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The Budget puts petrol in the Tories’ political tank

20 March 2013

4:25 PM

20 March 2013

4:25 PM

For the opening half of George Osborne’s Budget speech, the Labour front bench was busy waving around copies of the Evening Standard’s front page. This was visibly putting Osborne off; he wouldn’t be human if the fear that another of his Budgets was going to be dashed on the media rocks hadn’t crossed his mind. But by the time he sat down, the storm over the Standard front had died down thanks to a quick and dignified apology from the paper itself.

Osborne will also have been pleased by the cheers of his own side as he returned to his seat. For all the speculation got up by the irreconcilables, most Tory backbenchers seemed as pleased as could be expected with a Budget that was delivered against such a grim fiscal backdrop. They have retail measures to go and sell on the doorstep.


The scrapping of the latest fuel duty rise will, as Isabel said, please the cost of living caucus. The government will have foregone £21.5bn in fuel duty revenue by the end of this parliament (one can see why David Cameron likes to call fuel duty campaigner Rob Halfon the ‘most expensive MP in parliament’). This, taken alongside the increase in the personal allowance to £10,000 and the childcare changes announced yesterday, gives the coalition a story to tell on cost of living. And the 1p cut in beer duty is a reverse pasty tax: it’s meant to show that the Chancellor understands the importance of the small pleasures in life.

The Budget also marked a return to the themes of David Cameron’s conference speech, aspiration and the global race. I suspect that government moves to help home-buyers will concern many on the free market right, who’ll worry that it is just reflating the housing bubble. But it is worth noting that the coalition’s planning reforms should have eased some of the supply constraints.

I suspect that the political sport of the next few days will be about finding how the government has managed to get the deficit down by £100 million. The Treasury is being frank that they have done this by strictly supervising departmental expenditure. But they stress that no supplier has been paid late because of this. Of course, progress of the deficit is far slower than Osborne said it would be. But I don’t think the argument that the government has got it down only by strict spending controls is going to hunt.

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  • Ben G

    You must get a lot of leaks from the Osborne camp to write guff like this.

  • Mynydd

    The scrapping of the latest fuel duty rise will, as Isabel said, please the cost of living caucus. The government will have foregone £21.5bn in fuel duty revenue by the end of this parliament. When a government falls so does its tax and spend policies, therefore the level of todays fuel duty is nothing to do with the last Labour government. It is beyond reason to state the government will have foregone £21.5bn in fuel duty revenue. By the way in respect to the present cost of fuel, Mr Cameron/Osborne raised VAT to 20% whereas Mr Miliband/Balls have said it should be reduced to 15% which would have been a real cut in fuel costs Now would someone work out how much this would have saved the motorist over the life of the parliament.

  • HookesLaw

    ‘I don’t think the argument that the government has got it down only by strict spending controls is going to hunt.’
    Why not?
    The NHS is going through £20 billion of efficiency savings over 4 years.

    • Tom Tom

      You obsess about this NHS figure of £20 billion and mention it ad nauseam hoping we might believe it…….

    • Makroon

      I wondered when someone would spot the £100M.

      Do you think it’s an in-joke ? I’ve got no idea what Mr Forsyth is talking about.

  • HookesLaw

    ‘dignified’ so thats OK then. If Huhne had given a dignified apology over his fine dodging would you and the media have accepted it?

    You are a total waste of space.

    • Makroon

      Apparently Huhne has been given a royal welcome by his fellow lags.

  • Tom Tom

    “The government will have foregone £21.5bn in fuel duty revenue by the
    end of this parliament” You are of course mad James Forsyth ! There is a huge drop in sales of petrol as in the USA. People simply do not have the money and that is because it is back to where it was when fuel protests took place. The Government should cut Foreign Aid if it wants to compensate for not raising fuel duty and balance the books

    • Tony Quintus

      The aid budget is simply a way of subsidising british companies, at least when used correctly

      • Tom Tom

        “at least when used correctly”………..which rather begs the question

        • telemachus

          its actually a way of subsidising corrupt and wicked regimes around the world and keeping people as dependent on benefits as possible. The uk does that well. we have a lot of experience.

      • HookesLaw

        It should be humanitarian as far as that is necessary, but it should also be used to project the UKs self interest. As stable a world as can be possible is in the UK interest. Letting it degenerate is not.

        • Tom Tom


    • HookesLaw

      The government is entitled to, and we as a nation should expect a foreign policy. It is both moral and in our own self interest to bring the world pout of poverty and to spend money in our own overseas self interest.

      The future cost in dead soldiers would be enormous.

      • telemachus

        but of course we are not pulling the world out of poverty – that happens by the rule of law, respect for private property and free trade. What we are doing is keeping a corrupt elite in fabulous wealth and the ordinary people in abject poverty.

        • HookesLaw

          Aid saves peoples lives. Education helps them earn their own living.
          If you are saying UK aid is being misappropriated then lets hear about it.

          7p out of every £10 the UK spends goes on aid. Shocking I tell you shocking.
          The number of countries the UK gives aid to has reduced from 43 to 27 under this government.

          • Tom Tom

            Still 26 too many

      • Tom Tom

        You sound so priggish, so utterly LibDem

    • Grrr8

      Where is the data showing this huge drop in sales of petrol?

      • Tom Tom

        Go look it up and do your own research

  • Russell

    Miliband was more dire than his last PMQ performance. Osborne won hands down despite not having much room for manoeuvrings and not making any massive impact announcements.

    • Tony Quintus

      Last years Omnishambles has given way to this years Millishambles, even with a copy of the budget in his hand before the chancellor had uttered a word Red Ed could provide no rebuttal except insults and jokes, and Ed Balls did no better on the BBC a little later.
      Just another example of Labour’s blank policy slate, they’ve can wrangle another few moths grace, but once the next local elections have passed (most of their council seats aren’t up this year, hence the Metropolitan councils getting away with 1.99% council tax raises) they will have to set out some kind of policy platform in the run up to the 2014 Euro elections.
      I’m not holding my breath though.

      • Grrr8

        U guys keep enjoying your self re-informing echo chamber.

      • David Simpson

        Miliband and Balls did well then

    • George_Arseborne

      #Downgraded Chancellor won? Hmmmmmm!!!! What planet are you in?

      • Tony Quintus

        A hashtag does not a cogent response make.

  • Alex

    “I suspect that government moves to help home-buyers will concern many on the free market right, who’ll worry that it is just reflating the housing bubble”.
    You don’t have to be right wing to believe this. I think the principle that if you subsidise house buyers you push up house prices is pretty obvious. This will stop prices falling, as new building is being held back by local NIMBYs.
    But then the press, and therefore the public, and therefore the politicians, are bizarrely convinced that rising house prices are a good thing.

    • telemachus

      There will always be rising house prices while there is unlimited immigration. I am all for a new open and socialist society, but I think that this is not going to happen while we allow so many people who don’t share our progressive values to come here. Some of them need to be sent home, and a halt to all new migrants.

      • Grrr8

        U r sounding like Maris. Maybe you are Maris.

        • Vrai Telemachus

          Certainly is not the true Facebook telemachus

      • itdoesntaddup

        Rising immigration can lead to sharp price falls, as ghettoes dominate.

    • Tom Tom

      Why not simply tell the Banks to write off Mortgage Debt and have taxpayers provide the Equity to balance their books ? In fact they could write off Commercial Property Loans too. It would make British Banks so healthy if they would simply write off their bad debts and get back to prudent and secure lending. There is around £250 billion in Non-Prime Real-Estate Debt which is about twice the market value of HSBC. Lloyds lost £500 million on the sale of Admiral pubs for £200 million so that is a big chunk of equity eaten up.

  • telemachus

    we need to see what is done not what is said. and what is done is always advancing the total state control over everyone and everything.

  • telemachus

    of course it is a bit of a lie to say that not increasing a tax is some sort of bonus to people. like not beating you up and they say thank you.

  • Archimedes

    The 1p cut was a brilliant move. It will probably be more appreciated, for symbolic reasons, than any income tax cut.

    • Tony Quintus

      Scrapping the escalator and the rises that were due is rather more important IMO.

    • HookesLaw

      When tax is raised by 1p the actual price goes up by about 5 or 10p.
      Somehow I cannot see the reverse happening.

      Its the right idea though. Pity is some method of helping proper pubs cannot be found.

      • Archimedes

        That may be right, but the headline of a cut serves the purpose of sending the message that a Tory government won’t continue to price poor people of the market of their enjoyments. Maybe the Tories aren’t such awful people, they might ask themselves.

  • telemachus

    What you should be saying is that Osborne has lit a bonfire that will turn into his own subprime while actually doing nothing for growth.

    • Archimedes

      Not a problem if it’s actually wound down in 2017, and as an extension is linked to agreement of the BoE, who will be responsible for macro-prudential oversight then, it’s likely that it will not lead to anything like the subprime crisis.

      • telemachus

        what is said is not wat is done. wait and see.

        • Archimedes

          No. I think it will be – perhaps not in 2017, but before any bubble gets too large. What I can see happening, is the extension being rejected by the BoE and a governing Labour party coming up with a “new” scheme that does exactly the same thing, which would cause a crisis – but that will not be down to what has been set out in the budget today.

        • telemachus associates

          Folks you need to ignore red rose telemachus-a spoof
          The bonfire clip above is my last for now

    • HookesLaw

      In what way is this ‘sub prime’? One strand helps people who already have a 5% deposit.

      it applies to first time buyers so in the main would benefit new build houses. An existing buyer would still have to find a new home and in their case would not benefit from help and not be able to fund any inflated cost and hence not pay it.

      • Tom Tom

        New build houses built by developers who contribute to Conservative Party funds and we know exactly who they are

      • Makroon

        You weren’t paying attention to this part of the speech, were you ?

  • brossen99

    This is still on track though still appeasing the eco-fascists and their Co2 Climate Change Scam more wasted money on carbon capture and storage !