When will all this stop?

7 December 2012

3:52 PM

7 December 2012

3:52 PM

In a dawn raid today police swooped on children’s legend This Old Man for alleged sexual assault against countless toddlers and took him to a police station.

“We have several thousand allegations that Mr This Old Man repeatedly abused children under the guise of a sort of sinister numbers game.  We can only praise those who have had the bravery to come forward to report these crimes. These are people who have been traumatised, in their infancy, by a trusted entertainer who proceeded to touch them inappropriately – or ‘playing nick-nack’, as the depraved old paedo put it.”

The leader of an anti-child abuse charity, Ms Jan Cosworth-Harridan, said:

“Let us be clear. It was not acceptable to play so called nick-nack on a child’s knee in the past and it is not acceptable now. These people’s live have been ruined.”

It will not stop, this stuff.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Good view

  • rndtechnologies786

    Nice blog.

  • Matthew Whitehouse

    Apparently he used to give the dog a bone…

  • Spondulicks

    Lightning Rod becomes paedo dog-whistle.

  • Spondulicks

    Lightning Rod becomes paedo dog-whistle.

  • Sarah

    “The leader of an anti-child abuse charity, Ms Jan Cosworth-Harridan”

    Does this sexist insult refer to a real woman or does this sexist insult refer to a sexist straw woman?

    The stuff of little boys’ nightmares?

    From all those sexist fairy tales?

    With all those women luring children to their demise and men coming to their rescue?

    Odd, the stories men tell, isn’t it?

    Given the reality, I mean.

  • Sarah

    “Ms Jan Cosworth-Harridan”

    What’s the equivalent word for a horse-faced, worn out, nag, scold when he’s a man?

    Didn’t the boys, keepers and disseminates of the language, invent one?

    What a wonderful array of insults men have for women, particularly women who aren’t docile and compliant, yet such a paucity to describe their own short-comings.

    It’s tempting to come to the conclusion that men’s great failing is self-awareness. Nothing a bit of accountability won’t fix.

    • durandal07

      He really did do a lot of damage, didn’t he. We’re not all like that you know.

  • RBcritique

    The naming of McAlpine and the post-Leveson “accountable” media’s resurgent, indignant clamour against several waning Pop entertainers is a cold, calculated and cynical attempt by entirely corrupt power-brokers and king-makers to deflect attention away from the real villains who should be facing exposure and certain prosecution for “historic” crimes (isn’t all crime “historic”?) against innocents and indeed innocence itself. At least one such criminal has been previously detained and subsequently released by the police under duress and is now still at large.

    What we are witnessing is a smoke-and-mirrors operation; a puppeteers’ tour-de-force; a mystification that has allowed various members of vested interest groups to escape without notice. The legislative, executive and judiciary are all complicit in a smokescreen of absolutely totalitarian proportion.

    McAlpine’s ability to quash almost immediately and so completely any hint of criminality should be sending a supposedly free press and impartial legislative into a frenzy of exposure. This simply hasn’t happened.

    Instead, pathetic and puerile figures of always-known dubious ethic have been paraded before the self-righteous hoards and fed piece-meal to the lions. Some of these scapegoats begin to appear even dignified compared to the cowards who claim to be worthy guardians of public trust and the highest office. These perverters of justice remain – at least outwardly – untouched and untouchable.

    We had the leaders we deserved and we continue to get the leaders we deserve, but the real law-givers remain above their own laws.

  • Sarah

    This blog and thread can be summarised as a bunch of spoiled toddlers throwing their toys out of the pram because their nursery rhymes are being messed with and they’re not allowed to rape the other kids.

    Poor things.

    There’s pathos here alright.

    • Ridcully

      Sometimes it seems like such a tired cliche to label feminists as real-life “MillieTant” figures, i.e. swivel-eyed, foam-flecked, shrill, fully-paid up members of the “All men are rapists!” brigade.
      But…you really are, aren’t you?

      • Eddie

        Yep, she is – but the irony is, most women are NOT like that and absolutely HATE manhating feminasties like Psycho Sarah.
        Most women are not mental and full of bitter twisted hate against the entire male population of the world; in fact, most women have husbands, partners, sons, brothers – and I am pretty confident in saying that most have fathers too (where the issues start, maybe?)
        Mad Millie Tant feminists like Sarah are actually not only manhaters (misandrists), they are also misogynists: they HATE the way that the vast majority of women in the world are not exactly like them! Maybe because they envy those women they successful well-balanaced lives and the happiness they find with men?
        All very sad really. Let’s just hope she doesn’t breed eh: imagine having Sarah as a mother!

    • Dan

      I think you are a highly disturbed individual Sarah, full of hate and anger, in need of counselling. At least you should be, posting such crap as you have here, about raping children. You need help, you really do

    • La Fold

      So the toddlers throwing the dolls out of the pram are people who are suspect of the whole circus going along with the allegations and not the one who thinks people disagreeing with them makes them child rapists? Who knew?!

  • Trofim

    . . . and when will they stop arresting footballer players and referees for saying slightly irritating things to each other.

    • Sarah

      When they start arresting them for gang raping people and filming it on their mobile phones?

      • Hexhamgeezer

        Gang rape an ‘fonez It’s Estate kulcha innit? On an i4 an its major respec’ injnit?

      • Eddie

        Errr – a famous footballer in Wales recently been jailed for having sex with a drunk slag in a hotel. Wouldn’t call that rape really – because to do so infatlises women and is thus sexist and misogynist.

        But your fantasy thay all men are rapists and most rapists get away with it is bollocks: and maybe if you had a pair you wouldn’t be so seething with envy and hatred of the unfairer sex huh?

        Just for interest: how many women are arrested for sexual assault – you know, all the drunken leery girls who grab barmen’s arses and think they have a right to leer and grab any passing man’s genitals and posterior?

        Oh I see – you only want MEN who do that to be arrested, not women. That’s sexism in its purest double-standards form Sarah. Congratulations: you are keeping alive an old feminist tradition. I’m sure Harriet ‘all men accused of being paedos are guilty’ Harman will be so proud…

  • First L

    The Three Bears are today under arrest for terrorising a young girl who was squatting in their house. Miss Locks had helped herself to the Bears food and vandalised their furniture, but her appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, that her Human Right not to be scared by bears has been upheld and she has won substantial damages for the fright that was caused to her when she woke up to find the three householders angry. The Judges accepted her claim that her fright was such that she wet herself a little and that this was humiliation and therefore affected her right to a family life. The three Bears have been held on suspicion of being Bears. Also for defecating in forested areas. Their publicist – the famed bull-frog (Here the word Frog is used to replace the word shitter) Clax Mifford croaked – these Bears like eating Hamsters. They do not like eating young girls for whom they have no birth certificate. Miss Locks had no reason to fear. In any case, by wearing that short blue dress – as depicted in the CCTV footage, she was obviously gagging for porridge that was not too hot and not too salty. My clients statements are clear. Miss Locks is a vicious little harpy out to make shedloads (here the word shed replaces the word shit) of money through false and malicious accusations of obviously innocent people. Ribbit. The fact that this incident took place 30 years ago and that Miss Locks claims that the incident has left her a cold and ruthless streak, not unlike that of former Prime Minister Gordoun Broon.

    • Trofim


  • Sarah

    I suppose it will stop when men stop raping people. It’s in your hands.

    • La Fold

      When men stop raping people? How about when rapists stop raping people? Ive got a knob and im pretty much sure ive never raped anyone, not even slightly. I even phoned my mate to check and she cant remember me raping anyone either so its looking like its nailed on. Also rememeber when I was in prison that rapists and sex offenders never really got a chance to get the best out of the whole prison experience. Too busy locked away for their own saftey and ting.

  • Froth 370

    I can tell you things about Peter Pan and the Wizard of Oz was a dirty old man

  • Baron

    Wrong, Rod, this stuff will stop when the dilution of the BBC Empire’s evil reaches a level at which the unwashed will look up to and worship again the manipulative bunch of the pseudo-liberal tossers who want to mold everyone to their image or, to put it simply, when Sir Jimmy’s BBC’s backed evildoing appears as a mere blob in the sea of ‘alleged’ criminality by virtually every men who has lived in post war Britain.

    • puss-in-plimsolls

      Hi Baron. It’s fairly late here and I had to read that twice to be sure I understood it, but it was worth the confirmational reading. Cheers.

    • Sarah

      Of course there’s always the informed consent route.

      Probably easier in the long run than the battling the combined forces of imperial liberal evil.

      Just think about, all I’m saying.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    We probably need another enquiry into ‘All That Sort of Stuff’. Headed by some deeply respected figure like Oakshitt or a newly enobled Vaz, Abbott or Rantzen.

    Publicly funded facilitators of abuse in towns such as Rotherham and Rochdale must. of course, be outside their remit as they are too busy organising foster placements in homosexual and muslim FGM supporting families.

  • William Reid Boyd

    Yes, it’s become an unsavoury witch-hunt and the biggest victim of course is the safety of children today.

    What to do?

    • blindsticks

      Concentrate on the now and use all the present resources to protect our children and vulnerable young people. But preferbly we need more experienced social workers and poloce and preferably those with experience of actually having brought up children. As opposed to people pushed into the post by some adherence to targets and filling gay/feminist / p/c quotas.

      • Sarah

        The main gender quota operating in this country is the one favouring males.

        • Sarah

          The figures and mediocrity speak for themselves.

          Then there’s Eton. Then there’s the church. Then there’s the lords. Then there’s the army.

          • Hexhamgeezer

            Then there’s QikFit, then theres the AA, then there’s the Salvation Army, then there’s the committee at my local WMC….

          • Eddie

            Oh FF sake Sarah – can’t you just get a sex change and a new fake willy from your inside out fanny to play with. Then you can be successful too!
            No wait – you’d just be a useless unsuccessful fake man just like your a useless unsuccessful sad excuse for a woman.
            Most women are lovely; some are not – and some, like you Sarah, should probably be put on an island somewhere as far away from children as possible.
            Men succeed in their careers because of tgheir talent and they succeed on merit; the figment of your addled brain that is obsessed with the thought that men have some enormous advantage and sexism is why they are successful, is something all rational persons – and most women – can see for the sexist manhating envious grass-is-greener fiction that it so clearly is.
            I could of course argue the equal and opposite: that all female dominated areas (nursing, teaching, floristry, magazine journalism, TV drama production, literary agents, human resources, marketing) are all massively sexist against men. False argument, dear: LOOK IT UP and then you may learn what it means.

        • blindsticks

          Lol, okay Sarah. I aint gonna argue.

    • Sarah

      Witches don’t exist. Paedophiles do.

      The ducking stool was unreliable, trials less so.

      • William Reid Boyd

        Better to concentrate on today’s paedophiles than yesterday’s, surely.

        • Eddie

          Why not be optimistic, and celebrate the diversity of tomorrow’s paedophile today!
          Witches do exist actually (I’ve worked with a few!) and actually paedophiles don’t exist either if one uses traditional definitions: marriage to any youngster post-puberty was accepted – pre-puberty was not, (as Richard II found out – he was deposed because it was suspected he had fucked his pre-pubescent wife) but marrying a girl aged 13 was fine until the modern age.
          So paedophiles have thus been CREATED according to modern definition (and using a post 1990s American term too).
          A paedophile is strictly someone atracted to pre-pubsescent children – and someone doesn’t necessarily offend or abuse any of them.

          • William Reid Boyd

            Erm … “paedophilia” was a neologism coined by the German sexologist Krafft-Ebing (full name Richard Fridolin Joseph Freiherr Krafft von Festenberg auf Frohnberg, genannt von Ebing which might have had a lot to do with it and thank god for Wikipedia or not as the case takes one fancy).I read somewhere (not in Wikipedia because I can’t be arsed to wade throught the huge article they have on it) that he only ever saw three cases in his clinical practice, no rings then thus but of course TV was still a few decades away. It first appears in English letters in 1906 via Havelock Ellis (OED ditto and no question).

            “Paedophile” has a first citation dating 1951 in OED.

            I defer to you on the subject of Richard II, more than I care to know really. Of course Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII, is usually quoted as the queen of royal chicken farming. Just 12 years old when she married Edmind Tudor, she was 13 when she was delivered of Henry in a birth so difficult it made her sterile.

            At least you don’t mention any founding fathers by no means necessarily the Pope of major religions – which must be some sort of a first in a blog comment in the DT or Spectator when the ‘p’ word gets dropped. Well done on that.

            • Eddie

              I defer to you on the word ‘paedophile’ history – it was not used in the UK until the 90s, when Oprahfication wafted over in a self-obsessed cloud of self steam from the USA. Before that we just said ‘child molestor’ or ‘strange man’.
              But really children are safer than EVER before – and many are damaged by this constant hysterical fear of strangers and the outdoors. Sad. If you want to protect children, keep them away from their parents – statistically speaking, that is sound (and esp keep them away from step parents and step families which have 5 times the average rate of abuse).
              In societies where people die young and children are needed to work the land and get income and look after older parents, then the modus operandi is: breed as much as possible as soon aa possible. We see this obsession in the overbreeding in Africa and Asia (which would usually be righted by disease, but now which allows far too many babies to survive and breed themselves, hence the destruction of the environment and the extinction of species). We also see this in the cultures of Asians and others in the UK – all those 13 year old Pakistani and Bangladeshi schoolgirls in the UK sent back ‘home’ to been a spunk-bucket for dirty Uncle Mohammed.
              The Tudors are great! One can visit the Tudor house in north Wales – Henry VII had pretty weak claim to the throne, but saw a chance and took it. His son Arthur died and so Henry VII married his dead brother’s wife (another backwards society tradition) and became king – and what a king! Love the Tudors!

              • William Reid Boyd

                Hi Eddie. I think you’re right to say that children are safer than ever before. Things do move forwards. Neverthless the danger of paedophile abuse, especially as you say from step-parents and uncle ernies, remains significant. Likewise we shouldn’t be naive about cultural traditions (thank god the ancient greeks didn’t really make it past the Pelopennesian War 🙂 … ) The thing is thirty or forty years ago ago we were all pretty well blissfully unaware of the dangers. Basically why Jimmy Savile got away with it, how our paedophile French teacher at prep school got away with abusing my cousin so seriously I once mentioned in these forums – we didn’t really believe people actually did things like that.

                • Eddie

                  There was a piece a couple of years ago by Dominic Lawson defending paedo pre school teachers: he had one who was an excellent teacher who fondled boys’ bottoms in class – nothing more. His gist was it’s better to have that than some pc ponce droning on in an uninspiring way, and that a love of children and their innocence (even if it was sexual) was no bad thing for that teacher.

                  What yoiur cousin suffered seems a bit more than that though. But no hysterical media, paedo-obsessions or CRB checks would have stopped that probably. Institutions which promote deference to all-powerful figures (me or women) whether it be the church, private schools, mosques, women’s groups, sports clubs, create the context for abuse: I sense there is a big scandal waiting to break re madrassas, mosques with imam paedos, temples for sikhs and hindus: yet we never ask about that eh?

                  But we do have to keep reminding a hysterical fearful population and a media that encourages its out-of-proportion thinking, that the risks are low and that we MUST let children go and take risks too – and we must TRUST people (Anthony Seldon has written a book on this serious need). Relatively few kkids are abused by strangers or teachers; the CRB checks are pointless and have not stopped any abuse at all; the NSPCC 1 in 10 kids are abused figures are utterly exaggerated and wrong – and damaging.

                  Most kids who are abused are abused in the home by family members etc – so if we want to minimise abuse, we should make single parent families and step families and divorce MORE difficult – the creation of vast numbers of unstable families like that where strange men (and women – esp re emotional and violent abuse) have access to kids has possibly increaed abuse in the home in the last 3 decades. Hard to tell – but this is where most abuse happens, not in schools or at the BBC.

                  Of course, prep and private schools have ever been monitored as much as state schools – you do not need to be qualified or have even one GCSE to teach in them. They do tend to attract a certain sort of pervert, I agree.

                • William Reid Boyd

                  Right about madrassas. I ahve 5 minutes before a bus so there will be typos here. But when I taught in a certain middle eastern desert country I did a holiday job tutoring in a English language school (my class was the religious police – interesting discussions on what extactly the latest perverted satellite TV station was broadcasting in). Anyway young boys were sent in to be taught as well and in the office there was a pupil of the week complete with photo which said photo was constantly being nicked. The non-native Egyptian secretary explained it to me. It was being constantly being nicked for purposes of personal gratification …

                  Also scandals awaiting in Buddhist monastic communitites of the Far East, I’m sure.

                • Eddie

                  People I know who have lived or grown up in the Middle East (Saudi etc) tell me that the Arabs there are great boy-lovers. Any boy at a bus stop or out in public in Muslim lands faces leery looks and wandering hands fondling up his buttocks.

                  Now, either Arabs are all very short-sited and have wrongly assumed these boys are women – or they’re all a bunch of pederast paedo pervs who see abusing young boys as acceptable – and not gay at all of course! Ho ho.
                  You’re only ‘gay’ in those culture is you get fucked up the arse – if you fuck 100 12 year old boys up the Gary Glitter, it doesn’t count as gay at all! Brilliant logic huh?
                  Read or Watch The Kite Runner to see what young boys are expcted to do in these backwards primitive cultures.

                  There are lots of scandals waiting fo emerge from the ethnic religious institutions in this country – the blind eye that has been turned by authorities to anyone with a dark skin and a religion can’t go on for ever (it is literally racist to have two sets of moral standards: one for whites, and one for the dark of skin and religious). Then we shall see all the paedo imams and monks and the rest exposed.

                • William Reid Boyd

                  Erm … first of all, I don’t care to be quite as forthright in my opinions here as you are Eddie :).

                  It’s not surprising that a romantic habibi-type pederastic culture can develop in some communities in nations which practice strict purdah. If you never ever see a woman face to face unless she’s a close relative, then I would say it’s as likely to happen as the same in our public schools of old (which is say a very great deal).

                  It’s definitely something we should bear in mind considering these cultures, and expecially the jihadi cult. It’s naive not to.

                  Last from me here. Perhaps Rod will blog something provocative again and our paths will cross once more. Pleasant chatting to you.

  • In2minds

    Enjoy it while you can is my advice. When Labour get back in laughing at the police will be made a crime.

  • Lungfish
  • lungfish

    I refer you to Chistopher booker

    • Baron

      what exactly of Christopher Booker, Lungfish.

  • Kevin

    Why should it stop? No-one said it should stop when it was Father This Old Man who was under suspicion.

  • Austin Barry

    Interestingly, and alarmingly, the Burl Ives childrens’ song ‘The Big Rock Candy Mountain’ was in fact a song about paedophilia in the hobo community. The original lines ran:

    “The punk rolled up his big blue eyes

    And said to the jocker,

    “Sandy,I’ve hiked and hiked and wandered too,

    But I ain’t seen any candy

    I’ve hiked and hiked till my feet are sore

    And I’ll be damned if I hike any more

    To be buggered sore like a hobo’s whore

    In the Big Rock Candy Mountains.”

    The sanitised version:

    “And the birds and the bees
    And the cigarette trees
    The lemonade springs
    Where the bluebird sings
    In the Big Rock Candy Mountains.”

    was frequently played on Children Favourites in the 1950’s by, in perfect symmetry, ‘Uncle Mac’, recently alleged by John Simpson to be a paedophile.

    Strange, but true.

    • lungfish

      don’t ruin my childhood you northern monkey

      • Robert Taggart

        Yo Lupo (or is it W…W… ?) This Northern ‘Monkey’ tried to ruin your childhood – methinks one scarred you ? – for life ??!

  • salieri

    Let’s be brutally honest: all so-called nursery rhymes are sexist, racist, fattist or ageist and need to be re-evaluated by the international community more appropriately, going forward.
    Let’s make a start:

    Georgie-Porgy, pudding and pie,
    Kissed the girls and made them cry.
    When the girls all ran away
    He kissed the boys, cos’ he was gay.

    • Eddie

      Jack and pushed Jill up the hill in her wheelchair
      To fetch a local council compensation form
      Because the hill was too fucking steep for wheelchairs
      Which was obviously discriminatory to differently-abled nursery rhyme characters.
      Jill told Jack to throw a pale of water over council leader Humpty Dumpty
      Jack did so, and decked the do-gooding pc clown, and is now serving 2 years
      Jill meanwhile has a job at the BBC and is training for the paralympics…
      OK OK – doesn’t scan, but what d’ya want, poetry or somefink!

    • Sarah

      Let’s be totally honest, people have given you all more than enough time to getyourown house in order. Time’s up.

      • salieri

        Not entirely sure what that means but it sounds suitably grim – come the Revolution or something? The ominous, actually downright nasty, part of your message is the reference to “people” (who?) having given “you all” (who?) enough time to implement the social changes that the latter, in their democratic folly, have somehow neglected to make for themselves.
        A bit like thingummy’s ghastly Charter, in other words.
        Grow up.

        • Eddie

          Oh don’t worry about Sarah the psycho: she just wants to kill all men and boy children – out of envy, or just raving nutteriness, I don;’t know (or care).
          There are several mad wimmin and feminasties trying to hijack all the scandal about abuse to try and attack all men and portray all men as bastards and rapists and paedos-in-waiting. These barking bints are best ignored – though sadly most seem to work in teaching or the BBC, thuse having far more influence than they deserve.
          Always worth remembering this: most children who are abused are abused at home, usually by their parents, most usually by their mothers (who are the biggest child and baby killers there are), or by their latest shags – all those single mums open their doors to any old perv who tells them they look pretty and slim (despite looking like Shrek and being as fat as a walrus): then kids get abused.
          More a horror story than a nursery rhyme eh? Fairytales had wicked stepmothers for good reason. Sarah’s a witch too.

          • rod liddle

            um……….she is a bit of a psycho, isn’t she?

            • Eddie

              You said it, chum!
              What’s worrying is people like her are dominating the debate now and branding anyone who does not defer to their hysterical opinions as a paedo or a paedo-appeaser or a paedo-facilitator, or perhaps a paediatrician or a pedalo or a pelican. Fuck knows.
              Really, crying wolf like that and accusing others of being paedophiles for refusing to enagage in the latest hysterical witch-hunt is really vile. But the media is doing excatly the same thing, of course…
              I find this country’s US-style paedo-hysteria silly, damaging and pointless. The attitudes one the continent are far healthier – as I notice when I visit Italy every year.

  • Peter Treadwell

    The answer to your question is, sadly, that it will probably not stop until so many innocent people have been persecuted that even the most primitive witchsmeller realises it has gonee too far.

    • Sarah

      Innocent? This isn’t a witch hunt, witches were a figment of men’s imaginations, a method of enforcing their religious orthodoxies on a terrorised population. I know it seems like a really good narrative to paint men in the new victim role, but they aren’t.

      Sex Abusers aren’t a figment of women’s/harridans’ imaginations, they’re all too real. Granted, they haven’t been held to account for the last 40 or so millennia through a variety of justice-dodging tactics ranging from denial, victim discrediting, persecution propaganda and trivialising the crimes (all four encapsulated in this short blog), but that doesn’t make them a figment.

      I know it’s painful having to take accountability. I know it’s the human condition to fall back on tried and tested to avoid uncomfortable changes. But change is a comin’. You see women/harridans don’t have to stay silent in church anymore. So you know, they’re not.

      • Peter Treadwell

        Yo miss my point. And Rod’s. At present, a random, anonymous and unsubstantiated accusation is enough to get you whisked offf by the police in the full glare of publicity. People will assume an innocent person (a man, uusually) is guilty, People like you, I suspect.

      • hexton

        “witches were a figment of men’s imaginations”

        I think you’ll find they weren’t. Not all of them. The sort of witch that turned twelve brothers into swans is imagined, I grant you, though surely as likely to be dreamt up by women as by men. Yet what about the many men and women, through many centuries, who considered themselves witches or wise men/women by virtue of their cantrips and potions? Did they not themselves believe they were working magic? Did their contemporaries not also believe? Just because, in our judgement, the spells and potions ran through the gamut from efficacious to superstitious to vicious and cruel, who are we – at many years remove – to deny those people their own name for themselves?

        However corrupt they became in practice, witch-hunts didn’t necessarily come from nowhere. I’m not pretending that the accusations of witchcraft, so-called trials and punishments weren’t misguided and appalling, just that judging historical motivations with a twenty-first mind-set simply doesn’t work.

      • Adam Nixon

        “for the last 40 or so millennia”
        Anyone capable of such a mind-boggling generaliseation is obviously unwillign to engage in rational thought and can be safely ignored.

        • Eddie

          Copy dat…
          The really scary thing is that there are women like Sarah out there who are bringing up children and abusing them day in day out with their twisted man hatred. Sad. Poor kids eh?

          • Dan

            I can’t imagine anyone wanting to deposit sperm in such a woman as Sarah, so thankfully she shouldn’t have any kids to poison with her warped views. Hopefully (fingers crossed).

            • Eddie

              Oh come on – lots of penis-possessers would quite happily fuck mud and deposit their sperm in a puddle! It’s instinct, innit! You don’t have to look at the face or listen to the endless drivel dribbling out of your fuckees gob eh?

              Go to any sad tacky nightclub and look at the utter mingers who – because they’re up for a shag – get blokes galore to stick their willies in their very dark and often diseased places.

              Just look at the kids wandering around housing estates! All a bit Deliverance for my liking really – what with their sticky-out ears, mishapend jaws and neanderthal features. But they are the result of such ‘couplings’. Plenty of women who want babies just go out and trick some bloke into bed (or the alley outside the kebab shop) and, bing bang bosh, they;re preggers!

              I just hope Sarah the Psyhco is infertile. If she ever does have a child – and especially a boy – then he will suffer enormous abuse (the poor kid) and be told day in day out how awful men are and how useless he is, and will probably grow up to be Fred West or Jimmy Savile – or even worse, Stephen Fry…

      • Baron

        Sarah, there is always the option of castration, you in favour then?

        • Eddie

          Sarah has gone very quiet. Perhaps she’s trying to grow a penis eh?
          Anyway, I shall answer for her: Course she is, Baron, son! Castration for ALL males who refuse to grovel before deluded nutjob misandrist loonytoon feminasties! (and I’d be first in line eh?!)Aincha grasped that yet?

          All men are evil bastards, rapists and paedos in Sarah-world – and all women poor wickly innocent and wronged victims, full of fluffy bunny goodness and wide eye weeping at the awfulness of men!

          Me, I prefer to see people as people and not as a race or gender. Child abuse happens in the home mostly – and much violent and emotional abuse is done by mothers (who are also the mothers of paedophiles, rapists and murderers of course).

          Child sex abuse is done more by penis-owners (and women who abuse are rarely caught either) but this abuse by men if often facilitated by selfish irrsponsible and cowardly women – in the home and elsewhere. All those nurses who now say they KNEW what Savile was doing eh? When is someone gonna arrest them for aiding and abetting child abuse?

          Child sex abuse is much rarer than the dishonest NSPCC figures suggest too – because they include such things as ‘has someone ever said something sexual to you’ or ‘have you ever seen sexual images’ – and those responding ‘yes’ are included in the ‘abuse victim’ statistics!

  • Hexhamgeezer

    ‘Wee’ Willy Winkie is long overdue having his collar felt.
    What or more likely who’s holding the Police back?

    • Eddie

      Wee Willy Winkie had it coming…;)

  • David Lindsay

    It is open season on the dead. Imagine if Lord McAlpine had been dead. Stuart Hall’s accuser probably thought that he was.

    Knowing what we know now, would you have kept any teenage girl in your
    care away from Sir Jimmy Savile? Yes. Margaret Thatcher, fully briefed
    by Special Branch and by MI5, has serious questions to answer about her
    closeness to him, as surely as she has about her reliance on Sir Peter
    Morrison, and about her mesmerisation by Sir Laurens van der Post.
    Knowing what we know now, would you have kept any teenage boy in your
    care away from Sir Cyril Smith? Probably. In both cases, better safe
    than sorry.

    But each of them could easily have afforded the lawyers to be acquitted,
    and to win libel actions. And ought we really to assume the veracity of
    allegations of molestation made against a celebrity disc jokey and
    television presenter by the residents of an approved school for, of all
    people, “emotionally disturbed but highly intelligent girls”? It is not
    as if they would make up something like this, and perhaps even sincerely believe that it had happened. Is it?

    Or of molestation by the single most prominent local politician, also a
    well-known national figure, made by boys of whom the Director of Public
    Prosecutions, hardly known for letting Liberal politicians off the hook
    in the 1970s, could write in 1970 that “the characters of some of these
    young men would be likely to render their evidence suspect”? In other
    words, criminal records, or at the very least known to the Police. Ipso facto reliable sources of information, then, would you say?

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that people in either of those
    categories must be lying. But I fail to see how they must be telling the
    truth, either. Have they waived any claim to the estate of Sir Jimmy or
    Sir Cyril ? And funny how there is such a frenzy over the corpse of a
    man notable for having been at the heart of the Zeitgeist between
    the 1960s and the 1980s while also a matter-of-fact practitioner of
    daily prayer, of weekly or where possible daily Mass, and of monthly
    Confession (he told all of this entirely frankly to any interviewer who
    asked), with his Papal Knighthood and with his Knighthood of Malta.

    Who next? Princess Margaret kept the most swinging salon in all of Swinging
    London. Princess Margaret, who all her life was uncommonly devout
    even by the standards of senior members of the Royal Family. Not
    everyone would have agreed with her about that. But no one thought that
    it, any more than her royal status, prevented her from being, again, at the very
    heart of Zeitgeist. The ludicrous story of her “secret son” has lately been revived.

    Sir Cyril was wrong about asbestos. But nobody is perfect. And he was
    fighting for a Rochdale industry, which was at least some excuse. In
    him, there came together several of the best features of the
    old Liberalism. He embodied individuality, municipalism (it is just
    priceless that his mother served as a cleaner at the Town Hall during
    the day and then as his Lady Mayoress at that same Town Hall in the
    evenings), local communitarian populism, profit-sharing, unashamed
    patriotism in general and reverence for Parliament in particular,
    traditional family values, the Nonconformist conscience, and the working
    and lower-middle-class self-help and self-improvement that, as well as
    informing his strong commitment to education, also placed him in the
    same tradition as the Rochdale Pioneers of the co-operative movement.

    was totally pro-life on all issues but one, and even that, his
    mercifully never realised desire to restore capital punishment (also the
    position of at least one other Liberal MP of the period), placed him
    within the tradition that correctly identified an inseparability between
    uncompromising civil liberty and the vigorous sentencing of those whose
    guilt could therefore be accepted as having been proved beyond
    reasonable doubt. His defence of the preborn child was such that his
    eulogy was delivered by no less a pro-life figure than Lord Alton, who
    recorded that in the end Sir Cyril had changed his mind on the death

    The likes of Oliver Kamm are in no position to judge
    either Sir Jimmy or Sir Cyril. Among other things, Kamm is financially
    dependent on the newspaper that prints Page Three. Furthermore, the latter-day habit of the Police, of ostentatiously
    issuing moral judgements from the steps of courthouses and such like,
    ought not to be extended to the dead in the furtherance of raids, both
    on the now-unfashionable principles that they embodied in their public
    lives, and on the money that they left behind them. Are the Police being
    lined up for a cut? I think we should be told.

    • Austin Barry

      Well, Lindsay, you’ve travelled a strange journey, from incoherent, prolix aphasia to an apologia for paedophilia: Sir Jimmy and Sir Cyril indeed.

      • salieri

        .. . not to mention Sir Spicion and Sir Spenders

        • Austin Barry

          And not to forget Sir Cumsicion, lead singer of the Islamic Pop Group, The Four Skins.

    • blindsticks

      So why isnt Edward Heath’s past being examined and made open to the public’s angst. About ‘our Ted’ it’s all been very quiet. And this man was a British primeminister ffs. But to think they did all that to Profumo for what to most red blooded men comes naturally. He should have been a pedarast and he would probably have gotten away with it, and no books written or film made
      No Joanne Whally.

      • Austin Barry

        Edward Heath’s past is Jimmy Saville’s past and is even murderous if some of the rumours have any truth.

        But Heath’s past opens a door to the Establishment’s endemic perversity and we oiks can’t be allowed a glimpse into that cesspit.

        • Eddie

          To be honest, I really don’t think Edward Heath could have murdered a cucumber sandwich…

          Pray tell us your rumours. Don’t worry, the asexual Heath is brown bread, so can’t sue.

          • Austin Barry

            Just use Google.

    • Eddie

      Choose a dead celebrity – any dead celebrity – and allege that they did anything at all. Rape, child molestation, paedo porn, racially aggravated gardening, sexist baking sessions (there were NEVER any gingerbread WOMEN, were there? Tsss!).

      Thing is, they’s dead see, so can’t Barney McGrew (that’s SUE to them oop north by the way).

      John Lennon was a child-fucker (as is evidenced by his song ‘Beautiful Boy’; Elvis Presley raped horses (See See Rider is NOT an innocent pop and roll number); Disraeli sucked off Gladstone (Hansard is heavily censored); Edward Heath was…

      OK I’ll stop there… But you get the point!

      The dead are all evil perverts. Say what you want and destroy any reputation, and there is zero danger of your getting into any legal trouble whatsoever. The law is not on the side of corpses.

    • Trofim

      “The likes of Oliver Kamm are in no position to judge either Sir Jimmy or
      Sir Cyril. Among other things, Kamm is financially dependent on the
      newspaper that prints Page Three”.

      And how did you get the inside information on his financial affairs? We’ve got a right to know.

      • David Lindsay

        He writes for The Times, which makes a loss but is kept going by cross-subsidy from The Sun. Sun writers have been known to shout “We pay your wages” down the corridors at Wapping, at grand Times columnists off to the Palace or whatever.

  • Bluesman

    And that slapper in the shoe. Bitch! Where are the “Social” on this?

    • hexton

      Not to worry. Director of Children’s Services Rumplestiltskin (“Tell me me my name or I’ll take your child.”) is on the case.

  • Eddie


    This Old Man is clearly a dangerous paedo – he’s been arrested so he must be guilty. I hear Pinocchio’s dad is still being questioned, though the old perve may well get off on account of the boy being made of wood – but what he did with that nose is simply unmentionable!

    I know, let’s just burn them with the other witches. No need for a trial – they’ve been accused by ‘victims’ (who are never ever liars and fabricators of exaggerators or have an eye on the compo – all who claim that should also be burnt alive, as paedo appeasers).
    In fact, let’s chop any men accused of being paedos up and sell the flesh-wood as winter fu-uuuu-el for poor pensioners, like Harriet Harman and The Queen. Brilliant!

    • Sarah


      Translation: “Encouraging!”

      • Eddie

        So Sarah. You are accusing me of supporting child abuse now?
        How very typical – and evidence, if more were needed, of the way certain people (many manhating women and hysterics amongst them) are creating an industry out of false claims of child abuse and rape. How can anyone ever believe anyone accusing anyone else of abuse, when there are liars like you crying wofl and calling every man a rapist and a paedo? You utter twat!

        What a twisted little bitch you are! Let’s all hope you don’t con some poor penis-owner into actually impregnating you eh? It is after all mothers who are responsible for most child abuse in this country – and the men they allow into children’s lives.

        In a better world, psycho Sarah, you would be sterilised.

  • skip

    give the dog a bone.