A model of diversity

19 February 2013

7:25 PM

19 February 2013

7:25 PM

There’s nothing quite like diversity. Take Manchester. It has a large Muslim population and a lot of gays. What could possibly go wrong?

Last week Manchester University’s Student Union played host to the ‘Global Aspirations of Women Society’. This appears to be a front group of the extremists of Hizb ut-Tahrir and therefore by no means does what it says on the tin.

Anyhow – as the university’s student newspaper puts it:

‘A speaker at a Students’ Union affiliated society workshop said that homosexuals would be executed in an ideal Islamic state, describing the practice of two men kissing as an “atrocity.”

1st year Middle Eastern studies student Colin Cortbus attended a public meeting at the Students’ Union last Wednesday 13th February organised by Global Aspirations and asked the chairperson of the meeting whether “in the Islamic society in which you strive for,” they would “feel comfortable, personally and morally, to kill a gay man.”

She responded, “Absolutely,” and added later that homosexuality was an “atrocity, because it goes against what God says.”

Mr Cortbus sent an undercover recording of the talk to The Mancunion the following day.

In the meeting Mr Cortbus also asked whether in the Islamic state they were advocating they would feel confident to kill him if he “did something as completely innocent as kiss another man outside the Students’ Union.”

In response, the chair of the meeting said to the small group, “Yeah, absolutely,” adding, “But it’s the fact that you can’t just see it as it is. People have this issue that the punishment, penal code, everything is so completely inhumane, but who even says that these things are inhumane?”’

Indeed. Who are we to say that chopping someone up or stoning them, or throwing them off a cliff is inhumane? British universities are certainly fertile ground for such pseudo-thought.


The discussion moved on once the chair rightly pointed out that gays cannot procreate. At this stage one of the other students in attendance demonstrated the analytical skills that make our 21st-century graduates the envy of the world, by asking:

‘If they can’t have kids, why didn’t they die out ages ago?’


The filming man, Mr Cortbus, appears to be a reasonable sort of chap:

‘Mr Cortbus also asked for the chairperson’s position on stoning adulterers. She reasoned: “Who’s to say that someone else might see that and think ‘well if he’s allowed to do it why can’t I do it’.”

When Mr Cortbus argued that stoning was not an Islamic practice, the chair¬person said: “Even if you went to some¬one who was a Muslim, whether they like the idea of stoning an adulterer or not, they will still say to you that it is something that is in Islam.”‘

In fact Mr Cortbus is too kind and benefit-of-the-doubt-giving on this one. There’s actually quite a lot of stoning in Islamic history.

But anyway, this is all just throat-clearing. Because one of the nicest things about diverse 21st century Britain is demonstrated by Manchester University Student Union’s ‘Wellbeing Officer’. This person – named Cat Gray – has had to respond to the video and has put her finger on the point by saying:

‘We are deeply concerned with the covert filming of a student event within the Union. We are also deeply concerned by the suggestion that comments of a homophobic nature have been made.’

You see. Wrong done on both sides. If everybody only admitted that then perhaps we could all just get along. Can’t we?

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  • Verk

    That woman in the picture criticizing stoning is so racist!

  • kwestion.all

    Say what you like about Orwellian double-think & double-talk, you have to admit to it’s even handed tolerance to all views, after all, one must respect another community’s rights to stonings, honour killings, forced marriages, female circumcision…..but joking apart, the real problem as writers in this magazine have articulated, is the unwillingness by lefties & soft liberals to accept that however hard you try, you simply can’t have tolerance for intolerance.

  • Remittance Man

    ‘We are deeply concerned with the covert filming of a student event
    within the Union. We are also deeply concerned by the suggestion that
    comments of a homophobic nature have been made.’

    Trans: Oh dear! Someone has exposed the nice arrangement we have constructed for ourselves whereby we didn’t have to confront the screaming contradictions of our philosophy let alone try and decide who might be right. Bad someone! Bad, bad someone!

  • Ross A Lloyd

    A very brave woman shown in the photo above. Eddie, I’m with you. Nicholas K you are the worst kind of coward, but you have a right to be wrong – at least until Britain becomes a Muslim country. Then you’ll need to do some serious sandall licking to stay alive…

  • Simon Morgan

    Geert Wilders is getting the predictable reception in our politically correct corner of the world. Numbskulls waving placards with ‘STOP RACISM NOW’, and tee-shirts with ‘Students for Palestine’ etc, etc. There’s only so much p*ss you can take out the left-wing, isn’t there?

  • Magnus Hirschfeld

    So the Student Union’s “Wellbeing Officer” makes no distinction in degree between the “deep concern” she expresses about the covert recording, and the “deep concern” she expresses about an individual advocating on university premises that gay people be put to death in an ideal state. Referring to the latter merely as “comments of a homophobic nature” also hardly does justice to the hatred and violence they advocate.

    The “Wellbeing Officer” surely has grounds for gratitude that the covert recording took place – a very minor rule violation – insofar as it provided evidence of very serious wrongdoing, namely the advocacy of putting gay people to death – surely a very serious rule violation. In local government, the failure to recognise that one must sometimes break a rule for the sake of bringing about a very important benefit otherwise unobtainable, is termed “fettering of discretion”, and is regarded as grounds for a judgment of maladministration, no less.

    How appalling it is that fundamentalist religionists dare to express views with such impunity that advocate and condone extreme violence against lesbian and gay people in our secular, liberal democracy. It behoves all decent and progressive students, and their tutors, at every university in this land, to adopt a zero-tolerance approach to such outrageous statements – whatever warped and worthless fundamentalist religion they seem to emanate from.

    • Petra Thompson

      The Left control virtually every student union in Britain. If the Left had any principles, they wouldn’t have wound up the anti-slavery movement (when there are 600,000 black slaves in muslim Mauritania), or the anti-apartheid movement (when every islamic society is an apartheid society).

      Even when muslims in Iran and Tunisia turn on the Left who help them get to power, the Leftist collectivists in Britain don’t care. They see everyone (including their own colleagues) as disposable if it brings the Left to power.

  • andy_gill

    Obviously one qualification for being a “Wellbeing Officer” is having an IQ below that of a plant.

    God help us if this cretin Cat Gray is typical of University students.

  • Austin Barry

    Most sentient people in this country long ago arrived at the conclusion that Islam is intolerant and vicious, a death cult ludicrously declaring itself the Religion of Peace.

    Unhappily, our politicians are in a state of denial and continue to tolerate this intolerant and murderous cult.

    When will our cowardly elite finally decide to proscribe the building of more mosques, have an open-ended moritorium on muslim immigration and just state that Islam is clearly and wholly incompatible with British culture?

    Currently, our elite and Islam paradoxically seem to share the same death wish: that of our infidel culture.

  • Macky Dee

    I would like to have asked this vile Muslim person;
    If you hate this so much, and it is so fundamental to your belief system, how could you possibly live in such a society that advocates it? You would be better off somewhere else!

    • Petra Thompson

      Islamic doctrine says that muslims should live in an islamic state if they can. We should not be allowing any muslims into Britain.

  • Don McCarron

    There should be compulsory filming at all of these events. No one with nothing to hide should have a problem with that.

  • retundario

    “We are deeply concerned with the covert filming of a student event within the Union.”


  • Effector

    JEDDAH: Over the past decade, Saudi Arabia has been the largest source of donations from Islamic states and royal families to British universities, much of which is devoted to the study of Islam, the Middle East and Arabic literature.


  • paulus

    Well non of them have ever been to an arab country holding hands and french kissing is par of the course

  • John-Paul Marney

    I don’t remember receiving such consideration for my Catholic and Christian beliefs from the Student’s Union at Paisley College of Technology in the late eighties. When I tried to set up a pro-life group, I was harassed, hounded, hectored and disenfranchised. They had a policy at the time of ‘no platform’ which applied to anything they didn’t agree with. Presumably it is not so easy to discriminate against Muslims as it is Christians, which is why the former don’t receive the patronising (matronising?) Bully Pulpit treatment from PC Brigaders that I was subjected to.

  • John-Paul Marney

    I don’t remember receiving such consideration for my Catholic and Christian beliefds from the Student’s Union at Paisley College. When I tried to set up a pro-life group, I was harassed, hounded, hectored and disenfracnhised.

  • zanzamander

    Stones in the above picture of the enactment are not of the right size, they’re too small. Mohammad’s orders on lapidation are now enshrined in Article 104 of the Iranian Penal Code (and no doubt in that of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan etc.). It says; “The
    size of the stone used in stoning shall not be too large to kill the convict by
    one or two throws and at the same time shall not be too small to be called a

    I’m never the one to give AI a link (other links would have me banned from here), but here goes:

    • zanzamander

      Other thing, her eyes are still in their sockets whereas in the real event, the eyes are usually the first ones to get hit and burst out of their housing. Sorry don’t want to upset anyone, but the true horror of stoning has to be understood. It is an evil person who thought of this and other similar acts of punishment. And they do this in the name of pleasing their god!

      • AY

        cultural importance of stoning shouldn’t be under-estimated. it is likely the most ancient way of mob “justice”, – as it uses a stone, first weapon known to humans (also probably the triggering feature of our species started about 7000 generations ago).

        previous method was the mob killing by tearing victim’s body apart by teeth and paws – strictly animal kingdom stuff.

        the stoning is the execution consecrated by the wisdom of old ways, practiced by generations of successful predators, – back to caves, back to apes.

        ..and that adequately illustrates the archaic nature of islam and evolutionary backwardness of sharia.

    • edlancey

      She doesn’t look as if she has been gang-raped beforehand either, which I am sure is the perfect aperitif for a spot of stoning.

  • BlitheSpirit

    What worriies me is that these stories are emerging day after day and there appears to be a generation of people in the UK and across Europe who think this way while being defended by the Left. It’s getting worse, and all people do is shout at the radio or post comments under articles. The current government doesn’t recognise the problem or even if it does it can’t/won’t do anything about it.

    Meanwhile, Israel, the bete noire of Leftie Liberals and Islamists in the UK, is one of the few countries in the ME where gay couples can live openly and freely without fear of persecution.

    • Petra Thompson

      Indeed, the situation in the UK is exactly as you describe. This survey from 2007 shows that young muslims in Britain are 3x as radical as their grandparents. Similar surveys of muslim students at British universities show them to be even more fascist than this survey.

      People need to realise that the Left has no principles. It is all about power. There are 600,000 black africans living as slaves in muslim Mauritania. Yet the Left have no interest in fighting slavery, unless it can be used as a means to attack predominantly white, (post)christian countries.

  • Trofim

    Talking about diversity, anyone hear the Today programme today 20th February about the reasons why the white population of London is rapidly diminishing? Stunning in its wishful thinking and dishonesty. There’s no such thing as white flight, honest.

    • BlitheSpirit

      Was it about this by the Home Affairs correspondent Mark Easton?

      • Trofim

        Yeah, that’s him. There was a “discussion” between Oonah King (Director of Diversity for somewhere) and one Danny Dorling who thought that the term “white flight” is – guess what? Yeah, you’ve got it – “unhelpful”. Conclusion was, as people get better off, they move out to the countryside. Funny thing is, when brown and black people get better off, they don’t move out to the countryside, but – can you believe this? they, by sheer oversight, no doubt, forget to mention it on the programme. Who would have thunk it. Worthy of Pravda or The Pyongyang People’s Daily. I would hope that one of the Spectator lot would do a post on this topic.

        I think even some leftish types found it a bit embarrassing in its blatant rose-tinted dishonesty:

        • Petra Thompson

          The looney left think that an inner London school that is 99% muslim is a shining example of multiculturalism. Ah, they say, but those muslims don’t all come from the same country. That’s right. Only 96% of the children at that school come from Bangladesh. Not even Bangladesh really — from one province of Bangladesh.

          When 96% of a school’s children are not only the same colour, and the same religion, but also often cousins of each other, the looney left describe it as “multiculturalism” (provided the kids are not white). If it was white Brits doing who were all cousins, it would be called “in-breeding”.

    • Gary Malloy

      I heard that. The white population of Dagenham has collapsed in 10 years because they have all bought their “council houses”, made a quick buck and moved to the country!

  • David Lindsay

    Well, quite.

    But motes and beams do rather spring to mind when reading this from Douglas Murray, of all people.

  • Eddie

    These Muslims are only opposed to a gay lifestyle; they are most certainly not opposed to gay behaviour, and a great many no doubt are both practising Muslims and homosexuals. This is common in primitive cultures.
    Just watch or read The Kite Runner. All boys who go to those terror training camps are supposed to, ahem, ‘comfort’ their teachers of an Islamic evening…
    You get the same thing in the south of Europe and other religious, backwards cultures.
    Never ever think that Muslims don’t ‘do gay’. From what my contacts tell me about the Middle East, no young boy is safe there from the wandering hands of homo-Arabs (no wonder the sons of British families working there stay in the compound eh?).
    Bumming boys is part of Islam – read some history!
    Maybe we should have a Muslims gay day so Muslims and others can learn about tghis rich tradition in Islamic culture?

    • edlancey

      “You get the same thing in the south of Europe and other religious, backwards cultures.”

      Not coincidentally the ones that were subjected to the special charms of Islam over the centuries – along with other charming ‘cultural practices’ such as blood vendettas and endemic corruption and bribery.

  • Eddie

    British universities have been turning a blind eye to the promotion of hatred by ethnic and religious minorities for decades. See a campus novel like ‘Crump’ to see it satirised.
    You see, there is a little knee-jerk reaction in the muddled mind of very devout multiculturalism which means that anyone with a brown skin and a religion can say, and promote, anything: racism, sexism, homophobia etc. It’s like an invisible forecfield that is supposed to protect the aforementioned swarthy religious type from any criticism or challenge. And hey – it works, the emotional blackmail. Because we (and the disgraceful poltically correct poltroons who run our universities, schools, councils, media organisations) let it work.
    If lots of white non-religious people promoted the same thing as Muslims at universities, they’d be called facists; because they are brown and cite some old nonsense-filled book cobbled together over 1000 years ago by warlords in the desert, we have to ‘respect’ Muslims and their vile views in the name of diversity and (ha!) equality, because their culture and race demands it. Really? Well, they really are so diverse in the things they hate, for sure…
    This, of course, is further muddled by the automatic adoration by silly students (and university managers) for anyone who hates Israel (AKA Jews): so all liberals (and Islamofascists) united in diverse hatred. How quaint! What fun! Why not go the whole (halal) hog (AKA horse) and re-enact the stoning and beheading of infidels on campus? Or invite some primary school year 9’s in and re-enact the marriage of Mohammed to a 9-year old?

    • Guest

      It’s a shame Christianity has died down in the UK, had it still been alive a lot more things would make sense and simpler to understand. Now we just try to make everything acceptable and anyone with an opinion against that, a ‘bigot’.
      Ideally that may sound like the best plan but I don’t think that was the way it was suppose to be.

      • Eddie

        I think perhaps if we had not had an absurd ideology of multiculturalism infecting everything, and making people automatically want to hug anyone swarthy of skin with a religion, then it would have been far better. I dont’ remember anyone in the 70s or 80s (or after) being asked if they wanted millions of Asians or Africans to come here. Oh not that’s right – we weren’t asked. We were TOLD how wonderfully these people – and especially their children – would integrate into British society that way and be loyal citizens. Hey ho…
        By the way, African Christian nutters are just as bad as awful Muslims: they all bring religiosity here and backwards ways of being and thinking.
        The great thing about England (not Britain, because the Scots and Irish have always been religious nuts, and the Welsh miserabalist chapel culture used to grip that land like a llama’s nuts too) is that it has no religiosity. The traditional English way of being is to get on with your religion, which is vague and rather like a hobby, and just get on with it. Churchill’s view was excatly this. I really miss a Britain where religion just was not an issue. Now it always is, because of immigrant cultures and the useful idiots who pander to them.

        • Guest

          whatever you say eddie, keep on the good fight…

        • Reborn

          Looks like my support for you was a bit too vigorous for the censors !

        • visiblewince

          You make valid points and I agree, here in the 21st century religion should not be allowed the influence -in a wide range of matters- that it has begun again to enjoy. That said, I think it’s a little unfair on Christians to ascribe to them the same radical nutbar status as the RoP’ers.

          If, in the scenario of a airport departure lounge, you’d heard that a large contingent of Arabs were going to be joining your flight, what a relief to a learn a little later they were Christians.From my pov, they do they do sometimes rather over-enthsiastically support their compatriot Muslims in political matters and evince marked cultural differences in many things, but at least there will be a grounding of human values that can be recognised and will comport to some degree with your own.

    • Skalavagr

      It isn’t a “knee-jerk reaction” or an “invisible forcefield” – it’s plain old racism but in a multiculti disguise. It’s saying that we shouldn’t criticise Muslims for being racist, sexist and homophobic because the poor creatures can’t help themselves. Whereas the truth is that a great many muslims detest these fundamentalist attitudes but God forbid the Left should offer them the slightest support.

      • Petra Thompson

        Yep. It’s what Ayaan Hirsi Ali calls “the racism of low expectations”.

        • chan chan

          Muslims can’t possibly be held to the same high standards as westerners, because to do so would be an admission that their culture is inferior to ours – which it is by a giant order of magnitude.

          Multiculturalism holds that all cultures are equal. To admit this is not the case with Islam would bring the whole world view of lefty multuculturalists crashing down around them.

          • Hogspace

            By a giant order of magnitude?
            By 700 years to be precise. they are exactly where Europe was in the late 14th century under Catholic hegemony.

            • kevinlynch1005

              That’s a fair point. We in the west used to hang children until just barely 200 years’ ago, for example. Many of “us” considered it acceptable to “own” other people until even more recently. In the scheme of things, these Islamic places aren’t really THAT far behind on the evolutionary path.

              • kevinlynch1005

                and, by the way, the hanging was often for ‘misdemeanours’ such as petty theft. How civilised we were.

              • Eddie

                Yes, and it was Europe where, because of The Enlightenment and the rise of the individual – which took on the oppression of the state and the ruling classes and The Church – we came to ban such things as slavery, which human societies had practised for millennia. Britain’s banning slavery was much opposed in Africa (because black Africans profited enormously from their slave trade, internal and external rto Africa), Asia and the Americas.
                As for hanging. Well, usually sentences were commuted and ‘criminals’ transported to Australia (I believe Kevin Rudd former Aussie PM is descended from one such child who was condemned to death yet was sent to Australia instead).
                Let us not forget that in societies with huge numbers of young people and children, disorder is likely, especially in an age of slow communications, and therefore these societies had to be harsher; we should not judge them by our standards or condemn them.
                We should condemn those in the 20th and 21st centuries who behave like that now – especially those Muslims who want to import their backwards ways to more civilised lands and thereby pollute and infect superior cultures.

      • LEngland

        There is no disguise but actually it is credalism, as Islam is not a race

  • AY

    here is the minimum of actions everyone hopes is quietly done by government to prevent full scale civil war:

    1) tracking individuals capable of terrorist violence – by technical surveillance. yes that includes muslim “security firms”.
    2) fast reaction spec-ops teams protecting vulnerable & high-value objects.
    3) beefing-up border control to pevent large-scale weapons smuggling.

    engaging in “debates”?.. LOL.

    look at Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia – that is what is coming if these measures fail.
    the time for debates is long past.

  • Nicholas K

    “We are deeply concerned with the covert filming of a student event
    within the Union. We are also deeply concerned by the suggestion that
    comments of a homophobic nature have been made.” Wrong done on both sides, yes, but Douglas, have you noticed how the respose is carefully crafted to, er, respect cultural sensitivities so that one side is nevertheless clearly rather more wrong than the other? The “covert filming” is unreservedly condemned, yet despite the incontovertible evidence provided by the covert filiming, this apparently only supported “the suggestion” that homophobic comments had been made.

    • Eddie

      Yes indeed. It seems a bit more cover filming wouldn’t go amiss! Goodness only knows what hate speech and incitement to murder is going on in mosques and so-called ‘Muslim schools’ up and down the country.
      Manchester University has always been full of leftwing nutters. The Poly there was the last to stop being a Poly. I went there once – busts of Lenin and Marx everywhere.
      Having said that, when I was at university in 1988, I remember that Manchester University elected a hamnster (yes, a hamster) as student union president. I have no idea if this was a halal hamster and shall defer to the superior knowledge of any imam who cares to enlighten me!

      • Tim Reed

        Did he have a hook? Was it Abu Hamster?

        • Eddie

          Oh bugger! I wish I’d thought of that!

  • Jonas

    What happened in the last 20 years? 1990, communism was dead in the water, liberal democracies had prevailed, all was well, and it was only downhill from there. Conservatives and lefties were in perfect agreement on this(e.g. Hobsbawm and Fukuyama), it was the end of the great clashes and íntolerant totalitarianism was gone forever. Now this madness all around Europe once again? Very depressing indeed.

    • Harold Angryperson

      Nature abhors a vacuum.

      • Jonas

        That´s true. As Mark Steyn so eloquently put it: ““A big chunk of Western civilization, consciously or otherwise, has given the impression that it’s dying to surrender to somebody, anybody. Reasonably enough, Islam figures: Hey, why not us?”

  • Petra Thompson

    It is dreadful. But we shouldn’t be surprised by this. The gay media and the “leaders” of the gay community have colluded in covering up the ethnic cleansing of gay people from east London for 20 years. If they are going to put islamisation above the lives of their own community, we shouldn’t be surprised.

    The gay media will simultaneously carry adverts for Peter Tatchell’s “Human Rights Foundation” which solicit money from gay people by referring to those countries where people are executed for being homosexual (all executions being done under sharia law). And when muslim homophobia is demonstrated in Britain (e.g. the recent “vigilantes” in Whitechapel) the gay media will solicit articles from gay muslims saying that islam has no injunctions against homosexuality.

    In 2009, when Gallop carried out their survey that showed that 99.5% of British muslims were intolerant of homosexuality, “The Pink Paper” rubbished the Gallop survey, accusing the organisation of “islamophobia” (the Gallop team were all muslims). Instead, “The Pink Paper” put out their own ad-hoc survey, which claimed that most muslims would be delighted to have a gay son or daughter.

    The gay community needs to realise that their leaders are Quislings.

    • darwins beard

      fair one, no more “gays for Palestine” either

    • Hogspace

      It’s really quite unpleasant. I have been hugely disappointed by P.Tatchell of late. I expect more LGBT people have been murdered in Iran alone since 1989 than in all of Europe since 1945. Islam has become a medieval religious cult of misogyny, homophobia, murder and repression. It should be attacked and condemned by decent people wherever it appears. And yet here we have Universities and Students defending it, against everything else they say. Why? I really do not know. Is it just born of rabid anti Americanism and Israel gets it because they are allies. Israel is the only font of human rights in the middle east and their patience in dealing with 66 years of Islamist aggression is beyond sainthood.
      Universities should be forced by the DoE to put their houses in order or have all public funding withdrawn. I recommend Maryam Namazie to you, if you don’t not already know of you. Forgive her sad communist affliction :o) in everything else she is enlightenment.

  • Simon Semere

    To answer the graduate asking, ‘If they can’t have kids, why didn’t they die out ages ago?’

    Fair question. Being gay is not a genetic trait that is passed down, it’s the result of the environment around one. Many psychologists secretly believe it’s a sickness that can be cured.

    • thomasf2811

      “Being gay is not a genetic trait” – you got a source for that?

      Here’s Richard Dawkins suggesting that it is and he knows more about genetics than either of us –
      I don’t know either way, but it’s a fascinating question and certainly not one that we yet know the answer to.

    • OldSlaughter

      ” it’s the result of the environment around one”

      Any evidence?

      And then how come 1 brother can be gay, the other not?

      Think again please. Besides, something does not have to be genetic to be innate at birth.

    • Eddie

      The student asking ‘if they can’t have kids, why didn’t they die out ages ago’ is obviously doing a degree in nonsense studies at the university of staggering thickness – like many a student is a bright new egalitarian thickie higher education system then.

      Obviously cannot grasp that like many animals, humans can be bisexual in behaviour and it only takes one man on woman insertion to father one, two or maybe three little sprogs.

      He’s probably the same sort of Muslim thicko who says ‘well your ancestor may be an ape but mine isn’t’ or perhaps one who argues that the sun goes around the earth because that’s what that 7th century warlord paedo Mo was told to say by an angel…

      And no wonder: he has come from a school system where teachers pander to Muslims and any religious people with black skins, and where 50% of biology teachers admit to teaching creationism or similar as the equivalent to evolution and the fact of science – because they are terrified of ‘offending’ those of ‘different cultures and minority religions’.

      Can’t we just stone some of those teachers to death instead and l let the adulterers off?

      • Simon Semere

        True, we have reasoning and animals don’t, and there are reasons some may show bisexual/homosexual behavior. It’s reasoning that leads to these decisions not genetic inheritance like the boy rightly observed.

        • Eddie

          Research is showing that the most likely cause of homosexual orientation is hormonal changes in the womb affecting the unborn child in the later stages of pregnancy. Older women tend to give birth to a greate percentage of babies who grow up to be gay.
          We have to differentiate here between behaviour and orientation. Anyone can exhibit homosexual behaviour – like all those gay-hating blacks in US prisons. But for the orientation, there needs to be something early in life (and in unborn life): my bias is towards nature rather than nurture.
          I cite the rather tragic case of a boy who got changed into a girl after doctors in the US managed to burn his penis off in a botched circumcision operation (that practice is barbaric and unnecessary anyway, and is a vestige of puritanical anti-masturbation medical miserabilists of the past in the US and elsewhere). Thta poor kid was told he was a girl and was brought up that way; but he was always a boy, and in adulthood, when he found out what had happened to him, he changed back (minus penis and gonads). Tragic ending though: he killed himself.

          • Simon Semere

            get some balls and stop ranting on the internet.

            • Eddie

              Ah the voice of reason. Not.
              Your fantasy that all homosexual activity is due to behavioural choice rather than orientation caused by genetic and foetal hormonally-induced changes, does not take into account the scientific research of recent years, and seems just to be your prejudical opinion masquerading as fact.
              You seem to have a big interest in balls. Maybe you are gay in the head, huh?

    • LEngland

      Homophilia and paedophilia are Developmental Defects.

  • darwins beard

    As shocking as this is I am finding my self less and less surprised by this sort of thing and even less that it is on university campuses, after watching a young Muslim woman in a David Horowitz debate compare the founding fathers of America to Al Qaeda and another woman openly say he had no right to live because she supports Hamas and he is Jewish or the unwavering U.A.F support of Al Mujaroon over here.

    I wonder how long before new statesman has a Mehdi Hasan article about Islamophobe’s secretly filming student events and how we are turning a blind eye to the intolerance in our communities ?

    Great Article though, very eye opening.

    • logdon

      It seems that even the Staggers got sick of Mouthy. He’s now ‘Political Journalist’ at the Huffpo.

      • darwins beard

        In a strange way that means that new statesman hes got slightly less readable, thank god they have Laurie Penny to take up the slack on the political side 😉