Video: Debating Richard Dawkins

4 February 2013

8:41 AM

4 February 2013

8:41 AM

The video of my debate with Richard Dawkins, Rowan Williams and Tariq Ramadan is now available online. Richard Dawkins speaks third, and I speak last.

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  • Neideen

    I love Douglas Murray!!!

  • Jimmer

    Masterly. I never expected Douglas being that rational. Most atheists act like Hitchens (religion poisons everything) but as an atheist I completely agree with Douglas. Religion has its flows, atheism has its flows as well. If some people need religion, why not? Freedom is mutual, otherwise it’s not freedom.

  • Simeon Howell

    Religion is not some infant commodity, which is useful in promoting questions. Also religion is not in and of itself….there is no religion without God. Religion itself is a man made thing built around something …that something being revelation which Douglas does not believe in. There is an arrogance on both sides of this debate.

  • RBcritique

    Brilliant as ever, Murray.

  • Christopher Robertson

    Masterful as always Douglas. You and Dawkins made the debate, in my opinion, though the irony of you and Tariq debating on the same side almost made the whole thing worthwhile by itself.

  • sarah_13

    Excellent debate. I was surprised that you were against the proposition, your arguments were pursuasive but I may have abstained as I still need to ponder them.

    I did find mr Ramadan particularly objectionable despite his obvious charm. He says the humanist and atheists are dogmatic, that we all must engage with each other, not be dogmatic. The reason he is able to engage with people who do not believe in his religion, or anyone else’s for that matter is because of the freedoms that so many in this country lost their lives to achieve. The ability to “engage” is underpinned by a benevolent system of freedom of expression and conscience which lost its medieval superstitious control over us along time ago. We certainly could not have this debate in Iran, Saudi Arabia or medieval Britian. As one lady in the audience quite rightly pointed out its difficult to engsge with someone when they say your thoughts are wrong and you either convert to their way of thinking or die, your alternatives are limited, as in saudi arabia for instance where you can be imprisoned for witchcraft or be killed for blasphemy or apostasy. That’s dogmatic.

  • Martin Blank

    a good debate, and a master stroke to have yourself closing. Dawkins looking more and more amateurish these days.

  • FrankS

    Debating with Richard Dawkins – unless the atheist evangelist was the subject of your debate.