The Fleet Street fox hunt

12 February 2013

12 February 2013

One of London’s worst kept secrets has finally been revealed in an explosion of PR and TV appearances for Susie Boniface, the hack behind the Fleet Street Fox mask. Whilst anonymous, the former Sunday Mirror journalist managed to bring the unlikely bedfellows of Nadine Dorries and Jemima Khan together into an angry pact of hatred toward the acerbic blogger.

Now that Foxy’s long awaited book is out, a new guessing game has begun: who are the charmingly-named characters based upon? The true identities of ‘TwatFace’, ‘Fatty’ and ‘Princess Flashy Knickers’ should be cringing in newsrooms across Fleet Street, as their cigarette paper thin disguises unravel. Snappy ‘Tania Banks’, a rival tabloid hack, will be particularly angry. However when asked, Boniface told Mr Steerpike:

‘If anyone wants to complain they might stop when they know what’s been left on the cutting room floor out of kindness/lawyer paranoia.’

You have been warned hacks.

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