Church of England 2.0

4 February 2013

4:47 PM

4 February 2013

4:47 PM

Welcome Rt Rev Justin Welby, who became the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury this morning at St Pauls. The Church of England’s first tweeting ABC has been a bit quiet online of late, but that hasn’t stopped us nosy parkers getting a glimpse into life behind the scenes of this most holy transition. If Welby’s twenty-something daughter Katherine is anything to go by the flaws in process have not gone unnoticed:

‘Off to St Paul’s today for the confirmation of election. Anywhere else in the world an ‘election’ that had only 1 candidate it was illegal to vote against would be called corruption.’

Well quite, but it’s not all self-flagellation. While her father has taken over a turbulent and split synod, and will lead the church through some very rocky gay marriage waters, at least one Welby is having fun. Upon moving into Lambeth Palace Katherine declared ‘so excited for hide and seek.’

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  • the viceroy’s gin

    Interesting that this guy wasn’t installed until the gay marriage issue was nearly forced through. I guess the voice of this institution wasn’t welcome while the camel’s nose was being squeezed under the tent. But that voice will be heard when the camel sets up shop in the tent shortly, no doubt.

  • humeanbeing

    Katherine sounds a good sort. Would be nice if she could be eligible for her dad’s job one day in the not too distant…

  • Jeff Daniels

    @Whyshouldihavetoregister – muppet

  • Whyshouldihavetoregister

    If I were on twatter, I would elect to tell her to elect to look up the word ‘election’ in a dictionary.