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The View from 22: Obama, the Pacific president

17 January 2013

8:32 AM

17 January 2013

8:32 AM

On this week’s View from 22 podcast, the Spectator’s assistant editor Freddy Gray discusses his cover feature on Barack Obama, who he argues is becoming the pacific-centric president. Although America has given us the impression they are angry with a potential EU withdrawal, Freddy concludes that Uncle Sam is just not that into us. When did this new attitude start emerging? And would it be any different under a Mitt Romney administration?

James Forsyth also provides an update on David Cameron’s rapidly-approaching EU speech and asks whether the whole thing is a year too late. Will all the Tory party troubles be forgotten and will the speech be it be alright on the night? Fraser Nelson praises Rod Liddle’s latest column on the left-wing squabble between Suzanne Moore, Julie Burchill, the Guardian, Observer and Lynne Featherstone. Plus: yesterday’s helicopter crash and the omnipresent terrorist threat and why Whitehall is crying out for reform.


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The View from 22 — 17 January 2012. Length: 24:20

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  • El_Sid

    The US Navy’s Pacific pivot is a bit of a myth if you actually look at the details, it’s mostly just spin to reassure other countries in the region.
    As for the whole energy thing – the US doesn’t need to import oil from the Gulf as it is. But it retains its presence there partly because it would still be affected by $200 oil just like everyone else, should Hormuz get closed. Oil is fungible, and in any case the economies of the US’ export markets would be decimated by an oil crisis.
    There’s another reason emerging for the US to take an interest in the Gulf – it’s the great strategic weakness of China. If you want to hit China, you don’t want to take your navy into the South China Sea, far better to blockade the Gulf.


    When do you think the US ever cared about the UK? They only intervened in the two wars for their own benefit. No country cares about the UK, and that is to be expected. In the end politicians are elected to consider the interests of their own electorate. That is one reason this political class is so corrupt and should be removed. It doesn’t work for us, it always has its eye on pleasing others.

  • Austin Barry

    Obama is the Obama-centric president: a narcissistic, strutting sociopath who seems to hate the West, its culture and history. A dangerous man.