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The View from 22 — Leveson debate special

1 February 2013

1:15 PM

1 February 2013

1:15 PM

The Spectator hosted a sell out debate on Thursday night on the motion ‘Leveson is a fundamental threat to the free press’, and you can now hear what happened. As Fraser reported yesterday, it was a lively affair, with the motion carried albeit with a significant swing to those speaking against. Although the quality is not as good as we had hoped, you should still be able to follow what happened.  You can hear the individual speakers at:

2:30 – Richard Littlejohn (for)
11:25 – Chris Bryant (against)
23:26 – Guido Fawkes (for)
32:21 – Max Mosley (against)
40:44 – John Whittingdale (for)
51:50 – Evan Harris (against)
1:05:13 – Questions and answers with Andrew Neil
1:33:55 — Final remarks


Listen back to the debate with the embedded player below or by subscribing to our regular View from 22 podcast through iTunes. Our regular podcast will be back on 14 February.

The View from 22 – Leveson debate special. Length 1:43:27

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  • Tim

    So why isn’t it on iTunes yet? Sort it out!

  • Powder

    I subscribe to The View. It’s not on my just-refreshed iPod. Checked iTunes. Not there either.

  • Terence Hale

    The View from 22 — Leveson debate special. Keep smiling it could be worse, and they smiled and it was worse. The EU commission’s plans for press control are far more extreme than those of Lord Leveson. Through the back door of EU legislation it could be a hard time for a free press.

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