Dreaming of systems so perfect that no one will need to be good

22 March 2013

10:45 AM

22 March 2013

10:45 AM

I have a piece in this morning’s Wall Street Journal (Europe) on our new press regulations titled ‘We have the newspapers we deserve’:

‘I have just finished studying a diagram aimed at explaining Britain’s new press laws. After having a lie-down, one single line keeps running through my head. Oddly enough it isn’t ‘recognition appointments panels,’ ‘regulatory appointments panels’ or even ‘standards and compliance arms,’ memorable though all these are.

‘The line is from T.S. Eliot, who almost eight decades ago derided those people who spend their days ‘dreaming of systems so perfect that no one will need to be good.”

The whole piece is here.

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  • Abhay

    Ever-widening regulatory controls and ever-expanding regulatory boards and committees…and not under a socialist government but under a conservative-led coalition! The instincts at play here are not conservative instincts.

    In time we will all learn how a society can drain away its own vitality by succumbing to unending streams of regulations.

    Great article Mr. Murray.

  • Ron Todd

    That’s what socialists always claim to want, a better system. Mid Staffs was a disaster because of the system they all claim, if the shiny new press regulators doesn’t work it will be the system is wrong not the concept of having state regulation. In the fifties the socialists had a vision that the country could be better if we all just followed their instructions. Things are better now than the fifties despite not because of all their grand schemes.

    Thomas More had a vision of Utopia great compared with average peasant’s life in fifteenth century England. If a rigid program had been put us in place to get us to that type of society yes we would have a society better than 15 century England for most except the King and a few higher ups. Compared with modern western countries it would be a total failure closer to Cuba than a modern country. He was no different to modern socialists they want us all to go along a path predetermined by then not only do they think they know better than the rest of us they think they know enough to direct future human society from the present.