An interview with Lars Hedegaard

14 February 2013

11:24 AM

14 February 2013

11:24 AM

A couple of days ago I managed to interview Lars Hedegaard – the Danish journalist currently at an undisclosed location under police protection after an assassination attempt at his home in Copenhagen.

The results are in this week’s magazine. Lars was his usual calm, eloquent and forthright self. If anybody thought they could silence him, they’ve got another thing coming.

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  • nadeem afzal
  • stephen rothbart

    You and Mark Steyn against the world, Douglas. Thank you for shaming the MSM for their woeful neglect of a brave man and decent democrat..

  • Youbian

    Well done for your blogs on this.

    • humeanbeing

      Hear, hear.

    • Vindice

      seconded – Douglas your Copenhagen “Europe & Islam” talk, hosted by Lars Hedegaard, was excellent. I’ve watched it on youtube & bookmarked it. Thank you.

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