What if the terrorists were Jews?

22 February 2013

3:00 PM

22 February 2013

3:00 PM

‘Would you say the same thing about Jews? Gays? Or any other minority?’ This is one of the witless questions asked of anyone who writes about Islamic extremism.  And it is a fascinating point in a way, taking in – as it does – everything other than the facts.

Yesterday another radical Muslim cell in the UK was found guilty of terrorism offences. Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khalid and Ashik Ali had hoped to carry out a wave of suicide bombings in Britain which would have exceeded 7/7 and rivalled 9/11 in terms of impact and casualties. They were radical Islamists, inspired by radical Islamist preachers and had travelled to Pakistan to receive training in bomb-making with the aim of blowing up British people. Troublingly, as the Mail reports:

‘Nobody in the bomb plotters’ own community tipped the police off with their concerns, despite finding out they were sending young men to terror training camps in Pakistan.

At no point during the 18-month investigation by the West Midlands counter-terrorism unit did anyone in Birmingham’s Muslim community inform on the behaviour of Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khalid and Ashik Ali, raising questions over the health of relations between officers and community leaders.

This was despite the fact the families of four other young men recruited from Sparkhill all intervened to bring them back home the moment they found out the real reasons for them travelling to Pakistan.

Detective Inspector Adam Gough, senior investigating officer, said the extended families of the four men had ‘become aware’ of why they went to Pakistan but, in any case, ‘did not tell us’.’

Now, of course the vast majority of Muslims are as disgusted by the actions of these extremists as everybody else is. But perhaps I can bat the ‘you wouldn’t say this’ question back to some people.


Let us say that a certain percentage of gays or a certain percentage of Jews or any other minority were indeed in this situation. Let us imagine that the cell convicted of attempting to carry out mass murder on the streets of Britain were radical Jews rather than radical Muslims, inspired by Jewish preachers and trained by Jewish terrorist groups in the belief – mistaken or otherwise – that they were acting in the name of their Jewish religion.

Let us furthermore imagine that the recent cell of Jewish terrorists had not only been great admirers of Jewish terrorists who had carried out the largest terrorist attack in history on the United States, and Jewish terrorists who had blown up the London transport system a few years back, but had radical ideological Jewish allies who had done the same thing in Spain, America, India and many other countries around the world over recent years. Imagine, furthermore, that other extremist Jews had assassinated and attempted to assassinate film-makers, artists, writers, politicians and others across Europe over recent years for being critical of Judaism or doing things that they thought offensive to the Jewish faith. Imagine if someone who – because of all of this – had become a critic of some tenets of Judaism had just earlier this month narrowly survived an assassination attempt on him in his home.

And imagine that yesterday’s cell was made up of Jews, carrying out their acts in the name of radical Judaism, and that nobody in the Jewish community from which they came had reported any suspicions over the men’s activities.

I wonder what the coverage would be like today? Would people be saying that there isn’t a problem? Would they tell people not to discuss the problem?  Would they say that any attempt to do so was ‘Judaeophobic’? Or would I be right in imagining that after many years of such attacks and thwarted attacks around the world, people would have some very clear things to say about this. I think they would and I would be one of them.

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  • Christine Pawson

    Unaccountable faceless Secret Societies are the biggest threat to mankind,why do you think the majority of MP’S puffed up with power want THE” JUSTICE” BILL enshrined in law;JFK paid the ultimate price for speaking the truth.We need a new Guy Fawkes before we all become enslaved;never trust the number 33!!!

  • Michaelinlondon1234

    A rather sad little story for you.

    A journalist filming in the west bank was stopped by Isa force They destroyed his equipment then stripped him. Followed by sodomising and a beating.

    This was documented by a Jewish group about Israeli troop behaviour.

  • steve1h

    “In order for evil to flourish, all that is required is for
    good men to do nothing.”–Edmund Burke

  • Real_American212

    What if? What do you mean “What if?” It already happened – Jewish terrorists bombed the British HQ in Palestine, murdering 91 people and injuring 46. Look it up: “King David Hotel bombing”.

  • SirMontyThreepwood

    Let me say for starters that I am no fan of Islam and its totalitarian and misogynistic cultural baggage, but this article and most of the commentary here is extremist nonsense. Plenty of muslims have spoken out against terrorism and continue to do so. Indeed without a doubt the greatest number of victims of Islamaloon outrages are MUSLIMS. Has this passed you people by? What is more, the media is stuffed full of the news of plots and outrages perpetrated by hate filled lunatic fringe Muslims. There is a never ending conveyor belt of this stuff, and it is so prevalent that it exhausts the reader of it.

    I will never make any apology or excuse for violent, totalitarian lunatics, be they Muslim or any other sort, but much of the commentary below and the article itself is based on a falsehood and anti Arab prejudice. By the way, there are plenty of Jewish terrorists and I suppose there are plenty of Catholic ones too, but it would be right to say that they are many fewer than Muslim ones. Muslim terrrorists are a minority of Muslims, probably smaller than one in a thousand or maybe one in ten thousand. this does not mean we should refrain from exterminating them, but it does mean we should stop tarring all Muslims with the same filthy brush.

  • Keith Gilpin

    Islam will never give up a Muslim to be tried by the infidel it is not permissible. Whether they support terrorist actions or not, they , too them, are still Muslims. People seem to confuse the silence of Muslims about terrorism perpetrated in its name as condemnation but it is not. Of course we see a few Imams or Islamic community leaders coming out and saying terrorism is wrong. But that is just to confuse us non believers more. Islam and terrorism are linked through the Koran and the A-Hadith they can not distance themselves from it. A Muslims goal is to create a world Caliphate, there is no denying that, and Muhammad has given them the right to use any method they feel will bring this about. This unfortunately for any other religion and none includes terrorism.

  • Steve Kind

    What utter, utter evil garbage is being spouted on here – including some which appears to me to be deliberate and cynical incitement to hatred. I meet “moderate” muslims every day. They are my neighbours and I value them dearly.

  • Truthiocity

    It is understandable that family members would intercede without informing the police. Illegal but understandable. They want their children back and don’t want them in prison. Most parents would act to prevent that from happening to their children. Admittedly most would engage a criminal defense attorney.

    But by not informing the police of these recruiters they damned other families to the loss they themselves did not desire. I find that to be profoundly selfish.

  • LastSaneManStanding

    Muslims have a disproportionate contribution to the NHS as doctors, nurses cleaners. Jews have made a disproportionate contribution to the UK financial system that caused this mess. If they were not so rich and had bought the Media I know who the british people would really be tired of!

  • LastSaneManStanding

    ISrael was founded by Jewish terrorists who booby trapped the the bodies of British soldiers they had killed. Isreal has been accused of war crimes, and their former PM was a convicted war criminal!

    • adamber

      You mean British intelligence officers who were rounding up Jews to be hanged in Acre prison?

  • Albert

    The comments below just show what time it is in the UK. Time to call it a day, unless you want to be surrounded by people who have very strange ideas, and unless you do not mind being extremely superficial and self-delusory 24/7 and completely vaccuous.

    • Guest

      And now I’m even getting moderated for taling back..

  • Vincent Vincent-James

    Michael Haseltine had claimed on TV that, “If you are in a
    position of responsibility, you do not utter a word against Israeli
    activities …”. This is the REALITY of this, and all other so
    called Western Democracies, serving the interests of the Jews and
    Israel at the expense of their own people.

    MUST WATCH for our British Citizens. Type this on Youtube to learn
    the TRUTH about the UK.

    dispatches – inside Britain’s Israel Lobby

    is the plain truth. I care not to waste time debating this with
    Zionists, nor shall I pander to their ways, which are always
    deceptive, and always devious. This is addressed to British who are
    politically aware,
    no matter what side of the spectrum you believe yourself to be on, be
    it left or right. Our country has been infiltrated. Less so that in
    the US, but still it must end. We have all been made fools of by
    ‘Israel’. Like this if you care about Britain & want them out of


  • Vincent Vincent-James

    their FALSE banner of ‘Free-Speech’ the Jews especially insult the
    faith and prophets of some 3 billion Muslims and Christians, but just
    you try insulting the faith and prophet of some 14/16 millions,
    Judaism and Moses and see what happens to you.

    read in the following about Jewish version of ‘Freedom of Speech’.

    Ronson, an arrogant and a convicted criminal Jew who had served a few
    years in PRISON, and, who has had made £BILLIONS ripping the Brits
    off through his property business had gone with some other of the
    Jewish bullies to confront the Editor of the Guardian Newspaper in
    the UK, and you know why.

    the Guardian Newspaper Israeli response of killing 1400 Palestinians
    was described as, “Disproportionate”. That is all. This is what
    Gerald Ronson had told the Guardian Editor, “Opinions are like
    arse-holes, everyone has got one. I am in favour of ‘FREE SPEECH, but
    there is a line which you do not cross, and you have crossed it, and
    you must STOP”.

    is what the Jews mean by ‘Freedom of Speech”. Their own Freedom to
    insult, abuse and hate-stir against gentiles, but you are NOT
    permitted to use your ‘Freedom of Speech” in saying ANYTHING at all
    about the Jews.

    Guardian Editor got so scared that he declared in a film documentary
    that he does not go near the topic now, meaning commenting about
    ISRAEL. So, don’t you dare lecture anyone about your own RIGHT of
    your own “Freedom of Speech” to hate-stir against non-Jewish
    people only.

    • adamber

      Racist crap.

    • Albert

      u need help

  • Vincent Vincent-James

    Since 1991, 1st Gulf War, which was TEN YEARS before 9/11 we have killed / murdered over TWO MILLION of their men, women and children, because their
    lives mean NOTHING to your self-righteous, holier than thou type.

    We have been,

    Dropping millions of
    bombs in tonnage, using ………..

    Stealth bombers


    Helicopter gunships, to kill anyone moving on the ground.


    Bulldozers, which the American used to bury Iraqi soldiers alive in their bunkers

    1000s of Cruise Missiles

    Bunker-Busting Bombs

    500 / 1000 lbs Concrete Bombs

    Daisy-Cutter Bombs, to suck the air out of other human beings lungs

    Cluster bombs

    Napalm bombs

    Using phosphorus on civilians

    Using depleted uranium ammunition

    Agent Orange

    Drones, to murder others men, women and kids

    Sitting in front of their computer screen, what kind of deranged people fire
    missiles using drones to kill men, women and children. Only the Jewish owned American savages can do that, and their Israeli MASTERS.

    And, what kind of deranged people had dropped nuclear bombs upon the sleeping families in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    • adamber

      People who wanted to end something called World War 2.

    • darwins beard

      generally if you want to win a war you have to use weapons like the ones all above, your grasp of modern weapons is poor at best. Daisy cutters are used to flatten jungle for helicopter landing sites, agent orange was a defoliant to kill jungle both of course have no longer been used since Vietnam same as napalm.

      concrete bombs where used by the RAF to knock out tanks in built up areas so they didn’t kill civilians like a high explosive bomb, depleted uranium is used in armour piercing rounds and is standard ammunition on the A10 attack plane.

      In wars people die to say that this justifies killing people on the way to work in London is a poor argument.

      I guess I missed the don’t feed the antisemitic, pro Islamist socialist troll point ?

  • Vincent Vincent-James

    Since 1991, 1stGulf War, which was TEN YEARS before 9/11, the Jewish owned USA / UK
    and other Western rulers have sent their armies to kill over 2million Muslim men, women and their children in Iraq, Afghanistan,Pakistan, Yemen, Mali.

    Would you not becomeradical if your loved ones had been killed? Thank God that Muslims are not terrorists, otherwise Blair, Bush and all their other war-criminal chums would not be alive today, including this worthless Douglas Murray.

    • Albert


    • adamber

      Racist garbage.

    • darwins beard

      “Jewish owned US/UK”, enough said.

    • FMarion

      Your numbers are simply silly. If you don’t know that, you should. Your list of weapons is also silly–it is clear that you don’t understand what those weapons do or why they might be used. Darwin’s Beard has explained some to you, but obviously listening is not your strong suit.

      As for “loved ones,” one of my best friends was in the South Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11. His daughter, who he never met, turns 12 this September. What do you think she will say if I tell her that “Muslims are not terrorists?” How about the families of all the victims in the UK? Do you think that they will believe that Moslems simply are never terrorists?

      As for your implicit threats against Blair, Bush and Mr. Murray, they are beneath contempt.