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PMQs: Ed Miliband fails to bowl Cameron out

13 February 2013

1:37 PM

13 February 2013

1:37 PM

I suspect that David Cameron was in a better mood at the end of PMQs than at the start. He sailed through the session with relative ease.

Ed Miliband went on living standards, his specialist subject, but his delivery was oddly flat. It was as if he was giving Cameron throw-downs in the nets rather than trying to bowl him out.


Cameron, who has been bested on the joke front these past few weeks, also had the better one liners. He gleefully read out an email from the Labour press office inviting people to a Miliband speech on the economy but warning there was no new policy in it. Labour, though, are claiming that they’re grateful for the plug for the speech.

One other interesting moment was when Penny Mordaunt, a Hampshire MP and one of the leaders of the Lords rebellion, used PMQs to take a pop at the Lib Dem candidate in Eastleigh. To much enthusiasm on the benches behind him, Cameron responded with a wee shot at the Lib Dems and an endorsement of the Tory candidate. I suspect that there’ll be a fair bit more coalition argy-bargy before the good people of Eastleigh go to the polls.

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  • Magnolia

    Mr Miliband was truly dreadful today. He looked amateurish and his questions were not true enquiries but infantile playground jibes. The delivery of his questioning had a boastful tone which was inappropriate. At one point it looked like Ms A Eagle was giving the finger to the PM but I think she was indicating that something was going up.
    On present showing it won’t be Mr Miliband’s standing as a leader with the voters.
    Mr Bradshaw asked a short, polite question and the PM should have answered it and there were also too many planted questions but otherwise he did very well.
    I would like to see a broader political explanation to the answers because i think it sounds bad to get bogged down in the minutiae of every coalition tweak to state functioning because it sounds so pathetic and too defensive to Labour’s many unanswerable questions.

    • Hexhamgeezer

      ‘Ms A Eagle was giving the finger to the PM but I think she was indicating that something was going up.’

      Yes maybe she was trying to distract the PM with an obscure sexual double entendre.

  • HooksLaw

    What does Miiband expect from living standards when his party left a 7% drop in GDP and 160 billion deficit and a mass of spending that could not be supported by the economy even when it was supposedly in rude health.

  • toco10

    A little gentle practice for Cameron bearing in mind the Election is more than two years away.By that time Red Ed may no longer be participating in PMQs given such a nonentity will never be taken seriously as a potential Prime Minister.

  • Alan Douglas

    On Milli’s first question, DC answered it fully, saying “Yes, people WILL be better off.” Then Milli can back with his usual pre-scripted “As usual, no answer” rubbish. Milli is simply rubbishat PMQs. I also spent more time thinking about marketing a pair of nodding dogs, called Nodding Butch and Nodding Bitch, both flanking little Milli.

    Alan Douglas

  • Chris lancashire

    Failed to bowl him out? A series of no balls from Miliband; but watch Labour spin that.