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Nick Clegg leaves door open to Lib-Lab coalition

27 January 2013

1:46 PM

27 January 2013

1:46 PM

Nick Clegg was careful in his interview on the Marr show today to leave the door open to a Lib-Lab coalition – which bookmakers regard as more likely (4-1) than another Con-Lab coalition (6-1). It was interesting that so much of his description of coalition referred to himself:

He told Sophie Raworth:

‘I’ve never, ever seen any of this as an issue about what one individual thinks of another individual. It is really all about what the British people think about the parties who are asking for their votes. David Cameron and I said lots of disobliging things before the last general election, disagreeing with things you’ve just highlighted. We still work together in a coalition government. That is coalition government.

‘The attitude of working together in the national interest with politicians you don’t necessarily agree with, because that’s what the British people want you to do is the attitude I’ve always had and will always have in the future. You can take it as a yes that I will always seek to play a responsible role in making sure that this country is properly governed.’


Harriet Harman has released a none-too-enthusiastic response to the Clegg interview, saying:

‘Nick Clegg will be judged on what he does, not on what he says. He chose to become part of a Tory-led Government, joining David Cameron in his failed economic plan, in cutting 5,000 nurses and 15,000 police, and in trebling tuition fees and increasing VAT after promising not to do so. His record is the Tory record – one of failure – and it is on this he’ll be judged at the election.’

Currently it is in Labour’s interests to call for his head, or at least attack his decision to go into coalition. Either way, even though Clegg tried to draw parallels between the way he and Cameron forgot their pre-election insults when they started working together with a future partnership with Ed Miliband’s party, it is very difficult to imagine him moving as Deputy Prime Minister from one coalition government with one party to the next coalition with another party.

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  • nourredines

    Of course they don’t want to work together that is why they created different parties.

    The fact of Clegg saying that the people decide about the coalition, is false, it is his hypocrisy more likely,

    they choose to work together for what they can get for themselves and their party, not for the people.

    If it was for the people the tuition fees would be enough for Clegg to come out of the coalition and he would have had more respect for that. Instead he preferred the money, the chauffeur, the seat and a singing contest.
    Really a very pathetic politician.

  • Andy Boyne

    The breath-taking nerve of Harriet Harman after what Labour did to this country and the way her party squandered the nation’s wealth. She and her colleagues need to apologise for the utter shambles they made of running (or is that ruining?) the country before they consider criticising anyone else’s record.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    So is Kommissar Harperson granting amnesty to; Alexander, Laws, Cable, Huhne, Davey, Moore, Baker Brake, Browne, Lamb, Heath, Baker, Foster, Swinson,Featherstone, Hames?

  • George Anderton

    It’s all academic anyway. There will not be enough Lib Dems or Dimbles as I prefer to call them to form a coalition with anybody.

  • Terrence Henderson

    So he wants to go in coalition with a bunch of benefit claimants? I welcome that!

  • CharlieleChump

    And this is news because? Nothing new to report? Another waste of space blog.

  • David Lindsay

    Labour isn’t interested.

    • Fergus Pickering

      How do you know, Lindsay? Who told you?

      • David Lindsay

        I couldn’t possibly tell you that. But I know it. And I am surprised that you are your surprised at it. Why on earth *would* Labour be interested?

  • UlyssesReturns

    I was under the impression that the libtards are currently in coalition with labour.

  • ahahahahahaha

    UKIP is the only way forward, the lib dems were meant to be different from the main two parties but as soon as they go power they turned out to be just as corrupt, weak and self interests as the Tories and Labour

    Sign this petition to restrict Bulgarian and Romanians from entering the UK:

    Sign this petition to allow UKIP to take part in the 2015 TV election

    • Terrence Henderson

      When you have Commizar Dave Camrot whom wants democracy – but only for him?

  • Colonel Mustard

    Opportunistic scum who have behaved appallingly like an “opposition in government”. And people complain about UKIP.

    • telemaque

      Sad that a politician who remains true to himself is not given the courtesy of a reasoned hearing.
      Notwithstanding Harriet, Nick’s natural home is with the forces of reason.

      • Colonel Mustard

        Tapeworm Propaganda Troll with a new pseudonym tags the top post again.

        • telemaque

          I have a good mentor
          Come 2015 Simon, Nick and Vince will come home

  • Rhoda Klapp2

    Rhoda suppresses her scorn, and asks semi-seriously what are the Lib-Dems for?

    • Noa

      Truly, the Lib Dems are the rent boys of British politics.

    • Fergus Pickering

      For silly people, Rhoda. That’s what they have always been for. The Labour Party is for bad people..

  • the viceroy’s gin

    Nick, you’re finished, m’lad.

    If HH is giving you the back of her hand, meaning they’re not even sending out anybody of weight to dispense with you, that means you’re finished.

    Well, not finished, but put back on the bench somewhere, probably Brussels. He has fought a tremendous rearguard action for them, afterall.

    I wonder now if the LD’s will have a little coup talk going on? Nick himself has got a nice slot awaiting, but the rest all need to scramble to find a warm nest, come the cold Winter. Hmmmmmmmmm…….