Look out Liverpool

12 February 2013

11:58 AM

12 February 2013

11:58 AM

Now here’s something to warm the heart. A bunch of medics from Liverpool have set up an organisation called ‘Street Doctors’, where they go out and teach gang members how to staunch and sew up stab wounds. The obvious downside to this pioneering initiative is that we will probably, as a consequence, be left with more living gang members than would otherwise have been the case. They do not seem to have thought about that. Unless they also plan to teach them the most efficacious places to stab someone, perhaps with a cut-out-and-keep diagrammatical aid. Hopefully the NHS will intervene and instead of sewing up stab victims, the gang members will be taught how to put their injured bros on an economically viable care pathway, with professional counselling all the way to the crematorium.

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  • Neuberger’s Cocktail

    Perhaps the data flow should be the other way round? Stabbing the right artery seems to bring about a far more humane death than doctors implementing the ‘liverpool care pathway’ can manage.

  • Roger Hudson

    Average kids think that when you get stabbed you can press reset and the game starts again. Teaching how vulnerable the body is to knives will in passing show some nutters were to stab for most effect but most kids would learn how often death is the result.
    I once had to staunch the outpouring of a cut vein in a buttock ( only heavy pressure works) when a boy got just a small jab in the bum in a school corridor, he lost three pints before the ambulance took him away.
    The police don’t do enough to stop gang violence, or even gang membership, they seem too busy with hacking, expenses or homophobia : all non-life threatening.
    Half the so-called ‘protection officers’, political ego strokers, should be redeployed to operation Trident to protect black university students etc.

  • Daniel Gallotti

    The UK is the ZOG/NWO main headquarters since the 19th century, thanks to Disraeli and Rothschild.
    David Cameron comes from a jewish banking Family, Ed Milband from a jewish marxista Family.
    You need to look who are the TOP DOGS, the blacks and muslims are just the effect of large malaise with society.

  • Robert Taggart

    Liverpool boldly goes where only Zurich has gone before !

  • John Steadman

    Surely they could get some of the lads from London to show them how to render a disabling rather than fatal lunge with the knife? “Safe stabbing”, that should be the approach.

  • Forest Fan

    Is that Greg Proops taking the guys pulse in the photo?

  • Wilhelm

    I did ”enjoy” the link to the Daily Mail story that Rod provided, shows a photograph of two WHITE girl gang members. Hmm, misdirection, perhaps ?

    • Simon Fay

      IIRC a few years ago the BBC’s drama dept responded to the then-current surge in London muggings by having a relevant storyline in ‘Eastenders’:, where an elderly Asian man was robbed by two White girls….

      • Wilhelm

        Interesting article about the Cultural Marxist propaganda in Eastenders, everyones into miscegenation !!

    • BorderlineFascist

      Have you seen Midsomer Murders lately Willhelm- token darky in every episode, its pathetic .

      • Wilhelm

        The producer of Midsomer Murders, Brian True-May kept it ALL white for 14 years, that’s the way he liked it, good for him, then he told the press, big mistake, he was forced to take early retirement.

        • Roger Hudson

          But in ‘Midsomer Murders’ at least all the murders were for some, if crazy, motive. Most real gang related murders are random victim murders due to robbery or drugs.

      • Wilhelm

        My favourite was the Bill, every policeman was black and every criminal was white !! Complete fantasy.

  • Robert Taggart

    Liverpool Care Pathway – one small step to cull human numbers – one giant leap for the cause of human extinction !
    It has our vote !!

  • Wilhelm

    Every death is good, keeps their numbers down.

  • Simon Fay

    Gang-related STABBINGs in my old home town? nah…plenty of shootings that make the NW news, but the knife thing’s a Black London trope.

  • The Shambolic Skeptic

    As during the crack cocaine, drive by shootings in the US in the 1990s… best plan is to give them all guns. There will be fewer of them soon enough.

  • pedestrianblogger

    Q; what do you call a Scouser in a suit? A: the accused.

    • Cadillac jewel

      Woo-hoo! By the way, I have just found out that Blackie’s real name is Jack. Well, that’s the main part all the same. Ack ack ack: let’s face it, that’s what he does all day!

    • Hugo Lindsay

      I like that. You can, of course, apply it to groups of people other than Scousers.

  • FrankS

    Why those giant used condoms hanging from the fence in the pic? Is Ivor Bigun a Scouser?

  • Baron

    How could you, young Liddle, you’ve forgotten this is the age of equality or what, these gang members have human rights like what we have, must be treated equally with the rest of us, the fact they are to self-sew each others macho wounds should be applauded, not sneered at.

    Good on you, Street Doctors, next target, self aborting for teenage girls.

    • BorderlineFascist

      Christ Baron, I was boxing in some pipework today and cut my damn finger when listening to Jeremy Vine.

      • Baron

        Baron has replied, got censored by the defenders of free speech.

  • Forest Fan

    And if something goes wrong….will they be suing fellow gang members for damages? anyone?

  • gelert

    Meanwhile back at the A&E the queues get longer and longer while these numpties are patting themselves on the back and no doubt writing up their innovation in the lefty Lancet.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    Keep crims alive, kill pensioners.

    Improves the voting demographics for some I suppose.

  • cyllan2

    only in england…..

  • DougS

    Liverpool – pioneer of a ‘care’ pathway designed to kill hospital patients (with a juicy bonus for the hospitals that are enthusiastic implementers) now trying to keep people alive!

    I wonder if they’ve changed the bonus system?

    • Robert Taggart

      More fool them if so !

  • MaxSceptic

    Collectively, Médecins sans Cervelle