George Galloway, The Great Dictator

12 February 2013

1:22 PM

12 February 2013

1:22 PM

The video (below) of Galloway really does have to be seen. It is best with the sound off (for what it is worth he is lambasting a student for asking a question which is critical of Hugo Chavez). It is best from about 3 mins 40 seconds in.

As well as something innately comic, there is also something slightly unsettling about this video. The court-looking background (in fact the Oxford Union), the field-marshal at ease attire of the man, his gait, gestures and manner of speaking: what does it remind you of?


Personally, it reminds me of how lucky we are to have been born in an age when voters can see what a person like Galloway is really like when he encounters someone who challenges his views.

I am no good with video-editing, but if there is someone out there who is, can you do something with this? A ‘Downfall’-style spoof might work best. Suggestions below?

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    Galloway is the only politician that shows PASSION for what he stands for! It was such blatant lies told by the student of Hugo Chavez and his election that ANY RIGHT THINKING INDIVIDUAL would have reacted that way. Well Done Galloway for standing up against right wing drivel!

  • Edward Thomas

    he even spits out with so much vehemence…

  • Edward Thomas

    His gestures are appropriate of some demagogue autocrat

  • Guest

    Instead of Geroge Calloway MP he should read G. Galloway MF

  • bwims

    Why does everyone keep feeding the Troll-prlck called Damocles?

  • Eli

    I had a go at it:
    It might need subtitles but I’m not sure, let me know what you think..

  • darwins beard

    The man is in fact by definition a traitor, the fact that he seems to still linger like a bad smell in the political arena and is given the soapbox by other progressives still mystifies me after all this is the man who saluted Saddam Hussain, openly supports Hamas and the now liquidated Fatah and pretended to be a cat on big brother some years ago.

  • retundario

    Anti-western, Brit-hating, English-hating lunatic.

  • robheggie1

    I see Galloway has finally gone over the edge. Nice to see that 🙂

  • Baron

    The guy’s mad as mad does and the great little Frenchman Bonaparte knew why – “The great proof of madness is the disproportion of one’s designs to one’s means’. George’s only means resides in his gob, brain never comes into it.

  • Roy

    Whether he is or he isn’t, in Hillary Clinton’s words, ‘what difference does it make’, if, to quote a more able Siegfried Sassoon; ‘to boast and wrangle, loaf and sleep and kiss, and grow ignoble sterile, gorged and slack’. Then form a treacherous collaboration with the enemy in your midst, he is fit for the damned.

  • Christopher Emms

    Well if challenging lies is dictatorial i’m a dictator! Galloway isn’t without his faults but at least he is showing his passion on a subject and exposing the lies that it is clear the student is voicing! A view is a view if it can be backed by truth, the student speaks no truth.

    • anotherjoeblogs

      and the subject being himself

    • sarah_13

      He isn’t about exposing anything he is all about himself! He is only interested in the last error someone makes, as I mention above its a sort of pedantry, like personal insults when Simeon misquotes him, a misquote is usually getting the comma in the wrong place in one of his sycophantic praising of a nasty dictator! Passion, yes, for himself!

  • Damocles

    Three cheers for George Galloway !
    Love him to bits
    What is your problem with him ?
    Perhaps you feel he shouldn’t have an opinion because he is obviously ‘working class’
    Get over it, the speech he gave in the clip you include is very interesting
    I am also a huge fan of Hugo Chavez and I wish him good luck with his medical problems

    You are not a member of the Will Self appreciation society by any chance are you, he is another small minded pundit who is always seeking to malign George Galloway but then Self is a big fan of Israel isn’t he – perhaps you are too ?

    • adamber

      I see, Damocles, having finished your antisemitic rant on another blog, in which you accused Jews as a people of a number of horrible things, for one of being a “quirky creed”, or “feeling superior”, you feel bold enough to show up here, plain as day, to spew forth more inane, pompous and deranged hatred of Israel. Your hatred of Israel is motivated by an abject hatred of Jews themselves – and you are a classic example of the phenomenon..

      Will Self is anything but a fan of Israel, you utter buffoon. But he is partly Jewish – so same thing innit?
      What a surprise you like Galloway. Sir, I salute your indefatigability…what’s not to like about a man who salutes a mass murderer?

    • sarah_13

      Sir, there are plenty of very sensible, principled working class individuals with integrity who have very wise opinions and views – Mr Galloway is not one of them as i’m not sure he would qualify as working class – i believe his “popular” views have made him very wealthy.

      • Damocles

        Madam, If George Galloway were simply interested in making money he could find many far easier ways to do so.
        He comes from a very working class background.
        He is honest and sincere in his views unlike far too many politicians nowadays (I haven’t been Knighted by the way – perhaps I should be ?)

        • sarah_13

          Sir he has, in my view, sincerely dangerous views. He is, in my view, a demagogue and opportunist and has pandered to people with dangerous and cruel views both in this country and abroad.

          Money is hard to come by for all of us and Mr Galloway is not an exception, he has decided that attention and getting noticed makes money for him, there are much harder ways of making money.

  • Tom

    someone already made a parody of this:

    • Simon Morgan

      That was brilliant!

  • Simon Morgan

    Galloway will blame the US and the West for forcing the peaceful and ‘democratic’ North Korea into testing it’s nuclear weapon, and terrifying the crap out of it’s truly democratic neighbour (along with the rest of us normal folks). That is how twisted the mans logic is. I’d certainly cough up the one-way ticket to Pyongyang if he ever became man enough to walk the walk. There’s the door, Galloway. There’s your ticket Galloway, Now f**k off.

    • Damocles

      Three cheers for George Galloway !
      Love him to bits
      What is your problem with him ?
      Perhaps you feel he shouldn’t have an opinion because he is obviously ‘working class’
      Get over it, the speech he gave in the clip you include is very interesting
      I am also a huge fan of Hugo Chavez and I wish him good luck with his medical problems
      You are not a member of the Will Self appreciation society by any chance are you, he is another small minded pundit who is always seeking to malign George Galloway but then Self is a big fan of Israel isn’t he – perhaps you are too ?

      Good for North Korea
      Don’t be intimidated by the zionist morons

      • adamber

        Damocles, are you a plant? It’s hard to believe someone who adores such scummy governments as North Korea, with its gulags and torture chambers, could be quite so dimwitted in expressing that admiration.
        By the way, you are still a Jew hater.

        • Simon Morgan

          Take Damocles’ posts with a large pinch of salt. He doesn’t have a sword – his is more a wooden spoon.

          • adamber

            Point taken Simon, although those who routinely lie about Jewish people and post antisemitic content should always be challenged, no matter how ridiculous they are.

        • Damocles

          What do you know about North Korea ?

          Your knee-jerk rants rubbishing them wouldn’t be out of place in ‘The Beano’ (Political Supplement)

          This is one of the most worrying aspects of modern Britain, the way so many people armed with superficial knowledge are so prepared to urge the destruction of other states

          It is called ‘living your life in fear’
          and it is endemic (especially among advocates of ‘The Lobby’)

          My point is really saying ‘Leave North Korea alone’
          I don’t feel threatened by North Korea
          Do you ?
          The crime North Korea have committed is that they don’t play ball with the USA Imperialists and their allies.
          (and the USA – in terms of politics – has been overly influenced by ‘the Lobby’ for some time now,
          but is is slowly changing)

          The West should reach out to North Korea, offer the hand of friendship and then I believe that they would gradually soften their position but they instead continually attack North Korea in any way that they can

          Again, because North Korea dares to be ‘different’

          The North Koreans can see the way that The West gradually destroys countries they don’t like (in the Middle East ?)
          so the North Koreans are making sure that The West thinks twice before taking them on – because they have some Nuclear weaponry
          Who can blame them ?

          You obviously have a problem with people who are not Jewish don’t you ?

          “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”

          • adamber

            There’s a thing called the internet, which has some reputable sources Damocles – about 5 seconds’ worth of searching will show you what you need to know about the torture camps in North Korea, as well as the starvation which led to cannibalism not so long ago. they “dare tyo be different” by taking lots of aid from the “imperialist” West just to keep their people fed.
            How pathetic – like you.
            Your comment about having a problem with people not being Jewish is nonsensical – my problem is only with you and your racist language – as you can see, I have no problem with anyone else on this blog (they must all be “the Lobby” nudge nudge wink wink…)and, once more, you complete imbecile, I’m not Jewish anyway!

            • Damocles

              You are not Jewish ?
              No of course you are not
              Perhaps you are an Arapaho Indian who just happens to be in love with all things Jewish ?
              or perhaps you are a Giraffe ?
              that would explain how your head is so high in the clouds that you are in danger of suffering from oxygen starvation

              Oi vay !

              Well actually I am an Orthodox Jewish North Korean
              but I wasn’t going to say it

              I didn’t want to upset you

              Well now that the cat is well and truly out of the bag
              I think I will have a glass of milk
              (Gold-Top naturally !)

              • adamber

                Well, whatever perpetuates your demented worldview of a utopian North Korea, an evil West, and visceral Jew hatred.
                You reallly must be one of the most unpleasant people I’ve ever encountered on a blog. Most Jew haters make some attempt to hide it – not you. In fact, this honesty is quite refreshing – you hate Israel because you are a racist scumbag.

                • Damocles

                  I think you see what you want to see my very angry friend
                  I suspect you just don’t like to be challenged in your very selective worldview.
                  (are you paid ?)
                  I am kind, I am generous
                  I oppose hatred that is unfortunately all too common nowadays thanks to you and your friends
                  I genuinely feel sorry for you, well sort of
                  but I wouldn’t turn my back on you
                  I dislike Israel because it stands for oppression and racism
                  it is nasty, it is violent
                  it must be resisted for the sake of every decent person everywhere

                • adamber

                  Antisemites are usually the most angry of people – biiet and consumed with hatred. I have never met a happy antisemite.
                  As for the rest of your post, it simply is laughable. Israel stands for “racism and oppression” – whilst in your view North Korea is a beacon for humanity of light and tolerance. That black is white for you, and up is down, goes to show how mosy Jew haters have the world upside down.
                  I still think you’re a plant.

                • Damocles

                  I increasingly feel that you are ‘talking to yourself’
                  you just go round and round with this rant accusing people of being ‘a Jew hater’ ‘antisemitic’ etc.,
                  and based on what ?
                  I haven’t professed to hate anyone at any point during any of our exchanges

                  You are the only one who has talked about ‘hating’ anyone
                  I suspect you need a ‘check-up from the neck up’

                  It is also quite evident that throughout these entire exchanges, you haven’t actually ‘said’ anything
                  all you’ve done is make rather stupid empty accusations

                  I don’t wish to get too complicated for your one-dimensional mind
                  but actually, Palestinians are a semitic people
                  doesn’t your constant denigration of them make you an anti-semite ?

                  I thought that I might detect a spark of humanity from you at some point, but alas no
                  It is hard to believe that you are actually serious

                  people like you need to be constantly challenged whenever you raise your nasty hate-filled views

                • adamber

                  Damocles – better to play the man than the ball eh?

                  You are a Jew hater. This is evident from your previous pronouncements. Specifically, you have accused Jews of being “a quirky creed”, you have accused Jews of “hogging” the Holocaust, you have accused Jews of “feeling superior” to others. This is before we get to the double standards adn gross hypocrisy which you apply to the collective Jew, Israel.

                  These aren’t trivial matters – they show you to be a virulent racist. You have studiously ignored the points put to you about the human rights records of North Korea, and specifically Iran and Syria, two of your hero Galloway’s “causes”. Being a Jew hater naturally goes with being an admirer of despots and tyrants – as you exemplify so perfectly.

                • Damocles

                  I think you need to learn to read you oaf

                  once you can read to a reasonable standard
                  how about reading ‘The Jewish Question’ ?

                • adamber

                  Damocles, your silly ad homs simply confirm the vacuity of your position – if indeed you have one, other than hating Jews. As for Bauer, he argued a lot of very stupid things, and was a product of his time – his arguments serve no current purpose other than historical curiosity.
                  Your Jew hatred really does eat you, doesn’t it?

                • Damocles

                  I was referring to ‘The Jewish Question’ by Karl Marx written in 1847.
                  But be warned, he didn’t have much positive to say on the subject, saying such things as ‘Jewish Internationalism is a false internationalism, it is the internationalism of the financier’

                  when commenting on the notion that because Jewish people were spread around in many countries they therefore transcended nationality and national identity

                  Bauer was OK too

                  but don’t tell me …
                  they were all ‘Jew-haters’ too ?

                  You don’t make points you rant

                  and your shrill rant is beginning to grate on me

                • adamber

                  This is delicious Damocles, you just dig yourself deeper and deeper. Karl Marx was indeed openly hostile to Jews and Judaism – thanks for simply confirming the point. ANYONE remotely knowledgeable about Marx and his writings would know that. Your problem is that you are so immersed in Jew hatred, and so consumed by it, that you see nothing wrong with it when you read it – and all your so-called “thoughts” are simply regurgitated from others – not an original one anywhere.
                  As for you, anything to avoid your antisemitic remarks, and your pathetic support for disgusting dictators and demagogues like Ahmadinejad and Assad.
                  Just keep digging…

                • Damocles

                  You (unwittingly) are a very good example of a disciple of the ‘victim culture’ that has been foisted on our society by ‘the J lobby’ over the last 30-40 years. i.e. the ridiculous idea that one defines ‘victims’ by the group they belong to rather than by their actual life experience.

                  This quite bizarre take on life explains how the nuts in your beloved Israeli state can bomb and blitz the (largely unarmed) captive civilian population of Gaza with all the latest weapons technology (courtesy of USA), and still whine about being ‘the victims’ in that conflict.

                  You also just keep bleating and wallowing in self pity all the time.

                  Have you not noticed that you are the only person who has constantly talked about hate ?
                  No-one else has.

                  I am fed up with attempting to converse with a fool.
                  Anyway, I have something from John Pilger to read.

                • adamber

                  Absolute garbage – the assumptions you make are utterly imbecilic. By “J lobby”, you obviously mean “Jewish lobby” yet don’t have the honesty to admit it. Quite bizarre that I belong to a so-called lobby of a religious identity to which I don’t belong.

                  Firstly, no-one claims to be a victim if they themselves are not a victim – this is a typical accusation of every Jew hater around, and comes as no surprise coming from an obsessive racist like you.

                  Secondly, Israel responds completely legitimately to a genocidal, racist terror group which lobs thousands of rockets at its civilians. Any country would be duty bound to respond – and Israel takes great care in avoiding civilians (unlike Hamas, who actively target them, whilst using their own population as human shields).

                  If you wish to find self-pity, I suggest to look at the victim culture which has grown around the Palestinian Arabs, and their self-inflicted problems due to their own racist attitudes and refusal to compromise (indeed, Pew Research puts Palestinian antisemitic attitudes at 97% – about the same percentage as your supposed brain).
                  Is that the same Pilger who praises the avowed antisemite Gilad Atzmon? No wonder you’re in thrall of the fool. Go ahead, poison your already toxic and hateful mind – you’re so far gone it won’t make a difference.

                • Damocles

                  It is hard to write when one is laughing

                  Yes I am talking about the ‘Jewish Lobby’

                  You have non-stop claimed to be a ‘victim’ of my (supposed) ‘Jew hatred’ ever since we have interacted – yet I have never once declared hatred for anyone
                  ie. you claim to be a victim (I hope that is not too complicated for your rather limited intelligence to comprehend)

                  You scream hatred at anyone who so much as criticises anything Jewish yet you are claiming that you are not Jewish ?

                  I don’t believe you

                  That is another common tactic used by members of ‘the lobby’
                  it is like a form of camouflage
                  but it is not working in your case

                  I have unmasked you so why don’t you admit it ?
                  perhaps you are ashamed ?

                  Israel is constantly murdering Palestinian civilians, it has a track record of murdering little children who’s only crime was to attempt to get their ball back when it bounced near to their fence for example, it has forced pregnant mothers to give birth out in the open at the checkpoints when of course the baby has died, it blew up several members of the same family (including children) who were on the beach in Gaza because they don’t like the people in Gaza to use the beach so there are many examples of people being shot who dared to go to the beach because an Israeli military nut didn’t like it, or someone who swam too far away from the shore.
                  Israelis regularly shoot at unarmed Palestinian fishing boats.
                  The list is endless

                  and sometimes a few Palestinians make a home-made rocket and fire back in retaliation (most of such rockets fall in open ground)

                  The Palestinians cannot go anywhere (in their own land) without the permission of the Israelis.
                  The Israelis regularly fly jets low over Gaza to intimidate the people with the sonic boom that the planes make – just to frighten them.
                  They like terrorising the children.

                  By the way, is that Pew Research or Puke Research ?

                • adamber

                  More hysterical garbage – I’m not a victim of anything, especially your Jew hatred, as I’m not Jew. But I find your Jew hatred offensive, because I am a human being. None of this changes the fact that you are an antisemite – your previous comments, as well as these attest to it.
                  Israel is not murdering anyone, only a hysterical ideologue with racist tendencies comes out with such nonsense. Hamas is an organization committed to genocide in its charter, is openly antisemitic (hence you are a cheerleader for these Islamist nutters), they preside over their own people with an iron fist, killing gay people, oppressing women, shutting down any oppostion (including throwing Fatah members to their deaths from rooftops) – oh, and they’ve forgotten to have another election which was due two years ago. That’s not to mention their racism, and attempts to kill Jews whenever they can. Never mind – they have useful idiots in the West, like yourself, who do not have to live in their oppressive environment, yet can pontificate and promote their own bigotry freely on blogs such as this.
                  As for your “funny” play on the word Pew, (don’t give up the day job, that really was sad), anything to ignore its findings eh?

                • Damocles

                  I would suggest you read what Hamas says on it’s website

                  rather then relying on what some Israeli nut tells you they stand for

                  Hamas has openly declared that they are willing to make a peace deal based on the 1967 borders (thereby accepting just 22% of historical Palestine !!)

                  giving up 78% of their historic homeland !!!

                  Don’t you think that deserves applause ?

                  I am not a muslim and I have no interest in becoming a muslim
                  people in Palestine have gravitated towards religion, and perhaps some towards more extreme religion
                  out of desperation

                  have you watched the film ‘Defamation’ by Yoav Shamir ?

                  It has my friend Norman Finkelstein in it,
                  perhaps you will see yourself in it (or someone just like you) ?

                • adamber

                  Oh Damocles, this is truly pathetic. Try Article 7 of the Hamas Covenant:

                  “The hour of judgment shall not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them, so that the Jews hide behind trees and stones, and each tree and stone will say: ‘Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him,’ except for the Gharqad tree, for it is the tree of the Jews.”

                  Try Article 13, which mocks the very notion of peace, or negotiations, and declares that violent Jihad is the only solution.

                  Or Articles 22 and 28, with overt antisemitism, quotes from the antisemitic forgery “The Protocols”, accusations about Jewish money and power…

                  No wonder you have no problem with any of that – instead, you prefer their propaganda wing on the internet – well, as I said, you are one monumental useful idiot.

                  And you’re still a Jew hater.

                • Damocles

                  “Try Article 13 which mocks the very notion of peace, or negotiations, and decades that violent Jihad is the only solution”

                  I think I would feel the same if I had to deal with people like you – reasoning with someone like you is futile that is plain from our interactions – let’s not forget that you stole their country in the first place

                  I also suspect that you may well perish in the end, simply because you are so macho and you insist on trying to intimidate everyone rather than be reasonable

                  it’s your choice

                  The fact that many Palestinians are still reasonable after all the extreme nastiness wrought on them by the Israeli nuts is a testament to their superior humanity

                  I have no sympathy whatsoever for the Israelis, I couldn’t care less what happens to them, they deserve whatever they get in my opinion.

                  I think you should hope and pray that they don’t get nuclear weapons because if they do you are in big trouble, big trouble

                  but as I say, who cares – I certainly don’t

                • adamber

                  Anything to avoid the content of the Hamas covenant eh, Damocles? No reply to its racism, conspiracy theories, and calls for genocide (which you apparently support)? The lack of democracy, the oppression of gays and women? Nada from you.
                  As for the remainder of your spittle flecked post, it is consistent with your racism and general looniness. In wishing millions of people to die, you show yourself to be a bigot, fascist, hatefilled nutcase.

                • Damocles

                  What a loon !
                  You are a racist (which you have already admitted with pride several times) and an oafish bigot (which you have also admitted)

                  Why don’t you address your racism ?
                  or your bigotry ?

                  you live, breathe, sleep, and eat hatred towards anyone who challenges the far-Right drivel you post.

                  Anyway, I have better things to do than swop bullshit with an idiot like you

                  I will let you go and put your uniform back on (or are you not on manoeuvres tonight ?)

                • adamber

                  Damocles – you really need to learn to stop using the same words which are used in describing you. You aren’t very imaginative, are you? No doubt, this explains the parrotting school of bigotry to which you belong, in which you read some neo-Nazi website and then regurgitate its contents verbatim.
                  Anyone reading your posts would conclude you are a total nutcase, consumed by antisemitism to a point of hysteria.
                  Sleep well, you complete buffoon.

                • Damocles

                  a plant for what ?

                • adamber

                  No answer of course to the charge of gross human rights violations in North Korea – or Iran,or Syria, Galloway’s other pet causes.

          • Simon Morgan

            ‘I don’t feel threatened by North Korea’. I rest my case.

  • arnoldo87

    I despise Galloway as much as anyone, but neither Douglas nor any of the comments have produced any facts that counter GG’s claims about the election. I have read elsewhere that Carter did indeed say what George claimed.
    Galloway is an excellent debater and it’s often hard to prove his claims to be incorrect.
    So, come on you CoffeeHousers, let’s raise the level of debate here by finding some facts that prove Galloway wrong.
    Otherwise, it’s just the usual name-calling, isn’t it?

    • Simon Morgan

      It’s not just what Galloway says (although you’d have to be pretty dumb to accept Chavez as a democrat), it’s how he says it. A crystal clear example is this footage, which shows him to be an out and out coward and bully. He lays into a student that has the temerity to question one of his many communist heroes. That is why most people have nothing but contempt for him.

    • sarah_13

      Galloway has the “gift” of using a sort of opportunistic pedantry – he focuses on your last error, he doesn’t care about much else so as long as he is propelling his own cause and thrashing you in the present – the bigger picture is irrelevant to him. There is plenty of information about the corruption and limiting of press freedom in Venezuela by Chavez the guy practically lives in the iranian’s pockets and the US are really concerned about Hezbollah who they believe have been training in Venezuela and are likely to become a threat to US on their doorstep. There is plenty more if you are interested, the problem is by the time you’ve countered his “facts” he isn’t there! Unlike self absorbed narcissistic opportunists, who have become quite wealthy from doing this, most of us have got real problems to deal with, we don’t have the time to dig up every single fact about a ridiculous yet dangerous man like Chavez, inorder to counter professional self publicists like Mr Galloway!

  • Albert

    One degenerate mad clown

  • zanzamander

    Did Carter really say that? Anyway, I feel sorry for Mrs Galloway.

    • MaxSceptic

      Which one?

    • Simon Morgan

      Isn’t it odd how the world’s most hated seem to have wives and children in tow? One presumes that these wives have zero knowledge of what their husbands are really like. Or worse, they do know what they’re like but don’t care.

      • sarah_13

        He has a new wife – the last one he left with a new baby – he’s had a few.

    • sarah_13

      Carter has said a lot of things, largely nonsense, and is very partial to the Arab lobby in the US and their financial clout.

  • Colonel Mustard

    Quite remarkable how one man can embody so many unpleasantries, now extended to his dressing up box.

  • Simon Morgan

    That grinning buffoon sat next to Galloway really needs to take a long hard look at himself. His fawning demeanour spoke volumes about the lack of independent thought in the Oxford Union, and his own tunnel-vision. Full marks to the courageous boy posing the questions.

    • steakfrites

      That’s John Lee, an atrocious president of the society from last term; exemplifying the decline of the Union from a centre of debate to one of pure CV-polishing politics.


    Left to me, i would pronounce sentence on him under rule .303.

  • Simon Morgan

    The really scary thing is that someone (in Bradford West, I gather) actually votes for this awful little man. But then, Bradford is pretty much a sharia ‘community’ now, isn’t it? Like Red Ken in London, the only chance these commies have of retaining any relevance in the 21st. century, is to get the Muslim vote. An unholy alliance if ever there was one.

    • Petra Thompson

      The scumbag used to be my MP. He never responded to any communication. Completely unlike Oona King, she always responded.

      • Damocles

        Three cheers for George Galloway !
        Love him to bits
        What is your problem with him ?
        Perhaps you feel he shouldn’t have an opinion because he is obviously ‘working class’
        Get over it, the speech he gave in the clip you include is very interesting
        I am also a huge fan of Hugo Chavez and I wish him good luck with his medical problems
        You are not a member of the Will Self appreciation society by any chance are you, he is another small minded pundit who is always seeking to malign George Galloway but then Self is a big fan of Israel isn’t he – perhaps you are too ?

        Oona King is a moron as you well know
        Glad to see the back of her

        • Petra Thompson

          You adore Galloway because like you, he is a chum of genocidal tyrants (Saddam Hussein, Bashar al-Assad). No doubt you are also a fan of Hitler and Stalin. We know you get a hard-on for any anti-semite. Which explains your hatred for Oona King (who lost her seat in an anti-semitic campaign of which Oswald Mosley would have been proud).

          • adamber

            Petra, the guy really is loopy.

          • Damocles

            I don’t adore him but I like him because he ‘dares to be different’ in a world that has become obsessed with conformism, plus he fights the good fight for Palestine.
            He is always interesting because he is genuine and honest.
            Your obsession with all things Jewish is somewhat ‘odd’.

            There are other people in the world or hadn’t you noticed ?
            as for your BBC News clip – I wouldn’t trust the BBC News if they told me what day of the week it is (Love the BBC generally, but the BBC News ? Forget it)
            I am also amused at they way many of the people who write the comments on this site accuse the BBC News of being anti-Israel and ‘Left’.
            They are neither.
            They have been hijacked over the years by ‘the lobby’
            ie. the pro-Israel camp (and several independent studies have confirmed this)
            For example they used to laud Hugo Chavez, until he kicked the Israelis out of his country during their genocidal onslaught against the civilian population of Lebanon in 2006
            ever since they despise him
            they used to feature articles on Fidel Castro until Castro began to slate Israel
            now he too is constantly denigrated (that is when he makes a rare appearance in their columns)
            The BBC News is a joke and it is a joke because ‘the lobby’ have come to dominate it
            You and your bunch of propagandists are losing the argument, and you will lose
            You have cynically taken advantage of people’s goodwill since the events of the Second World War but people have begun to see this in ever increasing numbers

            I think for myself, that is what so annoys people like you.
            I would have voted against Gay Marriage by the way.
            I don’t think it is necessary, and what a waste of time debating such things when there are so many problems the country faces

            Gay people can live together, they can form Civil Partnerships, why do we need to redefine ‘Marriage’ ?
            It is just not necessary in terms of equality
            I feel that it is more an attack on the church than it is about Gay Rights – another ‘Lobby’ project ?

            • mightymark

              Well that ticks virtually all of the Islamist boxes. Who knows, if you say you hate music too maybe you’ll get some honorary virgins!

              • Damocles

                Really ?
                How so ?
                I am not a muslim (I don’t really know much about Muslim if I am honest – I believe that there are good and bad muslims, like any other bunch) and I haven’t made one reference to Muslim in what I wrote
                I also haven’t mentioned ‘hating’ anyone

                Perhaps something is being lost in the translation ?

                I actually like music a lot, indeed I was singing before I began writing this – you should have heard me, you would be seriously impressed no doubt

                • mightymark

                  “Perhaps something is being lost in the translation ?”

                  Absolutely – “Islam” (Muslim) for “Islamist”. I don’t suppose that particular bit of purposeful confusion will worry you – it doesn’t seem to worry most of the apologists for ISLAMISM.

                • Damocles



                  the religion of the Muslims, a monotheistic faith regarded as revealed through Muhammad as the Prophet of Allah.

                  Islamic militancy or fundamentalism

                  (hope that helps ?)

                • mightymark

                  Peace be upon you my friend. Do you charge for this service?

                • Petra Thompson

                  Isn’t it strange how christian fundamentalists don’t get a new ism. Christianity as opposed to christianityism. And just what is the scriptural basis for this distinction between islam and islamism?

                • sarah_13

                  It is Islam sir, not Muslim, a Muslim is an adherent of Islam. I have read the Koran you should read it if you get the chance, bear in mind when you do that it is to be interpreted literally, and later verses if they contradict with earlier verses should take priority. The Sharia, is the law for Muslims which a mixture of what is in the Koran and the Hadith ( the hadith is understood to be the caselaw if you like of what mohammed did, so so called scholars when deciding on a issue for muslims look to the behaviour of mohammed to guide them, and if they don’t have an exact fact pattern from the hadith they infer what he might have done in the same circumstances! As you can imagine it limits justice to the 6th century). In most majority Islamic countries they have a either a full Islamic constitution or a mixture of secular constitution with some sharia. This unfortunately leaves these countries with some or all of their laws fixed in the 6th century or a contradictory unsatisfactory mix of slightly less literal interpretations of the sharia. You can perhaps imagine how unsatisfactory this would be for women and homosexuals, just a couple of examples. Most majority Islamic countries are not considered free by any recognised standard and even countries which are supposedly democratic have great sectarian tensions and where majority Muslim the Christian or smaller minority communities are discriminated against with very cruel consequences.

                  Once you have had the opportunity to read about Islam you will note that to interpret books from the 6th century iterally limits most of what you take for granted in your life, like music, freedom..; you could say that most of what makes life worth living would be forbidden. Of course that is not everyone’s view.

                • Damocles

                  Madam, so Islamic people are not Muslims ? (according to you)
                  are you sure ?

                  I have not even mentioned Muslim until mightymark claimed that I had (I then mentioned it in my response)

                  What have I got to do with Islamic fundamentalism ?

                  and you should read ‘Jewish History, Jewish Religion’ by Israel Shahak but you better hold on to your hat, it is not for the fainthearted
                  you can buy it on Amazon.

                  (real) Christianity (as espoused by someone like St Francis of Assisi) is among the kindest, most civilised of religions.

                  I travelled through the Middle East and I didn’t like the status that seemed to be accorded to women in many of the countries we visited, Syria was different. The women in Syria were confident, they were friendly, and they weren’t frightened to talk to you in their tight jeans and headscarves
                  now we (The West) are supporting Saudi Arabia over the Syrians
                  Give me strength !

                • sarah_13

                  sir, I was correcting you, as i think you commented ” I don’t really know much about Muslim ”

                  I don’t know whether you have anything to do with fundamentalism or not, I was just pointing out as you said you didn’t know much about it. What I describe is Islam, not fundamentalism, Islam is to be interpreted literally so in reality their is not much difference. This is unlike Christianity which has gone through an enlightenment and is taken literally and Judaism after 10th century it was judged heresy to interpret it literally. Again I’m not an expert on any of these religions but that is my understanding.

                  Syria is a Baathist regime more national socialist, fascist etc you are right though women fair slightly better under this kind of imposed dictatorship albeit it a very brutal one where freedom’s we recognise are not available, but they fair a bit better. I suppose you could use the logic this regime is appalling but the alternative is just chaotic barbarism?! Also I think you make an inadvertent point, what all either total Islamic republics or the type like Baathist regimes is they all hate Jews, and have no respect for human rights.

                  I shall look up the book you mention, or ask my Jewish friends if they have read it.

                • Damocles

                  Thank you Sarah,
                  I can promise you that Syria was really nice
                  the people were very pleasant (in the main)
                  You seem genuine to me so thank you for your comments
                  perhaps you might also like to look up the film ‘Promises’ by Justine Shapiro
                  I suspect you would find it interesting
                  Best wishes

            • Samir Halabi

              I am one of the almost one million jews of the Arab world that was forced out after the inception of Israel. We the Jews of the Arab-Lands outnumbered the Arabs of the post-British Mandate of Palestine by almost two to one. We never wanted to leave our Arab-homeland but the situation there became intolerable for us, many Jews murdered by the frenzy of Arab mobs, the police or army never intervened on our behalf, they in fact encouraged the attacks. No one not even the UN recognized our plight ‘ The plight of the Jewish refugees from the Arab and Islamic-world (Iran, Turkey and Pakistan) as many Jews from those countries also felt the fear and retribution which was to follow after the defeat and humiliation of the Arab armies by the tiny newly founded ‘STATE OF ISRAEL.’

              • Damocles

                Pure fantasy Samir Halabi, pure fantasy !

        • adamber

          Damocles, that’s the third time you’ve copied and pasted the same moronic comment.

        • Samir Halabi

          I wasn’t aware that so called working class people smoke Havana cigars at £16-00 each. Will Self hates Israel for your information. All the people you seem to admire are Jew-hating slime such as Hugo Chavez who’s storm troopers broke up a Saturday Synagogue service and frightened all the congregants. One day George Galloway will become unstuck as will all Jew-hating scum.

          • Damocles

            more nonsense ?
            I believe that the mistake here in the UK has been the assumption (since the Second World War) that because the Jews were persecuted in Europe in the 1930’s and 1940’s that all things Jewish are good and that ‘the Jews’ are per se ‘the good guys’.
            That does not follow in terms of ‘the Jews’ any more than it does for any other ethnic group.
            ‘The Jews’ should be subject to scrutiny and criticism just like any other grouping in society.
            Hugo Chavez was a top man, a wonderful human being.
            He is greatly missed.
            Please show a modicum of respect for a courageous man who stood head and shoulders above so many politicians

  • June Maunder


  • TKuper

    great man, god bless you!

  • stephen rothbart

    No matter how ridiculous he is with this video, the lasting image of Galloway must be dressed as pink pussycat lapping milk from a saucer of milk from Rula Lenka on a fifth rate TV reality show.

    The Iranian leaders and Galloway deserve each other, in fact they are perfect clowns each and every one of them.

  • Christopher Robertson

    A cheap laugh to be sure, and not precisely “news,” but an enjoyable one. Galloway deserves all the negative PR people can throw at him. Thanks Douglas!

  • Stuck-Record

    I love this claim: 95% of the television stations in Venezuala opposed Chavez.


    • Damocles

      maybe you should watch the BBC Documentary called ‘Chavez behind the coup’ from 2004 ?
      I think you will see that George Galloway is surely not exaggerating (or hardly !)

      • Stuck-Record

        Of course. I will go and watch the BBC. Their view is always totally impartial when it comes to leftist lunatics and scumbags.

  • laurence

    Love his Mus-chic ensemble, and black is so slimming. Georgeous rocks Taliban casual so well. Hopefully sandals to complete the look. One thing though, accessories are so important with this monochrome style so perhaps next time he might try teaming his outfit with a hook or perhaps an eye patch?

  • David Lindsay

    Why don’t you stand at Bradford West in 2015? Go on. Put up or shut up.

    • MaxSceptic

      Demographics, dear boy. Demographics.

      • David Lindsay


        And contempt for the electorate, any electorate. Leo Strauss, and all that.

        Murray is free to prove me wrong, of course. He knows what he has to do.

        • Baron

          David, in the first election after Adolf became the Chancellor his NSDAP secured over 90% of the popular vote. You reckon then the electorate was right to back him?

          • David Lindsay


            And contempt for the electorate, any electorate. Leo Strauss, and all that.

            Murray is free to prove me wrong, of course. He knows what he has to do.

            Oh, and forget “demographics”. Galloway topped the poll in every ward, including the ones that are over 90 per cent white.

  • Loconinja

    He looks like a Bond villain.

    • kieran

      Surely he should be stroking a cat?

      • Daniel Maris

        Why, when he can stroke his ego at meetings such as this?

  • andy_gill

    A Downfall-type spoof would be most appropriate. Maybe overdubbed with a rousing speech in German?

    • sarah_13

      It would be a good idea but now he has some money behind him he he seems to be quite fond of issuing proceedings against people, he has gathered, like many who share his views in the Arabian peninsula, that issuing is as good as gagging!

      • Daniel Maris

        Do the Mullahs of Tehran provide him with his natty suit jackets?

  • MaxSceptic

    Is it true that Al-Galloway has converted? I really think we should be told.

    • Michael Kenning

      He has made it a secret that he converted to Islam. He made sure he kept his religious views suppressed, and rightfully so, but I think it’s about time he confessed his conversion since it’s becoming more and more known.

      • Joe Mathieson

        He did last year. He probably didn’t see the harm in confessing after his pathetic identity politics before the ‘Bradford spring’

        • Daniel Maris

          Thanks for that. He keeps it well hidden. Typical Taqiyya in fact.


        Can we now expect a mossad drone strike?

        • MaxSceptic

          He is not their concern. Why would they wish to deal with British fifth columnists?

    • Austin Barry

      If he hasn’t fully converted yet, I would be more than happy to wield the circumcision knife. George should be warned that I am quite myopic, but will do my best.

    • Tim Reed

      Whether Galloway has converted or not, it’s safe to say that the man is a consummate opportunist. Have a read of the pre-election letter to his constituents for some amazingly cynical Islamic ass-kissing…

    • RodPolisher

      There is no truth in the rumour that George gALLAHway is a Muslim!

  • sarah_13

    I’m so fed up with this appalling opportunist being given air time! why is he on question time this week when there are much more hard working mps who should be asked. He is a dangerous egotistical self publicist who it’s seems is now dressing like a Pakistani minister or Mr Karzair of Afghanistan for some reason, no doubt best known to himself.

    • Jeremy Poynton

      “He is a dangerous egotistical self publicist who it’s seems is now dressing like a Pakistani minister or Mr Karzai of Afghanistan for some reason no doubt best known to himself!”

      He’s a Muslim now innee?

  • Saltash

    That was epic – I don’t always agree with him but I could watch him all day!

    • sarah_13

      Epic?!! He is gifted with a sort of pedantry coupled with what appears to be short term amnesia which enables him to lash out unimpeded by principle or truth.

      • Saltash

        still good fun though!

        • Daniel Maris

          Just don’t get in the way of the projectile expectorating…

        • Simon Morgan

          Not really. He is symptomatic of the terrible mess the West is in.

    • edlancey

      Epic ? Chavez was democratically elected so he is allowed to lock up journalists without trial whenever he feels like it. Or did I miss a bit ?

      • Saltash

        Alright calm down everyone I’m only mucking about

  • Jason Scott Tilley

    Chaiman Mao meets Ming the Merciless meets Gollum. Wonderfull