Bus bomb: It Was Hezbollah

5 February 2013

5:48 PM

5 February 2013

5:48 PM

The report of the Bulgarian authorities into the bus-bombing which killed a local bus driver and five Israeli tourists in Burgas last summer has confirmed what so many of us suspected: it was Hezbollah.

Commenting on the release of the report, and the identity of the bombers, Interior Minister Tscetan Tsvetanov has said:

‘We have established that the two were members of the militant wing of Hezbollah… There is data showing the financing and connection between Hezbollah and the two suspects.’

Now that it has been confirmed that it was Hezbollah that carried out this suicide bombing against a target in the EU, the EU cannot possibly persist in its refusal to ban Hezbollah in its entirety. Can it? The EU’s refusal to comprehensively ban Hezbollah activities in Europe to date has apparently partly been motivated by a claim that Hezbollah have not killed Europeans (‘only’ Israelis). That was not in fact the case before now. But now there is the additional case of the Bulgarian bus driver. I wonder what the EU will do?

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  • Jenia Nyachowe

    stand by for israel to announce massive aid package to bulgaria.

  • Michaelinlondon1234

    Where this gets interesting is with further information. Who supplied the “intelligence” And copies of it in public domain.
    The reason I bring this up is because Lebanon has arrested about 100 Israel spies, 2 from CIA over the last couple of years. This is not delving into all of the people in the middle east Israel has assassinated. Nor similar by the US.
    The author also neglects to mention that one is Australia and another Canadian.

  • CaediteEos

    The EU will do precisely what it almost always does – the wrong thing. The clue is in that report – only the “militant” wing of Hezbollah is responsible. The rest of them are all lovely, and we should continue to engage in dialogue with them…

    • margaret benjamin

      Hezbollah proxy for Iran have the money and the power in Lebanon and use it as a launching pad to reach Israel.