Did Jimmy Savile nonce the entire country?

12 January 2013

5:30 PM

12 January 2013

5:30 PM

A very good article indeed by Charles Moore in today’s Torygraph, regarding Operation Yewtree and the astonishing news that Jimmy Savile nonced the entire country. You can read it here.

There is a middle way, surely, between not believing anyone who says that they were sexually abused 40 years ago by Savile and believing, utterly, everyone who makes such an allegation. As Charles points out, the Savile report contains very little — if anything – in the way of evidence. But anyone who makes the sort of point Charles is making here will be howled down with the accusation ‘abuse DENIER!’ by the absolutist liberal left.

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    • Darnell Jackson

      How’s your bottom today?


        absolutely fine and better than your dads TADGE after he has stirred your chocolate porridge , still nonces of a feather…

        • JAMES TINTO

          I think you are tranarseposing your fathers awful abuse of your ring onto others ,heres a clue why dont you write to other nonces in the nick and that way you can swap storys without trying to make a pen friend hre ,ok son?


        that it?

  • rtj1211

    No he didn’t, but by fixating on what a dead perv actually did do, those still alive and being protected through political power remain untouched by justice.


    i CANT BELIEVE GUEST got 82 up votes ,they brought him kids to fuck at hospital,guest How would you feel if he fucked your kids and she didnt tell you for 230 years ,fucking nonce excuser

    • Darnell Jackson

      You seem a little emotional, perhaps this topic is too close to home.


        Hmm not me ,you seem a bit desensitised ,perhaps that comes through a bit too much consumption .

        • Darnell Jackson

          It’s called balance James, a rational response to a simple allegation.

          Forgive me but your original post was neither rational nor balanced, made me wonder what could motivate a person to respond in this way.

          • JAMES TINTO

            As I say you must be desensitised to child rape much more than I

            The downloads and dvds have done the trick for you obviously ,however it is one of the few things I still get quite upset about,child rape and its nonce protectors do that to me.

            In what way was my surprise that someone excusing Saville the nonces activities getting 85 votes was irrational?

            What balance do you bring to systematic child rape ,do tell ? If fact dont bother.

            • Darnell Jackson

              I wasn’t raped or otherwise abused as a child which is why I am able to view the topic objectively.

              Perhaps this is the difference between us.

              • JAMES TINTO

                LUCKY you and me both ,well definitely me ,as for you hmm

                Still if you lie down with dogs .

                • Darnell Jackson

                  Congratulation, you have finally proven that an empty vessel makes the loudest noise.

                  You are a little too quick to condemn and insult others without a single shred of evidence and should hang your head in shame.

                  A lifetime fearing the creak on the landing floor boards followed by the whisky breath of an uncle or grandfather have obviously warped your outlook.

                  Now, I am off to watch the match at the local.

                • JAMES TINTO

                  A lifetime fearing the creak on the landing floor boards followed by the whisky breath of an uncle or grandfather have obviously warped your outlook.

                  Hmm sounds more like a nightmare you have ,funny you made it a male child rape fantasy with a family member ,that your bag? And such detail too ,what a shame,that explains a lot for your insensitivity with respect to child rape

                  I insulted you based on the evidence I had which to be frank was pretty comprehensive.You stuck your gob in then didnt back up your accusations then pussied out .Enjoy the match ,best not gob off in case someone fills you in,

                  You do recall you stuck your neb in first dont you 🙂

                • JAMES TINTO
              • JAMES TINTO

                I notice that you did bother to answer but still managed not to answer .

  • gh

    I wish Jimmocent Savilegend was still alive to sue all the media types saying he was a paedo.

  • Sarah

    9 men in court in Oxford today accused of noncing girls as young as 11 around the country. Victims were chosen in part, the prosecution says, because they wouldn’t be believed. And they weren’t.

    Surely comedy gold, Rod?

    All the elements are there: teenage girls, wanting boyfriends, care and attention; men, more than one, working in cohort, grooming; police, investigating the crimes; the past, different cultural attitudes; the media, coverup; band wagons. Missing elements: accused aren’t your ex-and current colleagues; don’t entertain the nation with their egomaniacal antics; not part of the media and creative elite who operate above the law because art or something.

  • John Steadman

    The moderator has blocked a post I wrote for this item, presumably (in the absence of an explanation) because I wrote in full the word “nxxxxx” – that is the “N-word” denoting the member of a black-skinned ethnic group – in the course of making a perfectly reasonable and non-abusive comment/response about the use of language and the criminal law.

    Are there any other words subject to this absurd censorship so that we can all check our Listed of Prohibited Expressions before submitting our contributions to a responsible adult discussion on a forum that is otherwise content to countenance seemingly any profanity used in an abusive way?

    • Eddie

      Yes, it automatic. It also blocks posts with lots of capitals.
      Just say ‘nigglies’ instead or something – or n-words.
      Silly, but there we are…

      • John Steadman

        Thank you sir. I wonder how the Spectator can justify such an absurdity?

  • Gerry Dorrian

    He didn’t nonce the country. Socialism did that by its decades-long campaign to sexualise children in the name of breaking down Judaeo-Christian values in order to move the traditional family from the centre of society. Savile just reaped what they harvested.

    • Damian

      reaped what they SOWED, you mean. (Reap=harvest)

  • Robert Taggart

    Not sure – in answer to the headline question.
    But, oneself has never forgiven him – for not fixing our two requests – to his show in the late 70’s !

    • Eddie

      Oh it was YOU who wrote to him!
      For shame!

      • Robert Taggart

        Worse still – no reply !

        • Eddie

          No reply? In tghe 70s? I thought that the BBC was polite and old school then?
          Maybe you forgot to enclose a SAE, some sticky backed plastic and a polaroid shot of yourself on the toilet?
          These days of course, employers and officials rarely reply to letters (something I find rude in the extreme from publis servants). But back then, most did.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    JS may not have nonced the enrire country, but there’s plenty of reason to say the Police, Social Services and the BBC did and, more importantly still do.

    I mean, are the likes of Joyce Thacker in the frame?

  • John Steadman

    The great age of hysteria.and mob-morality. Sense a bandwagon, join it. The police have to make amends for theirr failures, and so trawling in a score of old celebs who may – or may not – have groped a not at all unwilling groupie, is a means of redemption. Sickening. No middle way, Rod, the dogs are on the loose. Another victory for PC zealotry.

  • Eddie

    It seems that the police are considering groping as abuse. So Savile put his hand up a woman’s skirt on a train. Bad manners, yes. But abuse?
    Doesn’t this belittle real cases of abuse?
    If we want to protect children we should ensure that there are fewer single mother families and step families (this is where a great deal of abuse happens. cf Cinderella).

    • Austin Barry

      “So Savile put his hand up a woman’s skirt on a train. Bad manners, yes. But abuse?”

      Bad manners? A crime, surely.

      • Eddie

        But really, is that considered serious abuse? Or rape? Answer: yes, in these mad times, it is.
        There is also the teenage girl who got off with Savile at a nightclub in 1964 and willingly slept with him: she is now on the compo bandwagon. As is his live-in girlfriend of three years.
        The definition of abuse is wrong and a witch hunt is ongoing in which all men are considered guilty, just by normal everyday contact and conversation – which by its very nature is clumsy. This is absurd and wrong – and there will soon be another scandal where we shall have men released from prison who are shown to have been set up by trawling by the police.
        Having said that, dirty old men like Savile needed to be warned – which is more or less what used to happen.
        But abuse is something way more than groping or fondling or frottage. Get real, people. To equate that with real serious abuse is to insult those children who really have been abused.

        • Noa

          I know, you’re being provocative, but still…

          it’s the venerable tort of trespass against the person, which in its criminal form became assault. The element of consent is missing.

          After all, how would you like someone groping you without invitation or encouragement?

          • Eddie

            But to call it abuse is to equate it with a 5 year old being repeatedly raped over years by his parents.
            We need some common sense and a sense of proportion here. Or else we need consent formes before anyone talks to anyone (I believe you have these in mad as cats America?)
            Moreover, we need to be consistent: if groping and leering makes me abusers who should be arrested, then I look forward to the hunfdreds and thousands of vile young women who behave this way every weeeknd to be arrested too. Talk to barmen and waiters – they get groped by women all the time.
            Ah yes, but when abuse happens to men it’s not abuse huh?
            Just like when women hit children it’s not abuse – but discipline.

  • TRAV1S

    The police may claim that “Savile groomed a Nation”. But in my opinion, the BBC “Groomed a Nation”. The BBC should now compensate all those people they threw into prison in the 70s, because they did not pay the TV License AKA the Jimmy Savile Rolls Royce Paedo Wagon fund.

    • Eddie

      No-one ‘groomed a nation’. That is just a hysterical meeja soundbite.
      I always disliked Jimmy Savile anyway. I suspect his appeal was with thick people and the lower class kids of the 70s, especially oop north.
      The very idea that someone like me would have written to him when a 70s child is absurd. He looked well dodgy to me – an old man in some odd tracksuit thing with jangly gold and making odd monkey noises.
      But there’s no accounting for taste. Apparently lots of northern chavs wear his uniform of sheel suit and gold, And rappers of course. That’s rappers, not rapers…

      • Hexhamgeezer

        I can definately say that us lower class 70s scum on Tyneside had nothing but derision and suspicion for S@v!l£. And his radio shows were shere hite as well.

        • Eddie

          Apparently he got 350,000 letters from kids a year at his 1970s Jim’ll Fiddle Yer peak.
          Who the bloomin ech wrote those letters? I didn’t – and wouldn’t have even considered doing so. No-one I know did (or at least admits to it). So who did?
          Hands up, now. Come on. Who was it?
          Me, I think having to watch his tracksuited gold-jangling weirdo grinning on our black and white telly in the late 70s has caused me great emotional pain and suffering.
          I was so abused… boo hoo hoodee-hoo-hoo!
          Right, can I have some compo now then? I can take it in gold bracelets if it’s easier…

          • Karen Fletcher

            I find your comments sickening and so ignorant, you have no understanding of child abuse and I fear its because of views like yours that we have a culture of not believing children, Shame on you!

            • Minekiller

              Yes, but this is about EVIDENCE, not ACCUSATIONS.

  • sarah_13

    Read moore’s article and I agree with him also.

  • Sarah

    If only you made the sort of point Charles made, Rod.

    Instead of being an abuse “Did it really do them any harm? Can they remember what happened, it was ages ago? Girls like this kind of thing don’t they, at least the ones I can barely remember from ages ago when I was at school probably did if they’re anything like I imagine I was back then, but I can barely remember and I was never very strong on empathy.” denier.

    • BorderlineFascist
      • Sarah

        Sometimes I forget you boys just want an echo chamber to moan about Muslim paedos shagging all your easy meat.

        • Eddie

          So you admit that white girls are ‘easy meat’?
          Oh dear… Terrible and offensive racism and sexism there.
          Tut tut, little Mzzzzz Feminutsy. For shame!

          • Sarah

            So, Eddie. I don’t admit that.

            Have a little think about why I used tht phrase in that sentence in this blog with people like you.

            I’ll give you a clue: it’s not because the person who thinks girls are easy or meat or yours, is me.

  • Burt

    It’s not the left who’ll accuse him. It’s the paedo-obsessed, name-and-shame right. Not to mention, this whole business has been overhyped by right-wing BBC-haters.

    • BorderlineFascist


    • Eddie

      Yes, true to a point.
      However, it is a rational decision to hate the BBC – in its present form with its present political correctness, arrogance, smug hypocrisy and refusal to allow diversity of opinion on its platforms (which we all pay for). At present, they behave like some Russian aristocrat circa 1850m who believes he owns the peasants whose sweat and toil pay for his position.
      The Tory-voting Daily Mail reading yummy mummies like the hysteria about child abuse – it arguablyt makes them feel superior.
      Society and the media has become noticeably feminised in the last 3 decades – and that is why we now have massive scaremongering and exaggeration of the risks to children. These kids are copped up for no good reason by paranoid parents and helicopter mums – the media feeds this fear.
      Ironically, this will affect the children (at least the boys) when they grow up and realise that it is now they who are assumed to be a danger to children in a misandrist society.
      Most child abuse is done in the home by parents and their contacts. Let’s not forget that.

    • Ridcully

      So, just like the phone-hacking obsessed name and shame left-wing News International haters (including the BBC)?

  • Noa

    There’s a growing confidence about our cherished police
    these days. The institutional racism identified by the Macpherson Report and
    its prejudices against the other minorities is a thing of the past. True, it’s
    a bit wobbly about catching burglars and car thieves, but call someone butch,
    queer or a pervert and you’ll soon find out how protective and robust they can

    Quite rightly the boring and lamentably old fashioned idea
    of a trial by jury, injury based on evidence obtained by the police;
    collaborative witness statements, fingerprints, bloodstains, recovered loot, is
    being outed. To be replaced by feelings based declamations by the ‘victims’.

    This has had the fortunate effect of allowing the police to
    take on the additional roles of both judge and jury to which they have often
    aspired. This continental practice, so admired and practiced by such
    ideologically diverse students of
    jurisprudence as Beria and Heydrich, who were also keen to act beyond
    authority at the behest of their respective masters, is rapidly becoming very
    popular with our own plod, once parochial and isolated as it was from all those
    exciting developments.

    No longer, once the Saville storm broke at the BBC a national
    witch hunt commenced, probably based on the Pendle and Salem precedents, became
    inevitable. It was helped by the fact that the ‘perp’ was not available for
    tazering because of his being, well, dead.

    And a good thing too we can agree. No nonsense about
    contradicting those witness statements, so long suppressed and nurtured, yet well
    remembered. No doubt victims would long remember
    the distinctive combination of cigar ash and celebrity halitosis, but should it
    not have been reported earlier, ideally before Saville’s death? Sometimes it was, but then disbelieved and ignored by the same Plod, partly because of
    Saville’s reputation and influence, but also because such crimes are
    notoriously difficult to prove.

    That has now been changed
    for good it seems. The BBC is rumoured to be getting ready to cough up to
    settle the remarkable number of claims submitted. Justice may be done but it is not seen to be
    done. Not, at least, in a court of law.

    In Sir Walter Scott’s novel ‘ Ivanhoe’ the knightly hero defends
    Rebecca, daughter of the Jew Isaac, in trial by battle after she is convicted
    of witchcraft. He won so Rebecca wasn’t burned.
    The options of trial by ordeal and fire were also available.

    We’ve moved on from that of course. Or I had thought so
    until the Met commenced a series of door breaking dawn raids on octogenarians and
    aging comics.

    We’ll see whether those still living will be charged, tried and
    maybe convicted, thoug the reputational damage is already done.

    But, without any trial. No Ivanhoe for him! Saville has been convicted,
    on allegations potentially fuelled not by divine exaltation but by financial anticipation.

    So, it’s time to proceed to execution of sentence. Let the
    corpse be exhumed, the head to be spiked on the City walls and the gibbet
    encased skeleton to be taken on a grisly final tour of the UK where it would be
    rattled in every hospital ward, school, prison and studio where he dropped ash,
    before returning to Tyburn and a public burning.

    Afterwards, we can move on from the dead to the still
    living, better make haste slowly though, or we might spoil the fun for future

  • Stephen Percival

    Where there’s a claim…there’s a band-wagon

  • Tron

    The modern world of Twitter and youtube etc has brought back the Witch Hunt by the mob.

    • Eddie

      Yes indeed.

      And there are many who are willing members of the mob.
      But an accusation of abuse is not evidence of it.
      And people are seriously confusing things here: groping is not rape, for starters.
      Moreover, a famous man who has intercourse with a willing groupie who has targeted him is not an abuser and the girl is no victim either.
      Not a little manhating in all this too – the feminists are really feeding off the misery of abused childrehn to push their agenda in a way that is at best distasteful and at worst tantamount to abuse.

  • BorderlineFascist

    Its all typical of modern PC bollocks. The police completely over react after the horse has well and truly bolted. They went all anti-waycist after the Stephen lawrence business and now arrest pissed kids who have said daft things on Facebook. They are now busy wasting their time arresting Stuart Hall and Max Clifford etc because some mad middle aged bint or other has crawled out from under some stone complaining about a grope behind the cameras on Its a Knockout about thirty years ago. Its all completely mad- have they not got anything better to do? Arresting some proper crims for example.

    • Daniel Maris

      Did the guy caught on the mobile phone very recently referring to a black kid as a n***** go all “anti-waycist” then? And what about that post Lawrence secret filming from the Police training college where the new constable referred to how he had enjoyed persecuting a Pakistani family?

      • BorderlineFascist

        The police service is a broad church

      • Christian

        You don’t believe in free speech then?

        • Daniel Maris

          No, I don’t believe in the right to verbally abuse people in public. That’s never been a right in this country – it’s an offence against the Queen’s Peace and always has been. Same applies the other way as far as a I am concerned. No one should be allowed to call the Police “pigs” and get away with it. What one says in private or private communications is another matter.

          • Christian

            Lets look down the historical record and look for prosecutions for name calling shall we? The police would have laughed in your face and told you to be a man.

            • Sarah

              There are plenty in fact. I remember reading about some.

      • Eddie

        Mary Seacole also used the N word to refer to the black people she saw as below her (she called herself white).
        The Lawrence Enquiry was absurd – it embraced the African-American concept of self-definition and put ‘perception’ rather than evidence-based fact in law.
        So, actually, if a crime is committed against you (anything – car crime, an attack, a mugging, shoplifting etc) and even if you are white, you can claim that you thought racism was the motivation for the attack. That is then recorded as a racist crime. There does not need to be any evidence at all (racist words shouted etc) to make it so.
        And my advice is this: if you ever need the police to help you and get there pronto, then say it’s a racist attack when you phone 999. It’s a way to jump the queue. Madness.