Alan Rusbridger’s new playmate

24 January 2013

10:59 AM

24 January 2013

10:59 AM

Steerpike is back in this week’s magazine. As ever, here is your preview:

‘While losses mount at the Guardian, the editor, Alan Rusbridger, has fallen in love. He keeps ordering the sub-editors to find space for articles about his new Fazioli piano. Cheeky responses have appeared on the website. ‘We always wondered how you filled your days and how you spent your fortune,’ wrote one indignant hack. ‘Now we know.’ Faziolis cost at least £50,000 and a friend at the Wigmore Hall tells me professionals won’t go near them. ‘They’re for loaded amateurs who think a pricy instrument will make up for clumsy fingerwork.’ Rusbridger recalls an early tryst with his new playmate: ‘When I came home one night, it was there — draped in a maroon cover with Fazioli embroidered in distinctive sans serif gold letters on the side. The cover came off and the lid went up, exposing a burst of colour — the deep red spruce soundboard from the Val di Fiemme and the golden walnut inlay around the inside of the case.’ If he gets the boot, there’s a job waiting for him at the Shopping Channel.’

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  • rndtechnologies786


  • fitz fitzgerald

    That little book just published by this editor chappie is staggeringly banal …

  • Stuck-Record

    Nothing’s too good for the workers.

  • humeanbeing

    I think the comment you quote from deserves to be shared in full (as it has been already by Private Eye and Harry’s Place):

    “Afternoon Alan – I’m a member of Guardian staff, posting anonymously.

    As you know, it’s a tough time for your journalists at the moment –
    especially for those of us way down the food chain: the production
    grunts, the desk-bound, the ones who actually produce the content.

    We’re working harder and harder (because we love the papers), coping
    with dwindling resources and morale, we’re badly mismanaged, and trying
    to cope with the life-changing threat of compulsory redundancies – all a
    result of the company’s long-term financial illiteracy and lavish
    excess at the top.

    So I just want to say thanks for the series of articles – three now,
    isn’t it? – about learning to play your Fazioli piano. They’re
    brilliantly timed, and I know they’ll lift spirits. We always wondered
    how you filled your days, how you spent your fortune. Now we know.”

    According to Harry’s Place this post was deleted multiple times by the Comment is Free moderators – and just as often reposted by users who could predict in advance that censorship would prevail. Eventually, as they always do, they closed the thread.

    Incidentally, the Guardian’s taste for censoring its users at the drop of a hat is one of the many reasons I try to avoid using its website.

  • The Laughing Cavalier

    Typical of the Guardian, underneath all the fluff and flummery there is no substance.