The Adventures of Ed

22 February 2013

11:06 AM

22 February 2013

11:06 AM

Steerpike is back in this week’s edition of The Spectator. Here is a sneak preview, as ever:

‘Ed Miliband, meeting Denmark’s prime minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, gobbled up his Danish pastry double-quick so that he could immortalise their interview on Twitter. ‘Discussed growth, living standards and how to make Europe work for its people,’ he told his followers. The technical term, ‘people’, here refers to beneficiaries of the gargantuan EU bureaucracy like Glenys and Neil Kinnock who, by an apt coincidence, are the parents-in-law of Ms Thorning-Schmidt. Mr Miliband then sprinted off to a top-level seminar on innovation. This prompted another newsflash. ‘Hearing about Laila Ohlgren who invented the call button on mobile phones.’ Important stuff, Ed. Don’t forget to meet the pioneer who added the heating element to the toaster. And the genius who made soup bowls concave. And the chap who put holes in pepper pots. And the guy who decided to stand under a tree while it was raining.’

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  • margaret benjamin

    and don’t forget the hole in the polo mint !

  • therealguyfaux

    And don’t forget the man who put the “bomp” in the “bomp-shoo-bomp-shoo-bomp,” nor the one who put the “ram” in the “ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong,” either.

  • runskippyrun

    and the man who put the hole in the toilet seat, don’t forget to thank him too Mr Ed…

  • Dicky14

    If someone told you they invented the call button on a phone, surely, surely, you’d assume they were crackers. How did A.G.Bell figure it out, nip round to the dude and tell him to pick up the phone? I despair sometimes. Ho hum.

  • Daniel Pryor

    This is brilliant.

  • Ron Todd

    I voted Tory allmy life now I look at Milliband Junior and Cameron and I can’t decide which one Ieast want to be PM.

    • Phil Ruse

      Neither can they!

    • Hugh

      Nick Clegg.