David Miliband has proved he was the wrong man for Labour and Britain

30 March 2013

7:29 PM

30 March 2013

7:29 PM

David Miliband’s decision to give up on British politics and take up the post of chief executive of the International Rescue Committee is an intriguing one. The former Foreign Secretary and once future Prime Minister said he was hoping to put a definitive end to the soap opera surrounding his rivalry with his more successful and ruthless younger brother.

As his friend Philip Collins wrote in his Times column this week (£), the older Miliband has made a series of poor decisions. He chose not to stand against Gordon Brown in 2007, and he chose not to resign when James Purnell stood down from Gordon Brown’s Cabinet in June 2009. These two decisions suggested he did not have the killer instinct necessary for leadership, and so it proved to be when he failed to win the Labour leadership against his hungrier brother.


Quite why anyone thought removing himself from front-line politics would end speculation about a Blairite coup against Red Ed is a mystery. And why did no one in the party have the authority to tell David to put his formidable talents at the service of the party and join the shadow Cabinet? Until the end, David Milband remained one of Labour’s most impressive performers in parliament and he will be a serious loss.

I can’t agree with Steve Richards that David’s decision to go to New York is the best for everyone concerned. The Labour Party can’t afford to lose him and he is diminished by his retreat from the British political scene to which he has devoted his whole adult life. And why has no one reminded him of his duty to his constituents in South Shields, who elected him to do a job and need him more than ever now?

David Miliband has proved by his actions that he was never the right man to lead the Labour Party let alone the country. His decision to leave Britain during its most serious crisis since the war calls into question his credentials as a public servant. Did he only ever enter politics with a view to being Prime Minister? If so, we should all be relieved that he never succeeded.

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  • nicholasi

    Of course Jew Martin Bright, Political Editor of The Jewish Chronicle, doesn’t mention that Miliband and Cameron are both Jews, i.e. alien subverters.

    What was that headline in The Jewish Chronicle about Jew Alan Shatter? Oh yes, “Our Man In The Dail”. Did The Jew Bright write that classic revelation?

  • Robert Taggart

    DWM may not have been the right man for the party leadership, but, ESM certainly is not !

  • Dogsnob

    Do you have a Labour politician in mind who would be the right person for the nation?

  • Damon

    It now seems increasingly likely that we’re heading for a Labour government in a couple of years. Since the British public is quite stupid enough to inflict that disaster on itself, I would at least have preferred an idiot Labour regime headed by the Blairite David Miliband, rather than a full-throttle tax-and-spend kamikaze government headed by Ed. (Which is what you’re probably going to get.)

    Your suggestion that DM should have stood against Brown in 2007 is implausible. He would have been crushed.

    Your suggestion that this is Britain’s, ‘most serious crisis since the war,’ is risible. Compared to the IMF crisis of 1976/7 (and guess which party was in power then) the current situation is a vicar’s tea party. Or perhaps those terrible ‘two-per-cent cuts’ have had an unusually harsh effect in your neck of the woods?

  • rhys

    You have lost sight of the fact that what motivates him, and all the rest of the bunch of people who have ‘devoted their whole adult lives to politics’ is his own selfish concerns – what is in it for him.
    In that light his decisions are perfectly logical.

    He will have plenty of cash in NYC and plenty of hob-nobbing with the international Great and Good. He will ( as he well knows ) at some point be given a seat in the Lords from which he can either be the next Head of the IMF or Foreign Secretary / HM Ambassador to Washington when his bro ( also never worked ) gets in.

    ‘most impressive performer in Parliament’ ???? Don’t make me laugh.

  • Colin

    Has it occurred to you that his greatest strength is in fact, self awareness? Could it be that he has figured out that, he is titanically useless and has nothing of real value to offer UK public life?

    In other news, it seems that he’s resigned from the Board of Sunderland, in protest at the appointment of Di Canio, a fascist. Hilarious, coming from a Marxist. Convenient, though…

    • Ron Todd

      What then would he have to offer a charity?

      • Colin


    • The Sage

      Do you have to agree with the political views of the manager to stay at a football club? Surely, a manager’s political views are irrelevant.
      Moreover, what’s so wrong with being a Fascist?
      Fascists are not Nazis. There is a clear difference.
      Up until the late 1930s a large percentage of Italy’s Jewish population were members of his Partito Nazionale Fascista. In fact, Mussolini’s mistress was Jewish.
      Benito Mussolini must be one of the most misunderstood men of the 20th century.
      Mussolini wanted to side with the Allies (as Italy did in World War I and when he was wounded by the Germans) but, from memory, Anthony Eden (still upset in regard to Abyssinia) would not entertain such a relationship and Il Duce had no option but to turn to Adolf Hitler.
      The Soviet Union was on our side during World War II. It does not mean we were ideological soul mates any more than Italy and Germany were.

      • Colin

        I think the politics of Di Canio are irrelevant. I’m pointing out that it’s ironic and almost too funny that a multi- millionaire, marxist muppet like miliband has used the politics of the Club Manager as an excuse to bail on Sunderland football club. All very convenient for miliband.

        • The Sage

          Colin. I agree with you. Sorry if I did not make that clear.

  • Framer

    Another statist and disaster for the country, like Mark Thompson of the BBC, leaving for New York. And the constituents of South Shields? New Labour fodder who have their MPs imposed on them as indeed is done throughout the north, starting with Blair, Mowlam, Vera Baird, then Ed and Dave Miliband, Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper. Luckily nobody there notices their own chances of getting to parliament are zero.

  • Fergus Pickering

    What formidable talents. You list his failures but you don’t tell us his good points I must have missed them

  • allymax bruce

    Why haven’t you put up my comment?
    Obviously, The Spectator is Zionist-owned.

    • Fergus Pickering

      Who owns the Spectator? Is he a jew? I nly asked

      • nicholasi

        Jew Martin Bright is Political Editor of The Jewish Chronicle .

    • arnoldo87

      Might be because you’re a fruitcake.

      Or, more likely, that they abhor the misuse of the apostrophe.

      • allymax bruce

        Ha !
        You’re funny.
        BTW, your grammar is wrong; it should be “they abhor misuse of apostrophe.”
        All that ivy-league education-money yer parents spent on ye, and ye are a duffer!
        Ha-ha !

        • arnoldo87

          Like I said………………..

  • allymax bruce

    David Miliband, (like the whole Labour International Marxist Movement), is only moving from one Zionist controlled department, to another, in the International Marxist conglomerate.
    In nearly all the Nations of the world, ‘Labour’ have manipulated their way into party-politics, and also now spreading, (like a cancer), into NGO’s, Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Hollywood; everything you can think of is owned by Zionists; of which, control the Marxists.
    In other words, those greedy super-rich bankers & lawyers, that Dickens ‘portrayed’ especially well, are now controlling the majority of every culture through politics & propaganda.
    Interestingly enough, the only ‘established’ arena they can’t control is the Christian Church; all denominations like Catholic, and all Protestant Churches.
    Hmm, now I see why homosexual marriage is such an extremely important policy for ‘managed’ Marxist governments now. The only way to disenfranchise and defeat the Christian Church, is to divide it with minority issues like s-sm, that portray good intentions, but hide a darker secret agenda!
    The people can defeat these Marxists & Zionists; just go back to Church, and vote for Independent candidates, (preferably Christian ones), but not political party’s.

    • Tony Quintus

      If £280k a year is the wages of a true marxist then sign me up, it’s redistribution of wealth alright, take from the gullible to give to the undeserving

      • The Sage

        Brilliant. Easily the best comment on this page.

        • allymax bruce

          You’re easily pleased!

          • The Sage

            Indeed so.

      • allymax bruce

        Be a Marxist if you like, but all you’ll only really be is Goyum to your Zionist Masters; and a traitor to your own family!
        My sub-text premise was to show how the political establishment, (internationally), has been taken over by Zionists; from another country, culture, and ethos; they care nothing for us, and now their last battle for ultimate & total control, (becoming ‘the’ one world government), is the last real establishment left that can defeat them from their total control; the Christian Church. Hence all the stupid laws like homosexual marriage being forced onto us by the Zionist lackie Marxist governments! Jesus was a threat to them then, and he’s still their only real threat that can defeat them.
        Funny how the bible plays out real life!

  • victor67

    Miliband epitomises those new labour politicians who ignored there consciences and their judgments to back Tony’s middle eastern crusades just to advance up the greasy political pole. Good riddance.
    He also turned a blind eye to extraordininary rendition and torture.

  • triscan

    International Rescue! Will Lady Penelope lend him Parker to drive him around New York! FAB Ed.

  • Richard Neville

    Nah then, nah then!! Hang ON! I’ve NO time for Milipedes, but Ed. ‘HUNGRIER’ than Big Bro…..????…….Miliminor got a few more votes than Milimajor IF me memory serves me aright…..& even Labourists were deeply distraught coz THEY were the voters of course……………………………..”Hungrier” Ed. MAY have been but but but!!!!

    • Wessex Man

      is this the Spectator? have I wandered into to some strange never never land, who gives a **** what Milipede major is doing?

  • Simon Mccarthy

    His refusal to take a Shadow Cabinet position shows how churlish he is and how his
    egotistical and selfish ambition shows his lack of commitment to the Labour party.
    I voted for Clegg but not to get into bed with the Conservatives .
    The labour party has a habit of electing leaders who clearly put their own interest above that of the ideals of the labour party.

  • Bob Anderson

    just another career politician furthering his career, he knows he won,t get any further as a politician, so uses his contacts to further his career elsewhere,

  • HavingALaugh

    Maybe Labour need to understand that everyone in that 13 year debt fuelled boom government needs to leave to help the world and the UK.

  • Rachel Craig

    It is a lose lose situation for David Milliband right now….he challenges his brother and faces exactly the same criticism that Ed did. To build up his profile and credentials on an international scale and then come back to challenge the person who deposes his brother could be the smartest political move in a very long time.

    Is it just me who finds ‘call me Dave’ and ‘Call me Ed’ slightly patronising?

    • Ron Todd

      He got the job through his friendship with the Clintons. He might gain credibility within the rich London never done a proper day’s work in my life lot. The I am on benefits never done a proper day’s work in my life lot will vote Labour whatever. The old fashioned working, ,working class who used to be labours core voters will not be impressed. To impress them he would be better doing an old fashioned charity type job. The type where some rich person does some good within his own community working for a token salary for a charity that is not just a accounting trick to increase various Western governments funding for Africa without having to tell the voters.

  • fry10d

    It is lovely that he is going to ‘help’ people by ‘giving something back’
    What a nice bloke.
    Oh? It pays £280,000 a year.
    Nice to be involved in charity.

  • Simon Clarke

    Good riddance. Another of the New labour cronies departs.