Moore, Burchill etc. redux

18 January 2013

11:32 AM

18 January 2013

11:32 AM

It’s an odd thing. I had been a little nervous of writing (subscribe here) about the Suzanne Moore twitter business because, much though I like and respect Moore and Burchill and the excellent Julie Bindel, it seemed to me to be a Crouch End dispute of negligible wider importance. And here we were with Algeria on fire, our Prime Minister poised to make some historic fudge on the EU and northerners freezing their balls off in ten feet of snow, and benefits being cut a bit and horses being devoured by the untermensch and so on and so on. Hugely important stuff.

And yet online at least, the Moore stuff provoked an overwhelming response, both pro and anti. It was not, in the end, a cop out to avoid writing about Al Qaeda’s nascent control of the transitionary zone, the Sahel, between the bit of Africa covered in sand and full of maniacs and the bit of Africa covered in jungle and full of maniacs. Instead it seems to be what everyone wanted. We need to persuade the metro-lefties to have this sort of dispute every week, I think, to give us all a laugh and take our minds off the real world.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Good view.

  • Jon Stone

    Smirk and sniff all you like, Liddle. You’re just another gob on a stick with nothing important to say.

    • James R

      Heart of Stone ?

    • rodliddle

      then don’t reply to the blog, you halfwit.

    • David Ossitt


  • Austin Barry

    Faced with domestic and international Islamism, austerity, the unwanted guests from Romania and Bulgaria, the tyranny of the EU, ubiquitous paedophilia at the highest levels, the gangs of grooming ‘asians’, Muslim patrols in the East End, riots, crooked MPs and the collapsing infrastructure the only thing to do is to become obsessed with the trivial.

    And the electorates’ obsession with the trivial is exactly what our rulers want.

  • Forest Fan

    I had never heard of ‘cis woman’ or ‘cis gender’ before this scrap blew up. What will they think of next?

    • Sue Ward

      The day anyone calls me a ‘cis woman’ is probably going to be the day I get arrested for GBH! I am a woman, transgender people, god love ’em, are something altogether different. As a both a feminist and a Conservative it offends me deeply that the equality industry thinks it can redefine womanhood to incorporate different categories of woman so that those who don’t like the bits they were born with don’t feel left out. In my view if you do not have the right chromosomes you are not a woman. End of!

  • PokerKnave

    Rod Liddle the ‘Jeremy Hunt’ that keeps on giving….

  • Hexhamgeezer

    ‘northerners freezing their balls off in ten feet of snow’

    If only. I told the nipper that there’d be tons of the stuff by the time he got out of school.

    Not so much as a flake of the stuff here.

    So much for the Met Office warning us to stay under the stairs with a flask and a chamber pot.

  • Hugh

    Not me. I prefer it when you write about mice.

  • David Ossitt

    My god but that woman on the photograph is so ugly but then she holds ugly nasty evil opinions, is a member of a worthless retched party and makes despicable suggestions that individuals should be fired on the basis that they have voiced an opinion the she the uber-harridan disagrees with.

    • Sarah


      • David Ossitt

        ‘What’ Why what?

  • Sarah

    Not of course that there is any link between maniacs in the desert and jungle and the feminist debate.

    The real world presumably is the world where straight men do their important thing.
    The fake world presumably is the world where everyone else does their trivial one (trying to pick up the pieces behind straight men doing their important thing).

    • Nele Schindler

      Goodness me, lighten up.

      • rodliddle

        I wish someone would bung her some xanax.

        • Sarah

          Said the priest to the DJ.

          Does Xanax work on PMT, etc?

        • Badly Done Emma

          Can you buy that online? Loving all this nonsense. Distracting, as you say, from the woes of the world and also from the ensuing bloody tax bill and other horrors…..On Martin Bright’s blog someone asked me if I’d ever been murdered, raped or assaulted. I said I had been murdered the previous night by an irate blogger whose opinions I didn’t agree with……

    • salieri

      “Not of course that there is any link between maniacs in the desert and jungle and the feminist debate.”

      Quite right, there isn’t. So why create one?

      It’s like that famous international essay competition, organised in the late 19th century, the subject of which was to be elephants. The British wrote on “The elephant-hunt in Tanganyika”. The Germans submitted a solid tome entitled “Über die Verstandesmässigkeit, Sinnesentwicklung und Urwesentlichkeit des Elefanten” (or something similar: I paraphrase from schoolboy memories). The French entry was called “L’éléphant et l’amour”; the Italian, “L’elefante coi suoi bambini”. The Polish essay was “L’éléphant et la question polonaise”.

      Keep at it. It’ll distract us from that face.

    • Hexhamgeezer

      You sure doing some mighty fine presumptin’ missy

  • andy_gill

    It’s official. A substantial proportion of the progressive left are barking mad.

    • Colin

      There’s no such thing as the progressive left, any more. If, indeed there ever was.

  • Bert3000

    Twerpish picture comment. Lynne Featherstone gurning for all she’s worth is still a lot nicer to look at than Rod Liddle.

    • rodliddle

      thank you, Bert.

      • call me dave

        Is Rod Lidl modelling himself on the late Peter Cook?

    • rugby god

      Actually, it looks like shes about to tell us about the one time at Pride when she had to bitchslap some hetero who was preventing her from enjoying the gaiety of the event. or some such nonsense…

    • Bluesman

      But is it the body of a brazzy tranny?

  • Dicky14

    Lookie here – my victim status trumps your victim status so button it – capiche! etc etc ad infinitum.