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1 February 2013

1:07 PM

1 February 2013

1:07 PM

Some jokes just write themselves. Hurrah for Ireland:

The former head of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland has been appointed chairman of Horse Sport Ireland.

Prof Patrick Wall, who was the first chief executive of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland and has been a prolific commentator on the recent horsemeat in burgers scandal, takes up his position on the board of equine body today.

[…]  “The thoroughbred guys have a saying, Brazil for the coffee, France for the wine and Ireland for the horses,” he said, and public reaction to the horse meat scandal was evidence that “horses have a special place in Ireland”.

[Thanks to LH & SG]

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  • kwestion.all

    Probably had to jump a few hurdles to get the job.

  • Baron

    To Baron, it seems a perfectly logical move. The man obviously knows alot about horses either in burgers or in the field.

  • alexsandr


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