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The View from 22 — the battle for Eastleigh and free riding the NHS

21 February 2013

8:59 AM

21 February 2013

8:59 AM

The Tories and Lib Dems are locking horns in Eastleigh but what is Labour’s strategy? In this week’s View from 22 podcast, James Forsyth debates with the Fabian Society’s Marcus Roberts on how Labour is working to regain long-lost voters in the South East, as well as their aims for this by-election. We also examine this week’s Spectator cover on what Eastleigh says about the health of the coalition.

Mary Wakefield joins to discuss the next big NHS scandal — the abuse of access to treatment. Does anyone track access to NHS services? Do doctors care about who patients are and can anything be done about it? Freddy Gray also explains why we need a rethink on taxes, as well as why David Cameron shouldn’t have bothered to comment on Hilary Mantel’s LRB essay.


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The View from 22 — 21 February 2013. Length: 26:59

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Show comments
  • Angloafricanaustrian

    Why the headline ‘Eastleigh by-election 2012’ (and not 2013?)

  • Seig Heil and the Fuhrers

    Who’s views are Westminster representing?

  • Tom Tom

    Miliband should try to “re-connect” with voters in the North who are turned off completely. As for the NHS it certainly needs to float Nicholson out to sea so he can focus on his weight and diabetes which seems to detract from his proper duties. Then we could find out why GPs put people on long-term medication without review or checking – as if they are drug-dealers working for Big Pharma trying to develop a clientele. We could see why NHS “Managers” – a farcical term for Bureaucrats who simply CYA

    • HooksLaw

      The only farce is the incredible ignorance of your comments.

      • Tom Tom

        Thank you H-L. I know you try your best.