trade deficits. UKIP is pro sweatshop-trade.

        • Smithersjones2013

          Do you know how ridiculous your predictions of doom sound? Anyone would think that UKIP are on the verge of a landslide victory in 2015? They’ll be lucky to get a single MP in 2015. So I would be far more concerned about what those idiots Cameron, Clegg and Miliband are doing if I was you!

          By the time UKIP have any realistic hope of forming a government there may not be an economy left thats worth saving given what the idiots in Westminster are doing and I’ve no doubt that UKIPs policies will have been somewhat transformed if and when they are in a position to participate in a government..

          For the time being this is about getting rid of as much of the establishment (particularly in the broken rotten Tory party) as possible.

      • Russell

        Anthony has all the labour lines….sweatshop and forced labour/bedroom tax from a previous post. Must be related to telemuchus..

        • Smithersjones2013

          Its ironic how so many Tories these days sound like Labour in everything they say. I really don’t see why they bother having two seperate parties. They might as well merge,

    • spark up

      a free-market will open us up for fair trade with every country on the globe – we could all soon be eating cheap african spuds, baking with cheap african flour, and drinking cheap african milk…
      …gee-sus ****, i wouldn’t be surprised to hear that bob geldof’ll be standing for ukip in the next general election (on the flour-power ticket, obviously).

  • dmitri the impostor

    I am not sure how seriously we can take YouGov if it frames (or loads?) questions in straight line terms. It must be at least a decade since Political Compass launched its questionnaire which enabled participants to locate themselves in terms of Cartesian coordinates, one dimension representing social libertarianism, the other economic. Even the sophistication of the 2D model is debatable – I emerged in the vicinity of Ken Clarke, a man about whom I have and had mae doots, to say the least.

    Quite a long before it became fashionable, I distrusted banks, the police and the US Government. Does that make me left-wing? I ask rhetorically.

  • telemachus

    60% from the Tories
    If just half of these vote UKIP in 2015 we will stop the butchering of the NHS and welfare.
    Interesting that the Mail Express and Sun are bracketed
    The Times Guardian Telegraph and Indi readers are too intelligent to be taken in

    • Chris lancashire

      Well, I suppose you had to be right sometime.

      • telemachus

        Life inevitably reverts to the reasonable

        • Jonathan Munday

          That is a seriously deluded philosophy
          2000yrs of recorded history shows that life inevitably reverts into chaos and pain. Society is inevitably entropic. Everything fails in the end.

          The creation of a reasonable society requires the unstinting efforts of a few really great individuals every few hundred years and the sleep for as long as possible of the great mass of fools

    • Nicholas chuzzlewit

      That would be the same NHS that unnecessarily killed 1200 people in mid-staffs and it would seem countless others elsewhere. That would be the welfare system that allows the lazy and feckless to live off the efforts of hard working and sometimes, low paid workers. I am personally going to vote for whoever promises to “butcher” these institutions into providing a service that puts their patients and the vulnerable first and not their self-interested employees

      • telemachus

        Given Stafford we need to invest in adequate numbers of staff
        As for lazy and feckless this Government has destroyed a million jobs. Not only do these folk need resources to feed and clothe the children but they need sympathy not your approbium
        But you know all that

        • Andy

          ‘Adequate number of staff’? You mean more staff with the same attitude of ‘callous indifference’. They will all be paid up union members giving generously to your Labour Party.

        • Tim Reed

          “Given Stafford we need to invest in adequate numbers of staff”

          This atrocity occurred under the previous Labour government when funding was at its highest ever.

          The Mid Staffs death toll was down to Labour’s target culture. It was NOT the result of a lack of funding/staffing.

    • alabenn

      What about the NHS butchering patients while you lot were in charge.

  • Dr Talent

    I will be voting UKIP for the first time – because they are the only party who are interested in reducing the number of politicians who squat over our heads and whilst sucking my teeth somewhat, they are the nearest to being Libertarian. Less politicians and less government means better quality of life for poorer people in society.

    Whilst I don’t want to support *any* political party, the next best thing is removal of the big state, big government, big political class identi-kit policies of Tories, Labour and Lib Dems. So UKIP will have to do – cos not voting or voting Independent will not remove the existing political class.

    If you had to profile me along the lines above – then I am:

    1. White

    2. Male

    3. 40

    4. So far everything Labour hate 😉

    5. I read The Times, Evening Standard, Wired and New Scientist

    6. I normally vote for independents whenever I get the choice.

    7. University Education – BSc and an MA

    8. Salary usually circa £150K

    9. Not religious

    10. Social grade: I’d say “B” if you forced me to.

    11. I’d say I have views which cross both left and right wing spectrum. The Daily Mail would wince at much of what I think.

    12. I’d prefer a Cameron Government to a Miliband Government also. But that is the same question as asking do you want cancer or AIDS? I would like to see both these parties destroyed. In fact I’d like to see UKIP fold over time having turned UK into a direct democracy – with X-Factor voting buttons for all – on every subject.

    • Oliver Sawtell


      1. White

      2. Male

      3. 40

      4. A member of the Labour Party,

      6. A member of the Humanist Assocation

      7. A member of the Rationalist Assocation

      8. I read The Times, The Guardian, Wired, New Scientist and New Humanist

      I value people more than power and money. ‘Libertarian-ism’ sounds wonderful in principle, until you realise it is based on unproven assumptions that economic growth and wealth equate to making people happy. Which when you look at the happiest nations on earth does not equate. Ergo the concept of Libertarian-ism is utterly flawed, because its logical imperative is based on fiction. It is as likely as suggesting that all people descend from Adam rather than from a common ancestor with Apes.

      Libertarian-ism led to neo-liberalism and neo-liberalism has led us to the brink of total economic collapse and the longest recession in 100 years.

      The Definition of insanity – doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.

      Labour Learns from its mistakes, the Right just keep making the same ones over and over and over again and pretending otherwise.

      Smaller state = less resources to help those in need = poverty and inequality.

      • Aled Lumley

        Technically not accurate, a Labour credit card frenzy of new debt caused a inflation bubble which could not survive the associated implosion. I hardly see government intervention as “libertarian” nor “neo-liberal”. Today’s problem is debt repayments from the unmanaged social spending (technical parasitic capitalism I’ll give you), not a failure of traditional capitalism.

        You do raise some good points perhaps, however I tend to reduce the two to a rather different metaphor.

        Tyranny is the enslavement of the weak by the powerful.

        Within modern society the educated and hard working are enslaved by the uneducated, lazy and those willing to cheat. When failure and cheating rewards a person as much as hard work and education, the system collapses and the educated hard workers give up.

        to be sure you need a safety net, but the safety net should not become a golden chalice.

        • Newsbot9

          Ah yes, that’s what you call a system which dares help the poor, rather than your 1%. People are starving, and you’re snatching food from them. Failures like you are indeed milking corporate welfare and unearned income.

      • Colonel Mustard

        Socialism sounds wonderful until it is tried. But it is not based on unproven assumptions. Everywhere it has been tried it has been a proven failure leading to misery.

        • Newsbot9

          Yes, those miserable countries of Germany and the Nordics.

          Oh. You’re wrong. You’re a liar, in fact.

      • Robert John Hamling

        Socialism in its many guises has exterminated more people, stole more money & caused more wars than any other ideology – dont forget Hitler was a socialist!

        • Andy

          Quite right. Socialism is an evil creed. It has killed millions in its various forms.

        • Newsbot9

          Ah yes, the holocaust deniers come out to play with themselves. Hitler was a right winger. Thanks for backing him.

      • Wessex Man

        oh dear,another one!

      • Grrr8

        UKIP is not a libertarian party. It is a nationalist populist fairly socialist party.

        • FF42 is a bit of a poo

          It may be “nationalist” if by that you mean that it cares for the people in the country in which it exists.

          It may be “populist” if by that you mean that lots of people support it.

          “Socialist” is it fucking not.

      • Noa

        You do appear to exemplify, indeed be a role model for the bien pensant, liberal mind:

    • Matthew Blott

      Well I’m a 40 year old white Labour party member and I can’t say I hate people in the same demographic as me.

    • Wessex Man

      Why Dr Talent, you certainly have a talent for preening it probably means you have an extra small penis.

      • FF42 is a bit of a poo

        You are either gay, a woman, a socialist, or all of the above. As well as an oaf.

        • Wessex Man

          Well I suppose it takes one to know one but in this case you are quite wrong you old princess you.

    • bengeo

      You are right, Farage appears to be a Libertarian. However, it is difficult to believe that politicians of any party would vote to give themselves less power.

      • Grrr8

        Bro Nige only appears libertarian to his chavy oafy and rather thick supporters. It’s the same phenomenon as the Oxbridge educated Nick Griffin and the louts that back him.

    • Newsbot9

      Right, killing off the poor is better for them in your world. And you’re propping up Farrage, who’s very much a part of the political class.

  • UlyssesReturns

    The biggest impediment to me joining UKIP is their leadership, which is coincidentally the biggest problem with my own party, the Conservatives. I just cannot take Mr Farage seriously even though I enjoy his destruction of the prat-faced Private Schultz and Corporal Rumpy in that North Korean parliament we spend so much for. I will certainly vote UKIP in the European elections (what right-minded taxpayer wouldn’t?) but I would never consider them for our parliament except and until they can get a mass defection from the Conservative party to include the likes of Gove, May, Pickles, Hammond etc.

  • Oliver Sawtell

    UKIP make me smile.. they will largely be responsible for the Tories pressing the self destruct button and loosing the next General Election.. Good on em, they do more for the Left wing than any one in the Labour party could.

  • MarinerAncien

    It proves they can read and string a few words together unlike a lot of graduates of today.

    • GaryMac09

      buying the sun or daily mail does not qualify as “reading”. What it does show is that these aren’t people who are deep thinkers…

      • schnabo

        Dail Mail second largest circulation in UK,, most widely-read online newspaper in the world. I’ve got 3 degrees and I read it. If you want shallow thinkers I suggest you talk to a few Guardian readers!

        • gtrtg

          That reply alone shows that you are not a thinker. Tabloids rot your brain. It’s even more stupid to actually pay for their propaganda and your own brainwashing!

          • Colonel Mustard

            And that reply shows that you are an elitist snob with a superiority complex. You must be a socialist.

          • Tom Tom

            ” It’s even more stupid to actually pay for their propaganda and your own brainwashing!” BBC Motto

  • Faceless Bureaucrat

    “They are more likely to be male, old, working class, religious and to read the Daily Mail, the Express or the Sun than the electorate as a whole. They are less likely to have stayed in education beyond the age of 16, to have gone to university or to earn more than £40,000 a year.”

    So, similar to the silent majority of the UK then?…

    • Patonback

      What a great response !. Well said matey!.

    • FF42

      UKIPpers aren’t the majority. They certainly aren’t silent.

      • FF42 is a bit of a poo

        You dig?

        • FF42

          Thank you for your endorsement. I am honoured to be mentioned in your screen name.

          On this point, anyway, I think I am strictly factual.

    • telemachus

      We have a lot to be grateful to UKIP for, not least this (edited) comment by Aldridge on the economy in the Ukipian today. I think he was referring to steps to kickstart the economy

      1) Break the pay freeze

      2) Increase the minimum wage

      “People on low incomes spend their wages because they need to – it prevents poverty – which puts money back into our economy.”

      3) Stop cutting jobs

      “Over 300,000 public sector jobs have been cut under the coalition government. This has damaged local services and caused hardship for many of those without work.But public jobs also save money, and lives”

      4) Cap rents, not benefits

      “By capping the level of rents we would save not only billions in housing benefit,
      but also thousands for private tenants to spend in the economy too.”

      5) Invest – and yes, that means borrowing more

      “The chancellor previously prioritised our credit rating because it influences the
      interest rate at which we can borrow. With historically low rates, the
      government should be borrowing to invest in job-creating opportunities”

      6) Scrap the work programme and increase benefit levels

      “For people on social security, benefit levels
      have lost real value: in 1979 unemployment benefit was worth 21% of average
      earnings, today it’s just 11%. If we raised it to 21% again jobseeker’s
      allowance would be £130 a week instead of the measly £71 it currently is.”

      7) Nationalise the banks

      “The banks, still propped up with public money and many with large public shares, must be taken into public ownership.”

      8) Scrap Trident

      9) Close the tax gap

      “Our research with the Tax Justice Network suggests that £120bn in tax is evaded, avoided and left uncollected each year – dwarfing benefit fraud by a ratio of nearly 100 to 1.”

      • Wessex Man

        oh my word are you David Lindsay’s apprentice? or are you a dogsbody to Ed Balls? Maybe you are just silly.

        • David Lindsay

          Many are, and many more will be, the contexts in which I have consistently declined to name a dauphin or delfino.

        • stephen

          So what would you do?
          This what I think you would do?
          Cut taxes for the rich. Claimiing tax breaks and the elimination of the capital gains tax will create jobs. Hello fatter bank account in The Grand Caymans – Happy! Happy! Happy! If you’re fithy rich.
          Cut benefits for the disabled– Darn it Mable! We’ re all in this together. Hey why should disabled people have decent housing and food to eat – they don’t work ….why should my-taxes pay for these people? Your thinking no doubt?
          Raise VAT. That’ll keep Britains growing black marketeers in business – another growth industry… The UK should be proud of.
          Make it impossible for working class kids to attend a university by raising tuition fees- Only nice polite publc school children should go to Oxbridge. Meanwhile sell off state education to the highest foreign bidder.. Another win win for the Tory investor.
          Scrap the NHS – Bring in a US style fee for service heath care delivery system. After all in your world you probably share the sentiment….’ Healthcare is a privilege and not a right!’. If you get sick its not my problem – I ain’t paying taxes because you chose to eat at MickeyDees!. Plus there’s money to be made on Canary Wharf & Wall Street when public services are privatized.
          I hope I’m wrong, but somehow I don’t think so?
          That’s All.

      • kyalami

        Yes, you are right. We must fix the debt problem by spending. Similarly we can win wars by surrendering. I expect you were an early “better Red than dead” campaigner.

        • telemachus

          I would sure prefer to be red than dead
          Come to think of it being red is a better choice than most things

        • Newsbot9

          As opposed to your “better dead than poor” campaign?

      • David Lindsay

        If all UKIP candidates were like this… –

        • telemachus


          Thatcher took away our jobs, but at least we were left alone to enjoy a smoke whilst we drowned our sorrows down the pub. Blair took even that pleasure away from us as part of a seeming drive to force ordinary people to behave as the London based metropolitan elite wanted. Labour banned the old Lancashire hobby of hare coursing, and the Tories promised to repeal that ban, but of course, they never did. People believe that the old politicians are all the same and who can argue with that when the politicians seem to agree more with each other than they do with us?

          In other words I am alienated
          Is that the way to want to run our great country

          • David Lindsay

            If the lead UKIP candidate in the North East were in this vein, then I could almost see myself voting UKIP at next year’s European Election. It would depend who else was on the ballot paper, and on who was, or was not, on the Labour list.

          • rick hamilton

            Everybody who’s not a politician or a bureaucrat is alienated. You should be happy when after decades of brainwashing by the BBC and the usual suspects our choice at the ballot box is red, yellow or blue socialism. As for Thatcher, if she took away your job it can’t have been in the motor industry. The unions destroyed British Leyland from within – I know, I worked there. Thatcher just tried to stop the madness, but you lefties always have to hate somebody, don’t you?

            • telemachus

              Is that the blue socialism that is currently withdrawing welfare from the disabled and taxing bedrooms?

              • Paul

                Oh no, I won’t get free money for a 3 bed semi, because I’m on my own I’ll only get free money for a one bed flat, not getting more money is like being taxed on the money I never got.

          • mikehaseler

            As a new UKIP supporter I promise that if I ever get elected I will bring back the Lancashire hobby of hare coursing! Of course not! But seriously, I totally agree about Thatcher and Blair. On reflection … maybe you have a point about hare coursing. If you want to discuss drop me an email at bringbackharecoursing (at)

      • adam_01

        Just listen to yourself. “Unemployment benefit” you forget to mention housing allowances rocketing etc.

        • Rollo10

          This is because there is no rent agreement in place! Did you know that landlords do NOT have to supply an Electrical Certification either? So much lacking in rules and regulation, it surprises me the EU hasn’t touched on it!

          • UKSteve

            “Did you know that landlords do NOT have to supply an Electrical Certification…..”

            Nonsense. Of course they do.

        • Newsbot9

          Yes, how dare the poor live in Britain!

      • Newsbot9

        Except that’s not UKIP *policy*.

    • andagain

      Males make up slightly less than half the voting population. A subset of males can only ever make up a minority of the population. I might point out that less-educated working class males traditionally vote Labour – were they still the silent majority then?

      • Big Harry

        When it comes to the % of working people who pay the bills, i.e. work in the private sector and so fund the public sector, career benefit recipients and Labours immigration horde [continued by the Tories despite recent figures, though Labour did it to create a voting block to replace the one they crapped on from agreat height] then yes they are indeed the silent majority.

        • andagain

          The term “silent majority” usually means a majority of voters, not a majority of Conservative voters.

          • FF42 is a bit of a poo

            I just wish the silent majority would shut the fuck up

        • Rollo10

          Labour did it to create a voting block to replace the one they crapped on from agreat height] then yes they are indeed the silent majority.

          How did this work? EU immigrants aren’t allowed to vote! One needs a British Passport to vote. Labour were unfortunate, as Eleven countries joined the EU in their tenure and had their hands tied through EU legislation. The same legislation that is dogging Cameron NOW!
          PS, I now vote UKIP because I want OUT of the EU and more power BACK to the people of the country. Some thing that wont happen under Labour or Tory.

          • vieuxceps2

            You will find that immigrants from outside the EU are able to vote and it is these people who have become Labour’s new supporters at the ballot box.Not that they care for Labour of course but they see that party as beneficial to them .As indeed it is….take care,everyone.

        • Newsbot9

          Yes, keep attacking those nasty roads, schools and hospitals. They do nothing in your world!

          • Richard Stanford Brown

            Yeah that’s right, because of course the total lack of consumer demand for those services means that they wouldn’t exist if the government didn’t provide them so effectively… oh wait a minute, private companies actually build the roads already, and private schools and hospitals are providing a far better service than the state. Maybe you should rethink, or just think.

            • Newsbot9

              Ah yes, so you think magic banking creates the cash.

              And of course you think evert road being a pay road and every hospital being private would be cheaper. Typical rich right wing libertarian fantasies.

              I do think, unlike your mindless attempts to raise the poverty premium and crush society.

    • dalai guevara

      yes, but when did they last call the shots?

    • thisisGilb

      I know you like to think you’re in the silent majority, but you are absolutely not. I do wish that Mail, Express and Sun readers would remain silent, but sadly this is not the case.

    • Zantedeschia

      The majority of the UK don’t read the Mail, the Express or the Sun. Some of us care about our minds. Well I read the Mail online but just to see what excrement Dacre is feeding to the lunatics who post on there. And for the pictures. But apart from that I totally don’t read the Mail at all. Ever. Got that?

      • Fergus Pickering

        What do you read, ld fellow? If it is the Guardian you really are in a tiny minority.

    • Ben Ware

      Absolute rubbish.

    • Catherine Faulkner

      Well, I always like to buck trends. I’ve a 1st Class Masters degree in a science, I earn £60,000 per year, I’m female, 30 years old, middle class and not religious at all. I’d like to know the statistics behind YouGov’s findings because ‘more likely’ doesn’t mean anything.

  • White Wednesday

    “If the Conservatives can make the next election a clear-cut choice between the two, they should be able to persuade a lot of Ukip supporters back into their camp.”

    The *Conservatives* might be able to do this in some circumstances but they can do nothing under Cameron and Osborne whose credibility is shot to pieces. They are why so many of the Tories’ 2010 voters defected to UKIP in the first place.

    • Tom Tom

      The last General Election was a clear choice between Cameron and Brown and that was a resounding victory. Next time around Cameron has to explain why Clegg was his deputy and why he shouldn’t be in government……unless Coalition Cameron desperately needs him

      • Aled Lumley

        Provided it’s Milliband that won’t be an issue but it will likely involve another coalition, probably with UKIP instead. It often comes down to talking heads and their electability, Blair was electable, Brown wasn’t, Milliband isn’t, Cameron is, IDS / Hague are not. I am wondering whether Umuna is being lined up as a future British Obama as he tends to get good coverage (he isn’t perfect, but he is at least the only Labour candidate with reasonable PR skills and city backing).

        • gladiolys

          There will not be a coalition with UKIP, as that party will not have any Parliamentary seats.

          • Ian Walker

            You can have an electoral non-aggreession pact though, where UKIP agree to not stand against Tories who sign up to certain pledges.

            • ButcombeMan

              We have seen the kind of pledges Cameron gives. They are worthless. That is part of his credibility probelm

              • FF42 is a bit of a poo

                Has Cameron actually lived up to any of his pledges? I cannot remember one.

              • Ian Walker

                Oh, I wouldn’t trust Cameron an inch. But I expect deals could be done on a ward-by-ward basis with those Tories who fancy electoral survival over party dictat…..

          • adam_01
            • Newsbot9

              He predicted a UKIP win in the byelection too.

        • Tom Tom

          A future British Obama is fun. Obama is such a demi-god to people in Britain, must be his colour because it cannot be his manifest incompetence. Then again, anything for novelty…personally I think we should have our own Putin

          • the viceroy’s gin

            I’ll go you one better. How about a King Faisal?

            He’s just ordered the crucifixion of an armed robber. The rest of the gang will face a firing squad, but the gang leader is going to be crucified for 3 days straight.

            I have no use for those Saudi gangsters, but I must admit, they do seem to understand how to discourage street crime.

            • FF42 is a bit of a poo

              “King” is ridiculous. He’s nothing more than a sandy pirate who made it big. Just like that M geezer.

              Still, nailing up an armed robber, if he is actually guilty, sounds ok.
              Thing is, the Saudis are corrupt. The dude being nailed up may not be guilty. He may have been tortured into confession, just like some Brits were back in the 80s – The tortured Brits were given compensation, but the corrupt, sadistic thugs are still in place.

              Fuck ’em all.

            • Newsbot9

              So you do have a use for your friends. Well.

          • ArchiePonsonby

            Now you’re talking, T T!

        • Newsbot9

          Yes, I’m sure the half-dozen UKIP seats will help make up for the dozens they’ll cost the Tories.

      • FrenchNewsonlin

        It would have been a resounding victory if Cameron had won a decisive landslide and headed a single-party government, which he didn’t. Next election? Could depend on how Grillo works out in Italy!

        • Tom Tom

          sorry my sarcasm is dripping but sometimes not apparent

    • ButcombeMan

      You are absolutely correct, swathes of long time Tory supporters will not now vote for Cameron nor can they be blackmailed into voting for him by the threat of Milliband & Balls-awful as that is. Things have gone too far.

      Cameron has mismanaged the Tory party. Recovery is just not possible. He has ignored the views of a very large number of his supporters and name called anyone tempted by UKIP .

      This is not political leadership, it is wilful foolishness. Are ALL the 10,000 plus who supported UKIP in Easleigh-“Fruitcakes”.

      Maybe one day he will try to explain.

      WHAT on earth is Crosby doing?

  • Ray Veysey

    Nice to get the truth from such an unbiased source.