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Cameron sticks to the script at the ’22

25 March 2013

5:55 PM

25 March 2013

5:55 PM

David Cameron has just delivered his end of term address to the 1922 Committee of Conservative backbenchers. The Prime Minister made little news apart from going out of his way to praise Maria Hutchings, making clear he had no truck with efforts to blame her for the party’s poor performance in the Eastleigh by-election. He stuck to the same messages that he had when addressing the parliamentary party the other week, one backbencher left complaining ‘we’ve heard it all before.’

But what should cause some concern Number 10 is how few MPs turned up to hear the Prime Minister. The audience was estimated at between 80 and 100, less than a third of the parliamentary party. Now, there are reasons for this: Cameron addressed the parliamentary party recently and it’s a Monday with no three-line whip until 10pm. But still one would expect a better turn-out for a meeting addressed by the Prime Minister. It is a small, but telling, sign of the distance between Cameron and his backbenchers.

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  • Hexhamgeezer

    Clearly for many Tory MPs, if dave pitched up in their street they’d shut the curtains.

  • margaret benjamin

    Cameron has nothing to say worth listening to, he is saving his energy for the day the bedroom tax kicks in! the pent up emotions of this poor excuse for a tax will be felt in Westminster like Maggie thatcher and her pole tax its really that popular.Big mistake Dave asking people to downsize is one thing, charging them for the spare room they have is one thing if they refused to move.Councils don’t build one bedroom flats,their simply isn’t any the few they had are taken.More than that when their benefits are worked out if that’s Jobseekers or one parent families the exact amount of money has been worked out for it states This is what the law says you are entitled to !! a fixed rate laid out from food to heating.Now the 14% rent rise has to come out of er….. Gas…. or maybe electric or put everyone on a diet.Im sure we have a legal mind out their who is more qualified at understanding what the law says you are entitled to live on! Something will go short and like a house of cards will fall.So they shall be below the poverty line,and we have listened to all this spin from Cameron about immigrants and benefits am I impressed ? Certainly Not.

    • Daniel Maris

      Yep, that’s a great big fat car crash waiting for them – another self-inflicted injury.

      Another big prob will be moving benefit recipients on to monthly payments and paying housing benefit directly to them (rather than to the landlord). If you are living at the margins, that is a real issue. It will be just too tempting to make the most of your money at the beginning of the month.

      This will all end in chaos and fresh U turns, confirming this government’s unprecedented reputation for incompetence.

  • Bill Brinsmead

    I guess you weren’t there James but are repeating the views of say Peter Bone, Bernard Jenkin or similar to feed the anti Cameron line you are pursuing.
    Sad to see a Speccie writer cosy up to the populist line pushed by UKIP.

  • paulus

    Your being rather cryptic James. I think the Ides of March have already passed, but are Caesers days numbered?

    UKIP are not a conservative Party they are libertarians, horses and donkeys

  • Jennywren

    I doubt if many Conservative Candidates who have to fight elections on May 2nd would have turned up either had they been invited.

  • Boudicca_Icenii

    “The Prime Minister made little news apart from going out of his way to praise Maria Hutchings”
    What a shame (for him) that The Clegglet let the cat out of the bag by saying that Cameron was terrified that Maria Hutchings would win in Eastleigh – with her “UKIP” opinions.

  • Geo Shepherd

    #goneby2015 #talksthetalkbutdoesntwalkthewalk #yetanotherjollylovelyspeech

  • Hexhamgeezer

    The more I see that face the more I see a 3 way coalition in 2015 with UKIP and ‘Spoilt Papers’ providing the opposition.

  • HookesLaw

    ‘now there are reasons for this’ … but lets ignore them.
    Either there are or there aren’t.

  • @PhilKean1

    Cameron’s days are numbered –

    – even his own backbenchers know this. I mean, has there ever been a weaker, more incompetent and useless Prime Minister?

    Blair, Brown and Heath top the table as my most hated. But, whatever we think of them, they were NOT national embarrassments.

    • Boudicca_Icenii

      Cameron’s useless but at least appears reasonably sane. Can’t say the same for Brown.

    • Russell

      Brown & his deputy baffoon Prescott were the biggest embarrassment the UK has ever had..

    • Paul W

      Come on – Brown WAS a national embarrassment. Blair was the Cliff Richard of politics and Heath was our Hero who took us into the COMMON MARKET.

    • Span Ows

      Phil, you’re going OTT, if Cameron is anything it ISN’T a national embarrassment. And of course his days are numbered, as are everyone’s.

      Parliament always seems nearly empty, sometimes on very serious and important national business so not showing for DC seems par for the course.

      • HookesLaw

        Lets be clear Mr Span… The Spectator like all newspapers is fearing for its future. All newspapers are useless to start with and their history is deplorable and their quality is sinking like a stone.

        They are desperate and as such are only too happy to smear politicians in their own self interest. They serve one master and its not the public its their owners.

        In the Spectators case it need to appease its loony tune commentators – if they go somewhere else then the hits and the advertising decline.

        • Span Ows

          I agree entirely HookesLaw

  • Michael990

    Considering their enormous dollar investments, I think China. Particularly after the hilariously incompetent comments by one of the Eurozone’s senior bank officials prompted a rightly deserved run on the Euro and several Italian banks this afternoon. He suggested the Cyprus plan was a model for other Eurozone countries! No one in their right mind would leave any cash in the Eurozone.

  • Vrai Telemachus

    Good to see the Tory MP’s are deserting the sinking ship
    Yes they have heard it all before – from UKIP
    Cameron is becoming a reactive PM
    Recently a Europe Referendum
    Today Immigration
    Sorry Dave no more ideas- UKIP only have 2

    • AnotherDaveB

      Re: audience size, I rather liked this:

      “Tories cancel spring conference from lack of interest.Labour have to invite 200? With free passes
      #UKIP £20 on the door and 800+ attend”

      • Vrai Telemachus

        The deluded zealots
        I’d prefer to spend my £20 on Danny Boyles new film

        • Robert_Eve

          Tell me you are joking.

          • telemachus

            We have a duty of stewardship not to waste precious resources on frippery