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The View from 22: Get out of jail free and Cameron’s EU speech

24 January 2013

9:14 AM

24 January 2013

9:14 AM

How broken is the British criminal justice system? In this week’s View from 22 podcast, Fraser Nelson and Rory Geoghegan, research fellow at Policy Exchange, explain the rehabilitation game and the cover up masterminded by our political class to hide the truth about how we dole out justice. Why is the government so keen on using electronic tagging? And does it work? Why are they deliberately fudging statistics to hide the real picture of reoffending? We also examine what an actual bobby on the beat thinks about the current policy of more cuts and more tagging?

We’re also delighted to be joined by the New Statesman’s political editor Rafael Behr, who went head to head with our own James Forsyth on yesterday’s EU speech. Listen in to hear two of the most well-connected people in Westminster reveal the real story behind what David Cameron and Ed Miliband said yesterday. James reveals Labour spinners were on the prowl to add caveats to Miliband’s position as soon as he finished PMQs, while Rafael suggested Miliband is relying on a major EU upheaval to trigger an early referendum. Plus: we discuss Obama’s second inauguration. Find out which member of the Spectator team is a Beyoncé fan and why they aren’t bothered about the miming scandal


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The View from 22 — 24 January 2012. Length: 22:41

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  • pimpmypost

    British justice? There are two justice systems in the UK – Scots and English.

  • michael

    So when the TV debates come around, how is EM going to blither away the inevitable PMQ,s clip of his resolute fighting commitment for no referendum ?

    • Its_not_craig

      Come on, get some perspective.

      Like it matters.

      Dave has U-turned throughout this Coalition like a London cab with a dodgy steering column, including on the referendum itself. Dave voted against one in 2011.

      The PM’s even u-turned today over debt. Turns out Fraser was right – the Coalition is building debt quicker than Brown ever did.

      Don’t let any Tory allow Dave’s “If” referendum to distract them from the need to vote UKIP to ensure we get EU withdrawal.

  • John_Page

    After Miliband committed himself to the full Leveson at PMQs, Harriet toured the studios qualifying it. Now the spinners are digging out their leader on another PMQs commitment, this time No Referendum.

    • DWWolds

      Straw was on the BBC News Channel just after 5 yesterday trying to dig Milliminor out of his No Referendum commitment. Apparently, it is just for “now”.

      • John_Page

        And Douglas Alexander on C4 News. Look, he’s done it again.

      • Coffee House the Wall


    • telemachus

      Look you must not worry
      The election is lost for the Tories
      Everyone knows Ed Balls can be relied on to shaft Europe
      Further he is a strong man of his word

  • AnotherDaveB

    Re: Prison
    A cheaper form of punishment would enable the state to punish more criminals. Bring back corporal punishment!

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