Breakfast with the Supreme Leader

5 February 2013

8:13 AM

5 February 2013

8:13 AM

I have a piece in the Wall Street Journal (Europe) this morning: ‘Take Iran At Its Word’ can be found online here.

The piece asks what is required to stop the Mullahs getting nuclear weaponry. And it relates a strange breakfast experience with the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khameini.

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  • margaret benjamin

    The Iranian Regime a law unto themselves. I mentioned in an earlier comment about the force that drives them. Sharia law at its worst led by and ruled by twelve muslim mullahs who are driven by an ideology, that Sharia law must rule the whole world as the seek to dominate through religion.The one driving force that spurs them on is the appearing of their muslim messiah the twelfth imam ,Who disappeared down a well centuries ago,It was reported Ahmadinejad actually went to the well and talked to him!!! that this is the one they are waiting for to return to rule.So chemical weapons are needed to wipe out all the infidels . First on their list is the nation of Israel to wipe them out from the face of the earth.We know from bible prophecy this will not happen.then of course US and those they consider a threat. Satellite broadcasting has also brought the preaching of the gospel to the middle east and many in Iran have embraced it.The church is mostly underground but sad to say many God fearing Christians have lost their lives,others persecuted while others are thrown into jail for years.So unless your a muslim fundamentalist you don’t stand a chance hardly surprising from a man who denies the Holocaust ever took place.They have the weapons and would not hesitate in using them.

  • laurence

    Nice to see that his recent and much publicised space trip hasn’t left him jet lagged. I think he is demonstrating how to best consume a banana in zero gravity.

    The answer to your question Douglas is depressingly simple: Iran is tolerated because it is ant-American and moreover, through its terrorist proxies, anti-Israel.

  • stephen rothbart

    Douglas, what could possibly go wrong?

    We have Obama, Kerry and probably Hagel standing up to them.

    Relax. The world is safe. Just ask the poor sap who is the only one punished for the Benghazi debacle so far. You know, the one who made the film.