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Was Andrew Mitchell framed?

19 December 2012

12:16 AM

19 December 2012

12:16 AM

Did the police stitch up Andrew Mitchell like a kipper? I was at a No.10 reception earlier this evening and a section of a room drained when Michael Crick’s extraordinary report about Plebgate came on Channel 4 News.The police claimed that Mitchell’s swearing shocked ‘several members of public’: CCTV footage, released by the Cabinet Office, showed there was only one onlooker (below, with his head blotted out).

This looks stranger still when you compare it to the account of supposed witness — who we now know to be a copper. He emailed John Randall, the deputy chief whip and his local MP:

‘I was with my nephew and was hoping to catch a glance of a famous politician. Other tourists standing with us were also shocked and some were even inadvertently filming the incident … I, having a keen interest in politics and the Conservative party, knew it was Andrew Mitchell, MP for Sutton Coldfield. Imagine to our horror when we heard Mr Mitchell shout very loudly at the police officers guarding [**** bleeped out **** ] our country. He just continued to shout obscenities at the poor police officers.’

Nephew? Does the above image show any nephew — or, indeed, any tourists? Or anyone filming the incident? Or anyone else at all? The email appears to be be a concoction. Crick called up the supposed witness to confront him and he replied that he was not ‘a witness to anything’ and complained about having his ‘private email’ made public. Here’s the audio clip from Crick’s report:-

Cameron was apparently influenced by the hitherto-undisclosed ‘eyewitness’ report. But only thanks to Crick did he learn that the supposedly independent eyewitness was a policeman. Cameron is apparently livid (the Cabinet Office’s own investigation into this failed to uncover this basic point).


Mitchell has responded saying this email to his deputy was:-

‘clearly aimed to destabilise me and finish me off by sending it to the heart of government, to my deputy… I always knew that the emails were false, although extremely convincing. It has shaken my lifelong support and confidence in the police. I believe now there should be a full inquiry so we can get to the bottom of this.’

And Cameron’s communications chief, Craig Oliver, has weighed in:-

‘Any allegations that a serving police officer posed as a member of the public and fabricated evidence against a cabinet minister are exceptionally serious. It is therefore essential that the police get to the bottom of this as a matter of urgency.’

Charles Moore argued in The Spectator that the police have an not-entirely-unblemished record of notebook records. If James Forsyth and I were to smash up a pub in Westminster, we’d be arrested and separated and our stories taken down and compared instantly. And rightly so. But police have 12 hours to write their notebook reports, on which they can confer with each other. Is this system open to abuse? It is an open question but, as yet, no more than that. The police report, acquired by the Daily Telegraph, has Mitchell saying:-

‘There were several members of public present as is the norm opposite the pedestrian gate and as we neared it, Mr MITCHELL said: “Best you learn your f—— place…you don’t run this f—— government…You’re f—— plebs.” The members of public looked visibly shocked…’

Really? Members of the public looking shocked? Either the camera has lied, or the police have. Anyway, here’s Crick’s report:-

And a summary of the documentary:-

UPDATE: Here’s some front pages:-

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  • steven

    The Police CPS and IPCC cannot be trusted! I have sent a copy of this file along with the fabricated interview to Mr Mitchell and Deborah Glass IPCC and also HFSG. Awaiting decision from Merseyside PSD and IPCC.

    (Our family were not allowed to listen to the hearing as the head officer kept us out the court room. we were only notified of the conspiracy because the defence barristers stated to other parties that there had been a massive conspiracy between the Police, CPS and the defendants in the Crown Court) I have the full file and Interview recordings availiable. I have forwarded a copy to Andrew Mitchell MP and Debrah Glass IPCC.


    Ste says:
    April 6, 2013 at 6:03 am
    I have been fighting a case for years in relation to the attempted murder of a man by a gang armed with machetes bats hammers etc. Also into conspiracy between the attackers and Merseyside Police to fabricate an allegation of Arson with Intent to endanger life!. There was a massive Police cover up at the Crown court in coercion with the CPS and the attackers! All the evidence was withheld at the trial including: Police Statements, Custody Records, Forensics, No Comment Interview, Vital exhibits containing the registration of the vehicle written down on a bus ticket roll (this registration was the one that was used at the time of the attack and was the vehicle owned and on finance to the attackers/defendants) This evidence was not told to the jury..because the officers apparently lost the ticket roll before trial and the officer who seized it and took the witness statement from the bus driver who wrote it down did not record his details on the back of the statement and did not provide a witness statement!The court was informed by the CPS Barrister”I cannot call the officer because indeed the time, place and officer who took the statement is missing off the back of the statement.The registration on the ticket roll was referred to as by defense council as “clearly crucial and damming evidence supporting the victim” .This was all in the absence of the jury!There is also clear evidence of perjury being committed by the head officer in the case and the defendants and Perverting the course of justice. (no action taken) There has been a further massive cover up by PCA IPCC CPS and Merseyside Police (overseen by Norman Bettison and Bernard Hogan Howe). All parties in coercion with the Attackers have fabricated an(8 MINUTE LONG) no comment interview to cover up the initial conspiracy (the solicitor present during the interview is actually an ex merseyside Police officer who has in fact been a prosecuting barrister in the same chambers as the CPS Barrister who prosecuted the case at the crown court since 6 weeks after the original interview in question).. they also got rid of personal notebooks of the officers, custody records, etc etc. Furthermore they have stated that the CPS Lawyer cannot be interviewed as they have been on sick leave for the duration of the inquiry (7 years)….The file is damming and i’m 100% confident that I will get justice! To the Powers that be…It is simply a case of …how it looks….than how it is…..victims are irrelevant in the equation…..FACT. (reposted from HFSG..Hillsborough Families Support group)

  • Brent Willson

    Police body camera are very helpful in controlling crime and increases the productivity and safety of the one working. It reduces the cost, crime and helps a lot in fighting with crime.

  • iDeb8

    Despite subsequent dodgy email, leaked log & Fed post-meeting slant etc, please double check CCTV ‘evidence’ before incriminating the original (one male, one female) log-writers:

    Their account is still supported by Bernard Hogan-Howe..
    ..but, if they had initiated a conspiracy on the spot by fabricating parts of their log that first night, BHH must presumably also have been part of, or drawn into, the conspiracy.

    The bullying & lying tendencies of Mitchell and his party.. seem to be matched by those shown by the Met management against its own employees much more than by its employees themselves, eg:

    Perhaps, before implementing Leveson in full, we need a new UK First Amendment to ensure that the successful cover-up of corruption & conspiracies by anyone is minimised by sufficient enforced transparency, eg:

    “Parliament shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances – whether at work or leisure.”

  • skinnythreejags

    The Met literally get away with murder. Charles de Menezes never harmed anyone, yet got SEVEN bullets in his brain. No copper has been charged, and indeed, the officer in charge of this total shambles, Cressida Dick, was immediately promoted!! Ian Tomlinson was similarly murdered, but the violent history of the copper who killed him was kept from thejury, so he was cleared of “murder”. There are many, many other examples, yet these police get away with it !!
    We are not safe with police of this type around……

  • skinnythreejags

    I’m not at all surprised by all this. Ten years ago, I was accused by one policeman of speeding. He alleged he had timed me between two points on the A1, these points being bridges, one a mile and the other half a mile behind his car which was parked on the hard shoulder. He claimed to have noted when I went beneath each bridge, IN THE DOOR MIRROR OF HIS POLICE CAR. I challenge anyone to see anything at all amile behind in a door mirror, but to be able to see when anything coming towards (or going away from) you passes a given point is simply impossible. and well known to be so. Nonetheless the magistrates simply accepted the “word” of this policeman and found me guilty!!!
    Ever since, I have had no time for the police, as this one was clearly lying, nor for magistrates as this bunch didn’t have the intellect to realise what nonsense this trumped up charge was.

  • MikeF

    Wat Mithell framed? It looks like the answer to that question is ‘yes’. In that case this is a very serious issue and there should be a criminal investigation – and one not conducted by the Metropolitan Police.

  • chudsmania

    Mitchell only has himself to blame. I have no sympathy for someone who stubbornly refused to clarify what he did actually say.

    • David Ossitt


  • Malfleur

    Will Mr. Nelson now do a little investigative thinking and consider whether Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League is also being well stitched up, or is he one of the stitchers?

  • Augustus

    I have always believed that this was a stitch-up, and it is proving exactly that. This episode has an awful stench of corruption in the Metropolitan police and frankly proves yet again that the police are a law onto themselves. Personally, it feels like a police state, sometimes, I mean if a high ranking, intelligent and an influential Tory cabinet minister can be stitched up like this, what chance for us real plebs?

  • anyfool

    Yes he was framed and people should have taken this into account when they started spouting off on this post, the Police Service, the Fire Service and the Prison Service are all a poor reflection of the word service, you could fire them instantly and you would be pushed to notice anything of note had happened,except that prisoners would immediately start to suffer withdrawal symptoms as their main source dried up,

  • Bee Gee

    Pocketbooks boarder on the totally corrupt, my old man was arrested as a kid for playing footbal on the streets of Liverpool, it went to a magistrates court and the police claimed to have discussed the incident at length with his dad. My nan pointed out that he had been dead for years. Disgusting system that has no place in life today, they should all have shoulder cameras, or at least microphoned up.

  • Mike

    Even though Mitchell’s ‘rant’ is almost certainly a put up job now, many of us would be calling plod a lot worse than this. They command & deserve very little respect from the public these days and have brought it all on themselves.

  • biggestaspidistra

    Why didn’t Number 10 review this CCTV footage at the time? Why now? Something still stinks here.
    Who has edited this videotape and why? Where has it been for three months?

  • David Ossitt

    Was Andrew
    Mitchell framed?

    Undoubtedly yes and those three lying bastards involved the
    two at the gate and the one who posted an e-mail bearing false witness should
    stand trial.

    • ButcombeMan

      More than three, you will see.
      (If Hogan Howe is up to it)

  • Seepage

    Once I hear Freemasons mentioned I know we are into conspiracy theory territory. And, wouldn’t you know, allegations in the Welsh boys homes scandal majored on Masons.

  • Biggestaspidistra

    I smell a rat here, and he isn’t wearing a blue serge uniform. The Spectator unusally censoring of comments. Is Mr Mitchell getting the establishment whitewash?

    • Malfleur

      Yes, and why the recent institution of the “no down-vote without registration” policy?

  • Biggestaspidistra

    There was a second confrontation reported between Mitchell and the police on the same day or the following day. Where is the videotape of that encounter and why does it appear to be night in these images?

    (3rd attempt to post this)

  • John Smith

    Not a good year for the police, Leveson, the Met in general, Cleveland & Sacristy, North Yorkshire’s Chief Constable, Cumbria’s, Hillsborough and now plebgate.
    It needs a root and branch change, are the PCC’s up to it?

    The only time Policing worked is when we had the village bobby and they carried out preventative measures

  • Biggestaspidistra

    I’ll ask again. There was a reported second incident between Mitchell, his bicycle and the police that same day. Where is the footage from that incident?

  • Amergin

    All this he said / he didnt say and lying poicemen is to get Mitchell back in favour. Let us please remember that he has admitted and apologised for swearing at the police; an offence. I believe he did say plebs but it is not important, what does matter is that he did swear. End of. The rest is just obfuscation.

  • ButcombeMan

    Fraser, the answer is undoubtedly YES..

    And Telemachus forgets we have the records of what he said-I was descibed as an “apologist”. for getting it right.

    ButcombeMan • 2 months ago

    needs to decide if the Police Federation/MetPol run the UK or he does.
    What Mitchell did (whatever the extent of it, was unwise & rude)
    what various parts of MetPol did was clearly criminal. The leaking of
    information, true or not, to more than one newspaper.

    MetPol has been quiet about how the leaking came about, who did it and who will be charged.

    The most likely explanation is that Mitchell having been needlessly
    wound up by jobsworth Officers, was then “verballed” by them to protect
    their position in case he complained.

    “Verballing” is an age old MetPol skill, the attributing of
    unverifiable words to members of the public and suspects, with one or
    more Officers conspiring to note the attributed words in pocket books.
    It has gone on since Police Officers were invented.

    Verballing common enough and joked about inside the Police, was one of the things that led to tape recorded Police interviews.

    Of course some interactions Police/public occur away from tape
    recorded interview rooms. Some are inevitably wrong and are corrupt.

    14 12

    telemachus associates ButcombeMan • 2 months ago
    You read Tom Brown
    intensity of the bullying increases, and, after refusing to hand over a
    sweepstake ticket for the favourite in a horse race, Tom is
    deliberately burned in front of a fire”
    Thrasher Flashman of Rugby needs to be sorted before he starts the thumb screws on the 1922 one by one.

    ButcombeMan ButcombeMan • 2 months ago

    is it not? The Police Federation are pointlessly keeping the pot
    boiling on Mitchell, on the same day as the announcement of the biggest
    ever investigation into UK Police corruption with up to 200 Officers
    under suspicion.

    Five people here, also ticked my earlier comments down.

    FACT. What gets written in Police Officers pocket books and witness
    statements is not always absolutely true. Sometimes by accidental error,
    sadly, sometimes, too often, deliberately. Listening to the Federation
    representatives you would not know that.

    Still no word of who from the Metropolitan Police is to be charged
    with criminally leaking information, true or not to newspapers. A far
    greater offense than anything Mitchell may or may not have done.

    • FrenchNewsonlin

      Notebooks are a tool common to police and journalists. Note also as Mr Nelson states, the Cabinet Office’s own investigation failed to uncover the basic point about the identity of the (policeman) emailer yet journalist Crick was able to do so. The still-free press thus again shows its investigative superiority. However in the post-Leveson future some notebooks will be more equal than others. There should be a radical rethink on Leveson without delay.

      • ButcombeMan

        The Cabinet Office investigation was incompetent, grossly so.

        Jeremy Haywood was the wrong choice. Just crass management by Cameron.

        The e-mail should have been passed immediately to the Police for investigation and Cameron should have independently got the Security Service to check out the bona fides of the person who sent it (without telling the Police) .

        If we find the e-mail WAS passed to the Police at the time, there is even BIGGER TROUBLE ahead for MetPol! It would have been the work of minutes to find out all about the sender.

        Indeed someone from Metpol would have knocked on his door to take a witness statement.

        WAS the e-mail passed to MetPol? If not why not?

        There is more mileage in this yet.

  • BBCwaste

    Impertinent Questions:

    1. The “eyewitness” report spoke of him with his nephew and several others outside Downing Street. That would be at least FOUR people outside the gates. Looking at the CCTV at no time where there 4 or more people outside.

    2. Was it just co-incidence that the “eyewitness” emailed who local MP In Ruslip who happened to also the deputy chief whip?

    3. Who were the “others” Michael Crick alleged the “eyewitness” mentioned were involved in his interview yesterday?

    4. How could the “eyewitness” report mirror the police log so closely?

    5. If the “eyewitness” was allegedly a policeman but not actually at gates he wouldn’t have completed the police log. Would he? If not, someone else much have completed it. Who? Does this report support the CCTV evidence.

    6. Why has no journalist except Benedict Brogan picked up the disparity between the alledged Mitchell recording of his meeting in Sutton Coldfield with the Police Federation and what they said immediately following the meeting?

    7. Why didn’t Sir Jeremy Heywood call for the CCTV footage in his initial enquiry and who did he ask to investigate? The Police?

  • an ex-tory voter

    We seem to have a very full complement of labour trolls here today. Almost all of them extremely busy trying to shift the narrative away from plodgate and conspiracy. Maybe that is a coincidence, then maybe not. It could be an exciting Christmas for some as yet unidentified players in this story!
    Meanwhile, good old dependable, predictable Auntie Beeb is trying desperately to push the importance of a Minister having used the “f” word and justly being sacked for it. Conspiracy, what conspiracy, move along now, move along there is nothing to see here.

  • biggestaspidistra

    I believe I read there was a second incident that same day where Mitchell was asked to dismount and leave by a side gate. Where is the video of that exchange?

    A lot can happen to a piece of video in 3 months. Where has this video been for the last three months?

  • paulus

    Lets stop branding the police a corrupt venal organisation, they are heavily regulated and on the whole do a fabulous job.

    No only a handful of people were involved but the coopt other to cover up for them. Clearly the officer in question is too far down the food chain, but the police who went to interview Mitchell and then gave a different version of events to waiting reporters unaware that Mitchell had taped the conversation, Will clearly know more about it.

    Political questions were asked, an effective lobby was organised and some one or some people were getting somethingout of smearing a cabinet minister. Follow the money as deep throat says

  • Border Boy

    Exceptionally serious is right. This will reinforce minister’s conviction that reform of the police on their terms is necessary now more than ever. Looks to me as if the police and the Police Federation have over played their hand. The police will have very few friends in government from now on. Ouch!

  • david ross

    Terrible indictment but over the last 30 or more years I’ve learnt to trust no one, Politicians, Police, Press, the lot. I’m even suspicious of the dog!!!

    • Daniel Maris

      When even the dog is an object of suspicion, that gives you paws for thought.

  • Daniel Maris

    There’s another F word which we never hear in polite discourse either even though it has tremendous influence in public life, especially the police.

  • Daniel Maris

    Michael Crick is one of the few living examples of a real reporter who actually makes news and doesn’t just pass on press releases.

  • MirthaTidville

    Oh dear, does this mean a return for `Thrasher` so that can continue wasting more of err sorry spending and investing our taxes??????

  • Kevin

    What kind of analysis is this?

    You should have written something like the following:
    If the police can get any inquiry over soon enough, tempers can calm, and the public can forget the angry words on both sides by 2015. By then, everyone will have forgotten what all the fuss is about.

    That’s The Spectator way!

    • Marcus

      Such a soft line on corruption is incredibly dangerous and only a person who’s lived under the umbrella of protection that a non-corrupt police force provides could express such a naive sentiment.

      • Kevin

        I guess “the heat” attracts too much heat for anyone to notice the irony in my comment.

        The italicised text is not mine. It’s Coffee House’s own brew.

  • Sarah

    I see 7 fuzzy blob people in the Times picture, And 2, possibly 3 in the other picture, one of which looks like it could be nephew sized. Have you wiped your glasses, Fraser?

    • Theodoxia

      I’m not sure of the size of the average nephew. There are a few passers by, but no evidence to support the story that there was a crowd of onlookers, including some filming the events. The emailer seems now to admit to not having been present to witness any of the events himself.

    • Marcus

      The wording of the leaked police report and the wording of the e-mail are such that only someone with very poor levels of reasoning would fail to see they are from the same source. Time will prove this, and prove you ability for analysis.
      Who on earth writes to a whip anyway?

    • Ali Buchan

      That’s what I thought was interesting, Sarah. I agree with Mitchell that his body-language doesn’t seem to be consistent with a man shouting obscenities, but the Downing Street camera doesn’t appear to agree with the camera on the Whitehall wall of the FCO.

    • Marcus

      The e-mail is also written in police speak.

  • Colonel Mustard

    Perhaps this will convince the government how badly the police need reforming and their New Labour infections purging. The political posturing of the police is OTT and their senior echelons, especially ACPO, need their wings clipping.

    • HooksLaw

      Seem to recall all the usual suspects decrying the election of police commissioners. This shows how badly the are needed.
      Personally I would never appoint a chief constable with a university education.

      • telemachus

        Or a Mason’s ticket

    • FrenchNewsonlin

      ….especially ACPO, (Common Purpose?)

  • Fergus Pickering

    Stitched up? Heavens, Fraser, wash your mouth out with soap. Have the police ever falsified their notebooks? Have they ever said things that were not true? Have they ever

    conspired to pervert the course of justice? Would we not always believe a policeman rather than a member of the public. Be very sure you don’t get burgled or mugged in the near future, Fraser. In fact I’d watch where you park your car. Police venal? The very idea.

    • telemachus

      You are quite correct
      I was brought up on “are not our policemen wonderful”
      Until a friend of mine when at college was rounded up at an Arsenal game and ‘fell down the stairs’ at the local nick.

      • Malfleur

        But you/HooksLaw have problems believing that this might be happening to Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League on the grand scale! You are the kind of people who lead the police to believe that they can get away with this sort of thing – and why they very often do. Charges should be brought against you for a conspiracy to be gullible.

  • CaptBlack

    People have missed some key points – the email was sent (which is now shown to be untrue) the day before the Sun splashed the story. Suggests some collaboration within the police. Secondly, the CCTV footage was checked by the Gus O’Donnel investigation which is inconclusive – but the timing & content of the corroborating email should have raised alarm bells. Especially now that witness denies being there. Three options in my view: (i) O’Donnell was negligent in his investigation; (ii) the agreed media strategy (whatever the likely truth) was apologise and let this blow over; (iii) there was a civil service / police conspiracy to destablise the government. Option (iii) is potentially treasonous – time for MI5 waterboarding for Gus me thinks 😉

    • telemachus

      His Tory colleagues stuck the knife in
      With Leveson imminent you can understand the suspicion of unattributable telephone traffic from senior Tories to editors
      Has anyone for example asked Boris who he spoke to?

      • HooksLaw

        No one stuck the knife in. A pejorative noun was invented and splashed everywhere by a compliant press until his position became intolerable.
        Both police and press had a vested interest in smearing the govt.

        • telemachus

          Not sure I agree with this
          Why then was Boris attacking the police yesterday before the Channel 4 programme
          With Leveson looming do you seriously believe that the editors would have run with this without a nod and a wink?

    • Andy

      Actually the key points are that the Downing Street Log is a complete and utter tissue of lies. The supposed vast public audience is simply not there, and it would seem that the conversation the Log claims took place did not take place. Those who wrote the Log should and must be dismissed.

      The next point is who put up the Police Officer to write his libellous email ? If he wasn’t even present, which he says he wasn’t, who supplied the plot lines ? He ought to be dismissed and I hope Andrew Mitchell sues him.

      Another point is who leaked the Downing Street Log to the press ? All those who had access to this log should be removed and dismissed. You cannot have a security log for Downing Street (just as you couldn’t have such a log for the Palace) appearing in the press.

      • ButcombeMan

        A good comment which brought you no upward ticks.

        Could it be that there was a conspiracy within several officers within the Diplomatic Protection Group to embarrass the government and get Mitchell fired?

        Of course it could.

        Given the over the top and vicious attack from the Police Fed, is it possible a local Federation rep was involved and liaised with Fed Central?

        Certainly is.

        Does Hogan Howe have the skilled people and absolute deterimination to solve this enigma?

        No, not based on his recent defence of the original, flawed account. He would have been better saying nothing at this stage.

        • Andy

          Hogan Howe’s defence of the original account is absurd. And he knows it. If he can’t see what is wrong here then it is time for him to go.

          And these are not, as I understand it, mere ordinary Police Officers: these are members of the Diplomatic Protection Squad. Guarding Downing Street is an important job and it is totally and utterly unacceptable that the Security Log is nothing more than a tissue of lies, and that this log finds its way into the Press. The only worse thing would have been had it been the Palace Security Log. Eitherway heads must roll.

          It begs the question just who the f*** do these people think they are ? Personally I would dismiss immediately ALL those who were on duty at the time and those who had access and opportunity to leak the Security Log.

          • ButcombeMan

            Andy, you are correct.

            BHH is in serious danger, because of those silly remarks, of being on the move himself. His remarks can only be construed as deliberately misleading.

            He should have said nothing.

  • SWight

    Wouldn’t Mitchell have publicly questioned the reported ‘crowd’ outside the gates of number 10 right from the start? Even if he cannot remember exactly what he said (no one seems to think that is a possibility but it seems an obvious one to me) he would remember roughly how many people there were or were not (one or two, some, lots) as he eventually got out through the gates.

  • Jimmy R

    So there has been CCTV footage, from a security camera within Downing Street itself, along with additional footage from, it seems, from a camera attached to the outside of the Foreign Office showing the street outside the Gates and, mysteriously, this has only just, it is being indicated, has only just come to light.

    The question is, who is in charge of those cameras and would therefore automatically have access to their content and, in view of the publicity, were they not checked immediately as the time and place of the incident were very wisely publicised.

    Did none of those in Downing Street who were supposedly defending Mitchell not think to have the CCTV security footage, which they cannot possibly have been ignorant of, checked to see if it offered any clarification? The mind boggles that they didn’t.

    All Channel 4 have done is offer their own particular interpretation of what the CCTV footage shows which neither proves or disproves whose version of what was said is the correct one. All it does show is that an email sent to the Deputy Chief Whip from somebody claiming to be present along with his nephew is probably untrue unless those persons were, which admittedly seems unlikely, outside the camera shots.
    To make claims that the camera footage definitively shows which version is absolutely accurate is more wishful thinking on behalf of a TV crew searching frantically for some kind of Scoop to outdo the opposition. For them to claim, as they did, that the comments allegedly made, could not have been made during the time the incident lasted is total nonsense, there has never been any suggestion by either side that the dispute lasted for longer than an exchange of a few short sentences and a lot can be said in twenty to thirty seconds. The sudden resurrection of the incident has all the hallmarks of factional political backstabbing and revenge seeking than anything more serious.

    • Colonel Mustard

      “outdo the opposition”? – bit of a giveaway in your wordy and rambling post. Haven’t the Labour Smears and Rebuttal Unit issued a script for this yet?

      I have absolutely no doubt that they and their police chums were behind this whole farrago.

    • HooksLaw

      Quite right – left wing C4 defending a tory minister. Clearly a fiddle.

  • Demotivatrix

    I think you need to differentiate between the police log and the email. Despite what Michael Crick said, I counted at least 5 people walking past the gates during the CCTV footage – does that count as several? Whether they were going past at the time of the shouting and were shocked is hard to tell as there’s no audio and the faces are obscured. The email on the other hand does seem to be proved to be cobblers by the CCTV.

    What I don’t understand is why they haven’t looked at this before.

  • startledcod

    This is potentially the biggest scandal of the year/decade. Quite how Bernard H-H could come out in unquestioning support of his officers is bizarre, he has pretty clear evidence that the ‘log’ was inaccurate and yet accepts the rest, big mistake, this baby could run and run.

    • telemachus

      Those who the Gods wish to destroy they link them to Sheffield
      Ask Clegg

    • Theodoxia

      Yes: he will have to do better than “there is more to this than meets the eye”. Trust in the police has already suffered through a number of revelations of misconduct; it is time for him to explain to the public what else there is other than what “meets the eye”, and deal with any cases of corruption or false allegations.

      He could start with a proper investigation into how the “police log” of a member of the diplomatic protection service ended up in a newspaper, and whether any money changed hands as a result.

      • telemachus

        It is not the police that destroyed Mitchell, it is the press
        I reiterate the editors did not exercise a duty of care

        • George_Arseborne

          Free speech anyway. So Mitchell will land himself some quids from the press for being reckless eh!? Again Leveson’s recommendations should not be bin by the Tories

    • ButcombeMan

      BHH, like Boris, should have refrained from comment on current operations. He should have siad nothing att all about the account at the gate.

      A question: Which came first, the innacurate Police Log or the pocketbooks?

  • AndyJS

    The weird thing about this is that if someone was concocting a story, didn’t they realise there was CCTV taking footage of the whole thing so they could be easily exposed as a liar?

    • startledcod

      You are making the misguided assumption that the, alleged, conspirators were bright, they aren’t, they’re Policemen.

      • Marcus

        The fact the e-mail used the same wording as the police report reveals we are dealing with a mass of creating.

      • HooksLaw

        Assisted by possibly advised by politicians/trade unionists? Just where will this end up.

        Looking at the news last night it was amazing to see all the police federation placards and posters and t-shirts plastered with neat looking ‘pleb’ slogans.

    • Theodoxia

      The most obvious explanation is that they were too dim to think that far ahead. In my own contact with the police over a lifetime, (I realise this is only anecdotal) I’ve met a few who were intelligent and able but by far the majority have been distressingly thick.

      A more sinister explanation would be that they realised the cameras were there but assumed the recordings could easily be “lost”.

      • telemachus

        They are intelligent enough to know how to manipulate the press who should know better

      • HooksLaw

        It would have had to be put together very quickly. Alternatively Mitchell who is known to be narky could have been set up and then stitched up.
        There is a good political thriller in all of this.

    • ButcombeMan

      These are basic plods. they are thick.

      Higher up cops, some of them, have brains, that is why I have concluded the conspiracy did not go very high.

  • HooksLaw

    Charles Moore – ah bless. I used to think he was bad enough, but the Barclay Boys have really run the Telegraph into the ground.

    EDIT – the other lead story is of course significant. Afghan forces cut in half by next Christmas.

  • Jim Hollett

    Why has it taken so long for this footage to appear? This all happened months ago, did they just notice the cameras? I’m struggling to understand this farce and who is benefitting from it.
    The police do need sorting out though. De-centralisation would be a good idea, get them off their fat arses and out of their high performance cars back into the communities. I don’t suppose that will happen, Cameron is not the sort of man to go back to good ideas that worked.

    • telemachus

      Looking at the front pages above takes us back to need urgent implementation of Leveson

      • Hugh

        Ah, yes, because of Leveson’s recommendation that the police should not falsify their log books and then pose as members of the public to write fake accounts of incidents to their MPs in order to get a Tory minister fired.

        • telemachus

          Given the Police calumnies evident in the hacking scandal the press had a duty of care here to verify which they did not exercise

          • Hugh

            Er, they had official log books backed by “eye witness” statements – and it’s taken the state-regulated Channel 4 three months to uncover this. Unless you want your news quarterly it is going to sometimes be vulnerable to those who conspire to lie.

            • telemachus

              A responsible press has to take account of the track record of the police
              It was very clear that before the front pages above there were credible reports of at least police obfuscation

              • telemachus

                Of course from before the Chanel 4 report yesterday we have to remember Boris Johnson’s unfortunate interventions questioning yesterday’s police arrest
                Was Boris involved in the stitch up?

                • Julian F

                  What’s happened to your “dyslexia”, which doesn’t seem in evidence lately? The same thing as happened to Ed Balls’ stammer, perhaps?

                • telemachus

                  I am not worthy to be mentioned in the same breath

                • procrustes

                  slightly wrong – I suggest dropping the words ‘in the same breath’ does it for me every time.

                • Malfleur

                  telemachus can recognize a stitch up of a nabob; but not of a working class stiff like Tommy Robinson… What a phony baloney!

                • telemachus

                  Do we really want to give blog inches to the EDL

                • Malfleur

                  Let’s hear your argument why not…and not just a stream of crude abuse, please. Who is “we” by the way?

                • telemachus

                  It is my mission to celebrate our dynamic multifaith multiethnic multicultural society
                  I believe those aims are not part of the EDL mission statement
                  ‘We’ are the reasonable majority

                • Malfleur

                  That’s an argument? You have a mission to celebrate… Quel prat!

                • telemachus

                  The argument is that most reasonable people are of like mind
                  We should not even be mentioning this disgraceful rabble

                • Malfleur

                  Mr. Pooter, as mikewaller mentions above, quoting a former politician “…the denizens of the East End were largely habituated to being fitted up by the police; but once they tried pulling the same stunts on middle
                  class protesters, all hell broke lo[o]se…”.

                  You don’t seem to have the same concern for working class folk as you do for the higher-ups.

                  Reasonable people defend English liberty, often at some cost.

                • Stuart Eels

                  and where in the hell has that come from, all others posters here strike me as sane and reasonable except you, running out of ideals of how to reply to them?

                • Stuart Eels

                  and where in the hell has that come from, all others posters here strike me as sane and reasonable except you, running out of ideals of how to reply to them?

                • Procrustes

                  Chanel 4? When did the takeover happen? Sweet smelling news on the way then I presume?

                • telemachus

                  (Christian Dior)

                • ButcombeMan

                  A rather good point TM. You do make them occasionally. Boris should have kept out of it. Soon we will have Police Commissioners commenting on operational matters.

                  Boris is a fool.

                • ButcombeMan

                  A rather good point TM. You do make them occasionally. Boris should have kept out of it. Soon we will have Police Commissioners commenting on operational matters.

                  Boris is a fool.

                • mikewaller

                  No, he is just a publicity seeking clown who should not be considered a serious politician.

              • Hugh

                And I’m sure if we look back at your comments from the time we’d find you arguing hard in Mitchell’s defence and raising those doubts about the police’s account.

                • telemachus

                  No as I have posted this day
                  “if the cap fits”
                  But then I am in the business of rubbishing the current regime in whatever way possible
                  I do not have the duty of care of the editors here

                • Hugh

                  But that duty of care didn’t see the BBC, ITV, Channel Four or sainted Guardian doubting the police story until now – quite the reverse in fact. Moreover, three out of four of that list are already regulated, and ITV and Channel Four by Ofcom as Leveson suggests for the press. It would therefore appear that regulation would not prevent such stories and that your argument that this supports Leveson is just another attempt to, er, rubbish the current regime in whatever way possible. It’s good to have it confirmed that you’re not attempting to debate in good faith, though.

                • telemachus

                  A good argument to tighten up Ofcom as well
                  On your second point we have a Government that is ruining the country
                  Anything that can get us back to caring economic competence is justified

                • Procrustes

                  Except you do not propose ‘anything’ you propose more of what we have already had. That has failed over many decades. The end and the means are well known.Both miserable in outcome – why do you use them? where does the caring part come in to this?

                • milliboot

                  “Back to caring economic competence “do you mean like the last labour government?Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

                • Colonel Mustard

                  How much do get paid for this “business” of rubbishing the current regime? Does your payment extend to rubbishing (stalking) other commentators when their comments disagree with your “business”?

                  Who in the Labour party is in charge of this organised internet smearing?

                • mikewaller

                  In your case I take the same view as the Head of the CPS, as you are clearly an adolescent you should be given some degree of license. However, as parliament gives us quite enough Punch and Judy stuff, is there any chance you hasten your arrival at maturity?

                • telemachus

                  Make not the mistake of shooting the messenger

                • mikewaller

                  My point is that by declaring it your role to rubbish everything, you leave everybody else free to discount everything you say. Seems a waste of effort to me.

                • trapezium

                  Well at least you admit to lying. That shows refreshing honesty!

      • Keith

        Urgent need of a kick in the pants for corrupt lefty coppers, more like.

    • mikewaller

      I very much agree and this morning, on the BBC’s Midweek programme, a retired publican who had been in the trade for over 40 years, said something along the lines “You think them corrupt now, you should have seen them back then”. He then went on to make the fascinating point that it was CND that brought about a major clean up. His point was that the denizens of the East End were largely habituated to being fitted up by the police; but once they tried pulling the same stunts on middle class protesters, all hell broke lose? Certainly I seem to recall Sir Robert Marks once announcing, seemingly without irony, that he reckoned he had got the wrong ‘uns in the Met down to about 250!

      However, regarding this exposee, there was another disturbing one on Monday night, this time shown by the BBC in the Panorama slot. Unsurprisingly I have not picked up comment so far on this list. It concerned the Barclay Brothers and was made by John Sweeney (who has some history with them). I found what Sweeney had to show and say pretty depressing, but make your own mind up by catching the programme on i-player

    • 2trueblue

      Looking at the footage it would appear that Mitchell did not have a lengthy dialogue with the police, so where did it all come from? Frankly it seems that he was well and truely ‘fitted up’. This should have been picked up earlier. Why was it not picked up?

  • realfish

    ‘From Plebgate to Plodgate’ (with apologies the Genghis the Khan (

  • HooksLaw

    Why did the police drop the investigation into hacking (under a Labour govt)? Why have they been massively zealous since the election? What kind of evidence have they been fabricating oops sorry investigating since?
    One wonders which Labour MP might be the common link….

    And in a related story… the BBC and ITV today apologised in court for libelling Lord MacAlpine.

    • Malfleur

      When are you going to join the call for an investigation of the situation in which Stephen Lennon (Tommy Robinson/Paul Harris) finds himself in, where there is every appearance of his having been stitched up by the police and other interested parties? Or are you going to be content with following the party line by abusing him on one Spectator blog while you indulge your suspicions of police probity on this one?
      (See your mindless insults on

      • telemachus

        If you cannot spot the difference between a proponent of gross Islamophobia and a respected politician however distasteful you should refrain from going off message

        • Malfleur

          I see: you approve the police framing a “proponent” [sic] of “gross Islamophobia” but if not their framing respected politicians. If I could show Tommy Robinson demonstrates only mild ‘islamophobia’, would you join the side of liberty?

          What is the message, by the way? I fear you may not have grasped it.

      • HooksLaw

        Did he or did he not use a fake passport to get into America. You have just given this odious wife beating gobshite 3 names yourself. Stick up for the EDL if you want.

        • Malfleur

          As no court hearing has been held and no information has been given out by either side, we don’t know whether Mr. Robinson did or did not use a fake passport in breach of Section 4 of the Identity Documents Act 2010.

          You however have prejudged the issue. That is not the English way.

          It is difficult to tell from your name, Mr. HooksLaw, whether you are English or not. Could it be that you are not using your “real” name on this site and that that name is actually Mr. Charles Pooter of Brickfield Terrace? I think we should be told.

    • Wizbit

      Interesting that you have put those things together… that the police lean towards the Labour party (via their unions (Unison?))

      By extension of that, they (the police and/or their unions) dislike the Conservative party. Would this then explain the police’s slow / inadequate actions during the London Riots in 2011? It’s a long stretch, but would fit with attempts to discredit a Government they weren’t too keen on…

      • telemachus

        The police are run by Tory Masons

        • Colonel Mustard

          And your evidence for that smear is?

        • HooksLaw

          if only that were true

          • telemachus

            Self evident my dear Hook

            • Latimer Alder

              Sorry, pal..’self-evident’ is not good enough to pass the credbility test.

              You might be right, but simple assertions aren’t very persuasive…especially from one who is self-declared as

              ‘I am in the business of rubbishing the current regime in whatever way possible’

              One might speculate that facts don’t come high up your list of things to worry about in achieving your goals.

              • telemachus

                I will quote only from the Telegraph

                See Jason Lewis, Investigations Editor Daily Telegraph 20/8/11

                “Freemasons in the police leading the attack on David Cameron’s riot response

                Leading police officers have set up a national Masonic lodge where they can meet in secret in defiance of fears about the influence of the secret society on the criminal justice system.

                The founding members include senior officials from the Police
                Federation, the police staff association, which is currently fighting the
                Government over its plans to cut budgets.

                The new Masonic lodge is led by a Metropolitan Police officer

                Other founder members include (other) officers from the Metropolitan
                Police, Essex Police, Thames Valley Police and from other forces including Northumbria, Dyfed Powys, South Wales, South Yorkshire and even a high ranking officer from the Royal Gibraltar Police.

                Also Joe Murphy Telegraph 5/11/2000

                POLICE officers could be forced to disclose membership of the Freemasons after a voluntary system of registration failed because it was boycotted by the rank and file.constables after only a fraction of possible Freemasons admitted belonging to the organisation. Mr Straw is now asking

                Jack Straw, the Home Secretary, has called for talks with chief
                forces to put pressure on officers to comply otherwise he will introduce a compulsory system. The voluntary register was established in 32 of the 43 police forces in England and Wales last year. More than two-thirds of officers either did not respond or refused to answer the question.

                • Colonel Mustard

                  That is Freemasons, not “Tory masons” and why should “Tory masons” attack a Tory PM?

                  Jack Straw’s various agendas are a wonder to behold, and only he knows the true imperatives behind them. But again, a useful diversionary tactic for the actual New Labour subversion of senior police officers. No doubt they had candidates ready to replace all the implicated and tarnished Freemasons. Whilst not Tories as such I have no doubt the ideals of Freemasonry would run in stark contradiction to the “values” of the New Labour gang.

                  And, in real terms, if there can be a Black Police Officers Association I don’t see why there should not be a police Freemason’s Lodge.

                • Latimer Alder

                  See. Much better when you provide some backup. You’re learning!

                • Latimer Alder


                  But the problem with citing evidence is that people are tempted to read it. As I just did.

                  And though you get a silver star for providing the quote from the Telegraph, it is burnished somewhat because you have (accidentally?) missed out some key pieces of the article you quote.


                  According to the article, the leader of this merry masonic band is indeed John Tully, vice chairman of the Police Federation, and one of those most vocal in calling earlier for Mr Mitchell’s resignation. And the setting up of the relevant Lodge is an outcome of discussions in the bar at the rank and file Police Federation conference.

                  I can find no information about Mr Tully’s politics, but I think it is reasonable to assume- from the general tone of his many reported remarks – that he is not a diehard card-carrying Conservative.

                  So, let’s look at the scorecard fro your assertion that

                  ‘The police are run by Tory Masons’

                  .1 The only evidence of masonic activity you cite is about a Lodge run by members of the Police Federation..who represent the rank and file officers…not the senior officers who can be said to ‘run’ the police.

                  2. There is absolutely no reason to believe that this Lodge is composed of Tories.

                  So – your remark could be more accurately phrased as:

                  ‘Some rank and file members of the Police Federation have formed a Masonic Lodge. We do not know about their politics’.

                  Fixed that for you.

            • Colonel Mustard

              Wrong, wrong, wrong. The Met, especially, were sequestered by New Labour from 1997-2010 (although the process had begun well before that) and the influence of Freemasons (always more apparent in the judiciary and legal fraternity anyway) was on the wane and much exaggerated. Why was it exaggerated? For the simple reason that it diverted attention from the real subversion taking place.

              Since telemachus has finally admitted that he is in the “business” of rubbishing the present regime by any means, the statement “The police are run by Tory Masons” falls on that alone. But if that were not enough the very idea of a conspiracy of “police Tory Masons” setting out to stitch up a Tory cabinet minister is beyond ridiculous.

              If this is an example of the business of “rubbishing”, Messrs Campbell, Watson and McBride, I’d ask for your money back.

        • HiFlite

          If you wish to reply to your master , use a mobile phone or something . Not a public forum

    • Jonathan Campbell

      I’ve been pondering this very question, certainly the last government developed a knack for the black arts..

      I suspect the one that got away..

  • glenlivetguy

    When Edward V111 abdicated in 1936, Chips Channon was said to have said,” this story ranks with the Crucifixation” . Perhaps the same will be said as this tale unfolds.Channel 4..

  • David Lindsay

    Such “a keen interest in politics and the Conservative party” that his own Conservative MP had never heard of him?

    And still fell for his claim?

    By-election at Uxbridge & South Ruislip, Boris.

    • HooksLaw

      Clearly you are sleep deprived. Some alleged member of the public and you expect that an MP should know him?

      • David Lindsay

        If the MP is his own Conservative MP, and he himself claims to have “a keen interest in politics and the Conservative party,” yes.

        Know of him, at least. Have someone in the office who has ever heard of him. Something like that.

        This really was that transparent. Yet Randall entirely failed to see through it.

      • David Lindsay

        In reply to your edit:

        The Chief Whip forced to resign, and if it all turns out to have been lies, then the consequence will be … the Deputy Chief Whip forced to resign!

        The Right just doesn’t understand that the first rule of fighting the police is that the police win. Always. They just do. When will you ever learn?

        • HooksLaw

          You are totally dim. The deputy chief whip was duty bound to report this. If he had not reported it and then the story came out – then ‘the story’ would have been the cover up.

          As it is yes – this now is a total disaster for the police. And us, since we rely on the police.

    • Ian

      I’d be interested in finding out if he was a Labour activist. I hope not, but they’ve a track record of masquerading as non-political ‘normal’ nurses, teachers, etc.

      • David Lindsay

        So does the entire Conservative Party, which no matter how ideologically loopy it grows can always get away with presenting its position as not really political at all, just common sense.

        But he can’t be a party political activist if he is a serving Police Officer. They now tend to join as soon as they retire, though. Especially the senior ones. Dealing with this Government has done that to them.