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‘Mrs Bone was singing in the shower’: PM’s EU speech delights Tory MPs

23 January 2013

10:36 AM

23 January 2013

10:36 AM

David Cameron should savour today as the moment he finally satisfied Mrs Bone. I’ve been calling round Tory MPs, and Peter Bone, often a thorn in the flesh of the Prime Minister with his probing questions that his wife wants clearing up, is happy with the speech. He says:

‘I could hear Mrs Bone singing in the shower room and it included the words “for he’s a jolly good fellow”.’

Bone explains why his household is filled with such joy this morning:

‘I am in a very good mood. A year ago, if I had said to you the Prime Minister is going to renegotiate the terms of the EU towards a Common Market and then put it to the British people in an In/Out referendum, you would have said I was barking mad.

‘I think he will fail to get his renegotiation, though I wish him well, not because of what he does, but because of the other EU countries. He could well end up campaigning on the ‘out’ side.’


Steve Baker, who rebelled on both EU votes, is similarly full of praise, with a cautious note about the success of a renegotiation:

‘I’m delighted the Prime Minister has made an unequivocal commitment to an In/Out referendum. The question is now whether the EU elite are prepared to allow a relationship acceptable to the British people. That is, whether David Cameron can shift the entrenched, failing political economy of the nations of Europe. I very much hope so.’

The Prime Minister was very cagey about what he’d do in the event of a failed renegotiation when pressed on it this morning, but he has still managed to please those who plan to campaign for ‘out’. Douglas Carswell, again never afraid of making his disagreements with the Tory leadership on Europe perfectly clear, is also happy, even going so far as to suggest that this could end Tory grumbles about Europe:

‘If the Bruges speech of Thatcher launched 20 years of grumbling, Cameron’s speech today should launch a more forward-looking European policy that Tories will welcome.’

He’s not the only one hoping this signals a new dawn of party unity on Europe. At the other side of the spectrum, Laura Sandys, who is one of the few brave enough to stick their head above the parapet with pro-EU views, makes the same point:

‘I think it does have the potential to improve party unity: in some ways, because it was an issue that was never spoken in many ways, the debate was only being spun in corridors.’

So for today at least, the Prime Minister seems to have succeeded in uniting his party on Europe. He should enjoy the party atmosphere while it lasts.

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  • CharlieleChump

    I am glad Mrs Bone is happy. Mr Bone is right.
    There will never be substantive negotiation with the EU elites needing the current set up to remain in power with their noses deep in the trough.
    Another cast iron guarantee Dave?

  • The Red Bladder

    Well if Mrs Bone is happy I feel sure that we all will feel heartened by that joyous news. In this part of rural Dorset people are actually dancing in the streets and singing lustily at this gratifying information. Now the chanting has started “Mrs Bone, Mrs Bone, Mrs Bone” I must join the party!

  • John-Paul Marney

    There is not going to be a vote. Cameron will lose by a landslide at the next election and Millipede will renege on the promise.

    • Rhoda Klapp2

      Strictly speaking Millee won’t have to renege, he didn’t make the promise. He could be asked if he was going to accept whatever deal is negotiated, or re-re-negotiate, or ask the people. He won’t give a straight answer though, he does not need to set up a hostage to fortune.

  • Bluesman

    A bit early to hit the sherry Citizeness Bone?

  • don logan

    I’m sure Mrs Bone is happy, isn’t she still being paid bundles of taxpayers cash by Mr Bone.

    • HooksLaw

      An aimless pointless stupid comment of no consequence. You want MPs to do the job for nothing?

      • don logan

        Is Mrs Bone an MP, I didn’t know that, thanks for putting me straight.

        • telemachus

          mrs bone is one worse and more suspect in judgement
          She chooses to remain married to a Tory MP

          • CharlieleChump

            Compared to you, slithering around in the darker, slimy corners of the seething, desperate, leftie, disappointed trot web universe permanently seeking to control the masses and with your own strings being pulled by the Central Committee.

  • Macky Dee

    To get the Commission and all other EU leaders to agree to a comprehensive package that the UK will be happy with is near impossible. All europe has to do is offer something which looks reasonable to them but just isnt enough for Britain, and they can claim that what they offered the UK was a good deal but the UK still turned it down. I think we will end up leaving the EU in the most unamicable of terms ie Voting to leave after rejecting the new terms.

  • Rhoda Klapp2

    So she didn’t notice that the cameron outline of what needs to change in the EU is basically not going to be acceptable to the other members? That you can’t break down a non-democratic bureaucracy by being nice and waiting your turn. That the EU is in the hands of people dedicated to its aims, and that the greatest aim of all is ever-closer union? Now, this all seems unrealistic to me, and after a few days it will be clear that it is not going to fly with the other memebers. Who won’t be able to see why they should go to the trouble of a new treaty to destroy the project when there is no downside to delay and cheating ad infinitum. Especially when Cameron will probably not have to hold his referendum and will be incapable of acting on an out vote anyway. Cameron does not have a credible position, nor do the tories. Already the intrinsic deception of this speech has been rumbled.

    • HooksLaw

      You are the one without a credible position. Well you do have one — its standing on your head.

      • Dicky14

        Great response, erudite, witty and yet pithy – ejeet.

      • Rhoda Klapp2

        OK Hooky, tell me why the other members should have a treaty for cameron and the UK. They would rather make up new rules as they go along. They only need to keep the UK’s wishes on the back burner. Or in the fridge. There is nothing going on which will make them accommodate our wishes. No stick, no carrot. endless delay will work fine. Just tell me why they would bestir themselves to do something they don’t wish to do, which is not so much let the UK negotiate, but to set a precedent that the EU is a smorgasbord with nations able to pick and choose what they want. For that is exactly what Cam set out in the first part of the speech, and it is not in their interest.

  • DaveL

    Don’t forget that manifesto promises are not subject to legitimate expectation. A Brighton County Court judge said the effect of breaching a manifesto commitment was political, not legal.

    • telemachus

      Happily the question will not arise
      After a period of reflection the Reckless mob will be back crying for more and sooner
      Everyone knows that the chatter is that Ed Balls the real labour leader is euro sceptic so if mouths are kept shut the onward march to an opposition victory in 2015 will make Tory manifesto promises an orrelevance