It’s still you, Professor Beard

4 February 2013

4:01 PM

4 February 2013

4:01 PM

It’s time to panic. I read at the weekend that sophisticated hackers have burrowed their way into no less than 250,000 Twitter accounts. What shall we do? Henceforth, when we read that Stephen Fry has just eaten a sandwich, we cannot be absolutely certain that it is the real Stephen Fry who has eaten the sandwich or a shadowy interloper masquerading as Stephen Fry. Or Joey Barton, when he tells us that he wants to stamp on someone’s throat – well, it might not be Joey at all. Fascinating and incisive Tweets about matters of the day from non-celebrities – Camron u r a f****** joke lol #shinyfacedrichboy – will suddenly lose their power to persuade when we cannot be absolutely certain as to their authenticity. The entire idiotsphere is thrown off its axis and life may not be the same again.

Incidentally, I see Mary Beard was ‘gobsmacked‘ by my article which suggested she was talking rot about the abuse she received online. My point was pretty simple: the abuse was not motivated by her gender, but by her insouciance and stupidity. Comments about her gender and appearance were merely a case of the imbeciles who chunter away online grasping at something nice and easy to beat her with. Men get the same sort of treatment. I do not remotely see how she cannot grasp this.

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  • Lara

    The difference between abuse to men and abuse to women is that women have been mistreated and discriminated for centuries, Mister Liddle. Maybe you should woman up?

    • ryan

      And men haven’t? I do believe you need to open a history book or 1000.

  • Left is not Right

    How very predictable that Mary has come on here to repeat the vulgar comments once again, without ever answering any of the larger points which lead to the abuse in the first place, continually diverting the attention away from herself and back onto a few posts on a comedy website. She really does deserve the abuse she has received.

  • DJF

    The website Mary Beard found by Google searching her name berated men and women equally who make their living in the public eye, it consisted of a group of like minded people who have become outraged by the mediocre inane rubbish we are served up daily in the media. Yes there was a picture of Mary Beard’s face superimposed on a vagina and some abusive language which was taken down by the moderators but what MB fails to mention is the hundreds of decent comments relating to how out of touch she is and how her job will never be undermined or devalued by eastern Europeans saturating an already over populated employment void.
    My contempt of Mary Beard has grown since this has happened, I suggest we should all petition the BBC to stop them wasting our licence fee on her.

  • JellicleGirl

    I’m always surprised, when I see reporters use labels, albeit one-word
    ones, against media personalities they don’t approve of.

    Does Speccy pay little Rod, for venom by
    oz, du jour: the word , the week, or what.
    Or did she she give him a failing grade,

    in his past – he#s till not over, yet…
    I wonder. Or, perhaps, more
    by much….his own work

    Not up to scratch, any more..

    Tags I would Add: to prove little Rod#s words, not misogynistic – if I were him:

    Imbeciles, Rod Liddle, stupidiity, idiotsphere
    StephenFry, Joey Barton, Old Boys Clubs…

  • FF42

    etiam nunc tu, rod?

    All prejudices will be confirmed by this column.

  • Tim

    The real distaste in this whole affair is why this buffoon and her ridiculous opinions were on Question Time in the first place. I remember watching it and thinking ‘who is this idiot’? Male or female didn’t matter; just her patronising and out of touch point of view.

    The best bit was when that woman at the back monstered Mary Beard. As the Americans say, ‘owned’.

    As to abuse, just ignore it.

    As to why you’re being abused, her complete lack of awareness as to why she might have annoyed people is staggering. Think about the substance Mary – you were wrong and stupidly, arrogantly, ignorantly, foolishly, wrong. Perhaps spend two minutes thinking about that and you might get closure.

    • MariaKay

      Indeed. If they wanted to promote the Boston Council’s report on immigration, why didn’t they have the person (or persons) who authored the report on instead of La Beard?

      This all about the mutual back-scratching bubble of the well-heeled, taxpayer-funded chatterati class.

  • DougS

    She said that she was quoting from a report by Boston Council, words to the effect:

    The immigrants were all lovely people, young, hard working and friendly. They were all so healthy that they did not need NHS services. They were all university graduates that didn’t need schooling. They didn’t need housing and they all paid great whacks of tax to help our struggling economy.

    They did not impose any strain on any services, which all coped easily, in fact, despite what she previously said about the NHS, all the new babies they had saved the local Maternity Unit from being closed!

    What’s not to like?

  • mikewaller

    Dear Rod,

    Could it just be that Mary Beard is of a generation that still finds the kind of “chuntering” to which you refer deeply disgusting and something concerning which public opinion ought to be outraged? You, on the other hand, having come to maturity in an era we might term A.M. (After Murdoch), find it just one of those things. Were I in control of the famous balloon that desperately needs lightening, I would far sooner chuck out a journalist who considers such horrible abuse a mere annoyance than an able academic who did not more than over-step her competence.

  • Simeon Howell

    Whether it was misogynistic or not is neither here nor there. There is no excuse for the abuse whether she was stupid or not, it crossed a line. What it was was abusive and cruel. Disagree with her we may, but vitriolic sexual and abusive comments toward a 58 year old lady? is she a mother? I don’t know, but there is no excuse for the abuse she received and Liddle ought to have just stayed clear

    • Eddie

      ‘but vitriolic sexual and abusive comments toward a 58 year old lady?’
      Oh, so if she’d been a childless 28 year old man it wouldn’t have been OK then?
      Sexist. Ageist. Single-ist.
      Beard got the same as many in the public eye: she is exploiting it to play the poor wickle feminist victim, and having her silly perception reinforced by outraged feminists who spend most of their time desperately seeking abuse so they can wallow in self-pity and victimhood.
      If a man moaned and whinger like Beard he’d be called a wimp – a weak pathetic man.
      So in the name of sexual equality, Mary Beard should alse be called a wimp – a weak and pathetic woman.
      Grow a backbone and a thick skin, like we all have to, or shut up and waddle back to your safe, protective little Cambridge college. That’s it, really.

  • Robert Taggart

    Looking at RELL – WMB would appear to be in good company !

  • FrankS

    I’ve got a weakness for loony looking women – it was her remarks about Boston that blew it for me.

  • timinsingapore

    I am usually in tune with Liddle, but detect a nasty taste in this particular ad-feminam campaign …

  • maurice12brady

    Ahhh — The intolerance of silly-looking women! — Why won’t she soak it up & move on! Come to think of it — If they aint nubile & doable — I’m afraid lassitude devours them all.

    • mary beard

      err? really … “doable”. This is doing a disservice to an important discussion I fear…! Do any of us actually think that talk of ramming dicks up smelly vaginas is a productive way of discussing migration. I don’t.

      • Eddie

        There you go again – on and on about the handful of abusive posts you got elsewhere (and which mean get too – usually focusing on how they’re perverts or paedos, or have small ones etc).
        Most comments on your deeply pious, sancitmonious, ignorant, self-serving, and un-empathetic views were not like that at all. Why not focus on them?

        Oh yeah, I know – because you really like and enjoy the rude comments. Why? Because you use them to prop up your silly prejudices and ‘prove’ the world is misogynistic and patriarchal, and that poor wickle women like you are so disadvantaged.

        Grow up, little Mary Beard. Grow a backbone and move on. That’s what men do, all the time.

        • Charles Hedges

          The comments of Eddie are even more offensive than those of Rod Liddle. If he chooses to assert that making sexual comments is a legitimate way to discuss immigration this diminishes his arguments. Because he refuses to engage with Professor Beard’s arguments, or those of Boston Council, he is forced to resort to name calling, a strategy he clearly considers legitimate male debate. No doubt many who enjoy the farce of Prime Minister’s Question Time share his high intellectual standards, but he and they do the country no favours. Let him explain why he is not a bully.

          • Eddie

            Yes, dear…
            Idiots deserve to be offended, you know…
            And I merely repeat the sexual comments Beard herself made. Ergo you think Mary Beard is offensive and a bully.
            Not very good at this debate thing, is yer?

      • Mute Owl

        What now? Ramming dicks up smelly vaginas? Didn’t see that one on your blog. Are you making it up as you go along?

        I tried to have a debate with you on twitter, but you really would not engage in one, and eventually hid behind the report you quoted on the program. When you don’t hide behind the report, you hide behind the offensive remarks argument. So far, I haven’t seen you discuss migration anywhere, although I have seen you say you would welcome discussion on it.

        It would seem that you not aware of the issues that are affecting many people in this country. For that reason, you should not get air time on a political show, and that is why you have riled so many people with your opinions.

        As Rod has rightly pointed out, it is not because you are a woman, it’s just you (well your opinion, and gobsmacking belief that you are right). Is none of this getting through to you?

  • Baron

    A word of advice, young Rod, give up barking at the BBC resident guru of the Witches Guild of the Anointed if you ever want to get an assignment for the monopoly. Keep in mind they have billions to share about.

    The hacking of the Twitter accounts cannot be more serious though, it goes to the heart of what makes us what we are, undermines the very basis of life as David A explains it, threatens to delay the economic recovery George O is still waiting for, and more. One can only hope no Twitter national treasure got harmed when the evil process of getting to the accounts was going on.

  • Bob339

    Like our governing class, Mary lives in a world where immigrants do not exist except perhaps as cheap servants. The rich do not care about anyone but themselves. I can only hope that a day of reckoning can be avoided. I fear it may not be.

    • mary beard

      pardon… i dont recognise myself here (I have no cheap immigrant servant)! My objection was not to disagreement but to the talk of dicks rammed into my mouth and pictures of labia superimposed on my face. I dont think that anyone thinks that is on, and indeed it distracts attention from important questions.

      • Bob339

        Ms. Beard,
        (If it is you). You clearly have little or no experience of trolls. They are hard to ignore because they are so offensively stupid and malevolent, but ignoring them is really the only way of dealing with them,
        I can believe that you have no cheap immigrant servants but many of your income class of people definitely do. Many also are unaware of – or insensitive to- the problems faced by working class people in Britain today.
        People are baffled and feel betrayed by a government which imports cheap labour in massive swaves into an economy that already has extremely high unemployment. Immigrants are unlikey to appear in your neck of the woods but many ordinary, low-earning people find it hard to accept that they are suddenly surrounded by foreigners who are often thuggish and aggressive.
        They find it hard to follow that foreigners are being treated free on the NHS; being paid higher benefits than native people and being given preference on the housing lists. At the same time English youths are finding that the jobs they apply for are taken by foreigners while they themselves are maligned as ‘unemployable’,’ feckless’ and ‘ineducable’.
        So perhaps it was your remarks on QT that unleashed this storm of hate upon you.

      • Eddie

        You seem so upset at the thought of dicks rammed into your mouth and picture of labia superimpose on your face that you don’t seem to be able to help yourself talking about them endlessly.
        Anyone would think you were playing the pity party ‘oh–the-world-is-so-patriarchal-and-unfair-and-misogynistic-boo-hooo-hoo’ card eh?
        Anyone would think you are enjoying the online abuse (which PLENTY Of men get too, love!).
        Anyone would think you were using it in a self-serving way to try and get a new BBC TV series eh…
        The problem you have is thinking that in the real world you will be treated with the continual deference and respect you enjoy at your mental home, I mean, Oxbridge college. You are acting like a member of the mediaeval nobility who seems to want special treatment – just because you have been an academic for over 30 years, and a pc one who fits excatly the BBC ‘positive action’ gender-and-race-obsessed guidelines. Like others of your class, you look down on those who are not academics and assume your out-of-touch, self-serving views are superior. Maybe that’s why you are so irritating – and you’d still be so if you were male, of course.
        The important question is why you are so stupid to think that you can appear on a TV programme recommending massive immigration that will hurt ordinary people’s lives without people pointing out how out-of-touch and lacking in empathy and ignorant you are. Like most academics, you are deeply stupid and lack self-awareness to a comic degree – decades spent in those ivory towers has clearly robbed you of any common sense you ever had, because there you silly views will be deferred too by others riding the gravy train of academe. And of course, the more immigration we have, the more students at university, so your pro-immigration stance is purely selfish.
        I am sure I can find someone to do your job – loads of immigrants would do it for half your salary (+ perks + pension – and all for 3 days a week for the equivalent of £80k!) so unless you are prepared to lose both it and your home, and live a life of being a REAL working class person, I’d suggest you stick to examing Roman latrines and dusty old tomes in Newham College’s library, and leave the debating of issues affecting the real world to those of us who live in it.

        • Bob339

          This is offensive vulgarity against a person who has the right to her own point of view. You have only made yourself look small here.

          • Eddie

            Only in your erroneous and pompous opinion, Bob339.
            Offensive vulgarity? Well, get her!
            I think my post rather nails it, actually, and the only vulgar thing here is Mary Beard’s constant self-pitying repeating of the insults against her (which she clearly adores as it allows her to claim victimhood and probably a nice well-paid BBC series too) and her shameless attention-seeking. She is actually just showing off – but then, she rather likes doing that, one feels.
            Mary Beard reminds me of the 3Ms who clog up so much of the education system: the Moaning, Menopausal Mediocrities whingeing in every staff room everywhere…

          • MariaKay

            I’ve read some of her posts over at The Times and seen other quotes around the Internet. She rather liberally uses vulgarities herself, including inserting the “F-bomb” numerous times into her paragraphs.

            Claims of being offended by “vulgarity” do not come off as very credible, IMHO.

            • Eddie

              Yep, Beardies’s lovin’ it! And she just has no clue how detached from reality she is.
              Don’t forget, she teaches at the all-female Cambridge college where Sylvia Plath learnt how to be a moany whiney self-obsessed man-blaming pity party queen, so after decades there, even if she started off normal, she sure as heck ain’t it now!
              Beard is one of the many who self-identify as oppressed racial or gender minorities (despite her being a stinking rich spoilt academic laggard in an unsackable job and property worth over £1million); of course, the real oppressed people are the women and men who are her servants – making her meals, cleaning her rooms, who no doubt are not ‘lovin it’ at all really.
              And the most hilarious thing of all is that these academics – often historians – actually think they’re ‘working class’!
              Can’t we just melt these useless people down for glue or something? I really can’t think of any better contribution they can make to the nation.

              • MariaKay

                Actually I am starting to feel a bit sorry for her now.

                She’s like some doddering old 18th Century French dowager duchesse, who can’t quite understand why the sans-coulottes are banging on the gates of her chateau.

                • Eddie

                  Or Ceaușescu standing on that balcony in the winter of 1989 as the people booed…
                  Now, I am not of course suggesting Ms Beard suffers the same fate. But perhaps she could be sent on a re-education course, so she can learn to have some humility and empathy for the common man (and woman). Bettr still, force her to work in Farmfoods for a year…

      • Dicky14

        Dear Mary
        Love your work. Commentards – it’s sport. The Speccie, strangely, is a good site! Sinead O’Connor’s back dancing. Haven’t you got work to do?

        • JellicleGirl

          Pauvre petit, dickie bird… would make tempting morsle….

      • PaulinusMinimus

        Just out of interest why did you google yourself? I assume that’s how you ended up at the DSMO site.

        Isn’t that a little narcissistic? And isn’t it a little precious to then clutch your metaphorical pearls in horror when anonymous, angry people on the internet say horrid things? People say horrid, ugly things on the net all the time. It’s a little foolish to go seeking them out.

      • mehercle

        I presume you have read Catullus , Ms. Beard ?
        “pedicabo vos , et irrumabo” , etc.,
        The internet is similar .
        Your opinions were ridiculous and ridicule has been heaped upon them .

    • Eddie

      I worked several summers at two Oxford colleges. The only working class people there worked in the kitchens!
      Living in an Oxford college for those summers (and Cambridge ones will be no different) made me realise just how like a mental home it was. Your food is cooked for you and served at certain times. You get a cleaner (they call thejm ‘scouts’) to clean your room and make your bed every day.
      You can also live under the permanent delusion that you are superior to everyone outside the walls of your sanctuary, and are constantly deferred to by having these delusions reinforced: no wonder these people think that they are the only ones who can think or be intelligent or matter.
      Quite sad really, but academia will always appeal to risk-averse mediocrities wjo are frightened of the real world.
      If you understand all that, then you can understand the shock that characters like Beard feel when they emerge into the real world from their fantasy land.

    • JellicleGirl

      Methinks you, be living in la-la land…. and Mary Beard is a normal woman.
      Hence all of Little Rod’s chums are coming up out of the woodwork… to help him out.
      lolling on floor, from me…

      • Eddie

        I think you’ll find those who think Beard is a wally are in the majority.
        She should stick to history lectures and wafting through the quaint Cambridge corridors trailing her gown and sense of superiority behind her like a true member of the upper classes (in univerity terms anyway). There, she gets constant deference and respect just to being senior academic; in the real world, she won’t.
        Like many academics, she has a massively inflated sense of her own importance. It’s not her fault: she’s spent 30 years being pickled and marinated in that putrid and stifling academic stew. She is just a product of a very odd system. That’s all.

        • JellicleGirl

          Maybe so, Eddie – but BBC and Little Rod – are all puffed about the importance, of oh, so many wallies – who are men.
          Should you ever choose, or decide to read Mary Beard’s blog, you would see – a different side, which she is quite entitled to. As well as her academic career.
          Just sayin’.
          Look at how many breaks
          Clarkson – living
          Andrew Marr – living
          and Saville the known molester – now dead – seem to get, on a continual basis: from BBC, with nary a word, from the Spec.
          You may find Mary boring – but I’d put her human record – much higher than those, three.. wally, or not.
          I’d also like, Rod Little and Speccy do some serious work, for a change…instead of frivolous wank***, all the time.

  • Walter Ellis

    Even I, as someone who wishes her comments about Boston had been well-founded, bristled at Beard’s description of the Lincolnshire town as the world’s most contented community, at peace with all foreigners, hoping for another large batch next year.

    The attacks on her were cruel, but she has only herself to blame for winding up the populace. For such a clever woman, she is very stupid.

    • Eddie

      Ain’t that always the way with academics though?
      They are in jobs from which they are unsackable, with massive pensions, and are usually as utterly selfish as beard in lacking empathy for the TRUE working class out there whose lives are threatened by mass immigration – which has no net benefit for the UK at all, which puts bills and property prices up, which puts wages and job oportunities down for the native population (incl the ethnic kids of immigrants, one must say).

      Beard is as out of touch as a mediaeval baron – because she is part of that useless, silly class in academe which sees itself as better and more clever than anyone else. Trust me, senior academics like Beard look at those not in her lofty position as a lower species, and assume their views on all things are superior to anyone below them in the class system.

      What is absolutely hilarious is that loads of their laggard academics are socialists and live under the delusion that they’re ‘working class’ and that they actually matter. But you know what? They don’t.

      Would this country be a worse place if we sacked half the academics in our universities – esp those teaching history and other useless subjects? Really – would it?

      Academia is a gravy train that so many mediocrities ride (listen to David Starkey’s opinion omn modern universities and professors to hear the voice of experience).

      Maybe we need a Dr Beeching (PhD) to sort it all out and force these academic dullards to get proper jobs for a change so they do some real work. Then maybe they could empathise with those people they so snootily disparage (i.e. anyone who is not an academic but who works in a proper job or runs a small business – academics look down on ‘trade’, doncha know…)

      • pedestrianblogger

        “History and other useless subjects”. “I watched David Starkey on Henry VII last night. Brilliant. Informative, entertaining, educative and memorable”. Are you saying that history is “useless” when studied and taught by women like the appalling Beard but “brilliant”, etc., when done so by the likes of the admirable Starkey?

        • mikewaller

          I think “the appalling beard” wholly unjustified and wholly uncalled for. She made a serious mistake in stepping outside her sphere of competence but her TV programmes are excellent.

        • Eddie

          My two comments do not contradict each other.

          History IS useless. What does it do? Would a cull at universities adversely affect anyone or anything? Our economy? The greater good? The intellectual life of the nation? I doubt it.

          Historians spout opinion masquerading as fact, always. Mostly it’s silly and leftwing like Beard’s – focusing on the ‘little people’, race and gender.

          David Starkey’s programme’s are about facts and people in power, usually white men. This seems to reflect the reality, as I see it, of history that mattered and changed the country. Brilliant. Informative, entertaining, educative and memorable, he is too – but of course, he is just giving his opinion as well. Beard, Lucy Wobbly and others are just very irritating and patronising to my eyes and ears.
          This is why I like fiction and dislike non-fiction (like history books): there is so much more truth in fiction.

          • pedestrianblogger

            Your reply seems to me to be rather confused, Eddie, but I will not spell out in what ways as I would have that that they are obvious. I will limit myself to attempting to answer, briefly, your question “What does it (history) do?”

            History is the collective equivalent of individuals’ experience in that we can learn from the past what to expect in the future. We don’t need to stick our hands in the fire repeatedly to find out if they will get burnt – we know from experience that they will. Equally, we don’t need to prove that socialism doesn’t work, that the world regularly heats up and then cools again, that it is unwise to embark on wars without any clearly-defined end in mind or that Islam is not compatible with our values by experiment. History teaches us that all these things are so.

            Also, what happens today is defined by what happened in the past. For example, the gun-control controversy in the U.S.A.cannot be understood unless considered in the context of the American War of Independence, the drawing up of the Constitution and the drafting of the Second Amendment. Obama would applaud you for trying to ignore the historical aspects of the argument (“there is so much more truth in fiction” sounds like one of his slogans) but you are deluding yourself if you think that you can do so and still comprehend the issue fully.

            • Eddie

              It is clear to me that most historians do not really understand history at all. They see their role as promoting their opinions and prejudices – usually insanely unrealistic leftwingery – by writing a history that conforms to those opinions and prejudices.
              The only history I have time for is the solid, traditional,. date-based history as promoted by David Starkey. I have no time at all for the revisionist version, with constant obsessions with what history is and what evidence is valid. Just look at the sheer ignorance of British kids – that is because of the insane history-teaching they do now, which seems to teach kids nothing but Mary Seacole, Slavery, Martin Luther King and Suffragettes – and Hitler of course…

              • Dogsnob

                “History IS useless. What does it do?”

                “The only history I have time for is the solid, traditional,. date-based history as promoted by David Starkey.”


                • arnoldo87

                  Can I suggest that you do as I do, and regard Eddie’s outpourings as a stream of vomit. That is, there are chunks of what looks like solid material, but it’s mostly a noisome mess that is best avoided.

                • Eddie

                  Thanks, dad.

          • MariaKay

            I have no problems paying for REAL liberal arts studies and the people who teach them. I have huge problems paying for “academics” who teach a political agenda disguised as liberal arts studies.

          • Fergus Pickering

            What was your degree in?

      • DougS

        “…Maybe we need a Dr Beeching (PhD) to sort it all out and force these
        academic dullards to get proper jobs for a change so they do some real

        Good idea – let’s start with Rod’s favourite author, Will Self.

        He’s ‘Professor of Contemporary Thought’ at Brunel University for Chrissake!

        What would Isambard Kingdom have thought of that?

        • Eddie

          Indeed, especially as most universities are simply self-serving degree-factories these days, and their courses have little to do with education as I understand it. My own classical British education – in sciences and arts – gave me a the sort of education that very few enjoy these days, no matter how many 1st class and master’s degrees they get just for turning up and paying their fees.
          Worryingly, over three quarters of students on science Masters courses in Britain are foreign students.
          British students all want to do meeja studies, other non-subjects, and waffly useless stuff like history (with its pc obsessions with slavery, colonialism, gender, race, the working class etc).
          By the way, one has to do nothing at all to be awarded the title ‘professor’ – it just means one had played the office politics, licked a, kept one’s nose clean and ticked all the boxes – then, after a few years, the sychophants get made professors.
          Will Self is one eh? Funny that, because with his drugs conviction he wouldn’t be able to get a teaching job, even a supply or part time one, in any college or school in the UK…

      • MariaKay

        Her husband is an “academic” too, an art historian for London University, although apparently retired now..

        I think her grown daughter is one as well, or aspires to be one.

        As a clan they have probably sucked literally millions off of the taxpayer’s teat over the years..

        PS– I’m a Yank, but I have a right to complain about her too, as she was a “visiting professor” at Berkeley for several years, and I’m a California taxpayer. I wonder how much she sucked off of the California taxpayer’s teat–American universities LOVE to lavish huge sums on smug European lefty “academics.”

    • mikewaller

      So much for social progress! We have gone from Voltaire saying “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” to declaring that a women subjected to the most cruel and vile attacks for the grave sin of wearing heavily tinted spectacles “has only herself to blame”. Until we again learn to excoriate yobs – particularly journalistic yobs – there can be little hope for serious public debate in this country.

      • MariaKay

        As a Yank I would just like to say, she had it coming. That’s just what many people are privately thinking, unfortunately, that even if her heart is in the right place, but because of her political policies, she had it coming.

        • mikewaller

          Much more of this and you risk having us starting to believe both Oscar Wilde’s cruel aphorism that “America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between” and that the US has been influential in dragging public debate in the UK down into the gutter. Hitherto I had heaped all the blame on dear old Rup.

          • MariaKay


            I was merely paraphrasing her own well-known remarks about the Americans who died on 9/11–almost word for word.

            If you want to accuse someone of dragging down public debate, look to Professor Beard, as she was the first to make the “they had it coming” remark, not me.

  • Blotter

    Rod, this kind of rudeness just won’t do. Had you been drinking when you posted it? Try to make a reasoned argument next time.

    • rugby god

      No way. she wants to talk utter drivel on such an ‘august’ programme (ok, I’ll leave as soon as I have spoken!) she deserves to be publicly lambasted.

  • Eddie

    She is a member of a privileged elite – like some medieval nobility – who seems amazed when her out-of-touch, politically correct, unimportant, academic views get aired on TV and annoy people.
    Plenty of men get the same abuse online, and her accusation of misogyny is just a typical misuse of the term as practised by female academics whenever something happens they don’t like or whenever someone challenges their cosy little overpaid academic set-up.
    Mary Beard does prove one thing though: if there were an Olympic medal in indulging in moany, whingy, victimhood pity parties, then it’d be a sport in which women were the clear leaders over men.

  • davidteller

    She is a fool totally oblivious on QT to the problems immigration has caused

    Sign this petition to restrict Bulgarian and Romanians from entering the UK:

    Sign this petition to allow UKIP to take part in the 2015 TV election

    • Bob339

      Good man David! I have signed them both.

  • Dicky14

    Simple deflection – she too was playing the man not the ball. To talk such idiotic drivel about Boston where apparently she once bought a coat or something gave her the erudite insight to blether on about NHS and school provision! Hmm…typical lefty, never let evidence get in the way of conceited, home made, baseless opinions – tish tish, go to the back of the class.

  • edlancey

    cos she’s a blooter #beardyblooter

    • David Lindsay

      “Blooter” can be a verb, Scots for “to hit something hard”, while “blootered” means “drunk”.

      The last time that this topic came up, we were told that Professor Beard had “a hairy clopper”. A clopper is an adult brony, and a brony is a male aficionado of My Little Pony. Allow to sink in the fact that these words exist.

      The next time that Beard is on Question Time, the BBC should fake an emergency substitution and have Rod on the same panel.

  • fantasy_island

    She can’t grasp it cos she’s a thick, hideous munter.

    • Eddie

      Yeah, but she is hung like a doughnut, apparently…

      • fantasy_island

        Please, not at tea time Eddie.

        • Eddie

          Gosh, is this forum turning into a bitter little puritinical puddle of humourlessness?
          All I said was: she must be hung like a doughnut.
          It’s called a joke, innit. And a funny one too!

    • Bob339

      Please don’t be vulgar.