Jim Sheridan MP and those “parasites” in parliament

19 March 2013

19 March 2013

Labour MP Jim Sheridan covered himself in glory this morning by asking why the ‘parasitical press’ is ‘even allowed to come into’ parliament. Westminster watchers will remember the eloquent and thoughtful Mr Sheridan’s contribution to the expenses crisis when he described the soon to be disgraced Speaker, Michael Martin, as a man of the ‘highest integrity’. Now, a reader has regaled me with a tale that makes you wonder how Mr Sheridan reached the giddy heights of the Culture Media and Sport Select Committee:

‘At a day at the races some years ago my girlfriend was making small talk with him and he must have been the Labour Convenor for Scottish MPs at the time, so she just said ‘must be like herding cats’. Having clearly never heard of this phrase he thought she was obviously a fool, and loudly proclaimed to the rest our table: here ‘this girl thinks you heard cats!’ There was a generally embarrassed silence from assembled MPs and horsey types. Literally the least impressive MP I have ever met.’

We can but hope that Mr Sheridan refrains from further interventions. Perhaps he might spend some more time with his ‘memory foam mattress’ and ‘ivory leather bed’, for which you all contributed as part of MPs’ expenses. That pesky ‘parasitical press’, eh?

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  • Lavoulian

    Mr Sheriden should know something about parasites, living as he does in a region of the UK which receives over £14 billion a year in subsidies from the rest of the country.

  • George Anderton

    Jim Sheridan is another member of the Scottish mafia that sully our parliament. The sooner Scotland gets it’s independence and we can shunt the lot of them north of Hadrian’s Wall the better and if that makes me a racist then I am proud so to be.

    • Martin_Kinsella


      Sheridan is a democratically elected politician.

    • Whyshouldihavetoregister

      Not a racist, just proof that Sheridan is not the only bloody fool with his foot in his mouth.

  • paulus

    Your argument is rubbish, The press is the fourth estate of the realm as conservatives view it. Noisy robust and some times offensive, but their views are out in the open, published every single day. If you pick up a particular news paper, you know you will be reading an opinion,supported by a variety of fact. That opinion is only offered because they are financially supported by their readership.

    In a healthy democracy, and under a Parliamentary system, it is the one way that approval or disapproval of the decisions in Parliament are offered. As MP’s become sovereign arbitrators of the Law, once elected.

    We have not had any attempt to have statutory control for three hundred years, beause the readership of any given newspaper have a right to voice that opinion and right to be heard.

    We now have a very politcal campaign, organised, shadowy, trying to seek to close down opinions of people who they don’t agree with. This is not healthy in a democracy where plurality of opinion, is the one feature of its stability.

    Crimes have been committed and justice has been served.

  • tanky

    what happens on april fools day? virtually every news media organisation will, after all be making up news stories that day. should be an easy test for the quango to pass, but after all it is a quango so who knows.

  • Jon BG

    I give you…

    0.22 secs ‘Roberta Brookes’… and then again, and again and again…until corrected

    What a berk

    • gelert

      Typical of the trade union pillocks who become MPs. They’re useless in the union so get a safe Labour seat as a payoff.

  • bugalugs2

    When someone like Sheridan becomes an MP the first thing to try to find out is who is pulling his strings that doesn’t want the hassle of being the MP, and why they don’t …

    • fitz fitzgerald

      You cannot be told … dupe “Divine Brown ” Grant has arranged it so …

  • Daniel Tubb

    It begins, this will only get much much worse from here.

  • Martin_Kinsella

    So how many hacks have a democratic mandate ?
    How many hacks have been elected ?

    • voteukiporwearefinished

      Over 60 million people in this country haven’t been elected and we need journalists to keep a close eye on the wannabe criminal minority who have been.

      • Martin_Kinsella

        Given the criminal acts by the press then I think if we want guardians of our morals then the press are not the right people.

        • voteukiporwearefinished

          Neither are the politicians. The journalists will survive according to the consumers’ choices. We decide not the LibLabCon traitors.

          • Martin_Kinsella

            LiblabUKIPcon actually.

      • Martin_Kinsella

        I am pleased to advise that this will not change.

    • Wessex Man

      You colud ask the same quesion of the Hacked Off mob, who most certainly don’t have a mandate for anything yet were in attendence with Clgg over and Milipede and no one from the press were invited, while Call me Dave was in bed.

      I would say theyhave every right to appeal to The European Court of Human Rights, especially Private Eye, who have now been lumped in there with Hello and the press!

      • Martin_Kinsella

        You could say the same about any lobbyists.

        • Colin

          I am.

    • Alex

      No one forces you to buy their publications do they?

      • Martin_Kinsella

        Way to miss the point.

        • Alex

          Yes, you did rather – never mind, maybe you’ll manage to get it next time.

  • Swiss Bob

    Sheridan: “Self-regulation has been tried and failed badly,” he said. “I don’t see any problem with journalists being asked to present the truth.”

    That’s rich coming from a politician, a class of people totally unfamiliar with honesty and integrity, Sheridan included.

    • Martin_Kinsella

      That description could be applied to many sectors of the media.

  • Martin_Kinsella

    Will the hacks be as open with THEIR expenses ?

    • Tim Reed

      Not paid from the public purse. None of our business.

      • Martin_Kinsella

        It is when they are listed companies.

        • nigelforengland

          Put in an FOI then

          • Martin_Kinsella

            Transparency is something the Press and UKIp have no interest in when it applies to themselves.

        • John McClane

          Buy shares in them, go to their meetings and ask. Simple.

        • madasafish

          You are speaking rubbish..

          The man who supports Jimmy Saville… complains about others’ expenses.

          • Martin_Kinsella

            Clearly I do not support Savile. The Tories were great mates of his though.

        • Colin

          You’ve no idea what you’re on about. You probably think the government has loads of money and public sector workers actually pay taxes.

          • Martin_Kinsella

            Public sector workers do pay taxes.

            We all know the parlous state of our finances, well done Brown and Gidiot.

            • MrVeryAngry

              No. They. Don’t. They consume taxes. All ‘tax’ notionally deducted from their pay is just a discount for the rest of us in wealth creating private business. They are mostly parasites. Out of 8m of them about 2,5m do something vaguely useful that we would actually pay for voluntarily.

              • Martin_Kinsella

                They do ay tax.


                • MrVeryAngry

                  No. They. Do. Not. Or more accurately state employees make no net contribution to government coffers at all. Look, the governent pays state employees £x, it then takes back £x/2 (i.e. 50% – cost of government day falls at the end of june). So the net government outgoing is £x/2. The question is where does the governemnt get this money from? There are only three ways; one, print it; two, borrow it; three, raise taxes on wealth creating private business. Trouble is that under Blair Brown Balls the state employment exploded so now we have a massive parasitical overhead that consumes wealth. End of.

                • Martin_Kinsella

                  Private sector workers provide services of value and pay tax.

            • Nicholas chuzzlewit

              Actually no they do not. They recycle taxes collected from private sector enterprises whose taxes are used to pay public sector wages.

              • Martin_Kinsella

                We need the public sector. The public sector employees pay ax.

    • Colin

      Any expense, submitted by an employee of any company is potentially and in theory subject to scrutiny by HMRC. I’m sure some hacks are less than honest with their expenses. The difference is, if they get caught, typically they end up sacked, and / or prosecuted.

      • Martin_Kinsella

        MP’s have lost their jobs and gone to jail.

        • Colin

          Not enough, though…

          • Martin_Kinsella

            So you want them jailed even if they have committed no crime. LOL

            • Colin

              No, just the tax evaders, the fraudsters and the thieves.

              Remember this?

              “The Additional Costs Allowance (ACA) reimburses Members of Parliament for expenses wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred when staying overnight away from their main UK residence (referred to below as their main home) for the purpose of performing Parliamentary duties. This excludes expenses that have been incurred for purely personal or political purposes.”

              • Wessex Man

                Martin Kinsella, you should stop digging now you are just making yourself a laughing stock.

  • Colin

    I think we should resurrect the expenses scandal, by having a full and forensic examination of every single line, of every single expense, claimed by every single political parasite in westminster. This time, every single instance of criminality or suspected criminality should be reported to the police.

    We never really got a satisfactory conclusion to that particular affront to democracy.

    • Colin

      In fact, I think the fourth estate and the people should test the will of parliament to destruction on this one. Let’s see how far the political class will actually go if they find themselves under renewed and effective scrutiny. After all, it’s taken less than 48 hours for this sheridan clown to demand that the press be excluded from reporting on parliament.

    • Nicholas chuzzlewit

      Agreed. I will happily volunteer to join the audit team and I will work for no pay and meet my own travel expenses. Happy to ignore the European work time directive as well.

  • Craig King

    A man for whom the word “pillock” was invented.

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