Redistribution, Toynbee style

14 February 2013

1:26 PM

14 February 2013

1:26 PM

On Monday, Polly Toynbee told her shrinking Guardian audience that ‘Britain is a country profoundly ignorant about the distribution of its wealth.’ Well, allow Mr Steerpike to do his part in solving this plight and shine a little light on where that wealth goes.

I’ve been passed an invitation to host an ‘audience’ with the very same Ms. Toynbee, who is apparently ‘renown for her left-leaning, social democratic stance’. The enticing offer will let profoundly ignorant Britons learn from the lady ‘seen as the epitome of leftwing, politically correct reactionism’ for a small sum. Though at £2,750 for a couple of hours work, we might have to do a whip-round.

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  • PhilO’TheWisp

    £2750. That’s 27.5 years worth of my tax savings under Miliband’s 10p tax plan. Bargain.

  • Patricia

    Wealthy lefties just don’t see the irony in their remarks do they ?

  • Netcontributor

    All lefties preach. they dont practice.

    • M. Wenzl

      What would be the point in practicing? If you have 100 beans and you redistribute them across a million strong population with two beans each, that’s hardly going to make a difference, is it? It’s more of a question of collective redistribution innit.

  • alexmasterley

    “£2,750 for a couple of hours work” ?? I wouldn’t get out of bed for twice that.

  • Stephen Medlock

    Tuscany villa & London mansion to support . .

  • fitz fitzgerald

    Quelle grotesque : it is laughable that this “wealth” obsessed, leftist, Tuscan – or is it Umbrian – bird is handed so much publicity … how many jobs did she create today, lads ?

  • Mr.D.Advocate

    That bouffant Pekingese hairdo won’t style itself don’t you know.

  • Gold Bug

    She’s right. If more people realised just how much of their money was “redistributed” to parasites like Polly and her champagne socialist friends they’d probably be lighting torches and hunting for pitchforks right now.

  • Judith Hibbert


  • George Anderton

    I might think of paying it if it was a farewell speech and she promised then to b***er off to some foreign country and left us alone.

    • Dick_Turpin

      She spends most of her time in a foreign country already George. Wonder if her tax affairs are based in the Caymans like the rest of the Grauniad’s…

  • dan


  • The Tuscan Kid

    How much does she charge to not attend?

  • Jingleballix

    Toynbee is the biggest fraud in Christendom…………even above Cameron.

  • Bill Kenny

    Generally speaking wealth is n’t distributed but in fact earned.

    • Grrr8

      Oh Bill, you innocent, if only if it were true. Plenty of rent seeking folk out there grabbing at a dis-honest crust.