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UKIP surge in Eastleigh

23 February 2013

12:38 PM

23 February 2013

12:38 PM

By-elections are notoriously hard to call. But everyone who comes back from Eastleigh says the same thing, UKIP are the party with forward momentum. This morning’s Populus poll bears that out. They are in third place with 21 per cent, with the Tories second on 28 and the Lib Dems ahead with 33. But, as the indispensable UK Polling Report points out, if you don’t reallocate some of the undecides to the party they voted for last time, UKIP are doing even better. The numbers then are UKIP 25%, Tories 26% and Lib Dems 31%.

As I said in the magazine this week, UKIP are picking up support from all three parties. Things could get very interesting there if more Labour voters shift to UKIP as the best anti-coalition vote.


For Labour, coming fourth in Eastleigh would be an embarrassment. (Just read Tristram Hunt’s piece in this week’s Spectator to see why). It is hard to claim to be a one nation party when you’re struggling to compete in the south, and Eastleigh is hardly the strockbroker belt.

A strong UKIP showing will cause problems for David Cameron too. For it will increase calls from his own benches for more UKIP-style policies.

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  • Barbara Stevens

    I hope the voters of Eastliegh hear our plee, don’t vote for the mainstream, the ones who have defiled this nation for decades vote UKIP

  • Beth Dawson

    Come on Eastleigh voters. Show us what you’re made of and give the party of the people. UKIP, your vote. The disenchanted and disenfrachised would be forever indebted to you.

  • Rose Hush

    A vote for LabLibCon is without a doubt a vote for the undemorcratic, EU
    dictatorship, bear in mind that all 3 mainstream parties are just
    puppets for them, this is exactly what the EU wants, the electorate
    chopping and changing from Con to Lab and back again, believe me, the EU
    are rubbing their hands in glee. This also applies to not voting at
    all. All we have is ourselves to rely on, if we want change, freedoms
    and democracy, we have to make the right choice and make the bravest
    decision to vote Ukip, they are the ONLY party that cares passionately
    about the British people, their jobs and their future.They will put all
    that wasted money the EU receives and put in back into our own country,
    we were once an affluent country and we can be again with the right
    committed party. Come on the peope of Eastleigh lets makes Ukip the true
    peoples party.

  • DJF

    A vote for any of the 3 traditional parties is in reality a vote to maintain rule from Brussels, we cannot trust the lumbering EU giant to give us proper representation regarding our needs as a society, it is a proven fact that the EU does not aid the welfare of our citizens, in fact it is detrimental to the economic growth of the nation, we are told to open our doors to more hungry mouths when we already have too many to feed ourselves, we are told that we must pay to stay in the EU although I cannot see any financial benefit (Eastleigh Ford Transit plant shut down and EU funding Ford to move production to Turkey) The only benefits I see for staying in Europe are the benefits the pro EU politicians get feeding off the EU teat in their cushy roles as EU toadies when their political careers in the UK have ended.

  • ning nong

    ukip are a one trick pony ,trouble is that trick is needed,trouble is though that despite that need the uk doesn’t need any more right wing prejudice in society

    • Guest

      “ukip are a one trick pony ,trouble is that trick is needed,trouble is though that despite that need the uk doesn’t need any more right wing prejudice in society” – I agree about the right wing prejudice and would encourage all minority groups to join to represent their views.

    • philgcdr

      “ukip are a one trick pony ,trouble is that trick is needed,trouble is though that despite that need the uk doesn’t need any more right wing prejudice in society” – I agree it is good to be against any prejudice and would encourage all minority groups to join to represent their views.

  • Dogsnob

    Just one more instance why we are so angry:

    “NHS foreign doctors must speak English, say ministers”

    Because all of them: Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg – all of them and all those around them, have constructed a system which would accept – even encourage – the import of medical staff who cannot even understand what their patients are trying to tell them. As I say: just one more instance.

    Burn you bastards

    • bengeo

      Dogsnob – what an appropriate name.

      Well done!

      • Dogsnob

        I know! Good ain it?

  • drthty

    Piy the ZioLoons have hijacked UKIP.
    VoteUKIP, vote sending your kids to die for Israel!

  • Slicer

    The Labour Party are not about one nation, they are about balkanising the nation.

  • rghfjngthrthry

    Only UKIP can save us

    Sign this petition to restrict Bulgarian and Romanians from entering the UK:

  • bengeo

    By Henry Chu, Los Angeles Times

    February 10, 2013, 9:08 p.m.

    LONDON — For David Cameron, the worst-case scenario for Britain’s future looks something like this:

    It’s 2018, and he’s in his second term as prime minister. Against his advice, his country has just ripped up its membership card in the European Union, alienating its biggest trading partner and closest neighbours. That prompts Washington to seek a new ally to advocate U.S. interests across the Atlantic; suddenly, the Anglo-American “special relationship” is a little less special.

    Great Britain is also a little less great. To Cameron’s dismay, Scotland has separated from England and Wales to become an independent nation. A marriage that had held for more than three centuries is over, the rights to North Sea oil are in dispute and Britain’s four nuclear submarines have been banished from their home bases in the Scottish lochs.

    The vision of a Britain diminished in size at home and in influence abroad is a bleak one. But it’s a nightmare Cameron and his compatriots could wake up to, depending on the outcome of two momentous referendums that voters here could face in the next five years.

    • Russell

      Alternately, It’s 2018, Cameron just won the 2015 election (with a few UKIP MP’s), Britain has left the EU and is £billions better off from freeing up business from endless regulations, arranging trade agreements around the world and increasing exports to Brasil/China/India/Russia/USA.
      The USA cannot anymore rely on the UK to be its lapdog and come running to support them in illegal foreign wars. The UK starts equipping its armed forces with British made equipment. The financial burden of supporting socialist Scotland has been lifted with their Independence, and a lot less Scottish tv presenters are dominating our screens. The BBC has been sold off and the licence fee scrapped.
      Many failing NHS hospitals have been taken over by private companies and are providing services which customers(patients) rate highly as patients are the prime concern now, not hospital workers pay and conditions. The Eductaion system id massively improved with a lot less children leaving school unable to read or write properly, with the bonus that they all have basic maths skills.

      A much more positive vision

      • Wessex Man

        The last few days have seen our American friends say they are neutral on Scottish Independence, on the Falkland Island referendum, on support of British territorial rights in the Falklands, previously they said that they wanted the UK in Europe to “bat on their behalf” it really is time to tell them to stuff the special relationship!

        • ArchiePonsonby

          If the Yanks are so keen on the efffing EU why don’t THEY join?

        • Daniel Maris

          What special relationship? There never was one – it was just a line fed the British public.

  • Kubrickguy

    Labour have NO credibility whilst Ed Ball’s is around. Everyone knows he presided over the crash!

    • bengeo

      No – that was George Bush.

      • Kubrickguy

        Funny, I thought he was the leader? Perhaps you mean Alan Greenspan? He was in charge of US monetary policy via the Fed. The only solution Balls is offering is more of the same that got us in this mess…

      • Kubrickguy

        Re Ed Balls: He doesn’t have any credibility, given the mess his party left (and his response to it). He’s the equivalent of the friend who borrows your car and trashes it, but then lectures you on how to fix it and how much you should spend to fix it.

  • TJSpeller

    Obviously a strong UKIP will mean the doom of the Conservatives. And Labour may win the next election. But really, who cares any more. Cameron’s conservatives are nothing more than Labour Lite, still slaves to the EU, still slaves to banks. Creative destuction is the order of the day.

  • Boudicca_Icenii

    Come on Eastleigh. Deliver our first UKIP MP. You know it makes sense.

  • vvputout

    The green loonies have representation. So should UKIP.

    Message to Tory and Labour voters: neither the Conservatives nor Labour can win, so vote UKIP and have the European Commission wetting its collective knickers.

    • JabbaTheCat

      “The green loonies have representation. So should UKIP.”

      Parity between loonies?

  • Hexhamgeezer

    Oh dear. Who will dave go into coalition with next time? the ‘fruitcakes’ weasels or the ‘Heirs to Broon’

  • foxoles
  • citizen69glum

    The best advice I saw yet … People of eastleigh. Put a tenner on ukip to win at 25/1 ( actually by today the odds are down to 10/1 ). After placing your bet, go place your vote. You know it makes sense.

  • Letz

    I think that UKIP is good, DESPITE its eurosceptic stance. A rise in the popularity of UKIP does not necessarily mean a more eurosceptic population. I think that the real problem is immigration from outside the EU, and at least UKIP,is actually going to listen to the people in our supposed democracy, in that respect, unlike other parties.

    • drthty

      Voting UKIP means paying for Israel.

      • Noa

        Sounds right. I expect UKIP to stop the Coalition funding of Hamas and al Quada,

  • jegmeister

    Wow I thought I was reading the ukip party supporters forum but now I see it’s simply a hard core of embittered ex-Tories who are shouting everyone else down and are too stupid to see they are making it less likely they will ever get what they want.

    Your pathetic visceral hatred of Cameron is counter productive. Without PR, there is no way that ukip will be anything more than a protest fringe, preventing the Tories winning but achieving nothing more. If things stay as they are, Mlliband will get in and will be in for at least 5 years. There will be no referendum and you will be waiting even longer to get out of the eu. Incredibly stupid tactic. Completely brainless. And the arrogant assumption that we are bound to have a referendum because everyone wants it is also idiotic. If milliband gets enough support to stay in for a further 5 years then that’s another decade without a referendum – is that what you want? Clearly so.

    Like him or not. Cameron has to get in in 2015 for any chance of a referendum – quite incredible that people on here can’t see that. But then as the saying goes ” there is none so blind as those who cannot see”.

    • patrick neil fillero

      if David Cameron couldn’t even win the 2010 general election, he won’t win the next one in 2015

      ukip takes votes from all parties and none

      • Mycroft

        It takes most from the Conservatives, and it will deprive only the Conservatives of parliamentary seats. Is it really worth having a Milliband government just to rub Cameron’s face in the dirt?

        • Wessex Man

          Why yes it is or are we going to stick with these inter-changeable leaders we now have, can you point to anything that the Tories have actually achieved in the last three years that has improved the lot of the average subject in this country?

          • Mycroft

            That doesn’t mean that the other lot wouldn’t be a good deal worse! In my view, it is a matter of choosing the least bad among those who have a realistic chance of forming a government.

    • keeshond

      If most of the UKIP supporters and right-wingers on here and in the Telegraph comment section had voted for AV last year they would had a slim chance of electing a handful of that party’s MPs in 2015. In the meantime, Diane James represents probably the best chance they’ll get, standing as she does at a by-election as the representative of a protest party with the forward momentum to defeat the status quo.

      • Mycroft

        It is sheer illusion to suppose that UKIP has enough forward momentum even to win a single Westminster seat! Milliband will be laughing up his sleeve.

    • JabbaTheCat

      “I see it’s simply a hard core of embittered ex-Tories who are shouting
      everyone else down and are too stupid to see they are making it less
      likely they will ever get what they want.”

      You hit the nail on the head. As Norman Tebbit has said all along, take back the Tory party from the wets instead of running away and whining…

    • Russell

      No logic to your comment.

      If you want out of the EU, vote for Cameron & Co. who support our membership!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      If you want out of the EU, the only vote you can cast is for UKIP.

    • Rollo10

      The people can’t put up with another 5 years of Tories, even worse if they are on their own!
      The worst thing Cameron done for society was scupper PR then close down AV!
      No Independent will get a look in.

  • JabbaTheCat

    Oh dear, Ukip MEP Marta Andreasen defects to the Tories. Now that is going to hurt big time, especially with all the inside dirt she will pile on the dear leader and his equally corrupt EUKIP cronies…

    • DazEng

      Sit down, keep your brains warm!

      • Wessex Man

        She looks a bit mad to me, no wonder Farage said call me Dave is welcome to her.

        • DazEng

          Seriously, who gives a crap what some two bit no mark does? And before you ramble on about the unsavoury characters, stop for a minute and consider what invests other political parties.

          Baroness Tonge = Jew hater
          Alan Duncan = Jew Hater
          John Reid = Pinko
          Chris Huhne = Convict

          Galloway = Just about a vile a creature God’s ever dropped on this earth.
          And so on.
          Point being, you have no point!

  • vvputout

    Face facts: the Conservative party is at a ‘Corn Laws’ point.

    It needs to split.

    However, before that, it needs to try to ensure English ascendancy in the devolved English Assembly which will follow within five years of the Scottish rejection of independence but acceptance of enhanced devolution. So resolve the West Lothian question in this parliament,

    • Tom Tom

      True, but as you recall it was Tories like Gladstone who went to the Liberals and right-wingers like Disraeli who tried to take control of the Conservatives after Peel. It was Joe Chamberlain that reversed the process in 1886

      • Chris Morriss

        Disraeli, right-wing! What history books have you been reading?

        • Tom Tom

          He was right-wing over The Corn Laws in 1846 – he and Lord George Bentinck were PROTECTIONISTS. I suggest you learn some History. I gather it has not been taught for some years in England

          • Chris Morriss

            I suppose that simplistic view of right/left is what passes for erudition among those on the left such as yourself. For those taking the more classical view that right = small state and left = large state, then Disraeli was well to the left of Gladstone in most respects. A recent arrival to this country are you, perhaps?

    • Wessex Man

      Yes, quite frightenig in today’s Scotland on Sunday a full page article on behalf of the No Campaign by Phil Anderton titled “No need to leave the UK to get the Scotland we want.” anticipating all the powers that Salmond wants being given if he loses anyway.

      Oh for an English Parliament to look after the English, in the words of Sir Winston Churchill. “There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word which means more to me than any other, that word is ENGLAND.”

  • Smithersjones2013

    Cameron’s problem is not one of policy or style for those who would vote UKIP. The problem is he and his clique are toxic to them. These are people that he and some of his acolytes have personally abused even though they know not who they are. These are working class labour supporters who would despise what Cameron stands for. These are former Grammar School Thatcherite Tories who liked nothing more than shoving the face of public school toffs in the rugby field mud every winter during their teenage years. These are the Eurosceptics who once again scent the foul stench of Euro betrayal once more. These are the voters who are just sick to death of the Westminster Freakshow arrogance and lies.

    Cameron and Osborne’s problem like Blair and Brown before them is that they have the knack of bringing out the visceral contempt that large parts of the electorate have for an arrogant aloof dishonest and uncaring political class. Whats worse is that unlike Blair and Brown there’s no money left in the kitty to bribe the electorate with.and their record of discipline, effectiveness and competence in government is risible.

    Cameron’s a dead man walking…….

    And who would be MIliband with the South of England virtually a Labour free zone?

    • Mycroft

      Milliband will be Prime Minister if the right becomes divided among itself.

    • Makroon

      Don’t get so excited.
      The blog-post is a transparent Speccie attempt to get the UKIPpers revved up – very good for the post count !

  • Arthur Thompson

    We either going to stay with a Government, that is creating more, of what receiving..
    Or make a brave stand, and say I have had enough.
    Do you want your Children to go down this road of endless uncertainty,with this internal
    struggle of Migration that effects us in our Public departments.
    Which you pay for.
    Is this what you want from your Government, and for your Children ,when your time comes to Pass.
    Oh the Tears of Brittania, God Bless Us All.
    For they No, Not What, They Do.
    Ladys and Gentleman.
    Sir Winston, came to our Rescue, in our hour of Need.
    Please do not desert us, to this Force; that has striped the layers of Heritage away
    and has used covert means, to missguild you.

    • Chris Morriss

      Give this man an on-line grammar checker now!

    • Austin Barry

      Sir, I suspect you may be bonkers. If so please contact Mr Clegg who can provide a safe and secure environment within his party.

  • MaxSceptic

    “A strong UKIP showing will cause problems for David Cameron too. For it
    will increase calls from his own benches for more UKIP-style policies.”

    Which is why all good Conservative should vote tactically – i.e. vote UKIP – and ensure that Cameron gets the message: turn right-wards or lose big-time come the General Election.

  • David Lindsay

    “Late surge”? That old trick…?

    • DJF

      Often used by the Libdems Cons and Lab

      • David Lindsay


  • ben corde

    Come on Eastleigh, vote UKIP, return the first MP of the many this country so desperately needs to regain its independence and be free of the regulatory shackles and financial burden of the EU. Blaze a glorious trail to set our country free.

    • Robert_Eve

      Well said Ben.

    • Davey12

      Yes.. They only have power over us if we elect them.

      Lets elect a new bunch that listens to us. If the listen to us I’ll let them have duck houses.

  • Vulture

    Just off to catch a train to Eastleigh to campaign for UKIP again.

    The Cameron Conservatives are doomed. As Bomber Haris said:’They have sowed the wind – now they will reap the whirlwind’.

    Let it come down.

    • Davey12

      Cameron has the pink vote how can he lose?

      . He really did read the political mood of this country so badly. Many of the Tory big-wigs will think a couple of tweeks here and there and it will be all sorted, They do not get it. I , and many others detest our entire political class. They all seem the same, sound the same and look the same.

      It means a new political class is needed one that reflects us not a bunch of wine drinking London luvvies who treat the people of this country with total contempt yet expect us to vote for them.

      • Tom Tom

        It needs new parties formed at grass-roots level to seize control in regions and block the Corporate Parties from seats in certain areas. Simply denying territory to Corporate Parties is enough

        • Davey12

          Yep.. Just smear them like they smear everyone else.

          Labour, the Jihadist party.

          Looks like the LibDems are having a Saville moment, Oops.

      • jegmeister

        ” Cameron has the pink vote”. The unacceptable face of the bigoted right on display I see. Sneering bigotry at its most unpleasant. The overwhelming majority of people in the country support it not just a f London luvvies , check the polls if you’re interested. If Cameron has by sense he will tell Peter bone et al to leave the party and join ukip if they don’t like it.

        • fantasy_island

          The only sneering bigot here is you.

        • Davey12

          Bigotry is all an opinion,. Ken Livingstone hangs with people who think gays should be killed. The London luvvies do not tell him off.

          In fact the current immigration policy of this and the last government is allowing some of the vilest, nastiest homophobes and racists in the planet in. You and the London Luvvies say nothing.

          All you guys are doing is trying to make us feel guilty and nasty. Will not work anymore. We have moved on.

        • Tom Tom

          So the pink vote is The unacceptable face of the bigoted right to judge by your comment. Well I never ! No doubt Operation Fernbridge will cast fresh light on this conundrum

        • Remittance Man

          If Cameron has by sense he will tell Peter bone et al to leave the party and join ukip if they don’t like it.

          Two scenarios are likely if Cameron does that:

          Either the party members wake up and decide to tell Dave that it’s actually their party and he should leave and join the LibDems if he doesn’t like it.

          Or, the party members do decides that they don’t want to be part of his LibDem Party MkII and accept his offer. Plenty of their chums are doing just that already, after all.

        • zakisbak

          Absolutely not an overwhelming majority,but a majority,yes,after blanket media persuasion.

        • greysurfer

          “overwhelming majority of people in the country support it”. There’s that word “overwhelming” again…..been reading too much BBC?

          Not round my patch in the south-west they don’t. I’ve yet to speak to one person of any age group who thinks it’s a fabulous idea. And that tells me more than any high-profile manipulated poll does, where candidates are from carefully selected areas, to give the “correct” answers.

        • Sean L

          A literally overwhelming minority of gays and radicals support it. Otherwise its sole poitical function is to define Cameron against his party: equivalent to Blair’s renunciation of Clause 4. Cameron models himself on Blair, that’s to say bigger than his party. In effect a kind of President. Ditto the Libyan intervention and wasting billions in Foreign Aid. Dave, in effect, emulating Tone on the world stage.

    • jegmeister

      Yeah good idea. A perfect way to make sure labour win the next election. Ukip supporters are really pretty stupid. You’re just shooting yourself in the foot. And to those why say labour and the Tories aren’t that different, wait until milliband is pm and realise how wrong you are. But by then it will be too late. Still you’re all so clever you know best, don’t you?

      • patrick neil fillero

        and PR Dave shot himself in the head when he said he was the HEIR TO BLAIR

        • Tom Tom

          He means he wants a J P Morgan Travelling Fellowship

      • Davey12

        The sooner it goes pear shaped the better. I voted Labour, I voted Tory, I do not care what happens. What matters is getting a new political class and getting a party that listens to us.

        The current demographics means the Tories will get at most 10 years before we have a permanent center left government. Why not speed it up,

        Not stupid just hatred for the political class of this country.

        • Simon Smalley


      • Hexhamgeezer

        LibLabCon are an irrelevance if you are talking about fixing GB. First things first – vote for anybody but the 3 slimebuckets or spoil your vote.

        • Mycroft

          If all the major parties are an irrelevance, we’re done for, it’s as simple as that, because no party that has no hope whatever of forming a government (or perhaps even winning a single seat) could have any relevance either.

        • Radford_NG

          ….`spoil your vote`;……or “VOTE INFORMAL”.—–That is the slogan in Australia,where voting is a legal requirement.We need a campaign here;if you don’t feel able to support any party,don’t stay at home:”VOTE INFORMAL”.

        • Simon Smalley

          Vote UKIP

      • Vulture

        I don’t give a flying f**k if Labour win : they need to actually to rid us of Cameron and finally complete the ruination they began in 1997-2010.

        Then, perhaps, we can begin again.,

      • Russell

        So your advice is to vote for a party that you support,and one that supports our continued membership of the EU….Doh…
        People should ignore the fools who try and use scare tactics to steal their votes and vote for the party who represent their views the closest.
        If you want to be represented by a party who believes we should leave the EU, vote UKIP and give the 3 pro EU parties a bloody nose in Eastleigh.

        • Rollo10

          This is the big problem Russell, a lot of people are voting for the rosette instead of reading their policies. This is why I switched to UKIP in 2005. Their policies are more in line with my thinking, than any of the other three. Certainly more so than Labour, who have yet to commit any policies or even tell what cuts they will reverse, if any?

      • Concerned_Citizen420

        People like you are the TRULY stupid, if we all followed your rhetoric nothing would ever change …a forever exchange of Conservative and Labour …basically the last 60+ years…and guess what…they are all country destroying self serving morons, do people like you ever learn?? The LibLabCon have had its chance, let UKIP in for one term …just one, let them have their chance.

      • John Walsh

        If the great Brit electorate vote labour back into power then they deserve everything they get or don’t you believe in democracy, it is equally stupid to assume that people will tactical vote, most vote for who they like and don’t give a monkeys about such complications ( too busy watching easterners no doubt if they bother to vote at all)

    • @PhilKean1

      Farage as Winston, replying to Cameron as you-know-who

      – when Cameron accused UKIP of being a party of “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists”.

      “Some chicken, some neck !”

  • Daniel Maris

    “Things could get very interesting there if more Labour voters shift to UKIP as the best anti-coalition vote.”

    Getting your excuses ready just in case, to defend the Osborne Ascendancy.

  • Mycroft

    It should concentrate people’s minds at the next election if the Tories lose this to the Lib Dems as the result of a big UKIP vote. If it is really going against the Tories even though they picked a Eurosceptic candidate, it shows it serves little purpose is served by moving to the right in an attempt at appeasement. It is quite possible that the situation is hopeless for the right because the right wing vote is bound to be split in the way that the left wing vote was split in the Thatcher era. I know that a lot of UKIPers would react with glee to seeing Cameron and his cohorts thrown out, but it would achieve absolutely for them beyond that gratification.

    • patrick neil fillero

      Cameron shouldnt have called UKIPPERS a bunch of racist loonies then.

      It’s made UKIPPERS even more determined.

      • Mycroft

        I agree actually, that was the one thing that has ever provoked into thinking about voting UKIP at a Westminster election.

    • JohnDark

      Really? How about if it concentrates Tory minds. They might throw Cameron out and adopt some Tory policies. They then might even have the sense to build an electoral alliance with Ukip…..
      That would be a considerable achievement……………

      • Mycroft

        I’m far from far convinced that a move to the right, especially if it was seen as being under pressure from UKIP, would improve the Tories’ chances of winning the next election. UKIP has already achieved all that it could hope to achieve by helping to force Cameron to concede an EU referendum, but he has to be in power after the election if it is to be held.

        • Wessex Man

          If you believe Cameron will stick to his pledge in the unlikely event that he wins an outright victory, you probably also believe in fairies!

          • Mycroft

            No, it is a matter of recognizing political necessities. Not only has Cameron explicitly promised a referendum, but it will form a central plank of the Tory election manifesto; there is no way in which he could draw back from that, especially when there are so many Eurosceptics among the Tory MPs. I know that is an uncomfortable fact for UKIPers, but to claim that there wouldn’t be a referendum after it had been promised in the Tory manifesto is either silly or dishonest.

  • Tom Tom

    Be nice to have a new party gain representation

    • Noa

      A pity Beppe Grillo isn’t standing there. He would be delivering the ‘vaffanculo’ the electorate feels towards its ‘masters’.

  • Ray Veysey

    Cameron was “forced” to take on Maria Hutchinson as a candidate, not to do so would have caused another row, and drawn attention to her anti europe views, thereby admitting his fear of UKIP. If now UKIP actually beat him with her in the race it is going to be a bloodbath. The defection of Marta Andreasen will soon be forgotten in the political sand storm. The other irony of it all is that if Maria Hutchings wins, Cameron gains another thorn in the side when she joins the existing rebels.

  • Archimedes

    “For it will increase calls from his own benches for more UKIP-style policies.”

    Yes, but UKIP is not a set of a policies. It’s a persona. If the Conservatives want a UKIP style surge, then they have to adapt their characters, not their policies.

    • Arthur Thompson

      Well, any Shortfalls,when UKIP Get in in Office,I Volunteer my services and then, a more Final solution.can be made of a more positive nature, I am a chip of the old block. Not like them masquerading,Politicians,and see the Ruination of Great Britain.
      While they feather there own Nests.

  • Davey12

    Doing badly because people like me will never vote for any of the main parties again.

    Labour will never win my vote.

    LibDems will never win it.

    Tories will never get it.

    All traitors. Rather sit at home and not vote than vote for any of the above scum.

    • Hexhamgeezer

      No – you must go and spoil your vote. Staying at home is counted as acquiesence by these shysters

      • Radford_NG


      • Davey12

        I will spoil the vote

        • Deidre Vernon

          Don’t waste your vote. VOTE UKIP!

    • Radford_NG

      Or turn-out and “VOTE INFORMAL”… spoil the ballot paper….tell them what you think of them on it……at least write;`none of these`.

      • Tedsed

        Davey12, don’t spoil your vote, at least give a new party (UKIP) a chance. You will like what you see and maybe join us in trying to make our country “Great” again.
        Please vote UKIP.

    • John Walsh

      Nothing ever changed by people doing nothing , it just gets worse and worse until a Hitler comes along to “save ” you

  • realpolitikhome

    “A strong UKIP showing will cause problems for David Cameron too. For it
    will increase calls from his own benches for more UKIP-style policies”

    Could actually go the other way. Maria Hutchings, the Tory candidate in Eastleigh, is very much on “UKIP message”: Anti-EU, anti-gay marriage … And yet she is struggling.

    • andagain

      Perhaps, but Camerons opponents will hardly pay attention to that. They will just say that she should have been more anti-EU, anti-gay marriage, anti-immigration and so on.

    • patrick neil fillero

      because people know Maria Hutching’s would be influence in the Tory party will be almost zero.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      Nobody but nobody would believe Dave’s handpicked candidate is anything remotely in line with UKIP.

      Well, Cameroon HQ might believe that, or at least would like to trick people into believing that, but beside them….

    • Wessex Man

      Only because she’s a Tory!

  • Wrath of Rune

    The last thing the British right needs to do is try and get Cameron to move to the right, Cameron should be forced to take his ‘Liberal Conservatism’ course and have it soundly rejected at the polls. That is the only way for this Cameroon neo-Blair ideology to be killed off.

    If the Conservatives adopt a more rightwing-populist approach and the Conservatives still fail to get votes (which of course is happening) then you will hear the calls of ‘we didn’t modernise enough’ and the party will still be pulling in two directions.

    Seeing as Conservatives are aping Labour spending plans, it won’t make a scrap of difference which of them is in charge come 2015… you will still get higher taxes and mass immigration.

    If only we had open primaries and a recall mechanism, we wouldn’t have to suffer as many of these useless gutless identikit MPs that the central parties force upon us.

  • Grrr8

    The million $ question: with a Tory candidate like Maria “UKIP” Hutchings, why is the party doing badly vs UKIP? This has got to be the key question for Tory strategy for 2015.

    • Tom Tom

      Because she has Cameron appearing alongside her

    • patrick neil fillero

      why vote for UKIP-lite Maria Hutchings when you can get the real deal

    • Smithersjones2013

      Because people have cottoned on that almost everything Cameron does is posturing and manipulation. A sham for the electorate’s consumption whilst Cameron advances his own agenda in private.

    • Russell

      The answer is blindingly obvious……Because Cameron & Co. want to remain in the EU and will campaign to do so. UKIP want the UK out of the EU, simple to understand.

    • Remittance Man

      Because people know that however “right” Maria Hutchings may be, she will have bugger all effect on the course this government is taking. Indeed, if she is elected Cameron will see this as a vindication of his plan. For righties who may like Mrs Hutchings’s politics, voting for her has no upside.

      Voting UKIP, however, sends a very strong message to Cameron; although he may not like it and could well try to twist or even ignore its meaning. This is only reinforced by the fact the worst consequence of denying the Tories a victory is that Eastleigh sends another euro-loving yellow b’stard to Westminster to replace the one about to be put in prison.

  • Makroon

    Spectacularly badly timed Osborne announcement on IHT.
    Interesting to see if there is an Andreasen effect.