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It’s raining Spectator apps. Hallelujah! Now on iPhone

4 December 2012

3:26 PM

4 December 2012

3:26 PM

Just one month after we released the all-new Spectator app for iPad, I’m delighted to announce today we’ve launched a new app for iPhone. Since we released the new digital edition in October, our main complaint was that there was no iPhone version. Here it is:

Much like its larger sibling, it’s elegant and intuitive. Every week, the latest issue will be automatically delivered straight to your iPhone before it even hits the news-stand.


For our existing subscribers, it’s free. For new subscribers, we have an introductory offer of four weeks free (just as with the iPad). When you’ve downloaded the app, simply press ‘Subscribe’, choose one month and we’ll provide you access to the last two months of issues as well as the next four issues:

Our subscribers can sign in with their Web ID (it’s printed on the address sheet of the posted magazines). Subscribers to our iPad app can use their code to reactivate their subscription on the iPhone. And for those wishing just to dip their toe in the water, we also offer single issue at £2.99, a 20 per cent saving on the cover price. The best value remains our annual subscription at £79.99.

The Spectator is the oldest continuously-published magazine in the English-speaking world — but until now, it has been difficult to send the magazine to as much of the world (and, indeed, the country) as we would like. Now, thanks to our digital editions, we are available at 4am every Thursday from Portsmouth to Pyongyang — and we’re delighted at the strength of demand both nationally and internationally. For every three copies of The Spectator we sell on newsstand, we sell two digitally.

You can download the Spectator app for iPhone here.

Subscribe to The Spectator today for a quality of argument not found in any other publication. Get more Spectator for less – just £12 for 12 issues.

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  • Gregor Hopkins

    As something of a trail blazer myself I have a Windows phone and a Microsoft Surface. I realise the business case for developing a Windows Phone 8 app is small and the money would be better spent on improving the mobile version of the website, however what about Windows 8 & RT? I believe if you create an app for the windows store it should work on any Win 8 device, any chance? Windows 8 will soon be the biggest OS out there after all.

  • Matt

    Are you SURE you’re available in Pyongyang? I’d sure hate it if I was there and you’re not…

    • Camilla Swift

      If you can get your iPhone into Pyongyang, then I hear that they have quite a good 3G network.

  • Flintshire Ian

    Blackberry app coming?

    • Cris Field

      Well, got a Windows 8 Tablet a month ago, and now got a Win8 Mobile too, both brilliant, but no Speccy apps for these? Why? My subscription is waiting…

      • Flintshire Ian

        A blast from the past!……..and I am still waiting for a reply to my question. I hope that you do better. The web site isn’t bad though and I read more of the Speccie from my Windows PC and laptop and BlackBerry Playbook than I do from the print version.

  • George

    Still no Android app?

    • Fraser Nelson

      watch this space…

    • Matthew Wilson

      Kindle’s on Android…

      • Sebastian Payne

        Matthew: You can find us on the Kindle and Kindle Fire internationally. As Fraser said, keep your eyes peeled for other platforms