The Change4Life adverts have got it all wrong

7 January 2013

3:02 PM

7 January 2013

3:02 PM

Have you seen these Change4Life adverts the government has shoved on the television to stop fat chavs eating themselves to death? They suggest that people grate some carrot into their ‘spag bol’ and ‘eat some nuts and raisins’. Diane Abbott, for it is she, has rightly condemned the adverts as being patronising, insulting and a waste of money.

She might have added that the people most at risk are not the sort of people who will be preparing, from scratch, a ‘spag bol’. They will, at best, be putting ready meals in the oven and at worst eating takeaways. The misapprehension is that people are not aware that what they are eating might make them fat, or raise their blood pressure. They know this full well, but don’t care. And the more fat munters there are around, the less they care, because it becomes the norm.

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  • William Glavan

    what a waste of resources, that campaign, and how condescending the uk government is in how it communicates all its programmes

  • rndtechnologies786

    Good thought.

  • Robert Taggart

    This indolent, overweight, scrounger has heard it all before – our poor health be our trump card now !

  • PaulSamways

    Perhaps all MPs and senior Civil Servants should be required to have a maximum Body Mass Index of 25, and not allowed to make public pronouncements on health etc until they do…….

  • Eddie

    Make fennel, baby aubergines and artichokes available to the masses.
    Yeah, that’ll solve it!
    (Errr…what’s ‘it’ again, please?)

  • Dan

    I remember seeing a tramp rugby tackled by security at Sainsburys, and as he hit the floor, a few packs of frankfurters slipped from his grasp. I can’t help but feel that this was the start of a government crackdown on salt and saturated fats. Would he have been tackled if he was clutching some carrots and buckwheat?

  • TheOtherTurnipTaliban

    “They know this full well, but don’t care. And the more fat munters there are
    around, the less they care, because it becomes the norm.”

    God bless you Rod, at least someone out there in la-la media land speaks the truth.

  • Forest Fan

    Simples…ban supermarkets.

  • Geoff Miller

    Our nearest “village” has been swamped with social housing. Now a once lovely row of shops is now dominated with 2 curry restaurants, 2 chinese, 1 pizza, 1 Fish & chips, and 1 Balti takeaways.

    I wonder if anyone even cooks at home these days.

    The pedestrians waddle about like extras from TellyTubbies and the Spar has to have a Security Guard, presumably to stop people supplementing their benefits with a little light shoplifting.

    The final days of Rome were probably like this. Yes, they had fast food and Roman citizens got benefits and lost the will to work.

    • Robert Taggart

      Indeed, but, Blighty has already lost its empire !

      • Eddie

        Ah but we did not ‘lose’ an empire, against our will, as the Romans, Ottomans, Japanese, Germans, Russians et al; we GAVE it, as we could no longer afford to run it.

        • Robert Taggart

          We be well rid of it – now for the commonwealth !

  • valedictorian16

    Douglas Murray nails it, in his headline about “…how stupid’ ‘clever’ people can be.”

    Many people just don’t like, brightly coloured vegetables.. those pics, could just make them run away.
    Government needs to get over it.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    Poor Diane is only fat because of the racists.

    Whenever I look at her I get a lardon.

    • Eddie

      Or maybe, ‘lard-on’.
      Fucking funny!

  • racyrich

    This fat food industry thing is all part of a cunning stunt by the government to make us more accepting of East European immigration. And it’s working. My gf is Ukrainian and you’ll struggle to find an Englishwoman as fit 🙂

  • Austin Barry

    I commend to our chavs the Jamie Oliver Reed Diet – which combines healthy eating with oblivion drinking.

  • Eddie

    True. This campaign just like the silly 5-a-day one or the ‘traffic light’ system (which gives cheese a red light coz it’s BAD and high fat – like anyone would ever eat an ENTIRE plate of Stilton!) comes from that land of orca fatties, the USA.

    Fact is, eating ONLY processed food makes people fat and unhealthy. There are many people who never ever cook out there, and more who never eat fresh vegetables or fruit.If they add nuts and raisons (high calorie and fat) to their food, they’ll be even porkier, surely! Still, if they gave it all up just to eat carrots they’d turn orange and die of vitamin A overdose.

    So what will it be? Death by pizza? Or death by carrot?

    While the ‘experts’ work out what’s best to do (on £50k+ a year), best just stick to the pizzas, chips, curries, Chinese slops, pies and other delicacies in the frozen winter wonderland cornucopia that comes courtesy of Mr and Mrs Farmfoods (didn’t that used to be Beejam?)

    No stupid government scheme ever helps anything – it just gives yummy mummy nutritionists licence to lecture and way their fingers at the lower orders. Most of them are anorexic and anaemic anyway, so will probably be outlived by the chav-nots anyway.

    If people don’t want to cook and eat well, then they won’t. We are an post-industrial country so their diet is not the peasant fare of the poor in southern Europe, for example – it is processed crap. No way to change it. That’s something Jamie ‘spluttering spatulas’ Oliver can’t get through his 1 GCSE non-book-reading illiterate head (probably no room in there because of the massive tongue hinges taking up all the room)

    Let em eat pie – that’s what I say.

  • C Cole

    This Daily Mash story says it all:

    POOR people are to be operated remotely like an unmanned drone, the government has announced.

    From April all benefit claimants will be fitted with a headset so
    they can be controlled by a middle class person who is trained to know
    what is best for everyone.