You must read this book

7 February 2013

3:37 PM

7 February 2013

3:37 PM

I was delighted to be one of the judges (along with John Rentoul, Heather Brooke and Tony McNulty) who selected Nick Cohen’s You Can’t Read This Book as the polemic of the year at the Political Book Awards in London last night.

It is a terrific read from a strong list. I hope that anyone who hasn’t already read it will now take the opportunity. There could hardly be a more appropriate time to do so.

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  • Colin

    Tony McNulty, a judge? That’s too funny.

  • Simeon Howell

    I’ll tell you what’s “a terrific read” Ben Hur by Lew Wallace far more uplifting and challenging

  • James Strong

    How about
    1) Telling us a bit more about this book
    2) Telling us what other books were on the ‘strong list’.
    3) Re-assuring us that you are not log-rolling for a mate of yours.

  • Daniel Maris

    Nick Cohen strikes me as useless and/or predictable on most subjects.

    What’s so good about it? Why not give a quote?

  • David Lindsay

    It is a very good book. But now that Obama even stands exposed as having maintained a secret drone base in Saudi Arabia, so much for the First Amendment-waving anti-Leveson mob. How very free and fearless the American press turns out to be. Doesn’t it?

    And exactly what is it about him that his utterly hysterical critics, who were all just as ardent in their devotion to his predecessor, dislike so much? Whatever might it be?

    • adamber

      They must all be racists, right?

  • OldSlaughter

    It is very good. Two top books in a row by Cohen now.