Jack Straw’s parting gift

27 February 2013

3:58 PM

27 February 2013

3:58 PM

Jack Straw cropped up in the Telegraph yesterday claiming that even if Iran does acquire nuclear weapons it wouldn’t be worth going to war over. This, it will be remembered, is the same man who as Foreign Secretary argued for full-scale military intervention in Iraq to disarm that country of Weapons of Mass Destruction which it turned out not to have.

Happily, putting Straw’s advice to the test, this morning’s Telegraph contains information about Iran’s ‘Plan B’ effort to gain nuclear weaponry right under the nose of the international inspections professionals. So it looks like Jack Straw’s best advice may yet work out. And what a legacy that would leave. As one final career high he may be successful in encouraging the world to stand by as the most genocide-happy regime gains possession of the most genocidal weaponry and starts a nuclear arms-race across the region.

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  • margaret benjamin

    Jack Straw, a man of straw more like, very surprised at him considering he is Jewish! Knowing the threat Israel faces from this monster in Iran and in turn other nations,watch your head on the door, on the way out Jack.

  • Simon Morgan

    Couldn’t agree more with the comments about Jack Straw – he is a complete waste of space, and always has been. But I’m still optimistic that Israel will prevent the mad mullahs from going nuclear. They are the last line of defense the civilised world has left, so let’s hope so anyway.

    • Mitt Moran

      I was wondering if you were drop on your head when you were a baby. Or maybe you are taking some medication that effect your thinking.

  • victor67

    Genocidal intent? evidence please and none of the hot air about wiping Israel of the map. There are many other nations that description could apply to including some western backed regimes like Sri Lanka. Even some pro Israel hawks have called for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from the west bank.
    I think most sane voices realise the catastrophic impact of war with Iran just to maintain US/Israeli military domination of the ME. Iran intent to get a bomb is not about destroying Israel but to become a regime that cannot be controlled or bullied by Pax Americana. Sure having the mullahs with this power is not neccessarily a good thing but not one to sacrifice British lives in preventing.

    • Daniel Maris

      Can you name another UN Member state which talks about wiping a fellow UN Member states off the map or talks of destroying such states or where the government organises prayer meetings to call on God to destroy those UN Member states?

      • drhrdth

        The racist colony of Israel! See the Samson solution.

        • Petra Thompson

          Hey, jew-hater. Can you actually provide us with some URLs of Israeli prime ministers declaring that your mad Dr. Evil proposal is their position? Only the likes of you and Himmler could believe such nonsense. Whereas the genocidal jew-hatred of muslim leaders turns up on a monthly basis. Why else is Mein Kampf a best-seller in Bangladesh, Turkey, etc.

          • chan chan

            Monthly? try daily…
            In actual fact, there is less anti-jew text in ‘Mein Kampf’ than there is in the Koran. The Koran trumps Hitler for jew-hatred. Who knew?

  • salieri

    “one final career high” – ah, what delectable irony – thank you for that. Jack Straw is a quiet man with much to be quiet about; a man with an admirably flexible sense of allegiance; an arch-survivor who has discharged just about every possible office in politics with the same extraordinary mediocrity; living proof that stature is not the same thing as longevity or self-regard.

    • dmitri the impostor

      You have just described Vyacheslav Molotov.

      • salieri

        .. but without an explosive (or any) legacy? Nice to hear from you again, Dmitri/Bruce/ACP/Mohammad Al-Faqtab/etc :- )

    • Baron

      salieri, what a beauty, merci

    • Simon Morgan

      Yes – I have to take my hat off to that one, salieri. What a peach!

    • Colonel Mustard

      Excellent. But beneath that bland, mediocre, unctuous exterior works a scheming conniver. That arch pioneer of the socialist nanny state, Barbara Castle, appointed him as her adviser because of his “guile and low cunning” – which could be said to neatly summarise the whole Labour party.

  • darwins beard

    I’m just Glad I don’t live in Tel Aviv reading this, it would be nice for those who talk about standing up to oppressive regimes to gain a spine and stand up for what is right.

    • fubar_saunders

      Jack Straw and backbone? Mutually exclusive…. 🙂

  • welshdai

    Let us remember that handsome Jack sent his insurance policy note to Tony the phony Blair the night before the liars sent our military on a mission based on lies to appease Bush and the rich American neocons?

  • stephen rothbart

    Iran take this seriously anymore?

    Look who is taking them on. Obama, Kerry and Hagel. Obama has just stopped one of aircraft carriers going to the Middle East because he might have a sequester coming up! I mean, the Iranians probably can’t believe their luck.

    As for the Straw man, how many Muslims live in his constituency again?

    • chan chan

      All the pieces are in place on the board in the US now for the Iranians to do whatever they want, when they want. Hagel is the final box-tick. Hagel is a scum bag, Kerry an idiot, and Obama a cross between the two.

  • hehyyt

    And WTF should we defend the ZioLoon’s expansionist supremacist apartheid racist colony? People are getting fed up with the constant pandering to them and their constant undermining of western democracies for their twisted cause.

    • Daniel Maris

      If you think Iran would stop at Israel…then you are in the Premier League of Naivety.

    • stephen rothbart

      Keep taking the tablets hehyt, and increase the dose, the one you are on is not working.

      Can you tell us, in your infinite wisdom, exactly who is pandering to Israel? The EU? Nope. The UN? Hah?

      Obama? Cameron? Hollande? I don’t think so.

      Oh and do look up the word “apartheid.” Any dictionary will do. You will find that Islamic states surrounding Israel have more to do with apartheid than most nations on earth now, while by the definition you will find in your dictionary, you will find Israel does not even come close.

    • anotherjoeblogs

      the arabs living in israel are not fleeing to live to live in…let’s say Egypt, are they ? what does that say ?

    • zakisbak

      And WTF should we defend the ZioLoon’s expansionist supremacist apartheid racist colony?-
      Indeed.It is the Islamowackedout fascist expansionist supremacist apartheid racist misogynistic homophobic anti-semitic ummah that we should be defending.

    • adamber

      The sound of your name sums you up nicely.

  • Austin Barry

    This from today’s usually reliable Debka Israeli intelligence website:

    (The report in the Telegraph) “.. underscored the view of British Prime Minister David Cameron. He has said in private conversations that US President Obama, French President Francois Hollande and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu are pursuing an unrealistic policy on Iran and should accept the reality that Iran has achieved a nuclear bomb capacity. Sanctions are therefore pointless and futile and should be lifted.
    The point contributed by the Telegraph – for the benefit of the incoming US defense secretary – was that Iran has achieved a dual track to an atomic bomb, which only goes to strengthen Cameron’s argument.”

    Straw just seems to be a proxy for the UK’s tacit acceptance of a nuclear Iran.

    • Daniel Maris

      Cameron the Sharia-creep…or should that be Sharia-sheep.

  • Curnonsky

    We may be sure that his views are widely shared among the Ashton/Rompuy set to whom appeasement is as natural as flying first class or stepping into a limousine.

    • Daniel Maris

      Does Ashton actually have a policy of any description? I’ve never heard her pronounce on anything – well not to the extent that I’ve actually remembered her saying anything of any not whatsoever.

      • Hexhamgeezer

        I’m told that she is the ‘ne plus ultra’ of bag packing. She can put together some hand luggage for a 2 day trip in the space of 5 minutes AND always knows where she put her passport.which is precisely what one needs from a Head Grand High Representative Foreign Outreach Coordinator.

  • Daniel Maris

    This problem really started with Jack Straw. As I recall he wasted about 5 years being run rings round by the Mullahs who did the old “I’m a moderate trying to restrain the extremists” line for which he fell completely.

    He then walked away from the issue, having allowed the Mad Mullahs a head start.

    I think it will be a very bleak day when they finally acquire nuclear weapons as we know they are addicted to proxy action. There is a real danger of this escalating into an Israelie pre-emptive nuclear strike as well if their conventional attack fails.

    • welshdai

      You forgot that handsome Jack was more concerned about the lesbian Condie being made to suffer watching Blackburn rovers?

      • Daniel Maris

        I liked Condie…even more when she made that Freudian blunder, calling President Bush her “husband”. 🙂

  • David Lindsay

    I don’t know which is more reassuring, that this is by Jack Straw, of all people, or that it was published in the Daily Telegraph, of all newspapers. Any chance of a paleocon commentator in the Speccie?

  • The Laughing Cavalier

    Iranian negotiators ran rings round this fool.

    • Albert

      Iranian negotiators seem to call him “Jack”.

      • The Laughing Cavalier

        Probably because he achieved Jack S**t

        • Daniel Maris

          Yep…when he left them at the airport they would shout to him “Jack off!”.