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Exclusive: MPs could debate controls for Bulgarian and Romanian migrants

15 February 2013

5:45 PM

15 February 2013

5:45 PM

So far, MPs have only been able to raise concerns about the effects of the end of transitional controls for Bulgarian and Romanian migrants in departmental questions in the Commons. But one Tory is calling for a full backbench debate on the issue after recess. I understand that Mark Pritchard wants the government to extend transitional controls beyond 2013. He has applied for a debate, and tells me:

‘I am pleased that the government is looking at the pull factors that will draw thousands of Bulgarian and Romanian migrants to the UK. However, time is running out and action rather than words are required. There also needs to be a recognition that there are also push factors and reducing pull factors alone will not be sufficient. The government needs to extend transitional border controls beyond 2013. The government should be exploring all legal means to deliver this.

‘It would help public confidence if the government gives a timetable in which they will report how they are going to reduce pull factors. It’s all open-ended at the moment.’

This could get interesting if the debate is granted: backbenchers may well feel there is considerable value in speaking their mind and offering their advice on what the government should do about the push and pull factors, or indeed about extending border controls. Remember that the Prime Minister praised their contribution to the EU Budget contributions on Monday: they may well now feel this is an issue they can influence by speaking out in the Chamber.

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  • Bob339

    Please consider going here and signing the petition.

  • Barbara Stevens

    What they should do is inform the govenments where these people will come from housing will not be provided, no health care will be provided, no free education will be provided for their children, and certainly no benefits. If the come they will be left to their own devices. Certainly no child benefits. In any case this should be stopped they should claim it in their own country. Of course, parliement will debate, but will it come to anything. I have my doubts. Parliament has become just that a debating chamber and nothing else. Action, is what we want not words, and by passing the EU and their silly laws is paramount. We need to restart taking our own country back and making sure the EU realises this. Enough is enough. I read in the Daily Mail who is proposing to come here an uneducated mass of people, gypsies, who cannot speak English, its obvious they will be economic migrants nothing else. Who would employ these people I ask that? No they are of no value to this country whatsoever. They should be stopped from coming here, if we are so much in dire straights we can’t afford them, and why should we even try to afford them? If they are allowed to come it will be the death knell for the three main parties, and UKIP will triumph in the end. They may be our only saviour.

  • Tom Tom

    The British cannot even stop Romanian horse meat entering the country

    • Fak_Zakaix

      Or stop their own exporting British horse meat treated with the dangerous drug “bute”. Such a disgraceful country!

  • Barbara Stevens

    I think we should put a stop on all migration to the UK, we’ve enough unemployed ourselves, enough hard core who won’t work, and enough graduates here cannot find work, so all spectums of unemployment we already have, we don’t need more. These people are coming for the generous benefits, nothing else but will work in the black market as well. Cameron should act now, and if the EU don’t like it, tough. Enough is enough, I’m sick of paying taxes to keep foreigners, why work if that’s all we keep. Shut the door tight and no excuses.

  • sceptic3

    They can debate all they like; Brussels is still in charge.

  • Grrr8

    Allowing such a debate would be sheer madness on the part of the govt. The comparison w/ the budget negotiations is erroneous as there are no negotiations to be had on removing free movement for the A2 countries. Instead we will have the odious scenario of Tory MPs acting as the Nasty Party on Tv. The only benefit I can see here is to snare Lib Dem and Labour MPs into some sort of trap ie. being forced to express concern on the issue or be painted as “unpatriotic”.

  • Bob Dixon

    We need them to harvest strawberries,potatoes,salad crops . The east europeans have moved up the social ladder.

    • Boudicca_Icenii

      There is no reason why we shouldn’t import agricultural workers each summer on 6-monthly restricted work permits …. allowing them to work in a specified geographical area on agricultural work ONLY. And at the end of the 6 months, the onus is on the employer to ensure they leave the country …. or they lose their licence to import foreign workers in the future.
      Open borders to the whole of the EU is destroying the UK.

  • Russell Manard

    Lets hope Parliament actually start to look after the interests of British people instead of everyone else

    Sign this petition to restrict Bulgarian and Romanians from entering the UK:

  • Tom Tom

    Looking at some of the types I just shared an incoming flight with I wonder if the horse has already bolted – they hardly looked like fruit pickers, more like scrap metal collectors and gang bosses and if I had to guess I would think they came from states bordering Russia…….it was depressing that the disdainful stare of the Police desk behing Immigration did not turn concern into action

    • Fak_Zakaix

      Why do you travel to their countries if you do not like them?

      • Tom Tom

        I did not travel to THEIR country. They simply travelled TO the country I was visiting from THEIR country to take a flight from that particular airport in Central Europe

  • Boudicca_Icenii

    It’s really very easy to keep the hordes of Romanian and Bulgarian welfare-claimants out.
    You impose border controls. And when the EU kicks off, you tell them that the British people won’t allow the country to be flooded with immigrants who will NEVER contribute to the UK economy anything even remotely approaching what they will cost it.
    All we need is a Government with the Will to stand up for the British people.
    And that’s the problem!

  • Ron Todd

    Cameron has hinted that he wants control on the number of Rumanian and Bulgarian immigrants. He has said that we will not become a magnet for welfare tourism. And he would welcome an unlimited number of Indian Students. I only believe one of those statements.

    • Fak_Zakaix

      It is spelled Roumania or better still Ruritania.

  • Paul J

    But we must have lots of Indians?
    What on earth is the man on about.

  • Simon Morgan

    What border controls? Ever since the tv stations started to shine a light on our ‘Customs and Border Control’, it’s become crystal clear there is no ‘Border Control’. The one show that encapsulates this sick joke is the one where a Nigerian gentleman arrived at Heathrow with a passport stating that he was 15 years old (he had to be mid-40’s at least!). Our eagle-eyed Border Control spotted this discrepancy and he was taken for interview. A young and efficient Officer went through the process diligently, and the man was about to be put on the next plane back – when he played his trump card. His grandfather was threatening to kill him (probably with voodoo). Next, he’s whisked off to safe lodgings in SW, and a few days later disappears. That’s our ‘Border Control’ and I’m sure we can all sleep happier knowing they’re doing such a fine job protecting us……

    • echo34

      Now imagine seeing that sort of thing everyday and you’ll see why morale in UKBA is at its lowest ever.

      • Simon Morgan

        Well, it’s pretty pointless isn’t it? If you were an illegal immigrant to the UK you’d have to be stupid to be denied entry – you wouldn’t even need a passport. But I do sympathise with you – it’s the fault of this insane PC world we now inhabit, not the UKBA.

  • Smithersjones2013

    Oh goodie more hot air expended on doing nothing with no change in outcome (i.e. another Eastern European invasion). I can’t wait…….(Yawn)

  • james donal faulkner

    What are “legal mains”?


  • anyfool

    The solution should be simple, do as they did with votes for prisoners, then see which way Labour will vote.

  • Dacus

    Romanians and Bulgarians, white and Europeans are personae non gratae while
    Indians are welcome. Happy Calcutta-on-Thames!

    • Barbara Stevens

      The people of these islands don’t want any of them. period.

  • Framer

    I thought Stewart Jackson MP had started a bill to amend the EU regulations concerned? Where did it get to?

    • Tom Tom

      The round filing cabinet no doubt. If Westminster could amend EU legislation we should have no major problems

  • Russell

    Emergency measures can be brought in to prevent any mass immigration from these countries, even within EU rules, so there are no excuses to just wait and let this catastrophe happen.
    Cameron & Co. need to get a grip of this now.

    • Austin Barry

      London is lost, our other cities are lost.

      But Chipping Camden still bathes in the yellow Cotswold light as the spectral ploughman wends his weary way home and a ghostly train pulls into Adlestrop.

      Cameron and his chums don’t care one iota for the consequences of mass immigration. They are liberated by wealth, distance and a patrician indifference.

      • Daniel Maris

        Hmmm, think that you have rather put your finger on it. If it was their children were being denied jobs and housing by mass immigration they would address the crisis. As it is, they try to pretend it’s not a crisis. Some bien pensants have even been known to claim that they are blithely unconcerned by Mohammed becoming the most popular boy’s name in the UK (even though many of their other actions belie that).

        • HooksLaw

          Singular lack of imagination amongst Muslim parents?
          Lack of imagination in the Labour Party the last time the EU expanded?

          Labour are in a bit of a dilemma because one of the pushpull factors is that our economy may be doing better than the Eurozone.

          • Daniel Maris

            Our economy has lost contact with reality and is in a dreamworld of its own, where building tens of thousands of properties for foreign oligarchs, expanding Heathrow Airport so more immigrants can work there, and creating huge profits for finance companies that then send them abroad where they can’t be taxed is all supposedly indicative of “growth” and “success” .

            • Tom Tom

              It is a typical Offshore Tax Haven like Jersey which has a brass-plate culture divorced from farming and has driven tourism away……Britain = London to so many foreigners

          • Tom Tom

            Actually Mohammed is more a family tradition – the rising name Osama is more interesting in certain postcodes.

      • Tony Quintus

        If you truely think our cities are lost, why are you not fighting to regain them?

        • anyfool

          The only way that the cities can be returned to there former state will be a civil war, i dont think everyone is ready for that yet.

          • Tony Quintus

            Or perhaps just having enough spine to to acquiesce to the idea of no go area/minority ghettos and gentrify/rehabilitate the city through sheer force of will and community action.
            As a country we are approx 80% white british and almost 90% integrated british, to suggest that we need a civil war to retain our value system and rehabilitate our country is indicative of the fear which you have allowed to grow in your heart.

            • anyfool

              No fear, just a reflection on our character to opt for the easy way until there is no other possible way.

              The one consolation is, if Islamic society took over the first to be freed from earthly shackles will be lefty sympathisers, “after all who likes a traitor” its better the likes of telemachus checkout what happened in Iran when Khomeini took over.

              • Tom Tom

                Wrong. In the Gulags it was the Criminals who were used to policve the Politicals and Intellectuals. Any sensible group would use the marxist Left to control the docile English much as the Nazis used the Jewish Community to organise their transports from German cities to Poland. It is much more effective to let law-abiding English lambs be led by Judas goats to confinement and slaughter

              • Tony Quintus

                Your character my friend, not mine, and one would hope not ours as a nation.

          • Tom Tom

            They never are

      • Trevor Padley

        Spot on!

      • Patricia

        “Cameron and his chums don’t care one iota for the consequences of mass immigration. They are liberated by wealth, distance and a patrician indifference.”
        Too right – not to mention the fact that CamClegg and their cronies will probably have nice little Euro Parliament jobs waiting for them when the time comes.

    • Bob339

      Do not, under any circumstances, hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

  • Field Marshal

    No debate necessary.
    Keep them out.
    If any slip in deny them benefits.

    • Tom Tom

      They don’t need benefits when there are sheep in fields and metal fittings to be collected. You really think benefit scams are anything other than covering the cost of the women while the men find really lucrative deals

      • Field Marshal

        You point is opaque.
        Erect legal barriers now to prevent access.
        If Cameron is sincere about renegotiation any legal action by the Commission against this will be delayed until Cameron has sealed the deal.

        • Tom Tom

          My point is crystal clear. Romanians have long been in Spain and Italy and Germany and England. You must live in profound ignorance if you do not see cars with “RO” on the licence plates – only yesterday I looked at a lovely new Volvo with “RO” plates in a local car park. You can put posters up and employ Romasnian Detectors at every port of entry but you will be throwing dust in your own eyes. Cameron is simply going through the motions – this is not a race waiuting for the starters gun but a seepage through a porous membrane

        • Bob339

          Cameron is not sincere. If he were he would not be talking about reconsidering a full three years after the barriers go down. Cameron is a lying, incompetetent toad.

    • Mike, Dalian

      Field marshal, may I suggest you resign your commission and apply for the job of prime minister?

  • Youbian


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