What Pippa did next

25 February 2013

1:39 PM

25 February 2013

1:39 PM

It seems that Pippa Middleton has developed a taste for column writing. After an excellent outing in this magazine’s Christmas double issue, the world’s most famous younger sister has signed up for Waitrose’s inhouse food periodical. ‘Pippa’s Friday Night Feasts’ will begin in April’s edition of Waitrose Kitchen magazine.

The column will make up for the fact that Ms. Middleton’s planned follow-ups to her book, Celebrate, were scrapped for some strange reason. Panic over for the ever entrepreneurial Middleton family.

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  • terregles2

    Bad enough hearing about the present royal family ad nauseum without having another branch of mediocre people grafted on to the royal tree.

  • The Red Bladder

    I find it hard to contain my indifference

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