The end is neigh: even Jilly Cooper has dumped Dave

3 December 2012

12:35 PM

3 December 2012

12:35 PM

It has been a rough few days for David Cameron. First he was drubbed at the polls in last week’s by-elections. Then little Alan Titchmarsh said that the Tory party had lost its roots in the countryside (and we know what happens to trees which lose their roots). And now I must be the bearer of even more bad news for young Dave, bad news from a once ardent Tory supporter: Jilly Cooper.

As the cognac flowed at the 56th Hennessy Gold Cup on Saturday afternoon, Cooper told me that she is very disappointed with this government and declared that the Conservative Party is ‘full of terrible people now.’


The same event saw Elaine Page pass the classical singing torch on to rising star Natalie Coyle, who Page invited to join her as a special guest at a New York concert. Meanwhile, Liz Hurley looked cold. And we learned that Clare Balding is a chain smoker.

Downton fans had all bases covered. Not only was Lord Grantham (AKA Hugh Bonneville) present; but the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon, who own the show’s real star, Highclere Castle, also rocked up. It made for a slightly awkward encounter, as the imposter mingled with the blue bloods.

Mr Steerpike was up on the day; but, predictably, blew his winnings as the party moved on to Mayfair’s Scotch and continued late into the night. Dangerous stuff, that Hennessy.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Nice view.

  • Jan d’Oude

    Pic circa 1971 or I’m a Dutchman.

    • puss-in-plimsolls

      Ha ha ha!

  • paul

    hahahaha look at that fringe its like a huge moustache

    • puss-in-plimsolls

      Yes, as her hairdresser, I would have lightened the load on her forehead. Not that I’m a hairdresser.

  • Barry

    I think Jilly’s photo is somewhat out of date. Being a gentleman I shan’t try to estimate by how much.

    • jennybloggs

      I am a lady and I think it is 45-50 years out of date. Nice photo though.

  • obbo12

    Elaine Page a classical singer! Dear god man she sings musicals not classical , Paige would be thrown of stage after 30 seconds at the RoH

    • Derec

      Paige would be thrown of stage after 30 seconds at the RoH

      Good thought by the way …

      plagiarism detector

  • wonderfulforhisage

    Don’t forget that it was Peter Hitchens that told you first – some years ago (if you read the Mail on Sunday that is).

    • Stuart Eels

      We mustn’t listen too much to Peter Hitchens, he’ll have you believing the earth is flat next.