Michael Winner’s final words

21 January 2013

3:00 PM

21 January 2013

3:00 PM

Michael Winner’s family have announced that he’s paid his last bill and checked out. The 77-year-old director of Death Wish and world renowned food critic died at home in West London earlier today.

In what became his last Winner’s Dinners column, Winner recently gave his loyal readership a glimpse at his final days, recounting his trip to Switzerland where he stayed at Mr Steerpike’s favourite haunt, the Gstaad Palace, where his ‘bill for 12 nights was 47,900 Swiss francs (£34,963 at 1.37 Swiss francs to the pound, the rate I got at Marks & Spencer).’


Winner poignantly signed off with the observation:

‘Gstaad is packed with famous names, all fighting not to be in this column. I totally understand. It’s a miracle they speak to me. If it were known that they associated with me, they’d be barred from right-thinking society. Tell you about it later. Now I need a rest.’

Rest in peace, dear.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Nice blog.

  • Adrian
  • Alastair Mackie

    Am I missing something? The column you reference was far from his last, being published as you can see from it on 15 January 2012. His *actual* last column was published on 2 December 2012 and it can be found here:

  • humeanbeing

    Not a bad way to sign off, was it? RIP Mr Winner.

  • Walter Ellis

    Michael Winner was someone whose views, 90 per cent of the time, ran contrary to my own – sometimes violently so. Yet I have no doubt that I would have hugely enjoyed his company. Whether he would have enjoyed mine is another question entirely … for a start, he’d have to have known who I was and how much money I had. He led a Big Life, got things done and was never afraid to speak his mind. He made us laugh and he had courage. Not a bad set of qualities.