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Nick Clegg’s statement on Lord Rennard raises as many questions as it answers

24 February 2013

24 February 2013

Nick Clegg’s statement this evening concedes that he was aware of general concerns about Lord Rennard’s alleged behaviour. He says that he asked his then chief of staff Danny Alexander to confront Rennard about these concerns in 2008. Rennard told Alexander, Clegg says, that there was no truth to the allegations. Again, it is worth stressing that Rennard denies all the complaints made against him.

Clegg, though, angrily refutes suggestions that he was aware of any specific allegations. He complains about a ‘show trial of innuendo, half-truths and slurs’ against the Liberal Democrats.

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Following Clegg’s statement, most attention now will focus on the Alexander Rennard meeting in 2008. Was it formal or informal? Were other party officials present? And, did Alexander simply accept Rennard’s word as a fellow Liberal Democrat or did he attempt to investigate further?

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